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1000 Miles author1987 68k binarycolor cards millebornes osclassic traditional traditionaltiein labelimageminimize
1863 Chancellorsville Sheldon-Ash1985 1860s 19thcentury 2ndmillennium 68k americancivilwar binarycolor osclassic past labelminimizeminimize
1990 Ford Simulator II The SoftAd Group1989 68k advergame binarycolor ford osclassic labelimageminimize
3 in Three Inline Design1991 68k binarycolor color-4bit color-8bit cpu-68000 cpu-68020 cpu-68030 cpu-68hc000 liberated macos3 macos4 macos6 macos7 osclassic labelminimizeminimize
3D Tic Tac Toe author1987 68k binarycolor earth grid grid-volume langinsignificant naturalistic osclassic serious tictactoe traditional uvl-confusable labelminimizeminimize
3D Tic Tac Toe author1987 68k binarycolor earth grid grid-square grid-volume langinsignificant naturalistic osclassic serious tictactoe traditional uvl-confusable labelminimizeminimize
3rd Floor author1987 68k binarycolor clickadventure cpu-68000 earth interactivefiction macos1 naturalistic osclassic platformexclusive sbsworldbuilder school wordinput labelminimizeminimize
3Wiz!  author1990 68k binarycolor color-8bit fallingblocks osclassic score labelimageminimize
A Mess O' Trouble author1994 68k binarycolor clickadventure cpu-68000 interactivefiction macos7 osclassic platformexclusive sbsworldbuilder wordinput labelimageminimize
A-Train Artdink;Maxis (Artdink;The Dreamer's Guild)1992 68k binarycolor color-8bit macos6 macos7 macos8 macos9 naturalistic osclassic railway labelminimizeminimize
Action-Strategy Baseball author1994 baseball binarycolor earth naturalistic osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Queen of Krynn  SSI (MicroMagic)1992 3.5disk 68k adnd binarycolor color-8bit dnd dragonlance dragons dragons-western encounters-timed feelies femaleantagonist goldboxengine grid grid-square group harddisk macos6 macos7 macos8 macos9 magic medieval mystics osclassic pascal strategic uvl-tiein labelminimizeminimize
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pools of Darkness  SSI (SSI Special Projects Team)1992 3.5disk 68k adnd binarycolor color-8bit combatmode dnd encounters-timed forgottenrealms goldboxengine harddisk macos7 macos8 macos9 magic medieval osclassic pascal poolofradiance uvl-tiein labelminimizeminimize
Adventure Epiboly Software (author)1988 68k adventuremaker apples binarycolor cardinalnavigation femaleauthor growingprotagonist interactivefiction inventory magic osclassic shrinkingprotagonist uvl-confusable wordinput worldscale-larger worldscale-smaller labelminimizeminimize
Adventure  James Associates1985 68k basic binarycolor cpu-68000 macos1 osclassic uvl-confusable labelminimizeminimize
Air Attack II author1988 68k binarycolor helicopter osclassic shooter tanks labelminimizeminimize
Air Hockey  author1987 68k airhockey binarycolor earth naturalistic osclassic tablehockey labelminimizeminimize
All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis The Voyager Company1991 68k binarycolor book cdrom color-16bit macos6 osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Alternate Reality: The City Datasoft (Paradise Programming)1986 3.5disk 68k binarycolor bootloader charactercreation city combatmode cpu-68000 disease drm dungeoncrawler gridmove joystick osclassic sciencefantasy labelminimizeminimize
AmandaStories The Voyager Company1991 68k binarycolor clickadventure hypercard osclassic labelminimizeminimize
American Dream Blue Chip Software1984 3.5disk 68k binarycolor cpu-68000 millionaireengine osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Amps author1987 68k binarycolor clanguage free grid grid-square license-proprietary osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Another Fine Mess Silicon Beach Software1992 68k binarycolor clickadventure cpu-68000 interactivefiction macos1 osclassic platformexclusive sbsworldbuilder wordinput labelimageminimize
Archon: The Light and the Dark Electronic Arts (Free Fall)1986 68k archon binarycolor controlpoints cpu-68000 drm dualism lightvsdark macos3 magic multiphased osclassic realtimecombat singleunitturns labelminimizeminimize
Arkanoid Discovery Software (Taito)1988 68k arkanoid binarycolor breakoutlike lives osclassic score labelminimizeminimize
Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur Infocom1989 3.5disk 68k arthurianmyth binarycolor cdrom color-8bit cpu-68000 cpu-68020 interactivefiction macos6 macos7 medieval nodrm osclassic wordinput zilengine labelimageminimize
Ashes to Ashes... Stoneware1985 68k binarycolor chainreactions city defensegame earth ending fixedshooter latemodernperiod militantprotagonist naturalistic osclassic protect score scoreoriented serious stationary labelminimizeminimize
At the Carnival  Miles Computing1989 3.5disk 68k binarycolor color-8bit cpu-68000 cpu-68020 cpu-68030 crosswords jigsaw letters macos3 macos4 macos6 macos7 osclassic wordgame labelminimizeminimize
Atomino RGB Media (Blue Byte)1994 binarycolor color-8bit logicpuzzle magazine osclassic score labelimageminimize
Aussie Joker Poker Mindscape (Joker Software)1987 68k binarycolor gambling nplayers osclassic poker poker-othervariations score labelminimizeminimize
Autoduel  Origin (Micro Magic)1988 21stcentury 3.5disk 68k binarycolor blackjack21 carcombat cards carwars city-boston-ma earth fbi future massachusetts northamerica osclassic poker postapocalypse ppc shopping tabletoptiein taxes labelminimizesubject
BackBay author1991 68k arthouse binarycolor osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Balance of Power: The 1990 Edition  Mindscape1988 3.5disk 68k binarycolor coldwar cpu-68000 cpu-68020 governmentsimulation macos1 macos3 macos4 osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Balance of the Planet Brøderbund1990 3.5disk 68k binarycolor cpu-68000 cpu-68020 ecology macos3 macos4 osclassic labelimageminimize
Baron: The Real Estate Simulation Blue Chip Software1984 3.5disk 68k binarycolor bizsim cpu-68000 millionaireengine osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Battle Chess Interplay1991 3.5disk 68k binarycolor chess comicinjuries diorama-living dualism forethoughtrequired grid grid-square hires macos6 magical mp-versus osclassic perfectinformation traditional labelminimizeminimize
Battle Mac author1987 20thcentury 68k battleshipgame binarycolor earth fogofwar grid grid-square langinsignificant militantprotagonist naturalistic naval ocean osclassic platformreference traditional war warfare-sea warship warships labelminimizeminimize
BattleStar Softdisk1992 68k battleshipgame binarycolor color-8bit difficulty fogofwar grid grid-square militantprotagonist naturalistic osclassic space traditional war labelminimizeminimize
Bedlam Ground Zero Software1994 binarycolor lives macos7 osclassic score uvl-confusable labelminimizeminimize
Beehave Beehive author1993 68k bees binarycolor clickadventure grid grid-hex insects naturalistic osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Best Baseball author1989 20thcentury 2ndmillennium 68k baseball binarycolor earth naturalistic nplayers osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Beyond Dark Castle Silicon Beach Software1987 3.5disk 68k binarycolor castle cpu-68000 difficulty explosives falldamage inventory keys lives medieval osclassic potions score labelimageminimize
Bezique author1992 68k binarycolor cards clanguage earth naturalistic osclassic traditional labelminimizeminimize
Bill Elliot's Nascar Challenge Konami (Distinctive Software)1992 68k binarycolor color-8bit gtcar nascar osclassic vehicle-pontiacgrandam labelimageminimize
Black Box author1986 68k binarycolor blackbox grid grid-square osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Blind Watchmaker W. W. Norton1987 3.5disk 68k binarycolor evolution osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Block Out  California Dreams (PZK)1990 3.5disk 68k binarycolor cpu-68000 difficulty fallingblocks osclassic score labelimageminimize
BMX - THE Racing Game author1986 68k bicycle binarycolor fuel jumping leveleditor osclassic radar score labelminimizeminimize
Bouncing Balls! author1988 68k binarycolor osclassic labelminimizeminimize
Brataccas Mindscape (Psygnosis)1986 3.5disk 68k binarycolor cpu-68000 futuristic macos1 macos2 macos3 osclassic labelminimizeminimize
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