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Sqrxz -2010raster labelminimizeminimize
SiN Activision (Ritual Entertainment)1998textured polygons labelminimizeminimize
SiN: Wages of Sin  Activision (2015)1999textured polygons labelminimizeminimize
American McGee's Alice  Aspyr Media (Rogue Entertainment)2001textured polygons labelminimizeminimize
BMX - THE Racing Game author1986monotone, raster labelminimizeminimize
Donkey Doo author1987monotone, raster labelminimizeminimize
Tomb Raider Eidos (Core Design)1996textured polygons labelminimizeminimize
Hexen  GT Interactive (Raven Software)1995raster, textured polygons, mixed labelminimizeminimize
MacHexen id Software?raster, textured polygons, mixedYes, there is an official Mac port. It's shareware only, you'll need a full version of DOOM (from another platform) to use it.

But, starting in 1999, several companies licensed MacHexen for their Doom/Hexen collection CD-ROMs. However, this probably would not be known as these collections tend to say "Windows" and "DOS" prominently on the front of the package and "Mac" in tiny print, or on the back, or the manual, or nowhere except it can be found buried deep in the CD's directory tree.
Another World  Interplay (Delphine Software)1992flat polygons labelminimizeminimize
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast  LucasArts (Aspyr)2002textured polygons labelminimizeminimize
Aliens versus Predator  Mac Play2001raster labelminimizeminimize
Game Parlor MacPlay1995raster labelminimizeminimize
Quake  MacSoft (Lion Entertainment)1997textured polygons labelminimizeminimize
Unreal  MacSoft (Westlake Interactive;Epic MegaGames;Digital Extremes)1999textured polygons labelminimizeminimize
Unreal Tournament  MacSoft (Epic Megagames)2000textured polygons labelminimizeminimize
Frog Xing Quarter Note Software1995raster labelminimizeminimize
Thexder Sierra On-Line (Synergistic Software)1990raster labelimageminimize
Half-Life Valve1999textured polygonsMany industry people say this game was finished and gold mastered. But, the decision to begin manufacturing copies never happened. labelminimizeminimize