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Pac-Man  Namco;Tengen;HES;Nintendo (Namco)1984 claiming consoleclassix endless firstpartytitle ghosts instantdeath nesclassic pacman pacmanlike powerups score wiivirtualconsole labelimagesubject
Challenger  Hudson Soft1985 3dsvirtualconsole birds did ghosts lives rescue score thrownweapons timelimit train-location walking wiivirtualconsole labelimageminimize
Pac-Land  Namco1985 ghosts instantdeath lives pacman score walking labelimageminimize
The Goonies  Konami1986 bombs chiroptera city-astoria-or crabs earth fish ghosts keys ladders lives lutris mice movie oregon rescue score skeletons subterranean teenprotagonist timelimit unarmedfighting usa walking labelimageminimize
Dragon Quest  Enix (Chunsoft)1986 adv-perks adv-static alternatefailures amoeboids animateobjects axes bizarrecreatures bludgeons bossbattles captives censored chiroptera combatmode consoleclassix dragonquest dragons encounters-random encounters-set encounters-unseen forest ghosts giantscorpions healthregen inventory knights langearlymodernenglish lightbridges meleeweapons menus monsters mystics noalternatives playerprofiles ruins savepassword saveram shopping singleencounterrespawn skeletons sorcery subterranean swords town toxins undead walking werewolves wolves xp-kills zombies labelimagesubject
Ghosts 'n Goblins  Capcom (Micronics)1986 bossbattles cemetery chiroptera consoleclassix did falseending gargoyles ghosts gng harmfultouch knights ladders movingplatforms nesclassic noaircontrol nofalldamage notnintendocontentguid platformer rescue score skeletons timelimit tombstones undead walking wiivirtualconsole zombies labelimagesubject
Kanshakudama Nage Kantarou no Toukaidou Gojuusan Tsugi  Sunsoft (Tose)1986 3dsvirtualconsole asia asia-east deadlywater dogs feudaljapan ghosts grenades harmfultouch instantdeath japan lives ninja nofalldamage score walking wiiuvirtualconsole wiivirtualconsole labelimageminimize
Solomon's Key  Tecmo1986 consoleclassix europeanfae ghosts instantdeath keys lives magic monsters nesclassic nofalldamage npcspawning score secrets timelimit variableending walking wiivirtualconsole labelimageminimize
King's Knight  Square (Bits Laboratory)1986 alternatingprotagonist consoleclassix destructibleenvironment did dragons ghosts gunblades magic monsters multiprotagonists powerups rescue walking wiivirtualconsole labelimagesubject
Ghostbusters  Tokuma Shoten;Activision;Gradiente (Bits Laboratory)1986 alone capturing city city-newyork-ny consoleclassix driving fuel ghostbusters ghosts movie urbanfantasy walking labelimageminimize
Mappy-Land  Taxan;Namco (Tose)1986 anthroprotagonist birds cemetery claiming consoleclassix deadlywater domesticcats fish ghosts instantdeath ladders lives mouseprotagonist movingplatforms notnintendocontentguid score tombstones uvl-sku labelimageminimize
Doraemon  Hudson Soft1986 anime bossbattles cemetery city crabs doraemon dragons fish flyingsaucers ghosts giantseahorses goldbars lives mice nofalldamage octopus park robotprotagonist score secrets testudines underwater underwaterdiving walking witches labelimageminimize
Deadly Towers  Brøderbund;Irem (Lenar)1986 actionadventure amoeboids bc30thcentury bossbattles bossrush censored chiroptera consoleclassix constructionsite copperage currency dawnofanewage difficulty-single earth ghosts hard inventory keep ladders maleprotagonist mapdeficient monsters noports projectilelimit savepassword scorpions secrets secrets-mandatory secrets-spots shopping snakes spiders stoneage subterranean swords walking labelimageminimize
City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle  Toho (Compile)1987 animateobjects birds bossbattles chiroptera city domesticcats forest ghosts inventory lagomorphs limitedcapacity manga mice mp-cooperative rescue skeletons thrownweapons unarmedfighting ursines walking labelimageminimize
The Goonies II  Konami1987 boomerangs chiroptera consoleclassix crabs dragons fish ghosts inventory ladders metroidvania movingplatforms nofalldamage octopus penguin savepassword scorpions secrets sharks slings snakes spiders subterranean underwaterdiving ursines uvl-tiein walking walruses yo-yo labelimageminimize
Chester Field: Ankoku Shin e no Chousen  Vic Tokai1987 bees bossbattles castle deadlywater deathpits dragons ghosts ladders magic meleeweapons monsters nofalldamage secrets shopping snakes xp-kills labelimageminimize
Spelunker II: Yuushahe no Chousen  Irem (Now Production)1987 adventurerprotagonist bossbattles falldamage firearms forest ghosts keys knives knockback ladders meleeweapons movingplatforms mysticprotagonist psychics spelunker-series spiders subterranean swimming swords titularcharacter undead zombies labelimageminimize
Gauntlet Tengen;Gradiente (Tengen)1988 arenashooter consoleclassix dandylike death gauntlet-series ghosts hunger keys keys-disposable mp-cooperative npcgenerators pushwalls savepassword labelimagesubject
Konami Wai Wai World  Konami1988 bossbattles chiroptera crabs crossover deathpits demons dinosaurs dragons elementals feudaljapan fish ghosts meleeweapons mice monsters ninja nofalldamage rescue robots skeletons squid thrownweapons undead ursines vampires zombies labelimageminimize
Yōkai Dōchūki  Namco1988 afterlife birds bossbattles butterflies deadprotagonist demons frog ghosts heads japanesemythology moneybags monsters movingplatforms multipleendings nofalldamage shopping swimming undead underworld uvl-fantitle labelimageminimize
Kai no Bouken: The Quest of Ki  Namco (Game Studio)1988 amoeboids birds chiroptera eagles elementals femaleprotagonist frog ghosts instantdeath keys lions mesopotamianmythology ogres owls ravens snails timelimit towerofdruaga-series uvl-workingtitle worms labelimageminimize
8 Eyes  Seta;Taxan (Thinking Rabbit)1988 achillesheelfoes africa arabia birds bombs boomerangs bossbattles bossrush castle chiroptera consoleclassix demons ducks earth egypt enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons fish future germany ghosts giantinsects handguns heads india italy jumping knights knives magicaltechnology meleeweapons metroidvania movingplatforms mp-cooperative mutants newgameplus notnintendocontentguid postapocalypse potions savepassword score secrets skeletons spain swords technomagic thermalweapons thrownweapons undead walking labelimageminimize
Final Fantasy II  Square1988 ♫emperorwaltz ♫tchaikovskyswantheme ♫toccatafuguedminor 3dsvirtualconsole aerodyne airship amoeboids axes bigcats birds bizarrecreatures bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows carnivorousplants castle combatmode demons dialog-keywords dinosaurs dragons dragons-eastern dragons-western eagles encounters-random finalfantasy fish forest friendlyfire frog ghosts ghouls giantinsects giants giantworms goblins golems group harpies illequipped insectoids inventory jewelry knights knives magic mandatoryloss meleeweapons menus merfolk mixedcreatures monsters mystics neutralnpcs noalternatives notnintendocontentguid ogres pirates polearms premadeprotagonist protagonistnaming rakshasa rapidmovementplants riding roses-other rotorcraft saveram shields shopping skyships sorcery statuseffects suicideattackers swords testudines town unarmedfighting undead unfixedbugs unrootedplants vampires walking watercraft watercraft-large wiiuvirtualconsole wiivirtualconsole xp-attack xp-defense xp-literal zombies labelimagesubject
Baby Boomer  Color Dreams;Gradiente (Color Dreams)1989 babyprotagonist birds cemetery chiroptera domesticcats ghosts mice score skeletons snakes undead uvl-workingtitle zapper labelimagesubject
Monster Party Bandai (Human)1989 alienplanet angelofdeath animatearmor birds bossbattles camouflagers caterpillars childprotagonist consoleclassix crocodiles deadlywater demons domesticcats fish ghosts giantspiders keys ladders meleeweapons minotaurs monsters nofalldamage notnintendocontentguid otherworld projectiledeflection savepassword score scorpions sewers skeletons snakes undead zombies labelimagesubject
Shooting Range Bandai (Tose)1989 birds ghosts mummies score timelimit western zapper labelimagesubject
Ultima: Quest of the Avatar  FCI;Pony Canyon (Infinity;Atelier Double)1989 ♫rulebritannia adv-deeds adv-intermediary adv-objects adv-static aerostat alcohol amoeboids axes beggars beholders bizarrecreatures blackpearls bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows cannons captives capturedresources charactercreation children chiroptera chosenone classbased consoleclassix crossbows cyclopes demonoids demons directionalforce directionalforce-wind dragons encounters-neutral encounters-popup encounters-seen europeanfae femaleprotagonist forest fromanotherworld garlic genderchoice ghosts giantinsects giantseahorses giantspiders gremlins group healingitems hiddenattributes horses hydrae inbuilttraps incendiarygrenades insects inventory karma knives liches lockpicking lutris magic magicweapons meleeweapons menus mimics monsters mystics neutralnpcs ocean orcs otherworld pirates polearms present rats refwizardofoz resting resuscitation riding river rodents ruins sanskeyboard sauroids saveram scummvm-wip seaserpents shallowwater shopping shore skeletons slings snakes sorcery spectres staves subterranean swarmers swords teleporting thrownweapons tornados town toxins traps treants tripeds trolls ultima ultimaageofenlightenment undead walking watercraft watercraft-medium wetland willowisps willowtrees windindicator xp-deeds xp-kills xp-literal xp-multi xp-objects labelimagesubject
IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II Acclaim Entertainment;Mattel (Rare;Zippo Games)1989 birds bossbattles chiroptera consoleclassix deceptivepackaging elementals fish forest frog ghosts keys magic mountain nofalldamage savepassword score shopping undead underwater walking weaponplot wizardsandwarriors labelimagesubject
Pinball Quest  Jaleco (Tose)1989 cemetery consoleclassix ghosts notnintendocontentguid pinball score skeletons tombstones labelimagesubject
Sweet Home  Capcom1989 combatmode ghosts group mansion monsters movie multiprotagonists survivalhorror labelimageminimize
Ms. Pac-Man Tengen1990 apples bananas cherries claiming combinedeffort consoleclassix femaleprotagonist genderchoice ghosts instantdeath maleprotagonist mp-cooperative pacman pacmanlike score labelimagesubject
Ghostbusters II  Activision;Gradiente (Imagineering)1990 ♫higherandhigherrnb carcombat city-newyork-ny consoleclassix ghostbusters ghosts movie progressleft score urbanfantasy labelimagesubject
Arkista's Ring American Sammy (NMS Software)1990 amoeboids bossbattles bows castle chiroptera consoleclassix demons elvenprotagonist elves energycreatures femaleprotagonist forest ghosts ghouls giantinsects goblins golems gremlins grid grid-square healthregen insectoids keys knights magicweapons manticores monsters ninja noports notnintendocontentguid plantcreatures rapidmovementplants scorpions sewers shadows skeletons sprites subterranean tentaclecreatures town undead vampires volcano wintery wolves worms zombies labelimagesubject
Dragon's Lair  Sony Imagesoft;Elite;Epic Sony Records (MotiveTime)1990 bossbattles castle chiroptera did dragons dragonslair ghosts heads lives maleprotagonist movingplatforms rescue score snakes thrownweapons labelimagesubject
Jumpin' Kid: Jack to Mame no Ki Monogatari  Asmik (Now Production)1990 birds bossbattles childprotagonist chiroptera did frog ghosts jackandthebeanstalk mice moneybags movingplatforms nofalldamage rescue snails thrownweapons uvl-sku labelimageminimize
The Bard's Tale  FCI;Pony Canyon (Atelier Double)1990 bardstale bardstaleengine combatmode consoleclassix demons dragons dungeoncrawler ghosts giants gridmove group halflings hydrae magic monsters saveram shopping skeletons undead vampires weefolk xp-kills zombies labelimagesubject
New Ghostbusters II  HAL Laboratory1990 action city-newyork-ny controlswitch ghostbusters ghosts maleprotagonist movie score urbanfantasy uvl-tiein labelimagesubject
Thunder Warrior  Micro Genius;Glut (TXC)1992 birds boomerangs bossbattles chiroptera eagles fish ghosts skeletons spiders volcanic labelimageminimize
Columbus: Ougon no Yoake  Tomy1992 alexandria amsterdam bees bologna chiroptera city-london-uk city-paris-fr city-rome-it compass controllablehelplessness crabs dragons egypt england france genoa germany ghosts giantspiders goblinoids goblins granada greece harpies hobgoblins italy jellyfish kyiv leipzig lisbon magic map marriage meleeweapons mystics netherlands orcs outlaws pirates scorpions sirens spain swords tentaclecreatures tigers tripoli tunis ukraine undead vienna watercraft wildboars wolves labelimageminimize