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Mystery Quest Taxan (Carry Lab)1989"Mystery Quest" is the NES version of the Japanese [game=#183234]Hao Kun no Fushigi na Tabi[/game] for the Famicom Disk System. I don't like this platform game very much. The controls are ok, but the graphics and music are not really good and the game is rather monotonous. You have to retrieve several objects from four castles. The castles itself are maze-like platform levels with doors, mini-bosses which drop keys, breakable blocks etc. Between the castles are linear outdoor levels. The game has only a couple of standard enemies which repeat and repeat (except the mini-bosses, which at least change in each castle). The cartridge version has become a bit easier and they changed the music a little. However, considering this game was released about two years after the original Japanese FDS version it is absolutely not understandable why they left out the fifth and sixth castle as well as the last outdoor zone (cutting the game for about 1/3). That helps to make a disappointing game even worse. labelimageminimize
Noah's Ark Konami;Matchbox (Source Research and Development)1991Developed by Source Research and Development
NES-NH-UKV Noah's Ark published by Konami 1992 in the United Kingdom for Region B PAL units.
NES-FH-NOE Noah's Ark published by Konami 1992 in Germany for Region B PAL units.
Matchbox would have published the USA version of this game, but were apparently prevented. This NTSC version was not fully debugged.
1 player only.
Mickey's Safari in Letterland Hi-Tech Expressions;Playtronic (Beam)1993NES-M8-USA Developed by Beam Software and published by Hi-Tech Expressions in 1993-03
1 player only

Play the anthropomorphic Mickey Mouse as he travels to Letterland and 'hunts' letters in this platform game. The letters are needed for Ludwig von Drake's museum where Goofy and Mickey are currently employed. Goofy chauffeurs Mickey between the 6 regions with different terrains in Letterland; Snowy mountains and icy surfaces in Yukon, cliffs, water, and tropical beaches in Caribbean, swamp and water in Swamp, water and forest in Forest, water and jungle in Jungle, and desert and pyramid interiors in Pyramid. Each Every level has 3 letters of a single 3 letter word, each hidden in a letter diamond, that Mickey optionally must find and 'capture' in a butterfly net. If he finds all 3, he will spell the world after the level ends while an illustration of the word is shown (hat, leg, arm, etc...). Mickey can say all 26 letters, laugh, and exclaim "oh boy" in synthesized speech that actually sounds like Mickey. The level ends when Mickey nets the stone slab containing an ancient fossilized letter. Goofy also operates a Rube Goldberg type of machine that cleans and preserves the fossils before Mickey puts them in the museum display. This is also part of the game, the player must match the letter to it place in the display. There are 26 levels in expert mode, 4 or 5 per region, one for each letter of the English alphabet. Beating the game treats the player to an 8-bit instrumental rendition of The Alphabet Song (Mozart's Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star).

It is impossible to die but Mickey will show comical discomfort at contacting enemies or falling long distances. This is an extremely easy aimed at people who are not yet or are still learning the English alphabet. However, finding all the letters for the bonus words involves more advanced exploration and problem solving skills. A few letters are in places where they player may not be able to return to once they pass a certain point in the level and so careful planning is required to achieve this goal.

The mushrooms and hippos from Disney's movie Fantasia and Monkeys from the movie Junglebook, make cameos.

All the creatures listed are passive or inconsiderate to Mickey's presence, though all can be made useful. The living snowman and the anthropomorphic mushrooms are the only fantastically presented creatures.

Hint, swing the net just before hitting the ground to avoid 'hurting' Mickey.
Hint, contacting a creature or a corner of a surface tosses Mickey into the air with the height depending on several factors.
Hint, every level has an animal or apparatus that will cause Mickey to jump extra high if the jump button is held.
[spoiler=Hidden mode;close]If you press Select on the map screen you can enter a mode where Mickey says the letter the player points to when they press a button. Pressing select again returns to the map screen. This might be in the instruction book but can still be consider a secret since people just learning their alpha bet would not be expected to read the instruction book. [/spoiler] Someone should verify the details of the hidden mode as stated in the instruction booklet.

The game displays a copyright of 1990 but was not published until 1993-03.
Kid Klown in Night Mayor World  Kemco;Playtronic (Kemco)1993The life of a clown isn't easy. Always having to wear that hideous make-up, wear those funny clothes, and always be cheerful, no matter what's going on in one's personal life. In KID KLOWN IN NIGHT MAYOR, Kid Klown has the stupid make-up and goofy clothes, but he's anything but cheerful, the Night Mayor has kidnapped his entire funny family! Now it's up to you to help Kid find his family and give the Night Mayor an old pie-in-the-face. The only problem is that the Mayor lives in a klown-dominion filled with all kinds of klown-hating goons, and all you have are some magic balloons. Will you be able to entertain your way through the world, or is there some other way? labelimagesubject