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War in Middle Earth Hi-Tech Expressions?THere are reports that this game was retooled and released from Super Nintendo. However, the twp games are quite dissimilar.
[Zerothis]***Based on Tolkien's best selling trilogy, War in Middle Earth is a fully animated role-playing game in which players battle against the evil forces of the Dark Lord Sauron and Saruman, the corrupt wizard, to get the One Ring to the Crack of Doom. Follow in the legendary footsteps of the loveable Frodo, Aragorn and Gandalf as they encounter challenges and tests of skill in the forest by trolls, orcs, nazguls and other shady creatures." 1 player.[sic]
King of Kings  Namco (Atlus)1988Not related to [game=#7923]Wisdom Tree's King of Kings[/game]

One player, two player, three player, or four players take turns in concurrent/competing/cooperative play. (the game is designed for both competitive and cooperative strategies)
One to four players receive funds for each city they occupy. With these funds they can build different troop types including humans or fantastic creatures. Each troop type moves better or worse in different terrains. Differing movement abilities and the way the different kinds of troops interact with each other, having different strengths and weaknesses depending on which type that are battling with, means strategy is emphasized over sheer numbers or experience of each unit (but the latter two are still advantageous).

Human Units: King (only one per player), Fighter, Knight>Silver Knight>Dragon Knight, Monk>Priest>Bishop, Sorcerer>Mage>Wizard.
Fairy Units: Goblin, Harpy, Elf, Giant, Gryphon
Dragon Units: Lizardman, Wyvern, Serpent, Dragon
Other Units: Golem, Skeleton
Non-playables: Cockatrice, Sword Fighter, Axe Fighter, Lance Fighter, Bow Fighter, Cerberus, Gargoyle, Barbarian, Zombie
Final Fantasy II  Square1988Very good RPG. Played this back when I was but a child. ^^ Up to now I still love it.***1player only
SQF-FY ファイナルファンタジーII/Final Fantasy II published 1988-12-17 by Square in Japan.
Final Fantasy II: Dark Shadow Over Palakia was going to be the title of the USA publishing.
MSRP: 6,500円

This is the second game in Square's popular Final Fantasy series. It was released only in Japan (the Japanese Final Fantasy IV was released as Final Fantasy II in the U.S.). The game emphasizes the storyline more than the first game: four young refugees from a conquered kingdom join a rebel movement in hopes of striking back at their oppressors. Players must engage in conversion collecting key words to ask key people about in order to advance the plot. Character's have identities and personalities unlike in FF1. This is emphasized by character portraits of all the player characters, the fact that there are many player characters that come and go as their role in the plot dictates, and the frequent use of player characters' names by NPC's. Familial relationships between characters are also frequently noted. The graphics aren't terribly advanced beyond FF1's, but the experience system was completely revamped. Instead of gaining EXP and levels, the heroes gain points in the abilities that they use. Attacking a lot increases strength. Getting hit a lot increases defense. Casting the Fire spell a lot increases the spell's power. Using an axe increase axe fighting ability. An interesting concept (usually reserved for computer RPGs), but one that makes for a difficult game (as long as the endemic exploits of this game's system are not utilized). A translation to English patch for the ROM is available.

This is the Final Fantasy volume that introduced Chocobos and Cid

[spoiler=show patch codes;hide code](work in progress)
A note about these codes. The algorithm of the experience system is designed to reach natural equilibrium through minor adjustments, not just for every stat but also their relations to each other. It is not a fault tolerate system and tampering may lead to large numbers in bad places (inn costs 65535 gil), large number rollovers (your 65535 HP just became 1 HP), and values froze at zero [b][i]permanently[/i][/b] (0 MP, you are no longer a magic user)
[list][*]$601C:XX Gil (0-255) FF=255
[*]$601D:XX Gil (256-65,280) combine with above FF+FF = 65535
[*]$601E:XX Gil (65,536-16,645,888) combine with above 98+96+7F= 9,999,999
[*]601F-605F ??? (plot state area? 64 bytes/codes, or 512 bits)
[*]$6060:&& Item Slot 00 | (&&item Chart) 00=Nothing 01=Ring 02=Canoe 03=Pass 04=Mithril 05=Ice Sled
[*]$6061:&& Item Slot 01 | 06=Goddess Bell 07=Egil Torch 08=Sun Flame 09=Pendant 0A=Egg 0B=White Mask
[*]$6062:&& Item Slot 02 | 0C=Black Mask 0D=Crystal Rod 0E=Hiryuu 0F=? 10=Potion 11=Antidote
[*]$6063:&& Item Slot 03 | 12=Gold Needle 13=Crucifix 14=Maid Kiss 15=Echo Screen 16=Eye Drop 17=Fenix Down
[*]$6064:&& Item Slot 04 | 18=Elixer 19=Ether 1A=X Potion 1B=Cottage 1C=Wind Flute 1D=Earth Drum
[*]$6065:&& Item Slot 05 | 1E=Garlic 1F=Unicorn Horn 20=Ice Wind 21=Elder IQ 22=Heart 23=Shoes
[*]$6066:&& Item Slot 06 | 24=Thread 25=Silent B 26=Egg Timer 27=Death God 28=Bacchus Drink 29=Dragon Bean
[*]$6067:&& Item Slot 07 | 2A=Valium 2B=Ice Scythe 2C=Fang 2D=Mirror 2E=Hellfire 2F=Phin
[*]$6068:&& Item Slot 08 | 30=Unarmed 31= Buckler Shield 32=Bronze Shield 33=Mithril Shield 34=Gold Shield 35=Ice Shield
[*]$6069:&& Item Slot 09 | 36=Flame Shield 37=Diamond Shield 38=Dragon Shield 39=Aegis Shield 3A=Knife 3B=Dagger
[*]$606A:&& Item Slot 0A | 3C=Mithril Dagger 3D=Gouche Dagger 3E=Orhacon Dagger 3F=Ripper Dagger 40=Catclaw Dagger
[*]$606B:&& Item Slot 0B | 41=Cane Staff 42=Mace Staff 43=Mithril Staff 44=Were Staff 45=Magic Staff 46=Power Staff
[*]$606C:&& Item Slot 0C | 47=Evil Staff 48=Greed Staff 49=Daimond Staff 4A=Javelin Spear 4B=Spear 4C=Mithril Spear
[*]$606D:&& Item Slot 0D | 4D=Trident Spear 4E=Demon Spear 4F=Flame Spear 50=Ice Spear 51=Bolt Spear 52=Holy Spear
[*]$606E:&& Item Slot 0E | 53=Broad Sword 54=Long Sword 55=Mithril Sword 56=Ancient Sword 57=Sleep Sword 58=Winged Sword
[*]$606F:&& Item Slot 0F | 59=Blood Sword 5A=Earth Sword 5B=Flame Sword 5C=Ice Sword 5D=Defense Sword 5E=Sun Sword
[*]$6070:&& Item Slot 10 | 5F=Excalibur Sword 60=Masmune Sword 61=Axe Axe 62=Battle Axe 63=Mithril Axe 64=Demon Axe
[*]$6071:&& Item Slot 11 | 65=Ogre Axe 66=Poison Axe 67=Rune Axe 68=Bow Bow 69=Long Bow 6A=Mithril Bow
[*]$6072:&& Item Slot 12 | 6B=Blind Bow 6C=Flame Bow 6D=Ice Bow 6E=Killer Bow 6F=Yoichi Bow 70=Leather Helm
[*]$6073:&& Item Slot 13 | 71=Bronze Helm 72=Mithril Helm 73=Giant Helm 74=Flame Helm 75=Diamond Helm 76=Genji Helm
[*]$6074:&& Item Slot 14 | 77=Spiral Helm 78=Goldpin Helm 79=Ribbon Helm 7A=Clothes 7B=Leather Armor 7C=Bronze Armor
[*]$6075:&& Item Slot 15 | 7D=Mithril Armor 7E=Gold Armor 7F=Knight Armor 80=Flame Armor 81=Ice Armor 82=Diamond Armor
[*]$6076:&& Item Slot 16 | 83=Dragon Armor 84=Genji Armor 85=Copper Armor 86=Silver Armor 87=Ruby Armor 88=Quartz Armor
[*]$6077:&& Item Slot 17 | 89=Diamond Armor II? 8A=White Robe Armor 8B=Black Robe Armor 8C=Power Armor 8D=Black Armor 8E=Leather Gloves
[*]$6078:&& Item Slot 18 | 8F=Bronze Gloves 90=Mithril Gloves 91=Thief Gloves 92=Giant Gloves 93=Ice Gloves 94=Diamond Gloves
[*]$6079:&& Item Slot 19 | 95=Genji Gloves 96=Defense Gloves 97=Power Gloves 98=Fire Book 99=Bolt Book 9A=Ice Book
[*]$607A:&& Item Slot 1A | 9B=Aero Book 9C=Drain Book 9D=Aspil Book 9E=Flare Book 9F=Sleep Book A0=Stone Book
[*]$607B:&& Item Slot 1B | A1=Stop Book A2=Charm Book A3=Blind Book A4=Curse Book A5=Toad Book A6=Break Book
[*]$607C:&& Item Slot 1C | A7=Death Book A8=Warp Book A9=Berserk Book AA=Haste Book AB=Aura Book AC=Cure Book
[*]$607D:&& Item Slot 1D | AD=Life Book AE=Peep Book AF=Heal Book B0=Barrier Book B1=Blink Book B2=Safe Book
[*]$607E:&& Item Slot 1E | B3=Shell Book B4=Wall Book B5=Dispel Book B6=Mini Book B7=Mute Book B8=Anti Book
[*]$607F:&& Item Slot 1F | B9=Fog Book BA=Slow Book BB=Change Book BC=Fear Book BD=Holy Book BE=Exit Book BF=Ultima Book
[*]$6080:XX Word Slot 0 | (XXword chart)
[*]$6081:XX Word Slot 1 | F1 = Wild Rose
[*]$6082:XX Word Slot 2 | F2 = Mithril
[*]$6083:XX Word Slot 3 | F3 = Warship
[*]$6084:XX Word Slot 4 | F4 = Parmekia
[*]$6085:XX Word Slot 5 | F5 = Airship
[*]$6086:XX Word Slot 6 | F6 = Goddess Bell
[*]$6087:XX Word Slot 7 | F7 = Sun Flame
[*]$6088:XX Word Slot 8 | F8 = Mysidia
[*]$6089:XX Word Slot 9 | F9 = Ultima
[*]$608A:XX Word Slot A | FA = Dragoon
[*]$608B:XX Word Slot B | FB = Hiryuu
[*]$608C:XX Word Slot C | FC = Whirlwind
[*]$608D:XX Word Slot D | FD = Jade
[*]$608E:XX Word Slot E | FE = Mask
[*]$608F:XX Word Slot F | FF = Ekume
[*]$6090-60FF ??? (111 byte/codes gap, 888 bits)
[*]Unknown use inventory/words: E8=Treasure.. E9=Trash EA=Exit EB=Gordon EC=Who will use it? ED=Princess EE=Dark Knight EF=Hilda F0=Emperor
[*]Player1|P2| P3 | P4 :value decription -----
[*]$6100|6140|6180|61C0:XX Player appears to be 00=Frioniel 01=Maria 02=Guy 03=Minwu 04=Josef/Joseph 05=Gordon/Gōdon 06=Leila/Reila/Layla 07=Ricard Highwind/Richādo Haiwindo/Gareth Richard 08=Lionheat/Leon 09=Holy Cross 0A=Ninja Frog 0B-FF = others.
[*]$6101|6141|6181|61C1:XX ?
[*]$6102|6142|6182|61C2:@@ Name, 1st Letter | (@@letter chart WIP) 80=0 81=1 82=2 83=3 84=4 85=5 86=6 87=7
[*]$6103|6143|6183|61C3:@@ Name, 2nd Letter | 88=8 89=9 8A=A 8B=B 8C=C 8D=D 8E=E 8F=F 90=G 91=H 92=I 93=J 94=K
[*]$6104|6144|6184|61C4:@@ Name, 3th Letter | 95=L 96=M 97=N 98=O 99=P 9A=Q 9B=R 9C=S 9D=T 9E=U 9F=V A0=W A1=X
[*]$6105|6145|6185|61C5:@@ Name, 4th Letter | A2=Y A3=Z A4=a A5=b A6=c A7=d A8=e A9=f AA=g AB=h AC=i AD=j AE=k
[*]$6106|6146|6186|61C6:@@ Name, 5th Letter | AF=l B0=m B1=n B2=o B3=p B4=q B5=r B6=s B7=t B8=u B9=v BA=w BB=x
[*]$6107|6147|6187|61C7:@@ Name, 6th Letter | BC=y BD=z BE=' BF=, C0=. C1=: C2=- C3=.. C4=! C5=? C6=%
[*]$6108|6148|6188|61C8:XX Freeze Curent HP (0-255) FF = 255
[*]$6109|6149|6189|61C9:XX Freeze Curent HP II (256-65280) combine with above 27+0F = 9999
[*]$610A|614A|618A|61CA:XX Max HP
[*]$610B|614B|618B|61CB:XX Max HP II
[*]$610C|614C|618C|61CC:XX MP
[*]$610D|614D|618D|61CD:XX MP II
[*]$610E|614E|618E|61CE:XX Max MP
[*]$610F|614F|618F|61CF:XX Max MP II
[*]$6110|6150|6190|61D0:XX ?
[*]$6111|6151|6191|61D1:XX ?
[*]$6112|6152|6192|61D2:XX ?
[*]$6113|6153|6193|61D3:XX ?
[*]$6114|6154|6194|61D4:XX ?
[*]$6115|6155|6195|61D5:XX ?
[*]$6116|6156|6196|61D6:XX Hit Level
[*]$6117|6157|6197|61D7:XX Hit%
[*]$6118|6158|6198|61D8:XX ?
[*]$6119|6159|6199|61D9:&& Head (seen &&item chart above)
[*]$611A|615A|619A|61DA:&& Body
[*]$611B|615B|619B|61DB:&& Arms
[*]$611C|615C|619C|61DC:&& Right Hand item
[*]$611D|615D|619D|61DD:&& Left Hand item
[*]$611E|615E|619E|61DE:&& Equiped Item 1
[*]$611F|615F|619F|61DF:&& Equiped Item 2
[*]$6120|6160|61A0|61E0:XX Power
[*]$6121|6161|61A1|61E1:XX Agility
[*]$6122|6162|61A2|61E2:XX Vitality
[*]$6123|6163|61A3|61E3:XX Intellegence
[*]$6124|6164|61A4|61E4:XX Soul
[*]$6125|6165|61A5|61E5:XX Magic Power
[*]$6126|6166|61A6|61E6:XX ?
[*]$6127|6167|61A7|61E7:XX ?
[*]$6128|6168|61A8|61E8:XX ?
[*]$6129|6169|61A9|61E9:XX ?
[*]$612A|616A|61AA|61EA:XX Evade Level
[*]$612B|616B|61AB|61EB:XX Evade%
[*]$612C|616C|61AC|61EC:XX Magic Defese Level
[*]$612D|616D|61AD|61ED:XX Magic Defese Base
[*]$612E|616E|61AE|61EE:XX ?
[*]$612F|616F|61AF|61EF:XX ?
[*]$6130|6170|61B0|61F0:PP Magic Slot 0 | (PPmagic chart)
[*]$6131|6171|61B1|61F1:PP Magic Slot 1 | C0=Fire Spell C1=Bolt Spell C2=Ice Spell
[*]$6132|6172|61B2|61F2:PP Magic Slot 2 | C3=Aero Spell C4=Drain Spell C5=Aspil Spell
[*]$6133|6173|61B3|61F3:PP Magic Slot 3 | C6=Flare Spell C7=Sleep Spell
[*]$6134|6174|61B4|61F4:PP Magic Slot 4 | C8=Stone Spell C9=Stop Spell CA=Charm Spell
[*]$6135|6175|61B5|61F5:PP Magic Slot 5 | CB=Blind Spell CC=Curse Spell CD=Toad Spell
[*]$6136|6176|61B6|61F6:PP Magic Slot 6 | CE=Break Spell CF=Death Spell
[*]$6137|6177|61B7|61F7:PP Magic Slot 7 | D0=Warp Spell D1=Berserk Spell D2=Haste Spell
[*]$6138|6178|61B8|61F8:PP Magic Slot 8 | D3=Aura Spell D4=Cure Spell D5=Life Spell
[*]$6139|6179|61B9|61F9:PP Magic Slot 9 | D6=Peep Spell D7=Heal Spell
[*]$613A|617A|61BA|61FA:PP Magic Slot A | D8=Barrier Spell D9=Blink Spell DA=Safe Spell
[*]$613B|617B|61BB|61FB:PP Magic Slot B | DB=Shell Spell DC=Wall Spell DD=Dispel Spell
[*]$613C|617C|61BC|61FC:PP Magic Slot C | DE=Mini Spell DF=Mute Spell
[*]$613D|617D|61BD|61FD:PP Magic Slot D | E0=Anti Spell E1=Fog Spell E2=Slow Spell
[*]$613E|617E|61BE|61FE:PP Magic Slot E | E3=Change Spell E4=Fear Spell E5=Holy Spell
[*]$613F|617F|61BF|61FF:PP Magic Slot F | E6=Exit Spell E7=Ultima Spell
[*]$6200|6240|6280|62C0:XX Unarmed Skill Level 00=1
[*]$6201|6241|6281|62C1:XX Unarmed Skill XP 63=99
[*]$6202|6242|6282|62C2:XX Shield Skill Level
[*]$6203|6243|6283|62C3:XX Shield Skill XP
[*]$6204|6244|6284|62C4:XX Dagger Skill Level
[*]$6205|6245|6285|62C5:XX Dagger Skill XP
[*]$6206|6246|6286|62C6:XX Mace/Staff Skill Level
[*]$6207|6247|6287|62C7:XX Mace/Staff Skill XP
[*]$6208|6248|6288|62C8:XX Spear Skill Level
[*]$6209|6249|6289|62C9:XX Spear Skill XP
[*]$620A|624A|628A|62CA:XX Sword Skill Level
[*]$620B|624B|628B|62CB:XX Sword Skill XP
[*]$620C|624C|628C|62CC:XX Axe Skill Level
[*]$620D|624D|628D|62CD:XX Axe Skill XP
[*]$620E|624E|628E|62CE:XX Bow Skill Level
[*]$620F|624F|628F|62CF:XX Bow Skill XP
[*]$6210|6250|6290|62D0:XX Magic 0 Skill Level 00=1
[*]$6211|6251|6291|62D1:XX Magic 0 Skill XP 63=99
[*]$6212|6252|6292|62D2:XX Magic 1 Skill Level
[*]$6213|6253|6293|62D3:XX Magic 1 Skill XP
[*]$6214|6254|6294|62D4:XX Magic 2 Skill Level
[*]$6215|6255|6295|62D5:XX Magic 2 Skill XP
[*]$6216|6256|6296|62D6:XX Magic 3 Skill Level
[*]$6217|6257|6297|62D7:XX Magic 3 Skill XP
[*]$6218|6258|6298|62D8:XX Magic 4 Skill Level
[*]$6219|6259|6299|62D9:XX Magic 4 Skill XP
[*]$621A|625A|629A|62DA:XX Magic 5 Skill Level
[*]$621B|625B|629B|62DB:XX Magic 5 Skill XP
[*]$621C|625C|629C|62DC:XX Magic 6 Skill Level
[*]$621D|625D|629D|62DD:XX Magic 6 Skill XP
[*]$621E|625E|629E|62DE:XX Magic 7 Skill Level
[*]$621F|625F|629F|62DF:XX Magic 7 Skill XP
[*]$6220|6260|62A0|62E0:XX Magic 8 Skill Level
[*]$6221|6261|62A1|62E1:XX Magic 8 Skill XP
[*]$6222|6262|62A2|62E2:XX Magic 9 Skill Level
[*]$6223|6263|62A3|62E3:XX Magic 9 Skill XP
[*]$6224|6264|62A4|62E4:XX Magic A Skill Level
[*]$6225|6265|62A5|62E5:XX Magic A Skill XP
[*]$6226|6266|62A6|62E6:XX Magic B Skill Level
[*]$6227|6267|62A7|62E7:XX Magic B Skill XP
[*]$6228|6268|62A8|62E8:XX Magic C Skill Level
[*]$6229|6269|62A9|62E9:XX Magic C Skill XP
[*]$622A|626A|62AA|62EA:XX Magic D Skill Level
[*]$622B|626B|62AB|62EB:XX Magic D Skill XP
[*]$622C|626C|62AC|62EC:XX Magic E Skill Level
[*]$622D|626D|62AD|62ED:XX Magic E Skill XP
[*]$622E|626E|62AE|62EE:XX Magic F Skill Level
[*]$622F|626F|62AF|62EF:XX Magic F Skill XP
[*]$6230|6270|62B0|62F0:XX ?
[*]$6231|6271|62B1|62F1:XX ?
[*]$6232|6272|62B2|62F2:XX ?
[*]$6233|6273|62B3|62F3:XX ?
[*]$6234|6274|62B4|62F4:XX ?
[*]$6235|6275|62B5|62F5:XX ?
[*]$6236|6276|62B6|62F6:XX ?
[*]$6237|6277|62B7|62F7:XX ?
[*]$6238|6278|62B8|62F8:XX ?
[*]$6239|6279|62B9|62F9:XX ?
[*]$623A|627A|62BA|62FA:XX ?
[*]$623B|627B|62BB|62FB:XX ?
[*]$623C|627C|62BC|62FC:XX ?
[*]$623D|627D|62BD|62FD:XX ?
[*]$623E|627E|62BE|62FE:XX ?
[*]$623F|627F|62BF|62FF:XX ?

[*]$7DE2:XX Freeze Player 3's Current status 00=default 01=? 02=Dark 04=Poison 08=Cursed 10=Dumb 20=Frog 40=Stone 80=Dead (add values for multiple effects, ie: 28=Cursed+Frog)
[*]$7DE3:XX Freeze Player 3's Current status II 00=default 01=? 02=Tired? 04=Poison? 08=Sleep 10=Mute 20=Mini 40=Hold 80=Confused (can be used simultaneously with above code)
[*]$7DE4:FF Freeze Player 3's Current HP at 255 (256 or more damage will still kill you)
[*]$7DE5:01 Freeze Player 3's Current HP, modifier 256-65280. 0x27/39 here and 0x0F/15 above = 9999[/list][/spoiler]
[Zerothis]***Sequel of the successful Final Fantasy. It has a really good storyline and a new system where you have to improve abilities/skills by using them, instead of gaining XP and levels in the traditional way. Still a good RPG, but I really didn't like the way the skill system seduced you to find ways to make leveling up easier by e.g. hitting your own party members. It somehow ruined the whole pace of the game.
Ultima: Quest of the Avatar  FCI;Pony Canyon (Infinity;Atelier Double)1989The ruthless Triad of Evil has been vanquished and peace now reigns in the land. But without the threat of danger the people have become corrupt. Darkness dwells in their hearts and minds. The countryside is plagued by dragons, trolls, and long-dead wizards. Only an Avatar, a shining example of heroism, can destroy the monsters and conquer the internal wickedness with his mastery of magic and weapons. Become the Avatar! Save Britannia! And master the challenges of the ultimate quest--the search for good within yourself. en, jplabelimagesubject