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Predator (プレデター;Predator: Soon the Hunt Will Begin) Activision;Pack-In-Video;Gradiente (KLON)1988 aliens arnoldschwarzenegger bossbattles centralamerica deathpits firearms forest lives movie nofalldamage predator scorpions tropic unarmedfighting uvl-sku Predator NES-PL-USA, UPC: 0-47875-70002-4, published 1989-04 by Activision in the USA. (Predator: Soon the Hunt Will begin).
プレデター (Predator) PAC-PL published 1988-03-10 by Pack-In-Video in Japan
Predator NES-PL-AUS published 1989 by Activision in Australia.

0-47875-42188-2 is actually the UPC for the Commodore 64 version (it has been removed from this entry).

The game has "Jungle Mode" and "Big Mode" offering two simular but different styles of gameplay. The Japanese version begins with Big Mode where as other versions begin in Jungle mode. (This lead to two entries at UVL at one time)