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After Burner Complete  Sega (Sega;Rutubo Games)1994The classic arcade game comes to 32X.
[Garrett]***Afterburner was released in the USA, 1994 and in Europe. After Burner Complete was released in Japan January 1, 1995.***Better than the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis version!
BC Racers  Core Design1995Released in the USA and Europe. labelimageminimize
BlackThorne Interplay (Paradox;Blizzard)1995Unlike the other versions of the game, the Sega32 version had enhanced graphics an additional area.***Was only released in the USA. labelimageminimize
Brutal: Above the Claw  Gametek (Team Brutal)1995The brutal legend continues with awesome, animal action and two new ferocious fighters! Under the watchful eye of the great Dali Llama, the world's greatest martial artists return to a place they know well. . . Brutal Island. Each will use their own unique mental and physical martial arts style and training, in a tournament to prove the world's one true champion. Brutal: Above the Claw is a brilliantly rendered game of humorous cartoon style combat, combined with depth, philosophy and an attention to detail not found in any other fighting game. Go ahead and unleash the animal, it's time to get BRUTAL!***Only released in the USA. labelimagesubject
Clay Fighters 2 Interplay1995 minimizeminimizeminimize
Corpse Killer  Digital Pictures;Acclaim? (Digital Pictures)1994A 32XCD game. You need a Mega/Sega CD as well as a 32X. Released in the USA and Europe. labelimageminimize
Cosmic Carnage  Sega (Givro;ALU)1994What kind of unbelievably ugly monster is this? Chunks of armor fly off as you pound its body. This beefed-up maxed-out monstrosity has jetted across the cosmos to beat your brains out. But is it the alien, or is it you?***
[20]***Cosmic Carnage was released in the USA and Europe. Cyber Brawl was released in Japan April 27, 1995.
DarXide  Sega;Rocket Games (Frontier Developments)1996Publish by Rocket Games only in Europe. The USA version was never released. Works only with PAL TV, PAL 32X and PAL genesis.
Is the last 32X game to be officially published.
The only 32X game that uses texture-mapped polygons.
Doom  Sega (id Software;Sega)1994Published 1994 by Sega and ID Software in the USA. Published December 3, 1994 by ID Software in Japan. labelimageminimize
Ecco the Dolphin Sega1994Prototype game. This game was shown at Sega's Headquarters in San Francisco on June 2, 1994. But it was never released as a commercial product. labelimageminimize
Fahrenheit Sega1995 labelimageminimize
FIFA Soccer 96 Electronic Arts (EA Sports;Probe)1995Released only in Europe. The USA version was never released. labelimageminimize
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball ??Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Golf Magazine Presents 36 Greatest Holes of Golf Starring Fred Couples  Sega (Flashpoint)1994A 32XCD game. You need a Mega/Sega CD as well as a 32X. This version was never released, the 32X cartridge version was published instead. labelimageminimize
Head on Soccer ??Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Heavy Machinery Sega?Prototype game. labelminimizeminimize
HYPERTENSION 3dfx Development;Diehard GameFAN (TDGMods;Chaos Software)? labelminimizeminimize
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings ??Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Judge Dredd Acclaim Entertainment (Software Creations)1995Prototype game. This game is the same as the PC version except for a mode-7 type effect for the hoverbike level. labelminimizeminimize
Kingdom of the Far Reaches ??Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Knuckles' Chaotix  Sega (Sonic Team)1995The prototype to this game was Sonic Crackers (aka Sonic Studium) for the Genesis.
Not really related to Sonic X-Treme... Great 2 player game. For practice, get the Sonic Crackers game. Have fun!
[The Golden Fox]
Kolibri Sega (Amoeba / Novotrade)1995 labelimageminimize
Metal Head  Sega1995 labelimageminimize
Midnight Raiders Sega?A 32XCD game. You need a Mega/Sega CD as well as a 32X. labelminimizeminimize
Mortal Kombat II  Acclaim Entertainment (Sculptured Software)1994Rip into real arcade action that only 32 Megs of high speed 32-bit processing can deliver. Trade-up to faster gameplay, realistic character animation, state-of-the-art graphics and bone-crunching music and sound F/X of the arcade smash -- from "Finish Him" to "Flawless Victory." You might have played it before... but nothing, NOTHING can prepare you for MKII on 32X!***
Motocross Championship  Sega (Artech Studios)1995 labelimageminimize
NBA Action '96 ??Prototype game. labelminimizeminimize
NBA Jam T.E.  Acclaim Entertainment (Iguana Entertainment)1995 labelimageminimize
NFL Quarterback Club  Acclaim Entertainment (Iguana Entertainment)1995 labelimageminimize
Night Trap Digital Pictures;Acclaim Entertainment (Digital Pictures)1994A 32XCD game. You need a Mega/Sega CD as well as a 32X.
Distributed by Acclaim Distribution, Inc.
Apparently the first game to use FMV with live actors and [i]supposedly[/i] among the first games to have mature content.
Outpost ??Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Activision1995Based on the hit SNES/Genesis game, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure for the 32X reunites players with that adventurous explorer of the jungle, Pitfall Harry Jr. Players journey with Harry deep into the South American rainforests in search of intrigue, adventure and golden treasure.***Mayans and Alligators and Idols... Oh ...........My........God
Power Rangers ??Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Primal Rage Time Warner (Probe)1995 labelimageminimize
Prime Time NFL ??Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Race Drivin' Atari?Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Ratchet & Boldt Sega?Prototype game. labelminimizeminimize
Rayman UBI Soft?Prototype game. labelminimizeminimize
RBI Baseball '95 Time Warner (Atari)1995 labelimageminimize
Revolution X Acclaim Entertainment (Software Creations)1995 labelminimizeminimize
Sangokushi IV  Koei1995 labelimageminimize
Scottish Open Core Design?Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Shadow of Atlantis Sega?Prototype game. labelminimizeminimize
Shadow Squadron  Sega1995 labelimageminimize
Shell Shock ??Never released. labelminimizeminimize
Slam City with Scottie Pippen Acclaim (Digital Pictures)1994A 32XCD game. You need a Mega/Sega CD as well as a 32X. labelimageminimize
Sonic the Hedgehog 4  Sega (Team Sonic)?A never released cartridge version of the Sega CD game. labelimageminimize
Soulstar X Core Design1995Prototype game. labelimageminimize
Space Harrier  Sega (Sega;Rutubo Games)1994 labelimageminimize
Spider-Man: Web of Fire  Sega (BlueSky Software)1996 labelimageminimize
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