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Another World  Interplay (Delphine)1992platformer adventure Science Fiction You play Lester, the young physics professor, who suddenly finds himself in a strange alien world after lightning strikes his particle experiment. This game is really OUT OF THIS WORLD!!***
Prince of Persia NCS Masaya (Arsys Software)1992platformer Tags:
The introduction scene is shorter in the USA version causing the soundtrack to obviously become unsynchronized where the scene was cut. The full scene shows the hero being tortured and is featured in the Japanese version. The rest of the tags are common to the Apple ][ version and are detailed on that version's page.
Flashback: The Quest for Identity Sony;US Gold (Delphine)1993action/reflex platformer adventure Science Fiction Rather simple but effective scenario: the game begins with your escape from a base but your guards catch up with you and cut down your vehicle and you awake in the jungle, amnesic. You find a message recorded by you but you do not remember it.
Your prime objective is to find a friend who will be able to help you.
BlackThorne  Interplay;Virgin;Kemco (Blizzard)1994action/reflex adventure Fantasy Very dark game, as you can see on screenshots. Close to 'Flashback' or 'Prince of Persia'. You have to save human beings against orcs that take your race in slavery. labelimageminimize
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame Titus1996platformer [quote=Wikipedia]has some missing features and lacks several stages, including the last one.[/quote] labelimageminimize