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Gauntlet  Atari1985 aimdirlimit arenashooter dandylike gauntlet-hw gauntlet-series horizontalscreen hunger keys keys-disposable mame mp-cooperative npcgenerators This is one of the most playfull games of the 80's. But also one of the most money hungry games as well.
A real classic. Especally having the indestructable death, who could only be killed, by magic, or draining 200 health points.
Solomon's Key  Tecmo1986 custom-hw europeanfae ghosts horizontalscreen instantdeath keys lives magic mame monsters nofalldamage npcspawning score secrets timelimit walking
Black Tiger  Capcom1987 barbarianprotagonist bossbattles custom-hw dragons dragons-western horizontalscreen jumping keys ladders mame monsters poles potions powerups rewardingvandalism runandgun score secrets shopping timelimit wiivirtualconsole "Long long ago, three dragons descended from skies above with a rolling thunder and destroyed a kingdom into darkness.
From lengthy suffering and darkness of the kingdom came one brave fighter"
The Goonies  Konami1987 bombs chiroptera city-astoria-or crabs earth fish ghosts keys ladders lives lutris mame mice movie oregon rescue score skeletons subterranean teenprotagonist timelimit unarmedfighting usa walking
Xybots  Atari1987 friendlyfire keys mame map mp-cooperative robots
Fester's Quest  Nintendo1989 1life addamsfamily amoeboids dark-limited healthpickups keys loot-random loot-unexpected mitoticcreatures playchoice10-hw uvl-tiein