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GoldenEye 007  Nintendo (Rare)1997split-screen, single playerctextured polygonsYou are Bond, James Bond. You are assigned to covet operations connected with the GoldenEye Weapons satellite. M will brief you on your mission objectives from London. Q Branch will support you with a supply of gadgets and weapons. Will you succeed?***The game creators discovered that grayscale textures were exponentially faster to render than RGB (color) textures. This also had the benefit of using less ROM memory. The vast majority of textures in GoldenEye are grayscale (in the hardware). Color is applied to these grayscale textures by applying colors to the vertexes bounding the textures when they are rendered.***
[32]***US version
[27]***Based on Pierce Brosnan's first outing as James Bond, this game is superb. The telescopic aiming is excellent - this was the first game to feature it.***Amazing, I'll never forget this game. After Doom arrived there was nothing that really took the next step. There was Quake, but that never really took far from doom, but when goldeneye hit the shops it took a good while before anyone bettered it. Best multiplayer mode ever until all this new fangled network gaming came into play with Halo etc etc
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