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StarCraft 64 Nintendo (Blizzard)2000 25thcentury aerodyne aliens ambientcreatures basebuilding biogrowth builders burrowers cacophonicvoice control-individuals disproportionalworld extraterrestrial future grouping groupmind harvesters hatchers infantry insectoids landvehicle larvae micromanagement militaryfiction n64expansionpak otherworld patrolroutes platformreference psychics rating-esrb-t resourcecontrol resourceharvesting ricochetingattacks sciencefantasy space spacefaringage starcraft supervisorprotagonist technofantasy unitlimit unseenprotagonist war wargame waypoints weaponsplatforms Arguably the best real-time strategy game ever. Contains every unit from the best-selling PC version (including the Brood War expansion pak) plus new missions available only on the N64! enlabelimagesubject