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Boxshoot Chromasette? 5.25disk cassette claiming commercial joystick license-proprietary mp-versus labelminimizeminimize
Brick Pong T&D Software? 5.25disk breakoutlike cassette coco1 coco2 coco3 joystick mp-versus score labelminimizeminimize
Roman Checkers Tandy (Image Producers)1981 cartridge coco1 coco2 coco3 dualism grid grid-square joystick keyboard mp-versus naturalistic reversi traditional labelminimizeminimize
Slashball Aardvark-801981 coco1 commercial license-proprietary mp-versus score uvl-missingmedia labelminimizeminimize
Color Baseball Radio Shack1982 baseball cartridge coco1 commercial earth joystick license-proprietary mp-versus music naturalistic platformreference score labelminimizeminimize
Taxi Tandy (Children's Computer Workshop)1982 -sanfrancisco-ca california cassette city city-dallas-tx city-newyork-ny city-paris-fr commercial currency difficulty difficultyaspects earth europe france joystick landvehicle license-proprietary mp-cooperative mp-versus naturalistic newyorkstate northamerica publictransit score texas traffic usa wheeledvehicle labelminimizeminimize
Orbitron  AHL Computing1983 5.25disk cassette coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial free2play joystick license-proprietary licensechange lives mp-versus score labelminimizeminimize
Neutroid 2  Fun Division;Novasoft;Tom Mix Software1984 5.25disk coco1 coco2 joystick keyboard mp-versus score labelminimizeminimize
Pitstop II Epyx1985 5.25disk cassette coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial consistentdamage damagetypes earth formula1 fuel itemdurability joystick landvehicle langinsignificant latemodernperiod license-proprietary mindamage motorracing mp-versus naturalistic realisticdamage repairing structuraldamage wheeledvehicle It has ben said that races are won and lost in the pits. Well this games certainly elevates the importance of pit performance. When players race, in this game, they aren't just using fuel; every aspect of the cars are venerable to wear and damage. While in the pits, players must manually replace or repair every part they ruin in addition to manual refueling and tire changes. So treat cars well on the track. This game is infact more pitstop simulator than racing simulator. labelminimizesubject
Wrestle Maniac Diecom1986 5.25disk cassette coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial earth joystick license-proprietary mp-cooperative mp-teams mp-versus naturalistic nplayers tagteam unarmedfighting wrestling labelminimizeminimize
Pertascii Burke & Burke1989 commercial license-proprietary mp-versus score wordgame labelminimizeminimize
Neutroid 2.015 author2015 5.25disk cassette coco1 coco2 coco3 joystick keyboard mp-versus score labelminimizeminimize