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namepublisher(developer)year arrow_downwardgame type
NetHack Stichting Matematisch Centrum & M.Stephenson1985role-play Fantasy labelimagesubject
Angband ?1992role-play turn-based Fantasy labelminimizeminimize
Heirs to Skull Crag  SSI (MicroMagic;SSI)1993maze strategy role-play Fantasy Science Fiction labelimagesubject
Reaping the Dungeon  Frontline Software1993role-play Science Fiction labelimageminimize
Valhalla  Optyk (Norsehelm Production)1993role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
DOOM id Software1993shooter Horror Science Fiction labelimageminimize
Ancient Domains Of Mystery  author1994adventure role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
Doom II  id Software1994Fantasy Horror Science Fiction shooter labelimagesubject
The Ultimate Doom  GT Interactive (id Software)1995Fantasy Horror Science Fiction shooter labelimagesubject
Final Doom id Software (TeamTNT)1996Fantasy Horror Science Fiction shooter labelimagesubject
MAngband  ?1997role-play Fantasy labelminimizeminimize
Nethack: Falcon's Eye -2000role-play Fantasy labelminimizeminimize
Iter Vehemens ad Necem  IvanDev2001role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize