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Descent To Undermountain  Interplay (Dragon Play)1997Latest version: 1.3 (as of ?) labelimageminimize
Phantasie SSI (Logical Design Works)1987 labelimageminimize
The Dark Heart of Uukrul Brøderbund (Digital Studios)1990
[49]***This game has some interactive fiction, adventure and not yet defined elements. Players can visually search the room or listen find secrets, to get descriptions of the room, find riddles that hint at solutions to puzzles, and/or find clues to events in the nearby area. These are returned as text as the game has no sound whatsoever.

Advancement must be confirmed by player actions. Crosses are not just symbols in this game, they are apparently melee weapons. Equipment can require a minimum level of experience and/or a minimum character attribute. Clerics must pray to cast spells (all one action). The petitioned god can grant the cast, not answer, or punish the character. These random responses seem to be based on the character's previous actions but the mechanism is unclear.

The game is automatically saved much the same way as typical rogue-likes but a bit less often. Simply walking from one place to the next does not prompt a save, but reading a clue or resolving an encounter does. There is also a game "backup" save system. When a player is in a "sanctuary" they may manually create a second save.

Experience is shared but most of it distributed unequally based on a character's participation. The mechanism is unclear. Killing blows and attacks delivering significant damage have the most reward. Other actions are rewarded as well no mater what the result. Every character still gets something even if they did not interact with the battle at all. For example, if the first move of a battle is the player's fighter killing a single foe with a single blow, all other party members will get at least 1 XP or more for a stronger enemey.***If a character sacrifices their life to save their fellows, they lose piety. Dying is heresy, how [url=]Oran[/url]ic¡***
The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard  Bethesda Softworks1998Latest version: retail

Comes on 2 CDs.***If there ever was a ridiculous game, then this is it, a DOS game that requires Windows OS to install but DOS to play. Even X-COM Apoc comes with DOS installer (despite being advertized as Win95 game).

Players should see the UESP link for installation and other instructions.***[b]Minimum:[/b]
* Windows 95 or 98
* Pentium 166 MHz
* 32 MB RAM
* 16-bit soundblaster-compatible soundcard
* 350 MB free HD space***Sharpen your sword... and your wits

Discover swashbuckling adventure like never before. You are Cyrus, a Redguard mercenary who has returned to his homeland to find it in peril. The quest leads from the Iron Governor, to a restless band of pirates, and even into another dimension. You'll solve their puzzles, with both your wits and your sword, and live an epic story. Action, adventure and storytelling are all combined in the genre breaking game that is Redguard.

* Travel the wish landscapes of REDGUARD. Beaches, rivers, hills, and mountains will test your stamina.
* Return to Tamriel, land of the Elder Scrolls.
* Make your way into the palace and seek an audience with the governor.
* Real time 3D cinematics highlight the story that evolve at the pace of your play.
* Sword fight, jump across dizzying chasms, and swing across ropes!
* Delve into deep caverns, dwarven ruins, mysterious catacombs, and even into another dimension. The entire world is open for you to explore. If you get stuck in one area, you can leave and tackle another.
* Interact with dozens of characters and hear every line of dialogue.
* Involved puzzles, with multiple objects and deep combinations will test your wits.
* The heart of your search is Stros M'Kai, an island of unparalled scope and detail. Explore the harbour town and unlock the secrets of its landscape.
[Box blurb]
Ultima VII: The Black Gate  Origin1992Came with six 3.5' disks. The original release included a demo of Ultima Underworld on a 5.25' disk. U7 was rerealsed both by Origin and Electronic Arts in many packages that included the sequels/add-ins for U7 (Forge of Virtue, Serpent Isle, The Silver Seed)

The 7th canonical game in the Ultima series and the first game in Ultima's Age of Armageddon. The player and party can use crossbows and bows. Ingredients can be mixed to bake bread and other things. Cheese is available as food. A variety of items can be crafted into other items. There are pumpkin fields in the game, from which pumpkins can be harvested. Flight of the Bumblebee is played at one point, Rule Britannia is overplayed. There are several prisoners in the game and its this plays into the plot more than once. An addictive medicine in the game is abused by characters and can be abused by the player's character and party, with consequences. Unicorns are mentioned in in-game books and by characters[spoiler=and;and]one can be found by the player also.[/spoiler]

A game engine called Exult allows the game to run on a wide variety of platforms
[Zerothis]***Still one of the best RPG's ever made IMO. The Forge of Virtue was a small expansion released with some packages. Ever wondered how to get this baby to run on Windows? Check here: