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System Shock Electronic Arts;Origin (Looking Glass Technologies)1994raster, textured polygons, mixedThe game has difficulty levels separately for combat, puzzles, cyberspace and plot. At highest plot difficulty, the game has a real-time limit imposed which is perhaps the greatest challenge you face and certainly not something you want on your first playthrough. Cyberspace also has timelimit on highest difficulty, but this only causes you to eject from cyberspace and nothing more serious.***The CD-ROM version (1994/11) added optional SVGA mode - 640x480 resolution instead of the original VGA 320x240 - with improved graphics and full speech for the logs and SHODAN.

The CD-ROM version requires the CD to be in drive during play, but this can be easily circumvented by copying the CDROM folder from the CD to HD and editing both [code]cyb.cfg[/code] and [code]cdshock.bat[/code] to point to the folder in your HD instead.