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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar  Origin (Origin Systems)1985 ♫rulebritannia 3.5disk 5.25disk adv-deeds adv-intermediary adv-objects adv-static aerostat alcohol amoeboids axes beggars beholders bizarrecreatures blackpearls bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows cannons captives capturedresources children chiroptera chosenone color-2bit color-4bit cpu-8086 cpu-8088 crossbows cyclopes demonoids demons directionalforce directionalforce-wind display-320x200 display-cga display-cga-composite display-ega display-tga dos2 dragons encounters-neutral encounters-popup encounters-seen europeanfae femaleprotagonist forest fromanotherworld garlic genderchoice ghosts giantinsects giantseahorses giantspiders gog gremlins group healingitems hiddenattributes horses hydrae inbuilttraps incendiarygrenades insects inventory karma keyboard knives liches lockpicking lutris magic magicweapons meleeweapons mimics monsters mystics neutralnpcs ocean orcs otherworld pirates polearms present rats refwizardofoz resting resuscitation riding river rodents ruins sauroids scummvm-wip seaserpents shallowwater shopping shore skeletons slings snakes sorcery spectres spu-pcspeaker staves subterranean swarmers swords teleporting thrownweapons tornados town traps treants tripeds trolls ultima ultimaageofenlightenment undead walking wands watercraft watercraft-medium wetland willowisps willowtrees windindicator wordinput xp-deeds xp-kills xp-literal xp-multi xp-objects labelimagesubject
Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos  Virgin Interactive (Westwood Studios)1993 3.5disk adv-static anuroids automap axes bludgeons bodyarmor bows cdrom chosenone city cpu-286 cpu-386 crossbows damagetypes deities difficulty-ingame display-mcga display-vga eobengine eviloverlord fantasyworld felinoids femaleantagonist fictionaluniverse forest gog gridmove group illusionarywalls inventory inventory-shared itempickup-instant jewelry knives landsoflore magic magicartefacts meleeweapons minecarts monsters nontolkienian noports polearms polymathprotagonist premadecharacters resting scummvm seers serious shopping sorcery statuseffects swords throwanything thrownweapons toxins variableabilitypower voiceovers walking wands wetland xp-kills xp-multi xp-other labelimagesubject
Hexen  id Software;GT Interactive (Raven Software)1995 1life 3.5disk aimassist alone automap axes backtracking blankprotagonist bleak bludgeons bossbattles cdrom centauroids cheatcodes classbased classbasedeq cpu-486 crossmaptriggers cryokinesis darkfantasy demonicmenace devsysnext68x devsysnextppc difficulty doomwad dos5 electrokinesis eviloverlord explosiveobjects facelessprotagonist fantasyworld fictionaluniverse fistloads forcedpolymorph freezing ghosts gunblades healingitems healthpickups heretichexen heroprotagonist humanoidanimals idtech1 interactivetriggers interlinkedlevels inventory jumping licensechange magic magic-innate magic-somatic magicartefacts magicweapons medieval meleeweapons middleprojection monsters mp-dm noingameintro nontolkienian npcstrife personalquest polycephalids potions premadecharacters progressiveattacks pyrokinesis retrypoints retrypoints-rollback sauroids saveanywhere serious singlegender slipperysurfaces sorcery swords teleport unarmedfighting voiceovers walking wands wetland labelimagesubject
Stonekeep Interplay (Interplay Productions)1995 bludgeons bombs book bows capacity-unlimited castle cdrom chatter chosenone clanguage classless devsyslost difficulty-single digitizedvideo disguisedtriggers divinemenace doors dosextender dragons dragons-western dualwielding-asymmetric dungeon dwarves elves energystations eviloverlord faerierealm fantasyworld fictionaluniverse giantants giantinsects gifting goblins gridmove healingitems healingstations humanoids illusionarywalls inbuilttraps indoors inventory keys knives liveactors magic magic-sigils mapannotation mediaindrive medieval meleeweapons metaabilities mystics noenergyregen noports notebook npcfleeing npchealing npcinventory paperdoll polearms powerfoci predefinedcontrols premadeprotagonist projectilerecovery puzzles rewardingvandalism rp-levelless secrets serious sorcery spelldesigning sprites stonekeep-series subterranean subterraneanrealm subtitledeficient swords temporarycompanions thrownweapons title-static titularlocale trash voiceovers voiceovers-full walking wands weefolk xp-literal labelimagesubject