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namepublisher(developer)year arrow_downwardgame type
Lands of Lore III  Electronic Arts (Westwood Studios)1999role-play Fantasy Science Fiction labelimagesubject
Wizards & Warriors  Activision (Heuristic Park)2000role-play turn-based Fantasy Science Fiction labelimageminimize
Return to Castle Wolfenstein  Activision (Gray Matter Interactive Studios;Nerve Software;id Software)2001shooter Fantasy Horror Science Fiction labelimagesubject
Gothic 2  JoWood Productions (Piranha Bytes)2002action/reflex role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
Half-Life 2  Vivendi Universal Games;Valve Corporation (Valve)2004shooter Science Fiction labelimagesubject
Hinterland  Tilted Mill Entertainment2008strategy role-play Fantasy labelimagesubject
Loren the Amazon Princess Winterwolves2012role-play turn-based Fantasy Humorous labelimageminimize
Sword of the Stars: The Pit Kerberos Productions2013role-play turn-based Cartoon Science Fiction labelimagesubject
Ittle Dew Ludosity2013adventure Cartoon labelminimizeminimize
Guild of Dungeoneering Versus Evil (Gambrinous)2015role-play turn-based Fantasy labelimageminimize