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Undying  Electronic Arts (Dreamworks Interactive)2001single playerlabelimagesubject
The Thing  Black Label Games;Torus Media (Computer Artworks)2002single playerlabelimagesubject
Pariah Groove Games (Digital Extremes)2005single playerlabelimageminimize
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth  Bethesda Softworks;Ubisoft Entertainment (Headfirst Productions)2006single playerlabelimagesubject
Dwarf Fortress  Bay 12 Games2006single playerlabelimagesubject
Dead Space Electronic Arts (EA Redwood Shores)2008single playerlabelimagesubject
Batman: Arkham City Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment;Square Enix (Rocksteady Studios)2011single playerlabelimageminimize
Syndicate  Electronic Arts (Starbreeze Studios)2012single player, Internetlabelimageminimize
The Walking Dead Telltale Games2012single playerlabelimagesubject
Spec Ops: The Line 2K Games (Yager)2012single player, Internetlabelimagesubject
Dishonored Bethesda Softworks (Arkane Studios)2012single playerlabelimagesubject
Lucius Lace Mamba (Shiver Games)2012single playerlabelimagesubject
The Cat Lady Screen 7 (Harvester Games)2012single playerlabelimageminimize
The Consuming Shadow author2013single playerlabelminimizeminimize
Dead Space 3 Electronic Arts (Visceral Games)2013single player, Internetlabelimageminimize
XCOM: Enemy Within 2K Games (Firaxis Games)2013single player, Internetlabelimageminimize
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter  Nordic Games;The Astronauts (The Astronauts)2014single playerlabelimagesubject
Dreamfall Chapters Red Thread Games;Blink Studios (Red Thread Games)2014single playerlabelimageminimize
Lucius II: The Prophecy  Shiver Games 2015single playerlabelminimizeminimize
XCOM 2: Long War 2 Pavonis Interactive2017single player, Internetlabelminimizeminimize
Doki Doki Literature Club!  Team Salvato2017single playerlabelminimizeminimize