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2 Pak Special - Challenge / Surfing HES1990labelimageminimize
2 Pak Special: Cavern Blaster + City War HES1992minimizeminimizeminimize
2 Pak Special: Hoppy + Alien Force HES1992minimizeminimizeminimize
2 Pak Special: Space Voyage + Fire Alert HES1992minimizeminimizeminimize
3-D Asteroids  Atari?labelminimizeminimize
3-D Genesis Amiga1983labelminimizeminimize
3-D Ghost Attack Amiga (Videosoft)1983labelminimizeminimize
3-D Havoc Amiga1983labelminimizeminimize
32 in 1 Atari (Atari;Activision;US Games)1988labelimagesubject
3D Tic Tac Toe  Atari;Sears;Telegames (Atari)1980labelimagesubject
4 Game in One - Ice Hockey + Phantom UFO + Spy Vs. Spy + Cosmic Avenger Bitcorp?minimizeminimizeminimize
4 Game in One - Rodeo Champ + Open Sesame! + Bobby is Going Home + Festival Bitcorp?minimizeminimizeminimize
4 in 1 - Canyon Bomber + Home Run + Night Driver + Sky Diver Atari1987minimizeminimizeminimize
8 in 1 - Asteroids + Centipede + BattleZone + SwordQuest - EarthWorld + SwordQuest - FireWorld + RealSports Soccer + RealSports Tennis + Yars' Revenge Bitcorp1992labelminimizeminimize
A Mysterious Thief ZiMAG;Emag;Vidco1983minimizeminimizeminimize
A-Team  Atari1984labelimageminimize
A-VCS-tec Challenge AtariAge2006labelimageminimize
Acid Drop Salu1992labelimageminimize
Actionauts  AtariAge2008labelimageminimize
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Mystery  ? (M Network)1984labelimageminimize
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin  Mattel (Synth Corporation)1983labelimageminimize
Adventure  Atari;Polyvox (Atari)1980labelimageminimize
Adventure II Atari;Syzygy Company2005labelminimizeminimize
Adventures of Tron  M Network;INTV;Polygram;Telegames (APh Technology Consultants)1982labelimageminimize
Air Raid Men-A-vision1984labelimageminimize
Air Raiders  M Network [Mattel];CCE;Quelle;Dynacom1983labelimageminimize
Air Wolf Quelle?minimizeminimizeminimize
Air-Sea Battle  Atari;Sears (Atari)1977labelimageminimize
Airlock Data Age1982labelimageminimize
Alfred Challenge Ebivision;AtariAge (Ebivision)1998labelimageminimize
Alien 20th Century Fox1982labelimageminimize
Alien CCE1982minimizeminimizeminimize
Alien's Return  ITT Family Games;Quelle1983labelimageminimize
Aliens vs the Killer Bees Georgia Tech University2007labelminimizesubject
Allia Quest Ebivision;AtariAge (Ebivision)2001labelimageminimize
Alpha Beam with Ernie Atari1983labelimageminimize
Amidar  Parker Brothers;Rainbow Vision;Suntek;Froggo1982labelimageminimize
Androman on the Moon Atari (Atari;Western Technologies)1984labelimagesubject
Anteater Mattel1983labelimageminimize
Aquatak  John Sands Electronics;CCE1983minimizeminimizeminimize
Aquaventure Atari;CCE1983labelimagesubject
Arcade Pong Atari2005labelminimizesubject
Armor Ambush Mattel (M Network)1982labelimageminimize
Artillery Duel Xonox1983labelimageminimize
Assault Bomb1983labelimageminimize
AStar AtariAge2006labelimageminimize
Asterix  Atari1983labelimageminimize
Asteroids  Atari;Polyvox;Sears (Atari)1981labelimagesubject
Asteroids Deluxe Atari2005labelminimizeminimize
Astro Chase Parker Brothers1983minimizeminimizeminimize
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