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Barnstorming  Activision;Taiwan Cooper;CCE (Activision)1982raster Atari 2600labelimageminimize
Chopper Command  Activision;Ariola;Dismac;Jone Yuan Telephonic Enterprise CO;CCE;Digitel;SuperVision;Rainbow Vision;Suntek1982rasterPublished by Activision / Ariola / Dismac / Jone Yuan Telephonic Enterprise CO / CCE / Digitel / SuperVision / Rainbow Vision / Suntek***
Atari 2600labelimageminimize
Grand Prix  Activision;CCE;Zellers;Robby;Ariola (Activision)1982rasterPublished by Activision / CCE / Zellers / Robby / Ariola***
Atari 2600labelimageminimize
Megamania  Activision;CCE;Dynacom;Digitel;Suntek;Rainbow Vision1982rasterPublished by Activision / CCE / Dynacom / Digitel / Suntek / Rainbow Vision***Published by Activision / CCE / Dynacom / Digitel***
Atari 2600labelimageminimize
Oink!  Activision;Quelle;CCE;Ariola1982rasterBased on the old Three Little Pigs story. Atari 2600labelimageminimize
Pitfall!  Activision;CCE;Ariola (Activision)1982raster[media=youtube]pslbO6Fddhw[/media]***David Crane originally designed the game with an entirely mortal Harry (1 death ends the game). Sadly, two weeks before production, he made the game easier by giving Harry multiple lives. Still, this is one of the most challenging games for the 2600, very few gamers have gotten all 32 treasures in the alloted 20 minutes. The world record for the fastest time is 18:52. (1:06 left on the clock). The best player in the world can only achieve a time that is 5.66% faster than required.

A 'Perfect Game' can be achieved by collecting all 32 treasures and never dying, never falling and never being damaged by a hostile object. The resulting score will be 114,000. There are 256 screens that connect end to end (screen 1 connects to screen 256). The underground (tunnels) skip around the ring of screens in a different order than the overworld. You can go left or right on any screen that doesn't have a brick wall in the way. The general consensus is that it is easier to go left from the starting screen because of the direction logs travel and dying starts you on the left side of the screen. However, to take the most efficient path to get all the treasures in time, start by going right. Also, unless you have a photographic memory, make a map.

There are many hacks available for download. Here is a few of the notable ones.
Pitfall Trainer: Timer removed & INF Lives, usefully cheat for cartography and practice.
Jungle Jane: A faster, meaner, better sounding, more colorful version with a female star.
Enhanced Pitfall +: 3 levels of difficulty, including 'Practice'. Scorpions climb ladders and travel screen to screen. There are additional treasures and enemies. Underground tunnels are smaller.
Bottomless Pitfall: Graphically enhanced. Can't go left from the start. Logs roll both ways. You restart a screen (after dying) from the side you entered. 10 hour clock and unlimited treasures, so a maximum scores are much more varied. Harry has hit points.

The rattlesnakes are not out of place in this game's setting, they are crotalus durissus, found in most countries in South America.
[Zerothis]***This is the game that makes a 2600 worth owning. Pitfall is an adventure game classic. Gameplay is simple yet challenging, repetitive yet enduring. In an age of multi-level 3D gaming worlds, Pitfall has yet to be equaled.
Atari 2600labelimagesubject
River Raid  Activision;Ariola;CCE (Activision)1982raster
[48]***The player must maneuver their jet plane up the river just inches from the surface of the water. So low that the plane can collide with the banks of the river or canyon walls in some places. The goal is to shoot all enemy ships, helicopters, bridges, planes, and fuel tanks and do not collide with them. Also, fuel can be stolen from the tanks by flying over them, this is necessary to keep the player's jet flying.

Pyblished by Activision / Ariola / CCE / Goliath / Hot Shot / Panda / Digitel / Galaga Games / Supergame / Digivision / Genus / Polyvox / Robby / Star Game

While the game does not have a proper ending, there is an obvious point where there is no more to be seen.[spoiler=ending;close]The river is an endless loop and decent players will be able to advance far enough to see the section of river they started at, perhaps even multiple times. The 'end' of the loop is a climatic as it is the most difficult section of the river.[/spoiler]

Has the honor of being the very first videogame the BPjS indexed for being a danger to minors (the official BPjS comments are included in another article in this game entry). Carol Shaw is a woman. This game was included in the Atari Flashback 2.0 multigame standalone console. Enemies include pontooned helicopters.

In 2002 River Raid was removed from the BPjS index. Being an child agent of annihilation, with paramilitaristic training, cramps, anger, aggressiveness, erratic thinking, and headaches is now "Suitable for Everyone".
[Zerothis]***„Jugendliche sollen sich in die Rolle eines kompromisslosen Kämpfers und Vernichters hineindenken [...]. Hier findet im Kindesalter eine paramilitärische Ausbildung statt [...]. Bei älteren Jugendlichen führt das Bespielen [...] zu physischer Verkrampfung, Ärger, Aggressivität, Fahrigkeit im Denken [...] und Kopfschmerzen."[sic]

"Minors are intended to delve into the role of an uncompromising fighter and agent of annihilation (...). It provides children with a paramilitaristic education (...). With older minors, playing leads (...) to physical cramps, anger, aggressiveness, erratic thinking (...) and headaches." [English]
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Sky Jinks  Activision;Dismac;CCE (Activision)1982raster Atari 2600labelminimizeminimize
Spider Fighter  Activision;CCE;Ariola;Bit Corporation;Dynacom;Intellivision;Canal 3;Digivision (Activision)1982raster Atari 2600labelminimizeminimize
Starmaster  Activision;Ariola;Bit Corporation1982rasterPilot a starship and destroy enemies before they can destroy the space stations!
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Pitfall! Activision1982rasterDanger lurks at every turn, as Pitfall by Activision brings a jungle no-man's land to life for your Intellivision. Jump into the shoes of Pitfall Harry, as he leads you on an incredible adventure in search of lost treasures. You'll race against time, through this hostile jungle, fighting off hungry crocodiles! Deadly snakes and scorpions! Treacherous tar pits and quicksand! Run, leap, swing from vines! And with any luck, you might even survive. Intellivisionlabelimagesubject
Stampede Activision1982rasterBrochure description:
Yahoo! Stampede by Activision is bringing some kind of fun to your Intellivision. And some kind of challenge! The object of this tough little video trail drive is to lasso as many stampeding calves as possible. But hold on there, Pilgrim! Those little "dogies" are right clever, and they'll do their darnedest to outsmart you! So, ride hard, rope fast, and hold on to your hat! You're in for the truest test of the wild, wild West!
Atlantis  Imagic;CCE;Digitel;Dynacom;Dactari;Milmar;Suntek;Rainbow Vision;Zellers;Activision;Funvision;Fund International co (Zellers)1982raster
[48]***Only you can save the lost city of Atlantis, one of the greatest civilizations man has ever known. You command the three defense posts that guard the skies. As the dreaded Gorgon fleet descends on Atlantis, you must destroy them - or perish! 1 or 2 players can help defend the submerged city of Atlantis. The longer you last, the faster they come. Some enemy ships fly slowly but steadily over Atlantis. Others streak across the sky. Knock out a Bandit Bomber and annihilate its entire Gorgon squad. Blitz them!***Published by Imagic / CCE / Digitel / Dynacom / Dactari / Milmar / Suntek / Rainbow Vision / Zellers / Activision / Funvision / Fund International co

'Strahlen der Teufelsvoegel' is the German release of 'Atlantis'. They changed the color a bit (it is red instead of green) and the enemies are monster-birds and not spaceships.
Ocean City Defender was pirated by Zellers and has improved graphics.
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Unknown Activision Game #1 Activision1982rasterMultiple prototypes of the as yet unknown game have been found. Atari 2600labelminimizeminimize
Unknown Activision Game #2 Activision1982raster Atari 2600labelminimizeminimize