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Alien 8 Ultimate Play The Game;Jaleco1985raster MSXlabelimageminimize
City Connection Jaleco1985raster Arcadelabelimageminimize
City Connection  Jaleco;Jaleco USA (Hect)1985rasterシティコネクション literally reads [code]shiti konekushon[/code]***The goal in "City Connection" is to drive with your car over each segment of all platforms while avoiding police cars and other stuff (especially a very nasty cat that always appears on the road when you least expect it). In addition to the ability to jump, your car can shoot enemies. After completing a stage you make your way to the next stage which takes place in another famous city somewhere in the world. City Connection is a strange platform game, but not without its qualities. Graphics and sound are ok for a game from 1985 and the gameplay is motivating enough to try the game for a couple of rounds.***Based on the arcade hit, a young man born in California sets out to tour famous sites and cities around the world. As he drives the highways surrounding these locations, the road is painted white as proof of his visit. Only once all sections of the road have been painted will he move on to the next location in his world tour. Not surprisingly, the local police will chase the driver and do their best to stop him from completing his goal. In addition, cats roam the highways and spikes lie in wait for unsuspecting drivers. To combat these dangers, the driver's customized car can jump, fire cans of oil and collect balloons to warp to a new stage. It's the ultimate road trip. NESlabelimagesubject
Cruisin' Jaleco1985 Arcademinimizeminimizeminimize
Exerion  Jaleco (Tose)1985raster[media=youtube]YPRiwD11-OU[/media]***Simplistic shoot'em up game, featuring a - very sloppy and distracting- scrolling terrain under the players ship. You also have a limited amount of ammo at your disposal. Killing enemies fills the amount of ammo back up a bit. Gameplay is a bit like Galaga, but with worse playability. NESlabelimageminimize
Field Combat Jaleco1985 Arcadelabelimageminimize
Field Combat  Jaleco (Tose)1985rasterVery average military-style shooter. Graphics feel dated even for a 1985 game, as does the sound. Playable to a certain degree but with a total lack of outstanding elements. NESlabelimageminimize
Formation Z Nippon Dexter;JALECO1985raster MSXlabelimageminimize
Formation Z  Jaleco (Hect)1985rasterTaking place in the year 2701, the player controls a robot which can transform into an aero fighter on a mission to stop an alien super weapon from reaching the Earth. The robot may move forwards, backwards and jump, and the aero fighter may travel anywhere on screen but has limited fuel in which to do so. A combination of the two must be used to avoid obstacles, as well as to destroy any on-screen enemies for extra points.
[i]Source: Wikipedia[/i]***A rather monotonous side-scrolling shoot'em up game. Prominent feature of this game is the ability to switch between a land-based robot form and air-borne fightercraft. Everything is standard, unspectacular shoot'em up gameplay with rather plain graphics and sound as well as too many loops regarding the level environments.
Ninja Jajamaru-kun  Jaleco (Tose)1985raster[media=youtube]bKtwWO5N7is[/media]***While UPL brought the official sequel to Ninja-kun into the arcades, Jaleco made this spin-off sequel for the Famicom. The game basically stays true to the original game. Kill all enemies on screen with your shuriken throwing little ninja to make it to the next scene where more enemies await you. Inside a level you reach higher platforms by destroying brick walls by jumping headfirst against them *ouch*. Instead of the mainly up-and-down scrolling levels of the original Ninja-kun game, Ninja Jajamaru-kun scrolls horizontally. By the graphics and sound you can see that it is a rather early Famicom game. NESlabelimageminimize
Ninja-kun: Majou no Bouken  Jaleco (Tose)1985raster[i]Ninja-Kun: Majou no Bouken, Ninja Kid: Castle of Demons Adventure[/i]***Arcade port of the first game in the "Ninja-kun" series. You control a little ninja who has to defeat each enemy on screen. The game's formula is reminiscent of many other games of its time. You have very few stages packed with enemies. Once you have cleared all stages the game repeats itself just with more and deadlier enemies. Graphics are basic and the sound and music are annoying. It is a bit beyond me why this game started a successful series... NESlabelimageminimize
Vs. Ninja Jajamaru-kun Jaleco1985raster Arcadelabelimageminimize