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Ashen Nokia;Torus Games (Torus Games)2004rasterFirst FPS on N-Gage. N-Gagelabelimageminimize
Bomberman Nokia (Hudson)2004rasterOne day, a stranger stole the "Golden Bomberman Statue" which stood as a symbol of peace in Bomberman Town. The local hero and town peacekeeper, Bomberman, was ordered to find the stolen statue. During his investigation, he encounters a stranger who might be the thief. As he follows this thief, Bomberman is lead into a warp hole. Now, he must find the statue and escape the dark perils of this underworld. N-Gagelabelimagesubject
Operation Shadow Nokia (Torus Games)2004rasterOperation Shadow is a war themed 3-D third person shoot em up with an emphasis on fast paced action using multiple vehicle types and weapons. The player assumes the role of Jay Solano, a military man who must battle against invading forces in order to protect his country from potential destruction and occupation. The game follows Solano's efforts to defeat these factional enemies and uncover who or what is behind their newly formed alliance against his homeland. The player can control Solano as he takes on the enemy in helicopters, tanks, jeeps and on foot and has the option of switching between each of these strategic choices at will. Solanos enemies are varied too, with each faction sporting unique vehicles and environments. Landscapes are generated in true 3D with deformable structures offering unparalleled 3d action on the Nokia N-Gage. N-Gageminimizeimagesubject
Pathway to Glory Nokia2004Summer 1943, World War II, Southern Europe... Special forces are urgently needed in the struggle for Europe. Command a multinational unit of highly trained men and accomplish action-packed, historical missions by defending, ambushing, destroying and attacking. Experience the suspense of mobile community warfare.***
Pocket Kingdom : Own The World Nokia (Sega)2004rasterAre you ready to own the world? Pocket Kingdom is the world's first massively multiplayer mobile game, challenging you to build a mighty online empire while competing against other gamers from around the world. Set in a fantasy landscape, it is a game of combat, action and strategy. Send out your armies to explore the Map of Ulgress, searching for treasure and new recruits for your army. N-Gagelabelimagesubject
Requiem of Hell Nokia (Digital Red)2004rasterRequiem Of Hell adopts the classic isometric mode, which construct a huge and aesthetism virtual world for players. Just along with perfect performance of N-Gage, you can play the game with the same feeling as professional game devices. Acting as characters, you can wander around the virtual world at your will. In the game, you will experience the fluency of the story line. In addition, you can also choose double mode to coordinate with your partners or fight against him, just belong to you.***First RPG on N-Gage. N-Gageminimizeimagesubject