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Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza  Sierra On-Line (Piranha Games)2002
Die Hard: Vendetta Vivendi Universal;Sierra On-Line (Bits Studios)2002Die Hard: Vendetta is the most intense first person shooter for the NINTENDO GAMECUBE. Take on the role of the heroic cop, John McClane. Protect and rescue innocent Los Angeles citizens-and his daughter Lucy-as this non-stop action-packed Die Hard storyline unfolds. This game brings to the NINTENDO GAMECUBE easy to use controls, superbly detailed environments and explosive gameplay.***
[32]***Wisecracking New York cop John McClane returns in this first-person shooter that's a GameCube exclusive. Retired to sunny Southern California but most definitely not out to pasture, John takes up arms yet again when daughter Lucy, now all grown up and graduated from police academy, finds herself in scalding-hot water. Die Hard: Vendetta puts much more emphasis on the script than most other first-person shooters, which, truth to tell, isn't saying much. McClane often talks to himself, a habit that makes him seem more human and cues you as to what to do next. You'll be entertained and glean lots of info by grilling fellow cops, bystanders and bad guys. First-person shooter fans, and fans of the Die Hard films should check this game out.
Die Hard: Vendetta Vivendi Universal;Sierra On-Line (Bits Studios)2002