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Amnesia: The Dark Descent  Frictional Games;1C Company (Frictional Games;Snowball Studios)2010Windowslabelimagesubject
ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale  JoWood Productions (Spellbound Entertainment)2010Windowslabelimagesubject
Captain Forever  Pixelsaurus (Pixelsaurus;Future Crayon)2009Linuxlabelminimizesubject
Cargo – The Quest for Gravity bitComposer Games;Viva Media (Ice-pick Lodge)2011Windowslabelimagesubject
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time Stickmen Studios2010Windowslabelimageminimize
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time Stickmen Studios2011Mac OS Xlabelminimizeminimize
Final Fantasy X  Square;SCE Europe (Square)2001PS2labelimageminimize
Final Fantasy X  Square;SCE Europe (Square)TBA Switchlabelminimizeminimize
Gothic  Egmont Interactive;Xicat Interactive (Piranha Bytes)2001Windowslabelimageminimize
Gothic 2  JoWood Productions (Piranha Bytes)2002Windowslabelimageminimize
Gothic 2: The Night of the Raven  JoWooD Productions (Piranha Bytes)2003Windowslabelimagesubject
Gothic 3  JoWooD Productions;Deep Silver;Aspyr Media (Piranha Bytes)2006Windowslabelimagesubject
Ōkami  Capcom (Clover Studio;Ready at Dawn)2008Wiilabelimageminimize
Ōkami  Capcom (Clover Studio)2006PS2labelimagesubject
Ōkami HD  Capcom2018Switchlabelminimizeminimize
Rage  Bethesda Softworks (id Software)2011Windowslabelimagesubject
Rage  Bethesda Softworks (id Software)2011PS3labelimageminimize
Rage  Bethesda Softworks (id Software)2011X360labelimageminimize
Rage  Bethesda Softworks (id Software)2011Mac OS Xlabelminimizeminimize
Risen Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2009X360labelimagesubject
Risen Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2009Windowslabelimagesubject
Risen 3: Titan Lords Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2014X360labelimagesubject
Risen 3: Titan Lords Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2014PS3labelminimizesubject
Risen 3: Titan Lords  Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2014Windowslabelimagesubject
Secrets of Grindea Pixel Ferrets2015Windowslabelminimizeminimize
Secrets of Grindea Pixel Ferrets2016Linuxlabelminimizeminimize
Shadow Warrior 2 Devolver Digital (Flying Wild Hog)2016Windowslabelimageminimize
Stonekeep Interplay (Interplay Productions)1995MS-DOSlabelimagesubject
The Curse of Monkey Island  LucasArts1997Windowslabelimageminimize
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Nintendo (Nintendo EAD)2011Wiilabelimagesubject
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Nintendo (EAD Software Development Group 3)2006Wiilabelimagesubject
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess  Nintendo (EAD Software Development Group 3)2006GameCubelabelimagesubject
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD  Nintendo (Nintendo EPD;Tantalus)2016Wii Ulabelminimizeminimize
The Nomad Soul  Eidos (Quantic Dream)2000Dreamcastlabelimagesubject
The Walking Dead Telltale Games2012Windowslabelimagesubject
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season Telltale Games;Square Enix (Telltale Games)2013PS Vitalabelimageminimize
Ultima VIII: Pagan  Origin1994MS-DOSlabelimageminimize