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10 Aku - Angel and Devil  ? (Studio e.Go!)2003Windowslabelimageminimize
1942: The Pacific Air War Microprose1994MS-DOSlabelimagesubject
1942: The Pacific Air War Microprose1994Win3.1labelminimizeminimize
2006 FIFA World Cup  Electronic Arts (EA Canada)2006Windowslabelimageminimize
3-D Body Adventure  Knowledge Adventure1995Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
3-D Ultra Pinball  Sierra On-Line (Dynamix)1995Windowslabelminimizeminimize
3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night Sierra (Dynamix)1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride Sierra (Dynamix)1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
3D Brick Bash Lasersoft1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
3D Dinosaur Adventure Knowledge Adventure1995Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
3D Dinosaur Adventure Knowledge Adventure1995Win3.1labelminimizeminimize
3D Dinosaur Adventure  Knowledge Adventure1993MS-DOSlabelminimizeminimize
3D Lemmings  Psygnosis1996MS-DOSlabelminimizeminimize
5 a Day Adventures Dole Food Company1994Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
9: The Last Resort GT Interactive (Tribeca Interactive)1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
A Case For Cap & Co  Tivola1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
A Christmas Story SoftKey (Para media)1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
A Christmas Story SoftKey (Para media)1996Windowslabelminimizeminimize
A Day at the Beach With the Fuzzooly Family Davidson & Associates (Funnybone Interactive)1995Win3.1labelminimizeminimize
A Day at the Beach With the Fuzzooly Family Davidson & Associates (Funnybone Interactive)1995Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
A Force More Powerful  International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (BreakAway Games)2006Windowslabelimageminimize
A Mind Forever Voyaging  Infocom;Activision (Infocom)1985Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
A Silly Noisy House The Voyager Company1991Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
A to Zap! Featuring the Sunbuddies Sunburst Communications1995Win3.1labelminimizeminimize
A to Zap! Featuring the Sunbuddies Sunburst Communications1995Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
A-10 Attack Flight Simulator Parsoft Interactive1995Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
A-10 Cuba! Activision (Parsoft Interactive)1996Windowslabelimagesubject
A-10 Cuba! Parsoft iTERACTIVE1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
A.D.A.M. The Inside Story  A.D.A.M. Software1995Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
Abomination: The Nemesis Project  Eidos Interactive (Hothouse Creations)1999Windowslabelimageminimize
Absolute Pinball 21st Century Entertainment (Unique Development Studios)1996Windowslabelimageminimize
Absolute Zero Domark Software1995MS-DOSlabelminimizeminimize
Abuse Bungie (Crack dot Com)1996Mac OS Classiclabelimageminimize
Aces of the Deep  Sierra On-Line (Dynamix)1994MS-DOSlabelimageminimize
Acquire Lasersoft1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
Across the Rhine  Microprose1995MS-DOSlabelimageminimize
Action Dome Lasersoft1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
Action Soccer Ubi Soft (Ludi Media)1995MS-DOSlabelimageminimize
Actua Soccer  Gremlin Graphics;Interplay1995MS-DOSlabelimageminimize
Actua Soccer  Gremlin Graphics;Interplay1996Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
Adibou et l'Ombre Verte VU Games (Coktel Vision)2001Windowslabelimageminimize
ADIBOU présente la Magie Coktel Vision (I.C.E. Développement)2000Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
ADIBOU présente la Magie Coktel Vision (I.C.E. Développement)2000Windowslabelminimizeminimize
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DeathKeep SSI (Lion Entertainment)1996Windowslabelimageminimize
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Flame  Pony Canyon (Opera House )1992FM Townslabelminimizeminimize
Advanced Tactical Fighters Electronic Arts;Jane's Combat Simulations1996MS-DOSlabelimageminimize
Advantage Tennis Infogrames1991MS-DOSlabelminimizeminimize
Aegis: Guardian of the Fleet Time Warner (Software Sorcery)1994MS-DOSlabelimageminimize
Aero Fighters 2  SNK (Video System)1994Neo-Geolabelimagesubject
Aesop's Fables Discis Knowledge Research1993Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
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