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Alien Hallway Sigma Team2010Windowslabelimagesubject
AREA-51  Midway (Midway Games Austin)2005Windowslabelimageminimize
AREA-51  Midway (Midway Games Austin)2005PS2labelimageminimize
AREA-51  Midway (Midway Games Austin)2005Xboxlabelimageminimize
Dark Colony SSI (GameTek)1997Windowslabelimageminimize
Dark Colony SSI (GameTek)1997Mac OS Classiclabelminimizeminimize
Dark Colony: The Council Wars Take-Two Interactive Software (GameTek)1998Windowslabelminimizeminimize
Destroy All Humans! THQ (Big Blue Bubble)2005Mobilelabelminimizeminimize
Destroy All Humans! 2  THQ (Pandemic Studios)2006PS2labelimagesubject
Destroy All Humans! 2  THQ (Pandemic Studios)2006Xboxlabelimagesubject
Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed THQ (Locomotive Games)2008Wiilabelimageminimize
Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed THQ (Locomotive Games)2008PS2labelminimizeminimize
Destroy All Humans! One Giant Step On Mankind  THQ (Pandemic Studios)2005Xboxlabelimageminimize
Destroy All Humans! One Giant Step On Mankind  THQ (Pandemic Studios)2005PS2labelimageminimize
Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon  THQ (Sandblast Games)2009PS3labelimageminimize
Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon  THQ (Sandblast Games)2009X360labelimageminimize
Deus Ex  Eidos (ION Storm)2002PS2labelimageminimize
Deus Ex  Eidos Interactive (Ion Storm)2000Windowslabelimagesubject
Deus Ex  Loki Games2000Linuxlabelminimizesubject
Deus Ex  Aspyr Media (Ion Storm)2000Mac OS Xlabelminimizeminimize
Deus Ex: Invisible War  Eidos (Ion Storm)2003Xboxlabelimagesubject
Deus Ex: Invisible War  Eidos (Ion Storm)2003Windowslabelimagesubject
Heroes of Roswell author2003Linuxlabelminimizeminimize
Hor  Edge's World2004BeOSlabelminimizeminimize
Perfect Dark  Rare2000N64labelimageminimize
Pocket UFO SMK Software2006WinCElabelminimizeminimize
Pocket UFO SMK Software2006Windowslabelimageminimize
Pocket UFO SMK Software2006Mobilelabelminimizeminimize
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified  2K Games (2K Marin)2013Windowslabelimagesubject
UFO: Aftermath  Cenega;Tri Synergy (ALTAR Interactive)2003Windowslabelimagesubject
UFO: Aftershock  Cenega;Tri Synergy (ALTAR Interactive)2005Windowslabelimagesubject
X-COM: Enemy Unknown  Microprose1995PSlabelimagesubject
X-COM: Enforcer Hasbro Interactive (Microprose)2001Windowslabelimageminimize
X-COM: Terror from the Deep  Microprose1996PSlabelimageminimize
X-COM: Terror from the Deep  Paul Hibbard & Pete Moreland (Microprose Software)1995MS-DOSlabelimagesubject
X-COM: Terror from the Deep  2K Games (Microprose Software)1999Windowslabelimagesubject
X-COM: Terror from the Deep  ??3DOlabelminimizeminimize
X-COM: Terror from the Deep  ??Pandoralabelminimizeminimize
X-COM: UFO Defense Hasbro Interactive (Mythos Games)1999Windowslabelminimizeminimize
X-COM: UFO Defense  Microprose (Mythos Games)1994MS-DOSlabelimagesubject
X-COM: UFO Defense  Microprose (Mythos Games)1994Amiga AGAlabelimagesubject
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2K Games (Firaxis Games)2012Windowslabelimageminimize
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2K Games (Firaxis Games)2013iOSlabelminimizeminimize
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2K Games (Firaxis Games)2013Mac OS Xlabelimageminimize
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2K Games (Feral Interactive)2014Linuxlabelminimizeminimize