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Akazukin Chacha: Osawagase! Panic Race!  NEC1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
Angelique Special 2  NEC HE (Koei)1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
Anime Freak FX Vol. 3  NEC HE (HuneX)1996PC-FXminimizeimageminimize
Bizarre de Gozarre no Game de Gozarre  NEC (Game Freak)1996PCE CDminimizeimageminimize
Blue Breaker  Hunex;NEC HE (HuneX)1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
Blue Chicago Blues Riverhill Soft;NEC HE1996PC-FXminimizeimageminimize
Chip Chan Kick! NEC HE (NEC)1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
Classmates 2  Elf;NEC Avenue (Elf)1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
De-Ja  NEC Interchannel;Elf (Elf)1996PCE CDminimizeimageminimize
Der Langrisser FX NEC HE (NCS)1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
Detective Ladies  Head Room;NEC HE (Fill in Cafe)1996PC-FXminimizeimageminimize
Doukyuusei If  NEC (Elf)1996Saturnlabelimageminimize
Dousoukai: Yesterday Once More NEC Interchannel (F&C FC01;Fairytale)1996Windowsminimizeimageminimize
Farland Story FX  NEC HE (TGL Micro)1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
Fire Woman Matoi-gumi  Tokuma Shoten;NEC HE (HuneX)1996PC-FXminimizeimageminimize
Fushigi no Kuni no Angelique  NEC HE (Koei)1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
Go! Go! Birdie Chance  NEC Home Electronics (HuneX)1996PCE CDlabelimageminimize
Kokuu Hyouryo Nirgends  Micro Cabin;NEC HE (Micro Cabin)1996PC-FXminimizeimageminimize
Madou Monogatari: Hono No Sotsuengo  NEC Interchannel (Compile)1996PCE CDlabelimageminimize
Megami Paradise II  NEC HE1996PC-FXminimizeimageminimize
Miraculum: The Last Revelation RayForce;NEC HE (RayForce)1996PC-FXminimizeimageminimize
Power Dolls FX  NEC HE (Kogado Studio)1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
Puyo Puyo TSU CD  NEC (Compile)1996PCE CDlabelimageminimize
Shanghai: The Great Wall Activision;NEC HE1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
SWIV 3D: Temperate Zone Packard Bell NEC (Sales Curve)1996Windowslabelimageminimize
Tanjou S: Debut  NEC Interchannel (Access)1996Saturnlabelimageminimize
Tenchi-muyo! Ryououki FX Micro Cabin/NEC HE1996PC-FXlabelimageminimize
Voice Paradise Ask Koudansha;NEC HE (Fill in Café)1996PC-FXminimizeimageminimize