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Star Trek  ?198?labelimageminimize
Star Trek Amiga  author198?labelimageminimize
Star Trek Twisted Images1988labelimageminimize
The Twilight Zone First Row Software1988labelimageminimize
Wheel of Fortune  author1988labelimageminimize
Crossbow: The Legend of William Tell Screen 7 (Intelligent Design)1989labelimageminimize
Spitting Image Domark (Walking Circles)1989labelimageminimize
Star Trek: The Game author1989labelimageminimize
The Munsters Again Again (Teque Software;Tiger Developments)1989labelimageminimize
Thunderbirds Grandslam (Teque)1989labelimageminimize
Monty Python's Flying Circus Virgin Games (Core Design)1990labelimageminimize
Thomas the Tank Engine's Fun with Words Alternative Software (Enigma Variations)1990labelminimizeminimize
Edd the Duck Impulze1991labelimageminimize
Hill Street Blues Krisalis1991labelimageminimize
Knightmare  Mindscape1992labelimageminimize
Sooty & Sweep Alternative Software (PeakStar Software)1992labelimageminimize
Star Trek: The Game of the Future of Mankind  AGAtron1992labelimageminimize
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Alternative Software (PeakStar Software)1992labelimageminimize