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Dust: An Elysian Tail Humble Hearts?labelminimizeminimize
LambdaRogue: The Book of the Stars  -2006labelimagesubject
Eschalon: Book II  My Game Company;Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2010labelimageminimize
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Frictional Games2010labelimageminimize
Avernum: Escape from the Pit Spiderweb Software2012labelminimizeminimize
The Real Texas kittylambda games2013labelminimizesubject
Tour de Paseban author2013labelminimizeminimize
Metro: Last Light  Deep Silver (4A Games)2013labelminimizeminimize
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings  Namco Bandai Games (CD Projekt)2014labelminimizeminimize
Borderlands 2 2K Games (Aspyr Media)2014labelminimizeminimize
UnEpic author2014labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II: A Game of Winter  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2015labelminimizeminimize
Dying Light: The Bozak Horde Techland2015labelminimizeminimize
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Kalypso Media;bybitComposer Entertainment (BigMoon Interactive Studios)2015labelminimizeminimize
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt  CD Projekt (CD Projekt RED)2015labelminimizeminimize
Trapped Dead: Lockdown Headup Games (Bigmoon Studios)2015labelminimizeminimize
Dying Light Techland2015labelminimizeminimize
METRO 2033 Redux  Deep Silver (4A Games)2015labelminimizeminimize
Penumbra: Necrologue CounterCurrent Games2015labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2015labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II: A Chance of Dragons  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2016labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II: A Clash of Pumpkins  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2016labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II: A Song of Sand and Fire  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2016labelminimizeminimize
Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords  Aspyr Studios2016labelminimizeminimize
Secrets of Grindea Pixel Ferrets2016labelminimizeminimize
Worldstone  author2016labelminimizeminimize
Duskers Misfits Attic2016labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons III  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2017labelminimizeminimize
Lamplight City Application Systems Heidelberg (Grundislav Games)2018labelminimizeminimize
Contagion Monochrome GamesTBA labelminimizeminimize
Darksiders II  Nordic Games (Vigil Games)TBA labelminimizeminimize
Lenna's Inception Chucklefish (Bytten Studio)TBA labelminimizeminimize