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Call of Duty: World at War  Activision Blizzard (Treyarch)2008labelimageminimize
Demon's Souls  Atlus USA;SCEI (From Software;SCE Japan Studio)2009labelimagesubject
Wanted: Weapons of Fate  Warner Bros. Interactive (GRIN)2009labelimageminimize
The Saboteur Electronic Arts (Pandemic Studios)2009labelimagesubject
Brink Bethesda Softworks (Splash Damage)2010labelimageminimize
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Eidos Interactive;Square Enix (Io Interactive)2010labelminimizeminimize
Mafia II  2K Games (2K Czech)2010labelimageminimize
Bulletstorm EA Partners (People Can Fly;Epic Games)2011labelimageminimize
Saints Row: The Third  THQ (Volition)2011labelimageminimize
Binary Domain  Sega (Yakuza Studio)2012labelminimizeminimize
The Last of Us Sony Computer Entertainment (Naughty Dog)2013labelimageminimize
Splinter Cell: Blacklist Ubisoft (Ubisoft Toronto)2013labelminimizeminimize
Battlefield 4  Electronic Arts (EA Digital Illusions CE)2013labelimageminimize