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Crusader: No Remorse Electronic Arts (Origin)1996labelimagesubject
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger Electronic Arts (Origin Systems)1996labelimagesubject
Alien Trilogy Acclaim Entertainment (Probe)1996labelimagesubject
MechWarrior 2: Arcade Combat Edition  Activision (Quantum Factory)1996labelimagesubject
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels  Electronic Arts1996labelimagesubject
Macross Digital Mission VF-X Bandai1997labelimageminimize
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom Electronic Arts (Origin Systems)1997labelimagesubject
Colony Wars Psygnosis1997labelimagesubject
Star Ocean: The Second Story  Enix;SCEA (tri-Ace)1998labelimageminimize
Colony Wars: Vengeance  Psygnosis1998labelimagesubject
Macross: Do You Remember Love  Bandai (Scarab)1999labelimageminimize
Macross VF-X 2 Bandai1999labelimageminimize
Quake II  Activision (Hammerhead)1999labelimagesubject
Dune 2000  Electronic Arts (Intelligent Games)1999labelimageminimize
Colony Wars: Red Sun  Bally Midway (Psygnosis)2000labelimagesubject
Macross Plus Game Edition Takara2000labelimageminimize
Star Trek: Invasion Activision (Warthog)2000labelimagesubject
Alien Resurrection  Fox Interactive (Argonaut)2000labelimagesubject