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FIFA Soccer 96 Electronic Arts (Extended Play Productions)1995labelimagesubject
FIFA 97  Electronic Arts;Electronic Arts Victor (EA Canada)1996labelimagesubject
FIFA - Road to the World Cup 98  Electronic Arts (EA Canada)1997labelimagesubject
World Cup 98  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)1998labelimagesubject
FIFA 99  Electronic Arts1998labelimagesubject
FIFA 2000  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)1999labelimagesubject
FIFA 2001  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)2000labelimagesubject
FIFA Football 2002  Electronic Arts2001labelimageminimize
2002 FIFA World Cup  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)2002labelimagesubject
FIFA Football 2003  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)2002labelimagesubject
FIFA Football 2004  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)2003labelimageminimize
FIFA Football 2005  Electronic Arts (EA Canada)2004labelimageminimize