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Hit the Ice Taito;Williams1992labelimageminimize
NHLPA Hockey '93 EA Sports;Electronic Arts (Park Place Productions)1992labelimagesubject
USA Ice Hockey Jaleco1993labelminimizeminimize
NHL Stanley Cup  Nintendo (Sculptured Software)1993labelimagesubject
Super Slapshot Ringler Studios;Virgin1993labelimageminimize
NHL 94  EA Sports (EA Canada)1993labelimagesubject
Brett Hull Hockey Accolade;Radica (Radical Entertainment)1993labelimagesubject
NHL 95 Electronic Arts (Visual Concepts)1994labelimagesubject
Street Hockey '95 GTE (GTE Interactive Media)1994labelimageminimize
Super Ice Hockey Espal;Sunsoft;Yonezawa1994labelimageminimize
ESPN National Hockey Night Sony Imagesoft1994labelimageminimize
Pro Sport Hockey Jaleco1994labelimageminimize
Brett Hull Hockey '95  Accolade;Radica (Radical Entertainment)1994labelimageminimize
NHL 96 EA Sports (High Score Productions)1995labelimageminimize
RHI: Roller Hockey 95 ?1995labelimageminimize
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars Time Warner1995labelimageminimize
NHL 97 EA Sports (Black Pearl Software)1996labelimagesubject
NHL 98 EA Sports1997labelimagesubject