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Lands of Lore III  Electronic Arts (Westwood Studios)1999labelimagesubject
Arx Fatalis  JoWood Productions (Arkane Studios)2002labelimagesubject
Gothic 2  JoWood Productions (Piranha Bytes)2002labelimageminimize
Space Station 13  author2003labelimageminimize
Gothic 2: The Night of the Raven  JoWooD Productions (Piranha Bytes)2003labelimagesubject
EverQuest II  Ubisoft;Square Enix;Gamania (Sony Online Entertainment)2004labelimageminimize
Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords  LucasArts (Obsidian Entertainment)2005labelimagesubject
Dawn of Magic  HD Publishing;1C Company;Deep Silver (SkyFallen Entertainment)2005labelimagesubject
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion  2K Games;Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2006labelimageminimize
GODS - Lands of Infinity 1C Company (Cypron Studios)2006labelimageminimize
Gothic 3  JoWooD Productions;Deep Silver;Aspyr Media (Piranha Bytes)2006labelimagesubject
Two Worlds  Southpeak Games;ZUXXEZ Entertainment (Reality Pump)2007labelimagesubject
The Witcher  Atari;CD Projekt (CD Projekt RED)2007labelimagesubject
Eschalon: Book I Basilisk Games2007labelimagesubject
The Princess Bride Game Worldwide Biggies2008labelminimizeminimize
Drakensang  dtp entertainment;Techland;Eidos Interactive (Radon Labs)2008labelimagesubject
Venetica dtp entertainment (Deck13 Interactive)2009labelimageminimize
Mini Ninjas Eidos Interactive (IO Interactive)2009labelimageminimize
Fallen Earth  Fallen Earth;Gamersfirst (Fallen Earth;Icarus Studios)2009labelimagesubject
Risen Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2009labelimagesubject
Dragon Age: Origins EA International (BioWare)2009labelimagesubject
Divinity II: Ego Draconis  DTP Entertainment;Atari (Larian Studios)2009labelimagesubject
Eschalon: Book II Basilisk Games2010labelimageminimize
ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale  JoWood Productions (Spellbound Entertainment)2010labelimagesubject
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga  Focus Home Interactive (Larian Studios)2010labelimagesubject
Dungeons of Dredmor Gaslamp Games2011labelimagesubject
UnEpic author2011labelimagesubject
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2011labelimagesubject
Minecraft Mojang2011labelimagesubject
Legend of Grimrock Almost Human Games2012labelimagesubject
Risen 3: Titan Lords  Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2014labelimagesubject
Legend of Grimrock II  Almost Human Games2014labelimageminimize