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Combat Flight Simulator Microsoft1998labelminimizeminimize
Scotland Yard Cryo Interactive1998labelminimizeminimize
European Air War Microprose1998labelimageminimize
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft  Eidos (Core Design)1998labelimageminimize
Battle of Britain Empire;Take-Two Interactive (Talonsoft)1999labelminimizeminimize
Ed Hunter - The Iron Maiden Game Synthetic Dimensions1999labelimageminimize
Grand Theft Auto - London 1969  Rockstar Games;Take-Two Interactive (DMA Design)1999labelminimizeminimize
Need for Speed: High Stakes  Electronic Arts1999labelimageminimize
Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch  Red Storm Entertainment1999labelminimizeminimize
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Mission Pack: Urban Operations  Red Storm Entertainment2000labelminimizeminimize
Rally Masters Infogrames (Digital Illusions)2000labelminimizeminimize
BSE-Bomber Koch Media2001labelminimizeminimize
Thames Racer  Davilex (Lost Boys)2001labelminimizeminimize
The Mystery of the Druids  cdv Software Entertainment (House of Tales)2001labelminimizeminimize
Dark Fall  XXv Productions;The Adventure Company (XXv Productions)2002labelimageminimize
London Taxi  Hemming (Blimb;Team6 Game Studios)2002labelimagesubject
Dark Fall: Lights out  Dreamcatcher;The Adventure Company (XXv Productions)2004labelimageminimize
Taxi 3: Extreme Rush Xing Interactive;Fusion Software (Team6 Game Studios)2005labelminimizesubject
Sherlock Holmes versus Arsène Lupin  Focus Home Interactive (Frogwares)2007labelimagesubject
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened  Focus Home Interactive;cdv Software Entertainment USA (Frogwares)2007labelimagesubject
Dark Fall: Lost Souls  Iceberg Interactive (Darkling Room)2009labelimagesubject
Alter Ego bitComposer Games;Viva Media (Future Games)2010labelimagesubject
Haunted dtp entertainment (Deck13 Interactive)2011labelimageminimize
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes  Atlus (Frogwares)2012labelimageminimize
Rise of the Tomb Raider  Square Enix (Crystal Dynamics)2016labelminimizeminimize