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Postal²  Whiptail Interactive;Resi Network (Running With Scissors)2003labelimagesubject
LambdaRogue: The Book of the Stars -2006labelminimizeminimize
Fallout 3  Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2008labelimagesubject
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Vivendi (Terminal Reality)2009labelimagesubject
METRO 2033  THQ;Akella (4A Games)2010labelimagesubject
Amnesia: The Dark Descent  Frictional Games;1C Company (Frictional Games;Snowball Studios)2010labelimagesubject
Trapped Dead Headup Games;Iceberg Interactive (Crenetic Studios)2011labelimageminimize
Fable III  Microsoft Game Studios (Lionhead Studios)2011labelimagesubject
Mazowsze: Pogoń w Czasie Nitreal Games2011labelimagesubject
UnEpic author2011labelimagesubject
Dark Souls  Namco Bandai (From Software)2012labelimagesubject
Eldritch Minor Key Games2013labelimageminimize
METRO 2033 Redux  Deep Silver (4A Games)2014labelminimizeminimize
Dark Souls: Remastered Namco Bandai (From Software)2018labelminimizeminimize