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Areena 4 author?labelimageminimize
Wizardry Gold Sir-Tech (Media Interactive Studios)1996labelimageminimize
War Wind SSI (DreamForge Intertainment)1996labelimageminimize
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars  3DO (New World Computing)1996labelimagesubject
Ecstatica II  Psygnosis (Andrew Spencer Studios)1997labelimageminimize
War Wind II: Human Onslaught  SSI;Mindscape (DreamForge Intertainment)1997labelimageminimize
Hexen II  Activision;id Software (Raven Software)1997labelimagesubject
Magic: The Gathering - Spells of the Ancients  MicroProse1997labelimageminimize
NetStorm: Islands at War Activision (Titanic Entertainment)1997labelimageminimize
Mana  Virgin1998labelminimizeminimize
Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven  3DO (New World Computing)1998labelimageminimize
Thief: The Dark Project  Eidos (Looking Glass Studios)1998labelimagesubject
Heroes of Might and Magic III  3DO (New World Computing)1999labelimageminimize
Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor  3DO;SoldOut Software (New World Computing)1999labelimageminimize
Natuk Proudfoot Games1999labelimageminimize
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms  GT Interactive;Akella (Cavedog Entertainment)1999labelimageminimize
Thief Gold  Eidos (Looking Glass Studios)1999labelimagesubject
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms - Iron Plague Virgin Games (Cavedog Entertainment)2000labelminimizeminimize
Areena 5 author2000labelimageminimize
Might and Magic VIII: Day of The Destroyer  3DO;Ubi Soft;SoldOut Software (New World Computing)2000labelimagesubject
Gothic  Egmont Interactive;Xicat Interactive (Piranha Bytes)2001labelimagesubject
Wizardry 8 Sir-Tech;Crucial Entertainment;Night Dive Studios (Sir-Tech)2001labelimagesubject
Geneforge Spiderweb Software2001labelimagesubject
Trainz  Auran2001labelminimizeminimize
Nightstone Virgin Interactive (New Horizon Studios)2002labelimageminimize
Might and Magic IX  3DO (New World Computing)2002labelimagesubject
Arx Fatalis  JoWood Productions (Arkane Studios)2002labelimagesubject
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos  Blizzard2002labelimageminimize
Divine Divinity  cdv Software Entertainment;Hit Interactive (Larian Studios)2002labelimagesubject
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Universal Interactive;Black Label Games (Surreal Software)2002labelimagesubject
Heroes of Might and Magic IV  3DO (New World Computing)2002labelimageminimize
Darkened Skye Simon & Schuster Interactive;Oxygen Interactive (Boston Animation)2002labelimagesubject
Archangel Fishtank Interactive (Metropolis Software House)2002labelimagesubject
Gothic 2  JoWood Productions (Piranha Bytes)2002labelimageminimize
Space Station 13  author2003labelimageminimize
Harbinger DreamCatcher Interactive (Silverback Entertainment)2003labelimagesubject
Geneforge 2 Spiderweb Software2003labelimageminimize
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne  Blizzard2003labelimageminimize
Gothic 2: The Night of the Raven  JoWooD Productions (Piranha Bytes)2003labelimagesubject
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Electronic Arts (Hypnos Entertainment)2003labelimagesubject
The Hobbit Sierra (Inevitable Studios)2003labelminimizeminimize
Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds Atari (Secret Level)2003labelimageminimize
World of Warcraft  Blizzard2004labelimageminimize
Armies of Exigo  Electronic Arts (Black Hole Entertainment;Digic Pictures)2004labelimagesubject
Ys: The Oath in Felghana  Falcom;XSEED Games (Falcom)2005labelimagesubject
Geneforge 3 Spiderweb Software2005labelimageminimize
Chantelise - A Tale of Two Sisters  EasyGameStation;Carpe Fulgur;DHM Interactive (EasyGameStation)2006labelimagesubject
LambdaRogue: The Book of the Stars -2006labelminimizeminimize
Star Wars: Empire at War  LucasArts;Activision (Petroglyph Games)2006labelimageminimize
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion  2K Games;Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2006labelimageminimize
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