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Rama  Sierra (Dynamix)1996labelimageminimize
Unreal  GT Interactive;Infogrames (Epic MegaGames;Digital Extremes)1998labelimageminimize
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Microïds;cdv Software Entertainment (Monolith Productions)1998labelimageminimize
Wet Attack: The Empire Cums Back  cdv Software Entertainment (Interactive Strip)1999labelimageminimize
System Shock 2  Electronic Arts;Night Dive Studios (Looking Glass Studios;Irrational Games)1999labelimagesubject
Unreal Tournament  GT Interactive (Epic Megagames)1999labelimagesubject
Might and Magic VIII: Day of The Destroyer  3DO;Ubi Soft;SoldOut Software (New World Computing)2000labelimagesubject
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Activision (Raven Software)2000labelimagesubject
Space Quest: The Lost Chapter author2001labelminimizeminimize
X-COM: Enforcer Hasbro Interactive (Microprose)2001labelimageminimize
Xenocide  author2002labelimageminimize
Freedroid Johannes Prix;Reinhard Prix2003labelimageminimize
Unreal II – The Awakening  Infogrames (Legend Entertainment)2003labelimageminimize
Star Trek: Elite Force II  Activision (Ritual Entertainment)2003labelimageminimize
Halo: Combat Evolved Microsoft Games (Bungie Studios;Gearbox Software)2003labelimagesubject
Universal Combat  3000AD;DreamCatcher Interactive (3000AD)2004labelminimizeminimize
Advent Rising  Majesco Entertainment (GlyphX Games)2005labelimagesubject
Operation: Matriarchy  Buka Entertainment;Meridian4 (MADia Entertainment)2005labelimagesubject
Shadowgrounds Plan 1;Meridian4 (Frozenbyte)2005labelimagesubject
Space Hack  Meridian4 / Atari (Rebelmind)2005labelimageminimize
Mass Effect  Microsoft Game Studios (BioWare;Demiurge Studios)2008labelimageminimize
Space Siege Sega (Gas Powered Games)2008labelimagesubject
Iji Remar Games2008labelimagesubject
Dead Space Electronic Arts (EA Redwood Shores)2008labelimagesubject
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Vivendi Games (Starbreeze Studios;Tigon Studios)2009labelimageminimize
Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2009labelimagesubject
GREED: Black Border Meridian4 (ClockStone Software;Headup Games)2009labelimageminimize
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed  LucasArts;Aspyr Media (LucasArts;Aspyr Studios)2009labelimageminimize
Mass Effect 2  Electronic Arts (BioWare Edmonton;EA Montreal)2010labelimageminimize
Star Trek Online  Atari;Perfect World Entertainment (Cryptic Studios;Perpetual Entertainment)2010labelimagesubject
Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising  THQ;Akella (Relic Entertainment)2010labelimagesubject
Alien Breed: Impact  Team17 Software2010labelimagesubject
Alien Breed 2: Assault Team17 Software2010labelimagesubject
Alien Breed 3: Descent Team17 Software2010labelimageminimize
Dead Space 2 Electronic Arts (Visceral Games)2011labelimagesubject
Bulletstorm EA Partners (People Can Fly;Epic Games)2011labelimagesubject
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2K Games (Firaxis Games)2012labelimageminimize
Cargo Commander Digital Tribe (Serious Brew)2012labelimageminimize
Dark Matter Iceberg Interactive (InterWave Studios)2012labelimagesubject
Dead Space 3 Electronic Arts (Visceral Games)2013labelimageminimize
Aliens: Colonial Marines  Sega (Gearbox Software;TimeGate Studios;Nerve Software)2013labelimageminimize
Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm  Blizzard Entertainment2013labelimageminimize
Star Trek Namco Bandai Games (Digital Extremes)2013labelimageminimize
Bad Bots Digital Tribe (Point 5 Projects)2013labelimageminimize
DuckTales: Remastered  Capcom (WayForward Technologies)2013labelimageminimize
Alien Rage  CI Games2013labelimagesubject
Defense Technica Devolver Digital2013labelimageminimize
South Park: The Stick of Truth  Ubisoft (Obsidian Entertainment;South Park Digital Studios)2014labelimageminimize
Infinity Runner Wales Interactive 2014labelimageminimize
Halfway Chucklefish (Robotality)2014labelimageminimize
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