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.hack// (dot Hack)A franchise spawning several anime serieses, novels, mangas and games set in The World, a MMORP game world. The games are set in a virtual variant of this instead of being a real MMORPG.notifications2002 / 201715 games (5 characters)
@SIMPLEA budget Wii game series in Japan by D3. The @ supposedly refers to "net ranking" they're sold at (~500 Wii points).notifications2008 / 20095 games
194x (1941;1942;1943;19XX)A shmup series from Capcom where in each game the player usually controls the P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft.notifications1984 / 200827 games
7th Guestnotifications1993 / 201411 games
A Stroke of Fate (Охота на фюрера.)notifications2 games
A Valley Without Windnotifications2012 / 20146 games
A-TrainTrain simulation series by ArtDrinknotifications1985 / 202134 games
Abandoned Placesnotifications1992 / 19933 games
Ace Attorney (逆転裁判;Gyakuten Saiban)notifications2001 / 201920 games (2 characters)
Ace CombatArcade style Flight Action video game series published by the Japanese company Namco Bandai Games.notifications1995 / 201011 games
ACE(Air Combat Emulator)Primarily a flight simulator series from Cascade.notifications1985 / 198915 games
AcesSeries of simulation games by Sierra/Dynamix which all shared the "Aces" in their title.notifications1992 / 19943 games
Achtung Panzer(Graviteam Tactics)A tactical WW2 strategy game series with unusual amounts of simulation, focusing on the eastern front of the war.notifications2010 / 20122 games
Actionautsnotifications1985 / 20083 games
ActRaisernotifications1990 / 20215 games
Actua Sportsnotifications1995 / 199923 games
Adam's Venturenotifications2009 / 20123 games (2 characters)
Adi[Adiboo;Adibou;Adiboud'chou]Series of educational games and software created by Coktel Vision and Mindscape in 1990. It was very popular in France in the '90s.notifications1990 / 200915 games
Adrenaline(Адреналин)notifications2005 / 20083 games
Advance WarsSub-series of Nintendo Warsnotifications2001 / 20085 games
Advanced Dai Senryaku(アドバンスド大戦略;AD大戦略)[Daisenryaku AD;Advanced Daisenryaku;Dai Senryaku AD]Sub-series of Dai Senryaku focusing on World War II based battles.notifications1991 / 20067 games
Advent TrilogyA planned trilogy series that never got beyond the first game due to Majesco's financial troubles.notifications3 games (6 characters)
Adventure Island (高橋名人の冒険島)Series of videogames developed by Hudson Soft.notifications1986 / 200914 games
Adventures of Sherlock HolmesAn adventure game series by Frogwares.notifications2002 / 201410 games
Aero the Acro-bat[Aero the Acrobat]Series of platform games.notifications1993 / 20026 games
After BurnerAn arcade flight simulator series by Sega.notifications1987 / 201328 games
Afterfallnotifications1 game
Age of Empires(AoE)notifications1997 / 201520 games
Age of WondersTurn-based strategy PC-game similar to [game=#42797]Master of Magic[/game]notifications1999 / 20157 games
AIRRADE (エアレイド)[Air Raid]notifications2002 / 20043 games
Akaneia SeriesFire Emblem games that are originally set on the continent of Arkaneia.1990 / 20100 game
Alan Wakenotifications2010 / 20124 games
Albert Odyssey(アルバートオデッセイ)notifications1993 / 19963 games
Aleste (アレスタ)notifications1988 / 200310 games (3 characters)
Alex KiddAlex Kidd was [company=Sega]Sega[/company]'s mascot prior to [gametag=sonic]Sonic the Hedgehog[/gametag] and made his first appearance on the Master System in 1986.notifications1986 / 20218 games
Alfredchickennotifications1993 / 20026 games
Alien Breednotifications1991 / 201021 games
Alien Phobianotifications1997 / 19982 games
Alien ShooterA series of top-down sci-fi shooters by Sigma Team.notifications2002 / 20127 games
Alien Stormnotifications1990 / 20128 games
Alien Swarmnotifications2004 / 20175 games (9 characters)
Alien Syndromenotifications1987 / 200715 games
All Aspect War (AAW)notifications2 games
Allods(Аллоды;Rage of Mages;Проклятые Земли;Evil Islands)notifications1998 / 20095 games
Alone in the Dark[aitd]notifications1992 / 201529 games (4 characters)
Altered Beast (獣王記;Jūōki)notifications1988 / 201516 games
Amaranthnotifications1990 / 19956 games
Amber TrilogyA planned trilogy that ever had the two first games made.notifications1992 / 20217 games
American McGee's GrimmAn episodic game series telling twisted versions of some of the stories collected by Grimm brothers.notifications16 games
AmnesiaA series set in alternate history Lovecraftian Earth.notifications2010 / 20239 games
AngbandAngband and its variants.notifications1990 / 201120 games
AngeliqueAngelique is a series of Neoromance dating sims by Ruby Party and published by Koei with character designs by shōjo manga artist Kairi Yura and music by Kuzuu Chinatsu. The gimmick is that the games are by women for women. (Source: Wikipedia)notifications1994 / 201526 games
Angry Birdsnotifications2009 / 201951 games
Animal Crossing (どうぶつの森;Dōbutsu no Mori)A social simulation video game series with the player living in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, carrying out various activities.notifications2001 / 202012 games (2 characters)
AnkhA game series by Deck 13.notifications2005 / 20097 games
Anno(A.D.)A mixture of city-building and trade simulation games set in various ages.notifications1998 / 201513 games
Anomalynotifications2011 / 201619 games
Another Worldnotifications1991 / 201422 games (1 characters)
Anstoss (Anstoß;On the Ball)notifications1993 / 200611 games
Ape Escape(サルゲッチュ;Saru Get You)A series of video games that often incorporates ape-related humour, unique gameplay, and a wide variety of pop culture references.notifications1999 / 200911 games
ApprenticeA series of click-adventure by Herculean Effort Productions revolving around a cowlicked young wizard in training named Pip.notifications2003 / 20043 games
Aqua[aquanox;archimedean dynasty]notifications1996 / 20033 games (2 characters)
Ar toneliconotifications2006 / 20147 games (21 characters)
Arc the LadArc the Lad is a tactical-RPG series.notifications1995 / 201810 games (16 characters)
Arcade Gearsnotifications1997 / 19984 games
Arcade's Greatest Hits (Atari Anniversary;Atari Anthology;Atari Classics;Atari's Greatest Hits;Midway Arcade Treasures;Retro Atari Classics;Williams Arcade Classics;Williams Digital Arcade;Greatest Arcade Hits)A series of ported & emulated game collections of coin-ops for home systems, from companies owned (eventually) by Infogrames under the Atari label.notifications1994 / 200537 games
Arcana Heart (アルカナハート)notifications2006 / 20159 games
ArchonA game series unique in that it offered two games on top of each other, strategic board game and action versus game.notifications1983 / 199419 games
ArcusGame series by japanese Wolf Team.notifications1988 / 199315 games
AreenaA gladiator management and tactical turn-based combat game series from Seppo Suorsa.1995 / 20085 games
Arena Warsnotifications2004 / 20123 games
Aretha (アレサ)Series of RPG published only in Japan by Yanoman and developed by Japan Magic Arts.notifications1990 / 19956 games
Arkanoidnotifications1986 / 200941 games
Arkedo SeriesSeries of retro-styled games by Arkedo Studios, first released on Xbox 360.notifications2009 / 20116 games
ArmA (Armed Assault)notifications2001 / 201314 games
Armored CoreA mech vehicular combat simulation game series by From Software.notifications1997 / 201322 games
Army of Twonotifications2008 / 20136 games
Arnold Blackwoodnotifications3 games
Art of fightingnotifications1992 / 201511 games (14 characters)
Art Style"Art Style series emphasize "elegant design, polished graphics, and pick-up-and-play controls that create an experience focused purely on fun and engaging game play"notifications2008 / 201012 games
AsphaltUbisoft motor racing series.notifications1987 / 201622 games
Assassin's Creed(Assassins Creed)notifications2007 / 202064 games (18 characters)
Assault SuitsA series of futuristic robotic war games featuring giant robots and Assault Suit mecha.notifications1990 / 20167 games (1 characters)
Astonishia Story (어스토니시아 스토리)notifications1994 / 20086 games
Asuka 120% Burning Fest.notifications1994 / 19999 games (14 characters)
Atelier(アトリエ)An RPG series by Gust based around the art of alchemy. To progress player must usually find, collect and combine some objects to create new ones.notifications1997 / 201746 games (15 characters)
Athenanotifications1986 / 19999 games (2 characters)
Atlantis(Beyond Atlantis)A series of Myst-like games.notifications1997 / 20069 games
ATV by Climaxnotifications2000 / 20065 games
Avadonnotifications2011 / 20168 games
AvernumAn old skool RPG series by Spiderweb Software, originally a remake of the older Exile series but has continued the story since.notifications2000 / 201524 games
Aveyondnotifications2006 / 20166 games
Axis & Alliesnotifications1998 / 20053 games
Bad Dudesnotifications1988 / 201013 games
Baker Street KidsSeries of educational games.notifications1984 / 198615 games
Baldiesnotifications1994 / 200310 games
BaldrA hentai game series developed by Baldrhead, one of Giga's developing teams.notifications1999 / 200712 games
Baldur's Gatenotifications1998 / 202128 games (20 characters)
Baldur's Gate Bhaalspawn arcBaldur's Gate series following the tale of the Bhaalspawn.notifications1998 / 201718 games (4 characters)
Bangai-O (バンガイオー;Bangaiō)notifications1999 / 20114 games
Banjo-Kazooienotifications1998 / 20097 games (14 characters)
Barbarian series by Palacenotifications1987 / 201822 games
Baroque(バロック)notifications1998 / 20087 games
Baseball StarsSeries of baseball games by SNK.notifications1989 / 201510 games
Bases LoadedBaseball game series known in Japan as Moero!! Pro Yakyuu (燃えろ!!プロ野球).notifications1987 / 200014 games
Baten Kaitos (バテン・カイトス)notifications2003 / 20062 games (6 characters)
Batman: Arkhamnotifications2009 / 201418 games
Battle Arena Toshindennotifications1995 / 199912 games (50 characters)
Battle Athletes (バトルアスリーテス)notifications1996 / 19994 games
Battle Islenotifications1991 / 20009 games
Battle Mages (Магия Войны)notifications2003 / 20042 games
Battle Moon Wars (BMW;バトルムーンウォーズ銀)notifications2005 / 20084 games (10 characters)
Battlecruisernotifications1996 / 20044 games
BattlefieldA multiplayer first-person shooter and multi-vehicular combat game series by EA DICE (Digital Illusions).notifications2002 / 201834 games
Battlestationsnotifications2007 / 20094 games
BattletoadsBeat 'em up game series where the main characters are anthropomorphic toads.notifications1991 / 202015 games
BattlezoneThe new Battlezone series from Activision.notifications1983 / 201610 games
Bayonetta(ベヨネッタ)notifications2009 / 20189 games (1 characters)
BeatMania(Bemani)notifications1997 / 201272 games
Bejewelednotifications2004 / 201117 games
Bible Black (バイブル ブラック)notifications2000 / 20086 games
Biko (尾行)notifications1999 / 20043 games
Biniku no Kaori (媚肉の香)notifications2 games
Bionic Commandonotifications1987 / 201119 games (2 characters)
BioShockA biopunk first-person shooter series in alternate 1960s-1970s Earth.notifications2007 / 202016 games (8 characters)
bit GenerationsA game series based just on game-play and minimalist / stylized graphics.notifications7 games
BIT.TRIPnotifications2009 / 201832 games
Black & Whitenotifications2001 / 20066 games
Black BassA fishing series by Gamu (then Hot-B and Star-Fish)notifications1984 / 200120 games
Black/Matrix (Black Matrix)notifications1998 / 20046 games
BlacklightA cross-media franchise in the making by Zombie Studios and licensed associates.notifications2010 / 20122 games
Blackwellnotifications2003 / 201411 games (2 characters)
Blake Stonenotifications1993 / 20144 games
Blast Doorsnotifications1997 / 19992 games
BlazBlueFighting game series by Arc System Worksnotifications2008 / 201930 games
BloodA game series following the misdeeds of Caleb.notifications1997 / 20155 games (3 characters)
BloodRaynenotifications2002 / 201411 games (5 characters)
Bloody Roar (ブラッディロア)notifications1997 / 20049 games (22 characters)
Blue Breakernotifications1996 / 19985 games
Blue Dragonnotifications2006 / 20093 games
Body Blowsnotifications1993 / 19947 games
Boktai (ボクらの太陽;Bokura no Taiyō)notifications2003 / 20064 games
Bomb Jacknotifications1984 / 200325 games
Bomberman (Dyna Blaster)Bomberman, its sequels and spin offs.notifications1983 / 2017100 games
Bonk (PC Genjin;PC原人;BC Kid)notifications1989 / 200315 games
BorderlandsAn FPS-RPG series by Gearbox Software, heavily influenced by Codehunters short film by Ben Hibon.notifications2009 / 202224 games (11 characters)
Brad Stallionnotifications1988 / 199112 games (2 characters)
Brandish (ブランディッシュ)notifications1991 / 200910 games
Branmarker(ブランマーカー)notifications1991 / 19923 games
Breath of Fire (ブレス オブ ファイア;BoF)notifications1994 / 201110 games (40 characters)
Bridge SeriesLongest running series of bridge cards games.notifications1978 / 199532 games
Broken Swordnotifications1996 / 201527 games
Brothers in Armsnotifications2005 / 200812 games
Bubble Bobblenotifications1986 / 202156 games
Bubble Ghostnotifications1987 / 20039 games
Bubsynotifications1992 / 19968 games
Burgertimenotifications1982 / 201225 games
Burnoutnotifications2001 / 202027 games
Buzz!A quiz game series, except for the Buzz! Junior games which are mini-game collections. All intended for parties and such.notifications2005 / 20089 games
Cal(キャル)notifications1990 / 199410 games
Call of Dutynotifications2003 / 202082 games (1 characters)
Call of Juareznotifications2006 / 201310 games (3 characters)
Call to Powernotifications1999 / 20005 games
Can Can Bunnynotifications1989 / 200025 games
Cannon Foddernotifications1993 / 201513 games
Captain Bloodnotifications1988 / 199613 games
Captain Commandonotifications1991 / 19983 games (8 characters)
Captivenotifications1990 / 19945 games
Carmageddonnotifications1997 / 201510 games
CarnivoresA first-person shooter series where the player hunts dinosaurs or other prehistoric animals.notifications1998 / 20137 games
Castle Shikigami (Castle of Shikigami;Shikigami no Shiro;式神の城)notifications2001 / 200816 games
Castlevania(悪魔城ドラキュラ;Akumajō Dracula)An action-adventure series usually dealing with a vampire with assorted legions of monsters at their bid and call.notifications1986 / 202160 games (21 characters)
Catacombnotifications1990 / 19938 games
CauldronSeries of platformer / shoot 'em up / maze games.notifications1985 / 200212 games
Centipede SeriesOfficial games in the Centipede series.notifications1980 / 202134 games
Champions Return to Arms0 game (8 characters)
Championship ManagerSeries of soccer management games created by Domark, then owned by Eidos, then Square Enix. The series is also known as "Champ Man", "CM" or "L'Entraîneur" (France).notifications1992 / 201654 games
Chäos;HEAd(カオスヘッド;Chaos Head)notifications2008 / 201410 games
Chase HQnotifications1988 / 200728 games
Chasing Auroranotifications2012 / 20144 games
CheetahMenActive Enterprises' CheetahMen games. Originally some obscure overpriced games from the 90s. Now obscure overpriced games in the 11s.notifications1991 / 20114 games
Chicken InvadersSeries inspired by Space Invaders & similar shooters. Parodies, Star Wars, Start Trek, Space Invaders, Galaxian, Galaga, other shooters of the type.notifications1999 / 201110 games
Chō Aniki (超兄貴)A series notable for how it drives most of its comedy from portrayal of (literally) ridiculous(ly) macho men.notifications1992 / 20037 games (4 characters)
Choplifternotifications1982 / 199424 games
Chrono(クロノ)notifications1995 / 20085 games
Chzo Mythos (X Days a Sauerkraut)An award winning series of survival-horror games that borrow styles from well known Hollywood horror movies.notifications2003 / 201011 games (15 characters)
Cities XLA city building series by Monte Cristo.notifications2009 / 20134 games
City Building SeriesA series of historical city building games by Impressions, BreakAway and Tilted Mill.notifications1992 / 200616 games
Class of Heroes (剣と魔法と学園モノ。)Series of dungeon-crawler games.notifications2008 / 20128 games
Clayfighternotifications1993 / 19986 games
Clever Kidsnotifications2009 / 201012 games
Clock Towernotifications1995 / 20026 games (7 characters)
ClonkAn action-RTS-platformer series by RedWolf Design.notifications1994 / 201516 games
Close Combatnotifications1997 / 20059 games
Cocotonotifications2004 / 201119 games
Colin McRae Rally (DiRT)A racing game series by Codemasters.notifications1998 / 202043 games (1 characters)
Colony Warsnotifications1997 / 20003 games
Columns(コラムス)Series of falling blocks, color-matching puzzle-game, originally created by Jay Geertsen in 1989, then sold to Sega in 1990.notifications1990 / 200825 games
Comanchenotifications1992 / 20015 games
Combat Missionnotifications2000 / 20075 games
CommandA strategy game series by MicroProse.notifications1985 / 198612 games
Command & Conquernotifications1995 / 201237 games
Command & Conquer: Generalsnotifications2 games
Command & Conquer: Red AlertRed Alert is a spin-off series from C&C that shows a different timeline to the original Tiberian universe as shown in the intro movie where Einstein used time-travelling to meet and stop Hitler, eliminating Nazi Germany from RA's world history.notifications1996 / 201015 games
Commandernotifications2008 / 20112 games
Commander KeenA series of platform games where the protagonist is Billy Blaze, an eight-year-old boy that travels to various planets to fight aliens with a raygun.notifications1990 / 201513 games (4 characters)
CommandosA tactical squad-based strategy game series by Pyro Studios.notifications1998 / 200610 games
Company of HeroesA World War II tactical RTS series from Relic.notifications2006 / 201610 games
Compati Hero SeriesThe Compati Hero Series is a video game series that serves as crossover teams between Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam. It was the first video game series to involve a crossover between different animated giant robots and live action tokusatsu heroes.notifications3 games
Condemnednotifications2005 / 20084 games (2 characters)
Conquest of ElysiumA turn-based fantasy strategy series from Illwinter.notifications1996 / 202111 games
Contra (魂斗羅;Probotector;Gryzor)Series of platform / shoot 'em up games created by Konami in 1987. The early console versions were called "Probotector" in the PAL region and humans were replaced by robots. Uncensored PAL versions were called "Gryzor".notifications1987 / 201636 games
Cooking Mama(クッキング ママ)notifications2006 / 202013 games
Cosmic FantasyJRPG series with themes of science fiction, adventure, raunchy comedy, and light erotica. It is notable as among the earlier RPGs to feature extended anime-style cutscenes and voice acting.notifications1990 / 19947 games
Cossacksnotifications2001 / 20164 games
Cotton(コットン)notifications1991 / 202115 games (5 characters)
Counter-StrikeTactical first-person shooter series.notifications2000 / 201520 games
Crackdownnotifications2007 / 20194 games
Crash BandicootCrash Bandicoot games and spinoffs: Crash Bash, Crash Boom Bang, Crash Nitro Kart, Crash Team Racing, etc...notifications1996 / 202148 games
Crazy CarsSeries of racing games by Titus.notifications1987 / 199422 games
Crazy CastleSeries of puzzle-platformer games, starring Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Hugo, Roger Rabbit or Woody Woodpecker.notifications1989 / 20027 games
Crazy Taxinotifications1999 / 201213 games
CreaturesAn artificial life simulator series.notifications1996 / 20028 games
Creeper Worldnotifications2009 / 20137 games
Croc seriesnotifications1997 / 20007 games
Crosscountry SeriesA series of edutainment games where the player is tasked with pickup & delivery of commodities & managing daily life of a commercial truck driver.notifications1985 / 20029 games
Crusadernotifications1995 / 19974 games (1 characters)
Crusader Kingsnotifications2004 / 202024 games
Crush PinballSeries of horror themed pinball games.notifications1988 / 19935 games
CrysisAn FPS series by Crytek that follows the conflict brought by re-awakening of "dead" precursor civilization.notifications2007 / 20139 games (4 characters)
Crystal DefendersSeries of [gametag=towerdefense]Tower Defense[/gametag], spinoff of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that is part of the [gametag=finalfantasytactics]Final Fantasy Tactics[/gametag] series, spinoff of [gametag=finalfantasy]Final Fantasy[/gametag].notifications2008 / 200910 games
CT Special ForcesSeries of side-view run-and-gun games by LSP (Light and Shadow Productions) in which you control an antiterrorist (CT means "Counter Terrorist").notifications2002 / 20059 games
Cubemennotifications2012 / 20137 games
CuldceptA strategy card-game series.notifications1997 / 20169 games
Custom Raid(カスタムレイド;カスタム隷奴)[Kasutamu Shimobe Yakko;Custom Shimobe Yakko;Custom Reido;Kasutamu Reido]notifications1999 / 201110 games
Cute KnightA raiser sim series by Hanako Games.notifications2006 / 20096 games
CuthbertSeries of games by Microdeal.notifications1983 / 198624 games
Cyberbotsnotifications1995 / 20124 games
Cybernoidnotifications1988 / 198910 games
D no Shokutaku (D;Dの食卓)notifications1995 / 20169 games (3 characters)
Da Capo (ダ・カーポ;D.C.)notifications2003 / 20094 games
Dai Senryaku(大戦略)[Daisenryaku;Grand Strategy;Great Strategy]notifications1985 / 200848 games
Daiku no GensanA series of platforming video games developed and published by [b]Irem[/b] in 90's. Outside Japan known as [b]Hammerin' Harry[/b]notifications1990 / 200910 games
Daiva (ディーヴァ;Dīva)Japanese computer and videogame series about a fictional space conflict. The series has seven parts which were released at about the same time on seven different platforms. Each game telling the conflict from a different point of view.notifications1986 / 19877 games
Daley Thompsonnotifications1984 / 198914 games
Dance Dance Revolution (Dancing Stage;DDR)notifications1998 / 201183 games
Dance PraiseA series of Christian themed rhythm games (music & dance) with numerous add-ons and expansions by Digital Praisenotifications2005 / 200821 games
Danganronpa(ダンガンロンパ)Series of visual novels and survival-horror games developed by Spike Chunsoft.notifications2010 / 201710 games
Dangerous DaveA series of platform games started by John Romero and inspired by Super Mario Brothers.notifications1988 / 19939 games
DariusHorizontal scrolling shoot 'em up series created by Taito in 1986.notifications1986 / 202133 games
Dark Cloudnotifications2000 / 20032 games
Dark Colonynotifications1997 / 19983 games
Dark Fallnotifications2002 / 20093 games
Dark Horizonsnotifications2004 / 20135 games
Dark Reignnotifications1997 / 20004 games
Dark Savant(Wizardry: Dark Savant)Wizardry sub-series dealing with the Dark Savant.notifications1991 / 201315 games (1 characters)
Dark SoulsA series of action-adventure/RPGs set in medieval gothic world where end of the world as we know it is nearing, with curse of undeath spreading among the human populace with the player character among its victims.notifications2011 / 201820 games (6 characters)
Dark Voidnotifications7 games (2 characters)
Darkfall (Agon)An MMORPG series set in the world of Agon.notifications2009 / 20122 games
Darkness Withinnotifications2007 / 20102 games
DarksidersAn action-adventure hack&slash series following some of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the End Times.notifications2010 / 202020 games (2 characters)
Darkstalkers (Vampire;ヴァンパイア;Dark Stalkers)notifications1994 / 201526 games (21 characters)
DarkwatchDarkwatch is a first-person shooter video game about an outlaw turned vampire.notifications2 games (6 characters)
Dawn of Magic (Time of Shadows;Магия Крови;Magija Krovi;Blood Magic)A fantasy action-RPG series from SkyFallen.notifications2005 / 20093 games (1 characters)
Dawn of WarWarhammer 40,000 strategy game series by Relic Entertainment.notifications2004 / 201714 games (33 characters)
Daytona USARacing games series by Sega.notifications1993 / 201112 games
Dead Islandnotifications2011 / 20148 games (5 characters)
Dead or AliveA video game series developed by Team Ninja that is primarily composed of fast-paced 3D fighting games.notifications1996 / 201930 games (21 characters)
Dead or Alive XtremeSub-series of Dead or Alive series, focusing on female characters playing beach volleyball and some mini-games.notifications2003 / 20165 games
Dead Risingnotifications2006 / 201611 games (1 characters)
Dead Spacenotifications2008 / 201315 games (3 characters)
Dead to Rightsnotifications2002 / 201010 games
Deadly Rooms of DeathA series of puzzle game created by Erik Hermansen.notifications1997 / 201611 games
DeathsmilesSeries of horizontal scrolling manic shooter by Cave.notifications2007 / 20116 games
DeathSpanknotifications2010 / 201110 games
Deception(影牢)[Kagero]notifications1998 / 20158 games
Deep Dungeon (ディープダンジョン)Japanese fantasy RPG dungeon crawler series, heavily influenced by [gametag=wizardry]Wizardry[/gametag].notifications1986 / 19906 games
Defender(Stargate)Official games in the Defender series.notifications1980 / 200230 games
DehonAn unnamed series following a homicidal despot named Dehon.notifications2006 / 20132 games
Dejenol (Mordor;Demise)An RPG series set beneath an ancient mining town of Dejenol in the land of Mordor.notifications1995 / 20003 games
Delta ForceTactical first-person shooter series by NovaLogic.notifications1998 / 200911 games
Dementiumnotifications2007 / 20133 games
DemocracyA government simulation series from Positech Games.notifications2005 / 20169 games
Demon Stalkersnotifications1987 / 19904 games
Demonbane(デモンベイン)notifications2003 / 20063 games
Dengeki Bunkonotifications2006 / 20074 games
Densha de Gonotifications1997 / 200724 games
Deponianotifications2012 / 201613 games
Dept. Heaven(デプト・ヘヴン;Dept.Heaven Episodes;D.H.E.)Series of games developed by Sting.notifications2002 / 201111 games
Des Bloodnotifications1997 / 20036 games (3 characters)
Descentnotifications1995 / 201028 games
DesperadosA western game series from Spellbound.notifications2001 / 20093 games
Destroy All Humansnotifications2005 / 20099 games (4 characters)
Destruction DerbyA demolition derby video game series.notifications1995 / 20049 games
Deus Exnotifications2000 / 201723 games (18 characters)
Devil Dice (XI)notifications1998 / 20065 games
Devil May Cry (デビル メイ クライ)notifications2001 / 202020 games (13 characters)
Devil Survivor (Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor)Tactical RPG sub-series of Megami Tensei.notifications2009 / 20155 games
DezaemonShoot 'em up series that feature a "game maker".notifications1991 / 19986 games
DiabloA dark fantasy franchise set in the world of Sanctuary, continuously beset by demonic forces, often led by Diablo and his brothers.notifications1996 / 202135 games (14 characters)
Diaboliklovers-seriesnotifications2012 / 20199 games
Dig Dugnotifications1982 / 200631 games
Digital Combat Simulator (Digital Combat Simulation)Second air combat simulator series from Eagle Dynamics.notifications2009 / 20112 games
Digital Devil SagaA spin-off series of MegaTennotifications2004 / 20052 games (6 characters)
DinerTownnotifications2008 / 20094 games
Dinobreeder (ディノブリーダー;Dino Breeder)notifications1997 / 20004 games
DisciplesA series of turn-based fantasy strategy games set in the world of Nevendaar.notifications1999 / 20096 games
Disgaea (魔界戦記 ディスガイア;Makai Senki Disgaea)notifications2003 / 202123 games (5 characters)
Dishonorednotifications2012 / 20166 games (2 characters)
Disney Infinitynotifications2013 / 201515 games
Divinity(Rivellon)Primarily fantasy RPG series set in the world of Rivellon.notifications2002 / 201916 games (2 characters)
Dizzynotifications1987 / 202191 games (8 characters)
DJ Heronotifications2009 / 20105 games
Dofus(Wakfu;World of Twelve)Set in the World of Twelve, a shared setting by all Dofus and Wakfu games.notifications2004 / 20129 games
Dokaponnotifications1994 / 200912 games
Doko Demo Issyonotifications1999 / 20065 games
DominionsA strategy series about powerful individuals/beings who are trying to become the next true god to fill in the void.notifications2001 / 201316 games
Donkey KongA sub-series of Mario Brothers games.notifications1981 / 201885 games (6 characters)
DonPachinotifications1995 / 201219 games
DoomA game series featuring high-tech, space marines and invasion of hellish forces.notifications1993 / 202074 games
Double Dragon0 game
Double Dragonnotifications1987 / 201255 games (13 characters)
Doukyuusei(Dōkyūsei;同級生;Classmates)An eroge series by ELFnotifications1992 / 200118 games
Dr. Kawashima (Brain Age)notifications2005 / 20135 games
Dragon Agenotifications2009 / 201417 games
Dragon Ball ZGames, Sequels and spin-offs related to the Dragon Ball Z, derived from the original Dragon Ball manga.0 game
Dragon Drivenotifications2002 / 20033 games
Dragon Knight (龍騎士)notifications1989 / 200725 games
Dragon Lorenotifications1994 / 19965 games
Dragon Quest (ドラゴンクエスト;Dragon Warrior)Most successfull RPG series in Japan.notifications1986 / 202378 games (17 characters)
Dragon Quest Monsters (Dragon Warrior Monsters)Sub-series of Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior.notifications1999 / 201712 games
Dragon Slayer (ドラゴンスレイヤー)notifications1984 / 200347 games
Dragon's Lairnotifications1983 / 201757 games
Drakannotifications1999 / 20022 games (3 characters)
Drakengard(Drag-On Dragoon;ドラッグオンドラグーン)notifications2003 / 202210 games
Drakkhennotifications1989 / 19948 games
Dream Chroniclesnotifications2007 / 20115 games
Dream Program SystemA game series from Alice Soft.notifications1989 / 199513 games
Drivernotifications1999 / 201211 games
Druidnotifications1986 / 199114 games
Duke Nukem[duke nukum]notifications1991 / 201527 games (3 characters)
Dungelotnotifications2013 / 20165 games
Dungeon DefendersAn action-rpg tower defense hybrid series from Trendy Entertainment.notifications2010 / 201711 games
Dungeon Keepernotifications1997 / 20137 games (2 characters)
Dungeon Lordsnotifications2005 / 20092 games
Dungeon Masternotifications1987 / 199518 games
Dungeon Siege (Aranna)notifications2002 / 20119 games (9 characters)
Dungeon TravelersSeries of dungeon-crawlers with erotic contents, spinoff of the visual novel franchise "To Heart" (トゥハート).notifications2011 / 20153 games
Dungeonsnotifications2011 / 201711 games
DunjonquestA game series by Epyxnotifications1979 / 198742 games
Dynasty Warriors (Sangoku Musou;三國無双)Spin-off series of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三國志).notifications1997 / 201840 games (2 characters)
Eador (Эадор)notifications2009 / 20174 games
Earth 21xxAn RTS series from Reality Pump Studios.notifications1997 / 201311 games
Earth Defense Force (地球防衛軍;Chikyû Bōeigun)[Earth Defence Force]notifications1991 / 201414 games
EarthBound (Mother)notifications1989 / 20165 games (8 characters)
Earthsiegenotifications1994 / 19953 games (1 characters)
Earthworm JimEarthworm Jim is a platform / shoot 'em up series starring an earthworm named Jim in a robot suit, created by Shiny Entertainment in 1994.notifications1994 / 201221 games (12 characters)
Ecco the Dolphinnotifications1992 / 201517 games
Echelon (Шторм;Shtorm)notifications2001 / 20022 games
Echo Nightnotifications1998 / 20043 games
Ecstaticanotifications1994 / 19972 games
Eggerland (Adventures of Lolo)King Egger kidnaps Lala (RaRa) & is rescued by Lolo (RoRo) the master musician by solving puzzles full of deadly enemies. Repeat. A series ensues.notifications1985 / 200011 games (14 characters)
EgyptAn adventure game series by Cryo Interactive and Kheops Studios.notifications1998 / 20056 games
Eisei Meijin(永世名人)[Immortal Master]notifications1995 / 200213 games
Elemental(Fallen Enchantress)A high fantasy turn-based 4X strategy game series by Stardock.notifications2010 / 20154 games
EliteSpace trading and combat simulation series by David Braben and Ian Bell.notifications1984 / 201424 games
Elminage(エルミナージュ)Series of dungeon crawler published and developed by Starfish SD since 2008.notifications2008 / 201410 games
EmergencyAn emergency service strategy/simulation series.notifications1998 / 20125 games
Empire Earthnotifications2001 / 20074 games
Empire of Angelsnotifications1993 / 202118 games
Enchanternotifications1983 / 199836 games
EndlessAn overarching setting for all of Amplitude Studios' games.notifications2012 / 20206 games
Endless Oceannotifications2007 / 20102 games
Enemy Lines(enelin;EL)3 games
Enemy TerritoryA class-based PvP FPS series from Activision.notifications2003 / 20088 games
Escape VelocityAmbrosia Software's Escape Velocity series.notifications1996 / 20034 games
Eschalonnotifications2007 / 20149 games
Eternal WarA series of games released by XrucifiX (formally known as Two Guys Software)notifications2 games
Etherlordsnotifications2001 / 20032 games
Etrian Odyssey (世界樹の迷宮;Sekaiju no Meikyuu)Series of 3D dungeon crawler role-playing video game by Atlus for the Nintendo DS.notifications2007 / 201810 games
Europa Universalisnotifications2000 / 201614 games
EVESeries of adventure games focusing on detective mystery. The first PC-98 game was a hentai, but further releases removed this adult content, although some of the game in the series include slightly erotic elements or implicit references to sex.notifications1995 / 201012 games
Evergrace (エヴァーグレイス)notifications2000 / 20012 games
EverQuest(Norrath)notifications1999 / 200724 games
ExileAn RPG series by Spiderweb Software.notifications1995 / 200810 games
Extreme-G(Extreme G)Futuristic motorcycle racing series by Acclaim Entertainment.notifications1997 / 20038 games
Eye of the Beholder (EoB)A dungeon crawler CRPG series in the D&D Forgotten Realms campaign setting.notifications1991 / 202217 games
F-Zeronotifications1990 / 201612 games (1 characters)
F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault and Recon)notifications2005 / 201114 games (4 characters)
Fablenotifications2004 / 201410 games (2 characters)
Fabula Nova Crystallis(ファブラ ノヴァ クリスタリス)[Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy;ファブラ ノヴァ クリスタリス ファイナルファンタジー]Spinoff from the main Final Fantasy series, based on various lands and different characters, but based on a common mythos.notifications2009 / 201615 games (1 characters)
Fairlightnotifications1985 / 19878 games
Fairy Bloom (花咲か妖精;Hanasaki Ka Yousei)notifications2005 / 20112 games
Fairy Godsnotifications1997 / 20002 games
FalloutA series of post-apocalyptic raygun gothic RPGs.notifications1997 / 201831 games (6 characters)
Family Trainer (Active Life;ファミリートレーナー)notifications1986 / 201013 games
Fantasy Zonenotifications1986 / 202024 games (1 characters)
Far CryA series of mostly unrelated open world shooters from Ubisoft. Plot usually involves people who are more or less insane, sociopathic, or generally just unhinged.notifications2004 / 201821 games (10 characters)
Farland Saganotifications1993 / 200218 games
Fat Princessnotifications2009 / 20157 games
Fatal Frame (Project Zero;零;Zero)notifications2001 / 201410 games
Fatal FurySNK fighting game.notifications1991 / 202044 games (47 characters)
FATEA top-down action-RPG series by WildTangent.notifications2005 / 20093 games
Fate/ (フェイト/ステイナイト;Fate/stay night)A game series by Type-Moon.notifications2004 / 20108 games
Fear Effectnotifications2000 / 20184 games
Fenimore FillmoreAn old west adventure game series by Revistronic following the titular Fenimore Fillmore.notifications1996 / 20104 games
Fieldrunnersnotifications2008 / 20147 games
Fighter's History(ファイターズヒストリー)notifications1993 / 19974 games
Fighting Vipersnotifications1995 / 20057 games (15 characters)
Final Fantasy (ファイナルファンタジー)Final Fantasy is a Japanese fantasy media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and developed and owned by Square Enix. The franchise centers on a series of fantasy and science fantasy role-playing video games.notifications1987 / 2022195 games (78 characters)
Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesAn action-RPG subseries of "Final Fantasy".notifications2004 / 20208 games
Final Fantasy TacticsSubseries of Final Fantasy with tactical-RPG gameplay.notifications1997 / 20138 games
Final FightThis group is obsolete. Please don't use it, use "finalfight" instead.0 game
Final Fightnotifications1989 / 201621 games (36 characters)
Final Lapnotifications1987 / 20008 games
Final Zonenotifications1986 / 19906 games
Fire & Forget(Fire and Forget)notifications1988 / 201312 games
Fire DepartmentA firefighting simulation series.notifications2003 / 20042 games
Fire Emblem (ファイアーエムブレム)A popular strategy and role-playing video game, developed by Intelligent Systems, and published by Nintendo. The first episode is often considered as the very first Tactical-RPG.notifications1990 / 202335 games (46 characters)
Fire Emblem: Akaneianotifications1990 / 201712 games
Fire Emblem: Elibenotifications2002 / 20032 games
Fire Emblem: Telliusnotifications2005 / 20072 games
First Kissnotifications1998 / 20055 games
First Queen(ファーストクイーン)notifications1988 / 201310 games
FlashbackA series following the adventures of Conrad B. Hart and his fight against the Morphs.notifications1992 / 201321 games (1 characters)
FlatOutnotifications2004 / 201711 games
Flatspacenotifications2003 / 20062 games
Fortnitenotifications2018 / 202110 games
Forza Motorsportnotifications2005 / 20155 games
free group #n0 game
Freespacenotifications1998 / 20027 games
Frogger seriesOfficial series from Konaminotifications1981 / 201566 games
Front Mission (フロントミッション)A sci-fi mecha war series in near future Earth by Square.notifications1995 / 201018 games
Gabriel Knightnotifications1993 / 19996 games
Gal*Gun(ぎゃる☆がん)[Gal☆Gun]notifications2011 / 20189 games
Galactic Civilizationsnotifications1995 / 201612 games
Galaxy AngelVideo game series by [company=Broccoli]Broccoli[/company], created in 2000. Due to its success, spawned a manga, a TV animation and a live musical.notifications2002 / 200710 games
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (銀河お嬢様伝説ユナ)notifications1992 / 19988 games (4 characters)
Gals PanicA series of Qix-clone erotic games.notifications1990 / 20028 games
Galshellnotifications2004 / 20052 games
Ganbare Goemon (がんばれゴエモン;Legend of the Mystical Ninja)notifications1986 / 201627 games
Gargoyle's QuestA spin-off of the Ghost 'n Goblins series.notifications1990 / 19944 games
GauntletAn action dungeon crawler series originally by Atari.notifications1985 / 201452 games
Gears of Warnotifications2006 / 201911 games
GemCraftA fantasy tower defense series by Game in a Bottle, primarily released as Flash games.notifications2007 / 20155 games
Geneforgenotifications2001 / 201218 games
Generation of ChaosSeries of strategy / role-playing games by Idea Factory.notifications2001 / 201211 games
Genghis Khan seriesHistorical strategy game series by Koei taking place during the Mongol Empire.notifications1985 / 199919 games
Genkai TokkiSeries of RPG games with lots of fan service and "ecchi" contents.notifications2014 / 20176 games
Geometry Warsnotifications2001 / 201614 games
Gex seriesnotifications1994 / 199911 games
Ghost Recon(Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon)A tactical military shooter series.notifications2001 / 201425 games
Ghosts 'n Goblins (Makaimura;魔界村)notifications1985 / 202142 games
Gishnotifications2003 / 20114 games
Gladiator(グラディエーター)notifications2005 / 20124 games
Global ConflictsA serious game series by Serious Games Interactive.notifications2 games
Gnome Rangernotifications1987 / 198823 games
Gobliiinsnotifications1991 / 201118 games
God of WarGod of War is an action-adventure, hack and slash, mythology-based video game series, originally created by David Jaffe at Sony's Santa Monica Studio.notifications2005 / 201811 games (1 characters)
Gods Eater(ゴッドイーター)[God Eater]notifications2010 / 20167 games
Golden Axenotifications1989 / 202024 games (23 characters)
Golden Sunnotifications2001 / 20103 games
GoldenLand (Златогорье)notifications2001 / 20043 games
Gorky(Горький)notifications1999 / 20065 games (3 characters)
Gothic Seriesnotifications2001 / 201110 games (7 characters)
Gradius (グラディウス)Konami shooter series including all Gradius, Nemesis and Salamander games.notifications1985 / 201261 games
Gran Turismonotifications1997 / 201313 games
Grand Theft AutoOriginally with a simple top-down view, the game offered various criminal missions to accomplish like killing mafia bosses, steal cars, etc.notifications1997 / 201653 games
GrandiaRPG series developped by Game Arts. The first episode was released on Saturn on 1997 then on Playstation two years later.notifications1997 / 200511 games (7 characters)
Gravity Rush(グラヴィティデイズ)notifications2012 / 20173 games
Grotesquenotifications2008 / 20124 games (2 characters)
Ground ControlA tactical strategy game series.notifications2000 / 20043 games (3 characters)
Growlansernotifications1999 / 20077 games
Guild Warsnotifications2005 / 20136 games
Guilty Gear (ギルティギア)notifications1998 / 202133 games (6 characters)
Guitar Heronotifications2005 / 201541 games
GunbirdSeries of vertical scrolling shoot 'em ups developed by Psikyo.notifications1994 / 20046 games
Gundemoniumnotifications2004 / 20073 games
GunGriffonnotifications1996 / 20044 games
GunPeynotifications1999 / 20066 games
GunvoltSeries of retro-styled platformer / shooter games, inspired by the Mega Man franchise.notifications2014 / 20178 games
Half-LifeGame series that tells the tale of the seemingly mute MIT graduate with Ph.D in theoretical physics, Gordon Freeman.notifications1998 / 202244 games (17 characters)
Half-Life 2 EpisodesThe [[link:/groups/info/episodic episodic]] sequel to [[game:Half-Life 2]] slated to cover three episodes.0 game
Half-Minute Hero(勇者30;Yūsha 30)notifications2009 / 20123 games
Halloween Harry (Alien Carnage)notifications1993 / 19962 games
HaloA military science fiction first-person shooter video game originally created by Bungie and now managed by 343 Industries.notifications2001 / 201719 games (3 characters)
Hammerwatchnotifications2013 / 20186 games
Hamster Club (ハムスター倶楽部)notifications1999 / 20036 games
Hamster Monogatari (ハムスター物語)Series of Virtual pets games by Culture Brain.notifications2000 / 20037 games
Hamster Paradisenotifications1999 / 20035 games
Hang-OnMotor racing game by Sega.notifications1985 / 199519 games
Hanjuku Eiyuu(Hanjuku Hero)Series of RPG/Strategy games by Squarenotifications1988 / 20055 games
Hard Trucknotifications1998 / 20023 games
Hard Truck: Apocalypse (Ex Machina)[ExMachina]notifications2005 / 20073 games
Harobotsnotifications1999 / 20023 games
Harvest Moonnotifications1996 / 201740 games
Hatsune MikuSeries of rhythm games created by SEGA which make use of Vocaloid and starring a virtual diva Vocaloid named Hatsune Miku.notifications2009 / 201713 games
HAWX(Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X;H·A·W·X)A near future PMC combat flight simulator series.notifications2009 / 20106 games
Headhunternotifications2001 / 20044 games (2 characters)
Hearts of Ironnotifications2002 / 20095 games
Heavy Gearnotifications1997 / 20003 games
Hebereke(へべれけ)notifications1991 / 19969 games
Heretic and HeXen (Serpert Riders saga)Heretic and HeXen games, which for the most part revolve around the Serpent Riders storyline and the aftermath of their passing.notifications1994 / 200824 games (7 characters)
Heretic Kingdomsnotifications2005 / 20183 games
Heroes of DragonlanceA widely varied game series: elements of action, strategy, and management are included.notifications1988 / 199225 games
Heroes of Might and MagicA turn-based strategy game series in the Might and Magic high fantasy setting.notifications1995 / 201521 games
Heroine Anthem(圣女之歌)notifications2003 / 20163 games
Herzognotifications1988 / 19894 games
Hiryū no Ken (飛龍の拳;Fist of the Flying Dragon)notifications1985 / 200016 games
Hitmannotifications2000 / 201624 games (1 characters)
Homeworldnotifications1999 / 201612 games
Hotel GiantA hotel business management simulation game series by Enlight.notifications2002 / 20093 games
Hugo - adventuresAn adventure game series from Gray Design Associates.notifications1990 / 201411 games
Hugo - character(Hugo the TV-troll;Skærmtrolden Hugo;Die Hugo Show;Hugo Délire)A media franchise from Denmark mostly for interactive TV programs.notifications1990 / 200933 games (6 characters)
Hunting Unlimitednotifications2001 / 20108 games
Hurvana2 games
HydlideJapanese Action/RPG series.notifications1984 / 199922 games
Hyperdimension NeptuniaSeries of role playing-games depicting regions and goddesses representing the different video game consoles.notifications2010 / 201920 games
iBombernotifications2009 / 20137 games
Ice Climbernotifications1984 / 20046 games (2 characters)
Icewind Dalenotifications2000 / 20026 games
Iconotifications2001 / 20184 games (4 characters)
Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai seriesnotifications1993 / 201020 games
Ikari WarriorsSeries of bird's eye perspective, one or two players run and gun games. Protagonists of the games, Colonel Ralf and Second Lieutenant Clark, appeared later in the King of Fighters series.notifications1986 / 199026 games
Ikusa Megami (戦女神;War Goddess)[Battle Goddess]notifications1999 / 20104 games
IL-2 Sturmovik(Ил-2 Штурмовик)A WW2 flight simulator series by Oleg Maddox.notifications2001 / 201114 games
Illusionnotifications1990 / 201413 games
Illusion of GaiaAction-RPG Soul Blazer and its sequels.notifications1992 / 19953 games
Immoral Study(インモラルスタディ)An eroge series by Scoop Software.notifications1995 / 20006 games
Impossible Missionnotifications1982 / 200726 games
Inazuma Eleven(イナズマイレブン)Series of role-playing game with a sports/soccer settings, developed by Level-5.notifications2008 / 20126 games
Independence War (I-War)notifications1997 / 20012 games
inFAMOUSnotifications2009 / 20144 games
Infectornatornotifications2010 / 20133 games
Infinite SpaceA scifi space strategy adventure series by Digital Eel.notifications2002 / 20159 games
InfinityA visual novel series by KID.notifications2000 / 201313 games
International Superstar Soccer (Jikkyō World Soccer;ISS)Series of soccer games from Konami.notifications1994 / 200624 games
Interstatenotifications1997 / 20008 games
Invention verse Natural (Machine vs Nature)dc0 game
Iron Grip (Kathos)A steam-/dieselpunk game series from Isotx, set in the world of Kathos.notifications2006 / 20114 games
Isharnotifications1990 / 199416 games
Ishin no Arashinotifications1988 / 199911 games
Itadaki Streetnotifications1991 / 20077 games
Ivalice AllianceFinal Fantasy sub-seriesnotifications2007 / 20136 games
J.B. HaroldA series following the cases of investigator J.B. Harold.notifications1986 / 199321 games
Jack Keanenotifications2008 / 20134 games
Jagged Alliancenotifications1995 / 201823 games (1 characters)
Jak and Daxter[Jak & Daxter]notifications2001 / 20138 games
James Pondnotifications1990 / 200526 games
Jazz Jackrabbitnotifications1994 / 20178 games (5 characters)
Jet MotoHoverbike racingnotifications1996 / 20088 games
Jet Set Willynotifications1984 / 201234 games
Jetman (Jetpac)Series of shooting games by Ultimate Play The Game (later Rare).notifications1983 / 20077 games
Jill of the Junglenotifications3 games
Jinkō Shōjo (人工少女)A series of Japanese simulation games where the general objective of the game is to date and eventually have sex with girls.notifications2004 / 20073 games
Joe DangerA stunt racing series.notifications2010 / 20148 games
Jumpgatenotifications2001 / 20112 games
JumpStartAlso known as Jump Ahead in the United Kingdom, is an educational media franchise for children, consisting mostly of educational games.notifications1996 / 201121 games
Just Causenotifications2006 / 201814 games
Just Dancenotifications2009 / 202049 games
K.C. MunchkinThis series was a major victory for consumers who buy systems that will never have their favorite game due to the evil aspects of intellectual property.notifications1981 / 19822 games (6 characters)
Kane & Lynchnotifications2007 / 20106 games
Katamari Damacy (塊魂)notifications2004 / 201815 games (3 characters)
Keio Flying Squadron (Keio Yugekitai;慶応遊撃隊)notifications1993 / 19983 games (1 characters)
Kick Off(Player Manager)Series of soccer/football games, originally published by Anco and designed by Dino Dini. Player Manager is a soccer management spin-off.notifications1989 / 201654 games
Kid Icarusnotifications1986 / 20125 games (3 characters)
Kids Music StageMusical edutainment.notifications2002 / 20036 games
Kiki Kai Kai (奇々怪界;ききかいかい;Pocky & Rocky)notifications1986 / 202210 games
Kileak: The Bloodnotifications2 games
Killer Instinctnotifications1994 / 20135 games
KillzoneAn FPS series following the war between Helghast and ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance).notifications2004 / 20136 games
King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargamenotifications2009 / 20154 games
King of the Monstersnotifications1991 / 19947 games
King's Bountynotifications1990 / 201313 games
King's Field (キングスフィールド)notifications1994 / 20015 games
King's QuestPopular graphic adventure series. Some text interpreter, others point & click. References classic literature, Sierra games, & many, many fairy talesnotifications1984 / 200654 games (4 characters)
King's Valley (王家の谷;Ōka no Tani)notifications1985 / 20098 games
Kingdom HeartsAn action-RPG series by Square Enix that features both Disney and Final Fantasy characters, plus "The Nightmare Before Christmas" characters.notifications2002 / 202020 games (95 characters)
Kingdom Rushnotifications2011 / 20189 games
Kingdom Under Firenotifications2001 / 20106 games
Kirbi0 game
Kirby (カービィ)notifications1992 / 202345 games (3 characters)
Kizuna Encounter0 game (1 characters)
Klonoa (クロノア;Kuronoa;風のクロノア;Kaze no Kuronoa;Klonoa of the Wind)notifications1997 / 20088 games (15 characters)
Knightmare (魔城伝説;Majō Densetsu)notifications1986 / 20158 games
Knights of the Templenotifications2004 / 20067 games
Kohannotifications2001 / 20043 games
Konami Game Collection5 Collections of MSX 1 games by Konami (Volume 1-4 and "Extra")notifications1983 / 198623 games
Konung(Князь)notifications2000 / 20093 games
Kreed (Крид;Krid)A sci-fi FPS series by Burut.notifications2 games
Kroznotifications1987 / 20099 games
Krush, Kill 'n' Destroy (KKnD)notifications1997 / 19994 games
Kunio-kun (くにおくん)notifications1986 / 201745 games
Kurushi (Intelligent Qube)notifications1997 / 20076 games
Kyou no Okazu (今日のおかず)notifications2007 / 20083 games
Kyrandianotifications1992 / 19958 games (3 characters)
Lands of Lorenotifications1993 / 19995 games (14 characters)
Langrisser(ラングリッサ)It set itself apart from other tactical RPGs in its time with larger-scale battles, where the player can control a lot of units at one time and fight against many enemies.notifications1987 / 202035 games
Last Armageddon(ラストハルマゲドン;After Armageddon;アフターハルマゲドン)notifications1988 / 19949 games
Last Bronxnotifications1996 / 20064 games (1 characters)
Last Ninjanotifications1987 / 199429 games
Leader Board GolfAccess Software golf series.notifications1986 / 199220 games
Left 4 Deadnotifications2008 / 20127 games (8 characters)
Legacy of KainLegacy of Kain series follows the story of the vampire Kain and his progeny, notably the wraith Raziel. The series has a recurring theme of fatalism and fight against destiny.notifications1996 / 200315 games (18 characters)
Legend of GrimrockAn old skool dungeon crawler series by Almost Human.notifications2012 / 20157 games
Legend of Heroes (英雄伝説;Eiyuu Densetsu)notifications1989 / 201320 games
Legend of Queen Opalanotifications2009 / 20142 games (2 characters)
Legend of Zelda (ゼルダの伝説;Zelda no Densetsu)The Legend of Zelda was inspired by Tolkienian fantasy, visible in the fantasy medieval world atmosphere in most of the games.notifications1986 / 202360 games (9 characters)
Leisure Suit Larrynotifications1987 / 202037 games (21 characters)
LemmingsIn the Lemmings series, they stereotypically walk blindly into deadly situations unless you dole out "skills" to selected individuals with forethought on following dangers and obstacles.notifications1991 / 201259 games
Les Manleynotifications1990 / 19923 games
Let's Ride!notifications1999 / 200812 games
Lethal Enforcers(リーサルエンフォーサーズ)Shooting games by Konami with digitized graphics.notifications1992 / 19978 games
Life Is StrangeSeries of adventure / point and click games with little or no action sequences, published by Square Enix and developed by Dontnod Entertainment / Deck Nine Games. Most of the games feature a protagonist with a psychic power.notifications2015 / 202118 games
Lightning EamonIn 1987, Shever Software created compiled BASIC versions of some of the Eamon adventures and sold them commercially.notifications1980 / 19845 games
Lightning Warrior Raidy(Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidi;雷の戦士ライディ)notifications1994 / 20095 games (1 characters)
Lineagenotifications1998 / 20144 games
LISAAn adventure-RPG series with strong themes of abuse besides its strange dark humor.notifications2014 / 20156 games
Little Big Adventurenotifications1994 / 19976 games (3 characters)
Little Master(リトルマスター)notifications1991 / 19953 games
LittleBIGPlanet[Little Big Planet]A puzzle platformer series with animate ragdolls in lilliputian environments.notifications2008 / 20159 games
Lock OnAn air combat simulator series by Eagle Dynamics.notifications2003 / 20052 games
Lode Runnernotifications1983 / 202093 games
Lords of Midnightnotifications1984 / 201213 games
Lords of the Realmnotifications1994 / 20046 games
Lore universeAn universe created by Atrix Entertainment where all(?) of their games are set. Lore is reference to previous name of their first game, Lands of Rising Evil.notifications2002 / 20073 games
Lost Planetnotifications2006 / 201313 games (4 characters)
Lotus SeriesSeries of racing games based around the Lotus brand published by Gremlin Graphics. All three games of the series were first developed for the Amiga computer by Magnetic Fields then ported to several other computers and consoles.notifications1990 / 199414 games
Luciusnotifications2012 / 20152 games
Lufia (エストポリス伝記;Estpolis Denki)notifications1993 / 20106 games
Lulanotifications1997 / 20064 games
Luminesnotifications2005 / 20127 games
Luminous Arc (ルミナスアーク)A fantasy strategy game series from imageepoch.notifications2007 / 20154 games
Lunarnotifications1992 / 200510 games
Luxornotifications2005 / 20118 games
Mabinogi(마비노기)notifications2004 / 20102 games
Mad Mix seriesnotifications1988 / 199010 games
Madden NFLnotifications1988 / 2015118 games
Madou Monogatari (魔導物語)Series of first person dungeon RPG by Compile. Characters have been later adapted to the [[tag:puyopuyo Puyo Puyo]] series.notifications1990 / 201310 games (2 characters)
Mafianotifications2002 / 201610 games (1 characters)
Magi Nation (Magi-Nation)Games set in the fictional universe of Magi-Nation, originally created as a collectible card game.notifications2001 / 20083 games
Magic Carpetnotifications1994 / 19975 games
Magic KnightFamous adventure/platform game series by budget publisher Mastertronicnotifications1985 / 198819 games
Magical Drop(マジカルドロップ;MagiDro;マジドロ)notifications1995 / 201219 games
MagickaA fantasy action-comedy series involving cowled wizards from Arrowhead.notifications2011 / 201510 games
Magna Carta (마그나카르타)notifications2001 / 20093 games
Mahou Daisakusen (魔法大作戦;Sorcer Striker)[Mahō Daisakusen]notifications1993 / 20004 games
Majestynotifications2000 / 201210 games
Majin Tensei (魔神転生)Tactical-RPG spinoff series of Megami Tensei. The series share lots of similarities with the Fire Emblem games, but contains Megaten game elements.notifications1994 / 20085 games
Mana Khemianotifications2007 / 20094 games
Manhuntnotifications2003 / 20097 games
Manhunternotifications1988 / 199012 games
Maniac Mansionnotifications1987 / 201614 games
Marathon TrilogyA sci-fi shooter series originally for Mac. The story started out on U.E.S.C. Marathon, a gigantic interstellar colony ship, where the player worked as a security guard.notifications1994 / 201220 games (3 characters)
Marble BlastSeries of action/puzzle games by GarageGames.notifications2002 / 20064 games
Mario (Mario Bros.;Super Mario Bros)A game series following Italian plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi, on their adventures in a land of mushrooms and turtles.notifications1981 / 2022285 games (40 characters)
Mario & LuigiRole-playing subseries of Mario.notifications2003 / 20186 games
Mario Bros. (Super Mario Bros.)Subseries of "Mario".1983 / 20040 game (1 characters)
Mario Kartnotifications1992 / 201914 games
Mario PartyThe Mario Party gamesnotifications1998 / 201813 games
Mass Effectnotifications2007 / 201714 games (18 characters)
Massive Assaultnotifications2003 / 20095 games
Master of Alchemynotifications2012 / 20133 games
Master of Monsters(マスターオブモンスターズ)Series of strategy games developed by SystemSoft.notifications1988 / 19989 games
Master of Orionnotifications1990 / 201613 games
Matt HazardA series involving a fictitiously famous video game character Matt Hazard.notifications2009 / 20104 games (1 characters)
Max Paynenotifications2001 / 201212 games (4 characters)
MaximoAn action-adventure hack&slash spin-off of Ghosts 'n Goblins series.notifications2001 / 20032 games
MDKnotifications1997 / 20118 games (6 characters)
Mech Commandernotifications1998 / 20012 games
MechAssaultnotifications2002 / 20063 games
MechWarriorA spin-off of the military science fiction franchise BattleTech.notifications1989 / 201923 games
Medal of Honornotifications1999 / 201234 games
Medarot (Medabots;メダロット)notifications1997 / 200430 games
Mega Man (ロックマン;Rockman)notifications1987 / 2018110 games (13 characters)
Mega Man Battle Network (ロックマンエグゼ;Rockman EXE)Spin-off of the Mega Man series.notifications2001 / 200513 games
Megami Tensei (女神転生;MegaTen)Megami Tensei is a Japanese role-playing game series that began from the Digital Devil Story novels by Nishitani Aya, and is one of the major franchises of the genre in its native country.notifications1987 / 202187 games (1 characters)
MegaRacenotifications1993 / 20016 games
Melty Bloodnotifications2002 / 20086 games (1 characters)
Melty LancerSeries of futuristic video games. An anime was based on it.notifications1996 / 19996 games
Memories Offnotifications1999 / 20077 games
Mercenariesnotifications2005 / 20086 games (3 characters)
Mercenaries SagaSeries of tactical-RPG in isometric view, similar to Tactics Ogre.notifications2007 / 20189 games
Mercenarynotifications1985 / 199519 games
Mercury Meltdownnotifications2005 / 20117 games
Metal Gear(メタルギア)A series of stealth action games originally created by Hideo Kojima.notifications1987 / 201847 games (13 characters)
Metal Maxnotifications1991 / 20107 games
Metal Slug(メタルスラッグ)A famous run-and-gun shooter series, considered one of the greatest games in its genre.notifications1996 / 202048 games (8 characters)
MetroidAction-adventure series following the tale of Samus Aran and the Metroids.notifications1986 / 202120 games (6 characters)
Miasmanotifications2010 / 20124 games
Micro MachinesA miniature vehicle racing series based on the Micro Machines toy line by Galoob.notifications1991 / 200630 games
Microsoft Flight SimulatorOne of the longest-running, best-known and most comprehensive home flight simulator programs on the market.notifications1982 / 202023 games
Midnight Clubnotifications2001 / 20127 games
Midwinternotifications1989 / 19916 games
Might and MagicA long running game series of role-playing video games from New World Computing that was started by the now defunct 3DO.notifications1986 / 201477 games (2 characters)
Might and Magic: Sheltem arcSet in the worlds of VARN, CRON, Terra and Xeen.notifications1986 / 199435 games (1 characters)
Minecraftnotifications2011 / 202022 games (2 characters)
Miner 2049ernotifications1982 / 199123 games (3 characters)
Momoden (Momotarō Densetsu)An RPG series from Hudson Soft.notifications1987 / 20019 games
Momodoranotifications2014 / 20164 games
Momotetsu (Momotarō Dentetsu)A board game series by Hudson Soft.notifications1988 / 200727 games
Monster Hunter (モンスターハンター)notifications2004 / 202127 games
Monster Jam series(Monster Jump)notifications2002 / 20109 games
Monster Rancher (モンスターファーム;Monster Farm)notifications1997 / 200616 games
Montezuma's Revengenotifications1983 / 199812 games
Monty Molenotifications1984 / 201920 games
Moon Whistle(ムーンホイッスル)notifications1999 / 20032 games
Moorhuhn (Crazy Chicken)notifications1998 / 200815 games
Mortal Kombat(MK)Famous fighting game series where the characters are digitized (from real actors) instead of simply drawn.notifications1992 / 201985 games (61 characters)
Mortyrnotifications1999 / 20052 games
Moto Racernotifications1997 / 20088 games
MotoGPnotifications2000 / 200819 games
MotorStormnotifications2006 / 20127 games
Mount & Blade [mount and blade]notifications2008 / 20209 games
Mr. Do!Clown character created by [[company:Universal]] in 1982.notifications1982 / 199627 games
Mr. Drillernotifications1999 / 202017 games
Mushihime-sama(虫姫さま)notifications2004 / 20106 games
Musou(無双;Warriors)A horde fighting beat 'em up series from Koei Tecmo.notifications2000 / 201642 games
Mutant Stormnotifications2003 / 20124 games
MX vs ATVnotifications2004 / 200910 games
My Animal Centre(SOS Animaux)Series of veterinary simulations.notifications2006 / 20086 games
My Riding Stablesnotifications2 games
Mystnotifications1993 / 200726 games
Mysterious Dungeon (Fushigi no Dungeon;不思議のダンジョン)A series of roguelike video games, usually developed by Chunsoft, with select titles in the series developed by other companies.notifications1995 / 202028 games
MythA fantasy strategy game series originally by Bungie.notifications1997 / 200210 games
Nakayoshi Pet (なかよしペットシリーズ)Virtual pet series by MTO. Unrelated to [url=/groups/info/nakayoshi]Nakayoushi magazine[/url]notifications2000 / 20039 games
Nascar Thundernotifications1997 / 200315 games
Natural Selectionnotifications2002 / 20145 games
Naval Opsnotifications2003 / 20095 games
NBA JamSeries of basket-ball games by Acclaim.notifications1993 / 201133 games
NBA Live [NBA Elite]Series of basket-ball games by Electronic Arts / EA Sports.notifications1991 / 201880 games
NBA Shootout (Total NBA)Series of basket-ball games by Sony.notifications1996 / 200312 games
Nebulus(Castelian;Tower Toppler)[Nebulous]notifications1987 / 200418 games
NecroVisioNnotifications2009 / 20102 games (2 characters)
NectarisSci-fi-themed, hex grid turn-based strategy games by Hudson Soft.notifications1989 / 20094 games
Need For SpeedLine of racing games by Electronic Arts.notifications1994 / 202097 games
Nekketsunotifications1986 / 201743 games
Nekopara game seriesnotifications2014 / 20173 games
Neocronnotifications2002 / 20063 games
Neophytenotifications1996 / 19993 games
Neverwinter NightsD&D Neverwinter Nights series of games.notifications1991 / 201922 games (2 characters)
NFL Quarterback ClubSeries of American football games that features quarterbacks from the NFL.notifications1993 / 200624 games
Nightmare Creaturesnotifications1997 / 20036 games (5 characters)
NiGHTSnotifications1996 / 20128 games (1 characters)
Nightshade0 game (1 characters)
Ninety-Nine Nights(ナインティナイン・ナイツ)notifications2006 / 20102 games
Ninja GaidenThe Ninja Gaiden series follows the adventures of the ninja Ryu Hayabusa, before as a side scrolling beat'em up, then as a full 3D Spectacle Brawler.notifications1988 / 202136 games (4 characters)
Ninja-kun (Ninja-Kid;忍者くん魔城の冒険;Ninja-kun Majō no Bōken)A Japanese video game series following the titular child ninja.notifications1984 / 199117 games
Nintendo LABONintendo Labo combines the magic of Nintendo Switch with the fun of DIY creationsnotifications2 games
Nintendo Vsnotifications1984 / 19883 games
Nintendo Wars and spinoffs (ファミコンウォーズ; Famicom Wars; Gameboy Wars; Advance Wars; Battalion Wars)Series of turn-based (Famicom Wars, Advance Wars, Game Boy Wars) and real-time (Battalion Wars) strategy games developed by Intelligent Systems and released by Nintendo.notifications1988 / 200815 games (25 characters)
No More Heroesnotifications2006 / 20208 games
No One Lives ForeverA spy game series set in the 60s, following the adventures of Cate Archer.notifications2000 / 20037 games (1 characters)
Nobunaga's Ambition(Nobunaga no Yabō;信長の野望)notifications1982 / 201268 games (1 characters)
NOëLnotifications1996 / 19994 games
Norn9Series of otome / visual novel games.notifications2013 / 20164 games
Northland Trilogy(Nordlandtriologie)[Realms of Arkania]notifications1992 / 201410 games
ObsCurenotifications2004 / 20076 games (10 characters)
Ogre BattleEpisodic series of real-time (Ogre Battle) and turn-based (Tactics Ogre) strategy role-playing games.notifications1993 / 201010 games
Ōkaminotifications2006 / 20186 games (6 characters)
One Must Fallnotifications1994 / 20032 games
OnēChanbara[OneeChanbara]notifications2004 / 20149 games (7 characters)
Ongakukan Train Simulator (トレインシミュレータ)A long running train simulator game series by Ongakukan.notifications1995 / 201632 games
Onimushanotifications2001 / 20088 games (1 characters)
Only One(オンリーワン)notifications2003 / 20042 games
Operation Flashpointnotifications2001 / 201710 games
Operation WolfOperation Wolf is a series of gun shooting (light gun) games by Taito that originated in the coin-op market.notifications1987 / 200621 games
Orcs Must Dienotifications2011 / 20145 games
Ori(Ori and the...)notifications2015 / 20204 games
Original Tomb Raider(1st Tomb Raider;1st era;first series)Original Tomb Raider series, created by Core Design.notifications1996 / 201428 games
Orionnotifications2012 / 20152 games
Oshare Princessnotifications2002 / 20054 games
Othellomultivisionnotifications1983 / 198512 games
Otomedius (オトメディウス)Sub-series of Gradius, shooter games by Konami. "Otomedius" is a portmanteau of "otome" (乙女, "maiden") and "Gradius."notifications2007 / 20113 games
Outfront (В тылу врага;V tylu vraga;Behind Enemy Lines;Men of War)A World War II based tactical strategy series focusing on small unit operations.notifications2004 / 201412 games
Outlastnotifications2013 / 20177 games
Outlaw Sports"Outlaw" is a series of sport games developed by Hypnotix. All games in this series feature the same characters, and are intended for adults and mature teens audience, with characters playing sports in suggestive outfits, especially female characters.notifications2002 / 200514 games
Outpostnotifications2011 / 20122 games
OutRun (Out Run)notifications1986 / 201548 games
OverBloodnotifications1996 / 19982 games
Overcookednotifications2016 / 20218 games
OverlordAn action-adventure series by Triumph Studios.notifications2007 / 201613 games (7 characters)
P.T.O.(Pactific Theater of Operations;提督の決断;Teitoku no Ketsudan)Series of strategy games depicting the conflicts during the World War II between Japan and the USA.notifications1989 / 200219 games
Pac-ManA game series originally created by Namco and distributed by Midway that feature one of the most famous video game characters.notifications1980 / 2016179 games (2 characters)
Pachio-Kun seriesSeries of games by Coconuts Japan featuring the character Pachio-kun, a walking Pachinko ball.notifications1987 / 200019 games
Painkillernotifications2004 / 20139 games (5 characters)
Panzer Dragoonnotifications1995 / 20209 games
Panzer Generalnotifications1994 / 200013 games
Paper MarioRole-playing / platforming subseries of the Mario franchise. Games in this series focus gameplay on changing point of view from a 2D side-view to a 3D third person perspectives.notifications2001 / 20155 games
Paper Mario (ペーパーマリオ)Sub-series of Mario, [i]Paper Mario[/i] games introduce 2-D-looking paper-cutout characters in a RPG gameplay.notifications2001 / 20124 games
Paperboynotifications1983 / 200533 games
Parasite Eve (パラサイト・イヴ)A game series based on Hideaki Sena's novel of the same name.notifications1998 / 20103 games (2 characters)
Parkannotifications1997 / 20074 games
Parodius(パロディウス)Sub-series of Gradius, shooter games by Konami. "Parodius" is a portmanteau of "parody" and "Gradius", but it also parodies other Konami franchises.notifications1988 / 200720 games
Pastel ChimeHentai (or Eroge) game that creators define it as a "Romance & Character-Development RPG with swords and magics" game.notifications1998 / 20053 games
Pataponnotifications2008 / 20113 games
Patriciannotifications1992 / 20106 games
PAYDAYnotifications2011 / 20166 games
PegglePeggle is a casual puzzle video game developed by PopCap Games.notifications1993 / 20106 games
Penumbranotifications2007 / 20089 games (1 characters)
Perfect Darknotifications2000 / 20053 games
Perimeternotifications2004 / 20093 games
Persona (ペルソナ)RPG series by Atlus, spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei.notifications1996 / 201825 games (11 characters)
Peter Beardsley gamesnotifications6 games
Peter Shiltonnotifications1986 / 19874 games
Petz[Catz;Dogz;Horsez]A virtual pet series from Ubisoft.notifications1996 / 201219 games
PhantasieA series by Winston Douglas Wood mostly published by SSI.notifications1985 / 199135 games
Phantasy Star (ファンタシースター)notifications1987 / 201336 games (3 characters)
Phantom BraveSeries of Tactical RPG by Nippon Ichi Software.notifications2004 / 20104 games
Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! (Pia♥キャロットへようこそ!!)notifications1996 / 200412 games
PicrossVideogame seriesby Nintendo based on nonograms.notifications1995 / 201828 games
Pikminnotifications2001 / 20209 games (1 characters)
Pinball series by 21st Century Entertainmentnotifications1992 / 201428 games
Pinobeenotifications2001 / 20023 games
Pitfallnotifications1982 / 200839 games (6 characters)
PixelJunkA game series by Q-Games.notifications2008 / 201516 games
Planetsidenotifications2003 / 20154 games
Plants vs. Zombiesnotifications2009 / 201613 games
Point Blanknotifications1994 / 20016 games
PokémonPokémon is a video game franchise, created by Satoshi Tajiri and published by Nintendo for several of their systems, most importantly the Game Boy family.notifications1996 / 202296 games (997 characters)
Pole PositionEarly series originating with Namco & Atari. The Coin-op began the series. Pseudo-3D Behind the car view, voice, colors, & speed were very impressive.notifications1982 / 198817 games
Police QuestAdventure game series from Sierra On-Line.notifications1987 / 199516 games
Pool of Radiancenotifications1988 / 201528 games
Populousnotifications1989 / 200826 games
Port Royalenotifications2003 / 20125 games
PortalSeries of first person puzzles by Valve, sub-series of Half-Life.notifications2007 / 202211 games
Postalnotifications1997 / 201519 games (1 characters)
Power DoLLSnotifications1994 / 19977 games
Power Instinct(豪血寺一族;Gōketsuji Ichizoku)[Gouketsuji Ichizoku]Series of fighting games by Atlusnotifications1993 / 200610 games
Power LeagueBaseball game series by Hudson Soft.notifications1988 / 199812 games
Power Pro Kun Pocket (パワプロクンポケットシリーズ;Pawapoke;Power Pocket;パワポケ)Sub-series of Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū series baseball game developed by Konami for Nintendo's handheld platforms.notifications1999 / 20079 games
Power StoneAn anime series started from the games, just like Pokemon.notifications1999 / 20066 games (16 characters)
Premier ManagerSeries of management / soccer games, first published and developed by Gremlin Graphics.notifications1992 / 201238 games
Preynotifications2006 / 201710 games (3 characters)
Prince of PersiaA game series set in ancient Persia following the adventures of a nameless street urchin, originally created by Jordan Mechner.notifications1989 / 201473 games
Prince of Persia: Ahriman2008 reboot of Prince of Persia centered around Ahriman, the god of darkness.notifications4 games (3 characters)
Prince of Persia: OriginalThe original Prince of Persia series.notifications1989 / 201442 games (3 characters)
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time2003 reboot of Prince of Persia centered around the titular Sands of Time, sand that grants the power over time and the dangers of tampering with time.notifications2003 / 201024 games (6 characters)
Princess Maker (プリンセスメーカー)A game series where you're tasked to raise a girl to adulthood.notifications1991 / 200620 games
Prison Tycoonnotifications2005 / 20106 games
Professor FizzwizzleA series of games staring the often titular character.notifications2005 / 20084 games
Professor Layton (レイトン教授;Layton-kyōju)notifications2007 / 201710 games
Prototype seriesnotifications2009 / 20126 games (2 characters)
Psychic Force (サイキックフォース)notifications1995 / 19998 games
Psychic War Seriesnotifications1985 / 19896 games
Punch-OutBoxing series developed and published by Nintendo.notifications1984 / 20167 games (1 characters)
Putt-Putt SeriesA series adventures and other game marketed primarily to children. Primarily mouse driven game play with occasional keyboard use.notifications1992 / 201430 games
Puttynotifications1992 / 201715 games
Puyo Puyo (ぷよぷよ;Puyo Pop)A japanese puzzle series, later adapted in Europe and United States under the name "Puyo Pop". Characters come from the series Madou Monogatari, also by Compile.notifications1991 / 2021108 games (14 characters)
Puzzle Agentnotifications2010 / 20112 games
Puzzle Bobble (Bust-a-Move)Spin-off of [gametag=bubblebobble]Bubble Bobble[/gametag].notifications1994 / 201140 games
Puzzle Questnotifications2007 / 201013 games
Q*bertOfficial Q*Bert games.notifications1982 / 200628 games
QuakeA series of games that have little in common with each other besides their name.notifications1996 / 202153 games (2 characters)
Quest for Glory (QFG)notifications1989 / 200814 games
QuestprobeA trilogy of graphical adventure computer games featuring Marvel Comics charactersnotifications1984 / 199031 games
R-Type[アールタイプ]A classic side-scrolling space shooter series by Irem, that in late 2000s expanded with tactical spin-offs.notifications1987 / 202133 games
RaidenA series of vertical shooters, started in 1990 by Seibu Kaihatsu.notifications1990 / 201226 games
RailWorksnotifications2009 / 20102 games
Rainbow MoonSeries of fantasy tactical-RPG by eastasiasoft and SideQuest Studios involving parallel worlds.notifications2012 / 20186 games
Rainbow Six(Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six)A tactical counter-terrorism shooter series.notifications1998 / 201536 games
Rampagenotifications1986 / 200732 games
Rance (ランス)Perhaps the longest running eroge series in existence.notifications1989 / 201125 games (6 characters)
RastanFantasy themed action-platform series by Taito.notifications1987 / 200315 games
Ratchet & Clanknotifications2002 / 201614 games (2 characters)
Ravenswordnotifications2009 / 20135 games
Raving Rabbids (Rayman Raving Rabbids;Les Lapins Crétins;Rayman Contre les Lapins Crétins)Sub-series of Rayman.notifications2006 / 202222 games
Ray~notifications1993 / 20017 games
Raymannotifications1995 / 201766 games (8 characters)
Rebel Galaxy seriesnotifications2015 / 20206 games
Rebelstar[Rebel Star]notifications1984 / 20056 games
RebuildA zombie apocalypse strategy game series by Sarah Northway.notifications2011 / 20124 games
Reconstructionnotifications2009 / 20102 games
Record of Agarest War (Agarest Senki;Agarest Generations of War;アガレスト戦記)Series of tactical-RPG developed by Compile Heart.notifications2007 / 20148 games
Red Deadnotifications2004 / 20197 games
Red Factionnotifications2001 / 201117 games (6 characters)
Red Orchestra[RO]A series of PvP tactical shooters from Tripwire.notifications2006 / 20138 games
Red SolsticeA top-down scifi shooter series set on Mars, dealing with massive outbreak of a mutagenic virus, created by Ironward.notifications2015 / 20173 games
Red Steelnotifications2006 / 20102 games
Reptonnotifications1984 / 198911 games
Resident Evil (BioHazard;バイオハザード)A horror game series and franchise by Capcom, involving megacorps and secret biowarfare research into monstrous bioweapons.notifications1996 / 202092 games (59 characters)
Resident Evil: Chronicles (バイオハザード クロニクルズ;BioHazard: Chronicles)A rail-shooter sub-series of Resident Evil.notifications2007 / 20123 games
Resident Evil: Main seriesA survival horror action-adventure series.notifications1996 / 202036 games
Resident Evil: Outbreak (バイオハザード アウトブレイク;BioHazard: Outbreak)A sub-series of Resident Evil.notifications2003 / 20042 games
Resident Evil: Survivor (バイオハザード ガンサバイバー;BioHazard: Gun Survivor)A railshooter sub-series of Resident Evil.notifications2000 / 20034 games
Resistancenotifications2006 / 20114 games (2 characters)
Rhemnotifications2003 / 20107 games
Rick Dangerousnotifications1989 / 199113 games
Ridge Racernotifications1993 / 201117 games (2 characters)
Rise of the Triadnotifications1994 / 20148 games (5 characters)
RisenAn action-RPG series by Piranha Bytes.notifications2009 / 20148 games (1 characters)
Rival Schoolsnotifications1997 / 20088 games (25 characters)
River King (川のぬし釣; Kawa no Nushi Tsuri)A game series of RPGs and adventures centered around the theme of fishing.notifications1990 / 20067 games
Road Rashnotifications1991 / 200319 games
RoadwarSeries of futuristic wargames by SSI and Westwood Associates.notifications1986 / 198814 games
Robot Odysseynotifications1984 / 200910 games
Robot Ponkotto (ロボットポンコッツ;Robot Ponkottsu;Robopon)notifications1998 / 20016 games
Robotronnotifications1982 / 200322 games
Rock BandA series of music video games developed by Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games, and distributed by Electronic Arts.notifications2007 / 201526 games
Rock n Roll Racingnotifications1993 / 20035 games
Rodlandnotifications1990 / 19938 games
RolandThe Roland series was created to give the Amstrad CPC a recognisable mascot. However, this never worked and nobody remembers "Roland" anymore. This name was chosen because of "Roland Perry", who was a technical manager at Amstrad.notifications1984 / 198511 games
Rolling Thundernotifications1986 / 199311 games (10 characters)
RomanciaSub series of the Dragon Slayer series.notifications1986 / 19876 games
Roogoonotifications2008 / 20094 games
Rune Factory (ルーンファクトリー)A fantasy farm simulation series.notifications2006 / 20127 games
Rushing Beat ( ラッシング・ビート)Games in the Rushing Beat series, released with wildly differing names outside of Japan.notifications1992 / 19933 games
RygarA video game developed and marketed by Tecmo, first release in 1986 on arcade.notifications1986 / 201212 games
Ryouki no Ori(猟奇の檻)[獵奇の檻]notifications1995 / 19974 games
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.[Stalker]A tactical RPG shooter series set in the Chernobyl disaster area after a second disaster that altered the laws of nature and mutated the resident wildlife. Very similar to post apocalyptic fiction without being such.notifications2007 / 20123 games (6 characters)
Sabremannotifications1984 / 201616 games
Sacred(Ancaria)Fantasy action-RPG series by Ascaron set in the continent of Ancaria.notifications2004 / 201410 games
SaGa(Sa・Ga;サ・が;サが)A game series created by Akitoshi Kawazu [河津 秋敏].notifications1989 / 200512 games
Saints RowAn open world game series following the exploits of the Saints gang.notifications2006 / 202016 games (4 characters)
Sakura Taisen (サクラ大戦;Sakura Wars)notifications1996 / 201934 games (9 characters)
Sam & MaxBased on the Sam & Max comics by Steve Purcell.notifications1993 / 201515 games (2 characters)
Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits)notifications1993 / 201947 games
Samurai Spirits0 game (4 characters)
Samurai Warriors (戦国無双;Sengoku Musō)notifications2004 / 202125 games
Sanctumnotifications2011 / 20145 games (4 characters)
Sanitary podzemelij(Санитары подземелий;Dungeon Cleaners;Planet Alcatraz)notifications2006 / 20082 games
Sansara Naga (サンサーラ・ナーガ)notifications1990 / 20013 games
Santa Fe Mysteriesnotifications1996 / 19973 games
SargonSeries of chess games, originally developed by Dan and Kathleen Spracklen and published by Hayden Software.notifications1979 / 199423 games
SavageAn FPS/RTS hybrid series from S2 Games.notifications2003 / 20167 games
Savage Reignnotifications1995 / 19993 games (13 characters)
Schbibinmannotifications1989 / 19944 games
Schwert und Magienotifications1989 / 19924 games
Scourgenotifications2010 / 20144 games
Scribblenautsnotifications2009 / 201811 games
Section 8notifications2009 / 20116 games (1 characters)
Sega AgesA series of re-releases and compilations of classic Sega games.notifications1996 / 200846 games
Sega RallyRally games series by Sega.notifications1995 / 201116 games
Seiken Densetsu(聖剣伝説;World of Mana)notifications1991 / 201812 games
Sengoku Basara (戦国BASARA)notifications2005 / 20105 games
Sengoku(Sengoku Denshō)notifications1991 / 20156 games
Sensible SoccerSeries of soccer games with top-down view, developed by Sensible Software.notifications1988 / 200734 games
Sentimental Graffitinotifications1997 / 20049 games
SentinelA tower defense series by Origin8.notifications2010 / 20159 games
Serious SamA humorous sci-fi shooter series from Croteam.notifications2001 / 202024 games (1 characters)
Serpent RidersThe Serpent Riders story told across the [[tag:heretichexen Heretic and Hexen]] games, how they broke through into the three worlds and were finally defeated by nameless heroes.0 game
Sexy BeachGame series by Illusionnotifications2001 / 20105 games (8 characters)
Shadow Hearts(シャドウハーツ)notifications1999 / 20054 games (6 characters)
Shadow of the Beastnotifications1989 / 199417 games
Shadow Warriornotifications1997 / 201617 games (1 characters)
Shanknotifications2010 / 20128 games
ShantaeA platformer/metroidvania series by WayForward following the adventures of the titular half-genie, Shantae.notifications2002 / 202119 games (2 characters)
ShellShocknotifications2004 / 20096 games
Shenmuenotifications2000 / 20104 games
Shining (Shining Force;シャイニング・フォース)A fantasy game series famous for its tactical-RPGs.notifications1991 / 201842 games (54 characters)
Shinobinotifications1987 / 201131 games (7 characters)
Shinobido (忍道)notifications2005 / 20113 games
Ship Simulatornotifications2006 / 20104 games
Shiren the Wanderer (風来のシレン;Fūrai no Shiren)notifications1995 / 20108 games
Shock Wave[Shockwave]notifications1994 / 19969 games
Sid Meier's CivilizationA series of pan-historic 4X games designed by Sid Meier. Take control of a band of settlers in 4000bc and build them into an empire.notifications1991 / 201860 games
Silent Hillnotifications1999 / 201627 games (9 characters)
Silent HunterA submarine simulator series.notifications1996 / 20107 games
Silpheed (シルフィード)Series of vertical / third-person shooter by Game Arts.notifications1986 / 20119 games
SimCitynotifications1989 / 201352 games
Simon the Sorcerernotifications1993 / 201311 games (1 characters)
SIMPLE 1500A budget PSX game series in Japan from D3 Publisher. The number refers to the price the games are sold at (~1500¥).notifications1996 / 2003110 games
SIMPLE 2000A budget PS2 game series in Japan by D3. The number refers to the price the games are sold at (~2000¥).notifications2001 / 2010133 games
SIMPLE 2500A budget PSP game series by D3 in Japan. The number refers to the price the games are sold at (~2500¥).notifications2006 / 20094 games
SIMPLE 2960 Tomodachi(SIMPLE2960ともだち)A budget GBA series by D3.notifications4 games
Simple Characters 2000notifications2001 / 200316 games
SIMPLE DSA budget DS series by D3.notifications2006 / 20087 games
SIMPLE seriesA variety of budget game series by D3.list_alt0 game
Simple WiiA budget Wii game series in Japan by D3, sold at ¥2940.notifications2007 / 20086 games
SimsThe Sims are the most well known simulation (Sims) games. Basically the same concept in all the games.Build a house, make a family, have people over, get a job, have fun.notifications2000 / 201460 games
Simutronics' GemstoneA series of Massively Multiplayer Online Games developed by Simutronics Corporation.notifications1 game
SiNnotifications1998 / 20066 games (3 characters)
SiN EpisodesAn [[link:/groups/info/episodic episodic]] sequel to [[gameid:18744 SiN]].0 game
SinglesA social/life simulation game series by Rotobee.notifications2004 / 20052 games
SingStar (Sing Star)Competitive music video game series for PlayStation consoles that involves singing.notifications2004 / 201019 games
Siren (サイレン;Forbidden Siren)notifications2004 / 20083 games
Skidmarks seriesnotifications1993 / 19986 games
Sky Gamblersnotifications2011 / 20155 games
Skyfoxnotifications1984 / 198812 games
Skylandersnotifications2011 / 201737 games
Slam dunknotifications1993 / 199611 games
Sly Coopernotifications2002 / 20146 games
Smash Court(Smash Court Tennis)Series of tennis games by Namco.notifications1996 / 20077 games
Sniper Elitenotifications2005 / 20178 games
Sniper: Ghost Warriornotifications2010 / 20179 games
Snow Bros.notifications1990 / 19948 games
So BlondeSeries of humorous click adventure games starring an attractive female protagonist.notifications2008 / 20127 games
Soldier of Fortunenotifications2000 / 20078 games
Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ)Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game series. It is published by Sega, with entries developed by Sega, Sonic Team, Dimps, SIMS Co., Ltd., BioWare, and Sumo Digital. The series debuted in 1991 with the video game, Sonic the Hedgehog, released for the Mega Drinotifications1991 / 2023167 games (25 characters)
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo (その花びらにくちづけを)notifications2006 / 20086 games
SorcerianSub series of the Dragon Slayer seriesnotifications1987 / 20009 games
SoulCalibur(ソウルキャリバー)[Soul Calibur]Fighting series based on swords and other hand weapons developed by Hiroaki Yotoriyama of [company=Namco]Namco[/company].notifications1995 / 201822 games (61 characters)
SoulsA bleak, dark fantasy, tactical action-RPG series by From Software.notifications2009 / 201817 games
Soviet Unterzögersdorfnotifications2005 / 20083 games
Space Acenotifications1983 / 200017 games (3 characters)
Space Channel 5notifications1999 / 201510 games (1 characters)
Space Empiresnotifications1995 / 20065 games
Space HarrierShooter series by Sega.notifications1985 / 201533 games
Space InvadersOfficial games in the Space Invaders series stemming from the original arcade game from Taito. Popularized the fixed shooter genre.notifications1978 / 202054 games
Space Pilotnotifications1984 / 19895 games
Space Pirates and Zombies(SPAZ)notifications2011 / 20176 games
Space Rangersnotifications2002 / 20093 games
Spaceforcenotifications2007 / 20123 games
SpacequestHumorous SciFi adventure game series from Sierra On-Line.notifications1986 / 200132 games
Sparkster(Rocket Knight)notifications1993 / 20106 games (1 characters)
Special Force(القوة الخاصة)notifications2003 / 20072 games
Spectral ForceRPG / Tactical-RPG series from Idea Factory / Neverland.notifications1997 / 20099 games
Spectral Souls (スペクトラルソウルズ)notifications2003 / 20136 games
Speedballnotifications1988 / 201318 games
SpellForcenotifications2003 / 20106 games
Spelunker (スペランカー)notifications1983 / 20099 games
SplatterHousenotifications1988 / 20107 games
Splinter Cell(Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell)A tactical stealth-espionage shooter series.notifications2002 / 201333 games (1 characters)
Sporenotifications2008 / 201015 games
Spring on a Thingnotifications1985 / 19876 games
Spy Foxnotifications1997 / 20149 games
Spy Hunternotifications1983 / 200521 games
SpyroA game series following the story of a purple fledgling dragon.notifications1998 / 201137 games (3 characters)
Spyro the DragonThe original Spyro series.notifications1998 / 200514 games (7 characters)
SSI's GemstoneA game series from Strategic Simulations.notifications1984 / 19869 games
SSXnotifications2000 / 200715 games (15 characters)
Stalin Subwaynotifications2005 / 20062 games
Star Controlnotifications1990 / 201321 games
Star Defendernotifications2002 / 20074 games
Star ForceA series of shoot 'em ups from Tecmo/Tehkan. Spiritiual predecessor of the "Star Soldier" series.notifications1984 / 19937 games
Star FoxA science fiction video game series created by Nintendo featuring a combat team formed by anthropomorphic animals.notifications1992 / 201610 games (9 characters)
Star Gladiatornotifications1996 / 20155 games (15 characters)
Star Ocean (スターオーシャン)notifications1996 / 201610 games (12 characters)
Star Raidersnotifications1979 / 201112 games
Star SoldierA series of shoot 'em ups mainly developed by Hudson Soft.notifications1986 / 200813 games
Star Wars: BattlefrontA series of first- and third-person shooter video games based on the Star Wars films taking the role of soldiers in either of two opposing armies.notifications2004 / 201716 games
Star Wolvesnotifications2005 / 20083 games
Star Wraith (Evochron)Star Wraith series and any other games set in the same universe.notifications2000 / 201010 games
StarCraftnotifications1998 / 201622 games (21 characters)
StarFightA sci-fi game series by Jukka Paajanen, best known for the sixth game in the series.notifications1996 / 20006 games
Starflightnotifications1986 / 19919 games
Starpoint Gemininotifications2010 / 20163 games
Stealth Forcenotifications2005 / 20083 games
Stealth Inc(Stealth Bastard)notifications2011 / 20159 games
SteamWorldnotifications2010 / 202019 games
Steel Battalion (鉄騎;Tekki)A mech vehicle simulation series from Capcom.notifications2002 / 20123 games
Steel PanthersA tactical strategy game series from SSI.notifications1995 / 19974 games
Stellar 7notifications1983 / 199318 games
Stonekeepnotifications1995 / 20122 games
Story of Thor (Oasis)notifications1994 / 19962 games (2 characters)
Street FighterA popular series of fighting games, the first really playable, created by Capcom that put contestants from around the world against each other.notifications1987 / 2023178 games (63 characters)
Streets of Ragenotifications1991 / 202121 games
Strider(ストライダー飛竜;Strider Hiryu)notifications1989 / 201428 games (1 characters)
STRIKEA top-down multi-directional shooter game series started by Desert Strike in 1991.notifications1992 / 200225 games
Strike Suitnotifications5 games
Strip FighterAn erotic parody of Street Fighter series.notifications1993 / 20104 games
StroggPart of the Strogg war storyline started with Quake 2.notifications1997 / 200923 games (4 characters)
StrongholdA medieval strategy game ("castle sim") series by Firefly Studios.notifications2001 / 201410 games
Sudden Strikenotifications2000 / 20178 games
Sudekinotifications2004 / 20052 games (7 characters)
Summon Nightnotifications2000 / 201616 games
Summonernotifications2000 / 20034 games (6 characters)
Super ChineseA series of adventure and action role-playing games for the arcade and various Nintendo video game systems developed by "Culture Brain". Also known as "Ninja Boy" outside Japan.notifications1984 / 200414 games
Super Mario Bros.Subseries of "Mario".notifications1985 / 201619 games (1 characters)
Super Meat Boynotifications2010 / 201811 games
Super Monkey Ballnotifications2001 / 201919 games
Super Robot Wars (スーパーロボット大戦;Super Robot Taisen;SRT;SRW)A cross-over mecha series of tactical RPGs from Banpresto. Most of them were never published outside of Japan, except some episodes from the "OG" subseries, which are not cross-overs.notifications1991 / 202075 games (11 characters)
Super Smash Bros.Nintendo All-Stars Fighting Each Other. 4 player fighting game at its best.notifications1999 / 20186 games (79 characters)
Super SolversEdutainment game series by The Learning Companynotifications1989 / 19926 games
Superlite 2000A budget PS2 game series in Japan by Success. The number refers to the price the games are sold at (~2000¥).notifications2003 / 20056 games
SuperLite1500notifications1996 / 200243 games
Supreme CommanderA sci-fi strategy game series by Gas Powered Games, modeled after the earlier Total Annihilation's style of play.notifications2007 / 20115 games (2 characters)
Svea RikeA grand strategy game series focusing on the Kingdom of Sweden and other Nordic countries from 13th to 19th century.notifications1997 / 20003 games
Sven BømwøllenAn adult-themed game series where players control Sven, a black male sheep, on his quest to hump every last one of the female sheep.notifications2002 / 20077 games
SWATA spin-off series of Police Quest.notifications1995 / 20056 games
Switchbladenotifications1989 / 201910 games
SWIV(Silkworm IV)notifications1991 / 200011 games
Sword Art Online seriesnotifications2013 / 201712 games
Sword of the StarsA 4X strategy game series from Kerberos.notifications2006 / 201610 games
Swordquestnotifications1982 / 20165 games
Syberianotifications2002 / 201817 games
SyndicateA game series where the player assumes the role of syndicate executive and leads a squad of cybernetically enhanced operatives in various missions that usually involve eliminating or capturing key personnel.notifications1993 / 201217 games
Syphon Filternotifications1999 / 20109 games
System Shocknotifications1994 / 20178 games (4 characters)
Tactics OgreSeries of tactical-RPG, subseries of "Ogre Battle".notifications1995 / 20105 games
TAGAP (The Apocalypse Game About Penguins)notifications2007 / 20112 games
Taiko no Tatsujinnotifications2001 / 201011 games
Taisen Hot Gimmicknotifications1997 / 200514 games
Tak (Tak and the Power of Juju)notifications2003 / 200814 games
TakedaA tactical strategy game series from Magitech set in feudal Japan, based on the life of Takeda Shingen (武田信玄).notifications2001 / 20093 games
Tales ofAn RPG series from Namco. Named after the recurring "Tales of" part of the titles.notifications1994 / 201959 games (10 characters)
Tantei Jinguuji Saburo (Jake Hunter)notifications1987 / 201713 games
Tao Fengnotifications1 game (13 characters)
Tapan Kaikki (TK)notifications1996 / 20045 games
Tarr Chronicles (Хроники Тарр)An action scifi spaceflight sim series from Quazar.notifications2007 / 20082 games
TaskMakernotifications1989 / 19973 games
Tatakae Genshijin(戦え原始人;Joe & Mac;Caveman Ninja)A series of pseudo-prehistoric platformers from Data East.notifications1991 / 201011 games
Tau CetiAn SF game series by CRLnotifications1985 / 198811 games
TearRing Saga(ティアリングサーガ)[tear ring saga]notifications2001 / 20052 games
Tears to Tiara(ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ)Tactical-RPG series by Aquaplus.notifications2005 / 20136 games
TekkenA fighting game franchise created, developed and published by Namco.notifications1994 / 201743 games (56 characters)
Temponotifications1994 / 19983 games
Tenchi wo Kurau(天地を喰らう)A video game series and a manga set in the Three Kingdoms period, created by Capcom and Hiroshi Motomiya.notifications1989 / 199615 games
Tenchu (天誅;テンチュウ)A popular action-adventure stealth video game series based in the 16th-century Feudal Japan.notifications1998 / 200912 games (17 characters)
Tengai Makyou (天外魔境;Far East of Eden)notifications1989 / 200611 games
TennoAn unnamed series or rather setting from Digital Extremes dealing with one Tenno or another.notifications2008 / 20135 games
Tenshitachi no GogoEroge adventure game series by Jast.notifications1985 / 199523 games
Terrarianotifications2011 / 20155 games
Test DriveSeries of racing games, originally published by Accolade, bought by Infogrames / Atari in 1999.notifications1987 / 201152 games
Tetris (TETЯIS;ТЕТРИС;ТЕТРИ☭;ТЕТРИІС)A genre founding puzzler by Alexey Pajitnov (founder of The Tetris Company). This group is for official Tetris games.notifications1984 / 202184 games
Tex Murphynotifications1989 / 201416 games
The Anchovy TrilogyA series of RPG games by Brian O'Donnel3 games
The Banner Saganotifications2013 / 201821 games
The Bard's TaleAn RPG series reminiscent of AD&D and inspired by the Wizardry series. Originally by Michael Cranford, passed to Interplay.notifications1985 / 201825 games
The ConveniA convenience store simulation series.notifications1997 / 20069 games
The Dark EyeA point-and-click adventure series based roughly on Edgar Allan Poe's writings.notifications3 games
The Elder Scrolls(Tamriel)[Oblivion]Set in the world of Tamriel and its canonical hell, Oblivion.notifications1994 / 201525 games (19 characters)
The ExcaliburA series based on Arthurian myth, from Virgin Games.notifications1991 / 19929 games
The Fallnotifications2004 / 20112 games
The Firemen(ザ・ファイヤーメン)notifications1994 / 19952 games
The Great Giana Sistersnotifications1987 / 202221 games (2 characters)
The Guildnotifications2002 / 20084 games
The House of the Dead (ザ ハウス オブ ザ デッド)notifications1996 / 201322 games (1 characters)
The Journeyman Projectnotifications1992 / 201411 games
The King of FightersGreat fighting saga.notifications1991 / 201878 games (97 characters)
The Legend of SpyroThe new Spyro continuity starting with Spyro's birth in [i]A New Beginning[/i].notifications2006 / 200815 games (6 characters)
The Legendary Starfy(Densetsu no Starfy;伝説のスタフィー)[Densetsu no Stafi]Series of platform games developed by Tose and published by Nintendo.notifications2002 / 20095 games
The Longest JourneyThe Longest Journey is a small series of adventure games from Funcom that revolve around the twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia.notifications1999 / 20063 games (5 characters)
The Lost VikingsA series about three lost vikings.notifications1993 / 200310 games (5 characters)
The Magic Candlenotifications1989 / 19927 games
The Magic School Bus[Scholastic's The Magic School Bus]Games based on the books or the TV series. A school bus unlimited by physics of space, time or dimension takes a teacher & classroom of kids exploring.notifications1994 / 20016 games
The Master StrategyA game series seemingly unrelated to each other.notifications4 games
The Monkey IslandA humorous series of adventure games from LucasArts starring Guybrush Threepwood, a wannabe pirate.notifications1990 / 201924 games (12 characters)
The NeverhoodThe Neverhood game series, or Klaymen Klaymen as it's known in Japan.notifications2 games
The Rumble Fishnotifications2004 / 20053 games
The Settlersnotifications1993 / 201021 games
The Typing of the DeadSpin-off from House of the Dead that swaps lightgun play with typing out words to shoot.notifications1999 / 20136 games (1 characters)
The War of Genesis(창세기전)A series of mostly top-down tactical RPGs from SoftMax.notifications1995 / 200911 games
Theatre of Warnotifications2007 / 20114 games
Theme Parknotifications1994 / 200719 games
Thexdernotifications1985 / 201018 games
Thief (Dark Project)notifications1998 / 201512 games (9 characters)
ThunderforceShoot 'em Up series from Japanese developer Technosoft.notifications1983 / 199816 games
Time CrisisSeries of first-person light gun shooter by Namco. The first game in the series was an arcade game released in 1995.notifications1995 / 201514 games
TimeSplittersnotifications2000 / 20057 games (2 characters)
Tiny Dungeon(タイニーダンジョン)notifications2010 / 20124 games
Tir-nan-ogA tactical fantasy RPG series by SystemSoft.notifications1989 / 20057 games
Titan QuestAn action RPG series set in ancient Earth (mostly around Greece).notifications2006 / 20072 games
To HeartSeries of romance visual novel with erotic contents (or porn contents for some Windows releases), which spawned the spin-off "Dungeon Travelers".notifications1997 / 201512 games
Tobalnotifications1996 / 19972 games
Tobidase Daisakusen (とびだせ大作戦;Jumpin' Jack;WorldRunner)notifications2 games
Toejam & EarlA game series following the misadventures of alien rappers who frequently crash-land on Earth or around earthlings, and rap their way to escape.notifications1991 / 20195 games
Tokimeki Memorial (TokiMemo;ときめきメモリアル)A dating sim series by Konami.notifications1994 / 201246 games (5 characters)
Tokyo Majin Gakuen (東京魔人學園)notifications1998 / 20086 games
Tomb Raider (Lara Croft)notifications1996 / 201992 games (42 characters)
Tomb Raider 2006 Reboot(2nd Tomb Raider;2nd era)[second series;first reboot]A reboot of the Tomb Raider series by Crystal Dynamics.notifications2006 / 200821 games
Tomb Raider 2013 Rebootnotifications2013 / 20189 games
Tombanotifications1997 / 19992 games
Tony Hawk (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater)Games branded with Tony Hawk's name, a professional American skateboarder and actor.notifications1999 / 202172 games
TorchlightAn action-RPG series by Runic.notifications2009 / 20155 games
Tōshin Toshi (闘神都市)notifications1989 / 20089 games
Total WarA tactical strategy game series by Creative Assembly.notifications2000 / 202021 games
Touch! GenerationsNintendo's NDS and Wii brand.notifications2005 / 20077 games
Touhou Project (東方Project;Tōhō Project;Project Shrine Maiden)A doujin manic shooter series from Team Shanghai Alice.notifications1996 / 200814 games
Toukiden(討鬼伝)notifications2013 / 20179 games
Tower of Druaga (ドルアーガの塔;Druaga no Tō;バビロニアンキャッスルサーガ;Babylonian Castle Saga)notifications1984 / 200922 games (3 characters)
Toy SoldiersAn action/strategy series of war games.notifications2010 / 20157 games
TrackManiaSeries of racing games.notifications2003 / 201612 games
Tradewindsnotifications2003 / 20096 games
Trainznotifications2001 / 20084 games
Transylvanianotifications1982 / 201021 games
Trauma Center (超執刀 カドゥケウス;Chōshittō Caduceus;Super Surgical Operation: Caduceus)A medical simulation series.notifications2005 / 20105 games
Tribesnotifications1998 / 20126 games
Trinenotifications2009 / 201516 games (3 characters)
Triplane Turmoilnotifications1996 / 20062 games
Tritorn seriesJapanese Action-RPG series.notifications1985 / 198911 games
TropicoA city-building game series in tropical country where the player assumes the role of a military dictator.notifications2001 / 202021 games
True Crimenotifications2003 / 20056 games
Tsukihime (月姫)notifications2000 / 20033 games (11 characters)
Turoknotifications1997 / 201821 games (10 characters)
Turricannotifications1990 / 200423 games
Twilight Syndrome (トワイライトシンドローム)notifications1996 / 20085 games
TwinBeenotifications1985 / 201126 games
Twisted MetalA car combat game series.notifications1995 / 20059 games
Two Worlds (2-Worlds)notifications2007 / 20116 games
Ty the Tasmanian Tigernotifications2002 / 202115 games (1 characters)
U-Singnotifications2009 / 20103 games
UFOA strategy game series from ALTAR, heavily influenced and inspired by the old X-COM series.notifications2003 / 20073 games
UFO: Extraterrestrialsnotifications2 games
UltimaUltima is a series of open world fantasy role-playing video games from Origin Systems, Inc. Ultima was created by Richard Garriott. A significant series in computer game history, it is considered, alongside Wizardry and Might and Magic, to be one of the enotifications1979 / 2021179 games (19 characters)
Ultima UnderworldFirst-person solo RPG series instead of the usual top-down party adventuring other Ultima games had been.notifications1992 / 201212 games
Ultima Worlds of Adventure (Worlds of Ultima)A set of spin-offs of Ultima VI that use the same engine. Originally "Worlds of Ultima" then renamed "Worlds of Adventure"notifications1990 / 19955 games
Ultima: Age of Armageddon (The Guardian Saga)A story arc in the Ultima series. Begins with the founding of the Fellowship.notifications1992 / 201128 games (16 characters)
Ultima: The Age of DarknessA story arc within the Ultima series. It begins when Mondain creates the Gem of Immortality and ends after the Battle on the Bloody Plains.notifications1981 / 200143 games
Ultima: The Age of EnlightenmentA story arc within the Ultima series. Begins with The City-states of Sosaria banding together as Britannia with Lord British as King. Ends 70 years after the collapse of the Stygian Abyss.notifications1985 / 201439 games (1 characters)
Umineko no Naku Koro ni(うみねこのなく頃に;When the Seagulls Cry)notifications2007 / 201115 games
Unchartednotifications2007 / 20176 games
Uncharted Waters ( 大航海時代;Daikoukai Jidai)notifications1990 / 200628 games
Under Ash (Under Siege)notifications2001 / 20052 games
Universe at Warnotifications2007 / 20082 games (10 characters)
Unnkulia SeriesA text adventure series by Adventionsnotifications1990 / 199312 games
UnrealThe story-driven Unreal series.notifications1998 / 20038 games (4 characters)
Unreal Tournament (Unreal Championship)A multiplayer-only spin-off of the story-driven Unreal series.notifications1999 / 200819 games (9 characters)
Untold Legendsnotifications2005 / 20063 games
UtawarerumonoSeries of visual novel / tactical RPG.notifications2002 / 202016 games
Valhalla Knights (ヴァルハラ ナイツ)notifications2006 / 20094 games
Valis (ヴァリス)notifications1986 / 200624 games
Valkyria Chroniclesnotifications2008 / 201711 games
Valkyrie no Bokennotifications1986 / 20157 games
Valkyrie Profile (ヴァルキリープロファイル)A game series by tri-Ace.notifications1999 / 20084 games (3 characters)
Vandal Heartsnotifications1996 / 20106 games
Variable Geo (V.G.;ヴァリアブル・ジオ)notifications1993 / 200313 games (1 characters)
Victorianotifications2003 / 20136 games
Viewtiful Joenotifications2003 / 20088 games (1 characters)
Vipernotifications1993 / 200628 games (3 characters)
Virtua CopSeries of light gun shooter games in a first-person perspective created by Sega, in which you control a police officer.notifications1994 / 200512 games
Virtua Fighternotifications1993 / 201546 games (19 characters)
Virtua Tennis (Power Smash)Series of tennis games by SEGA.notifications1999 / 201124 games
Virtual On (Cyber Troopers Virtual-On;電脳戦機バーチャロン)notifications1995 / 201813 games
Virtual Villagersnotifications2006 / 20086 games
Viva PiñataSeries of simulation / management games with strange animals called "piñatas".notifications2006 / 20085 games
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizernotifications1995 / 19972 games (4 characters)
WagyanSeries of (mainly platform) games starring a green mechanical dinosaur.notifications1989 / 19947 games
Waku Waku 7notifications1996 / 19972 games (8 characters)
Wally Week seriesnotifications1984 / 198610 games
WarcraftA high fantasy real-time strategy game series set in the world of Azeroth, created by Blizzard.notifications1994 / 201530 games (20 characters)
Warionotifications1993 / 202124 games (1 characters)
WarlordsA strategy game series originally by SSG.notifications1990 / 200817 games
Warrior of Rome(Caesar no Yabo;シーザーの野望)[Ambition of Caesar]notifications1991 / 19922 games
WarzardCapcom fighternotifications1996 / 19972 games (12 characters)
WastelandA series of oldskool post-apocalyptic RPGs.notifications1988 / 202112 games
Wave RaceJet Ski racing series.notifications1992 / 20013 games
Way of the Samurai (侍道)notifications2002 / 20086 games
Wesnoth universeSet in fictional universe known as Wesnoth.notifications2003 / 201014 games
WetrixSeries of puzzle video games developed by ZedTwo, inspired by Tetris, in which the player must manage a landscape of lakes and the water therein.notifications1998 / 20005 games
What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? (Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!;勇者のくせになまいきだ;Yūsha no Kuse ni Namaiki da)notifications2007 / 20144 games
When Cicadas Cry (ひぐらしのなく頃に;Higurashi no Naku Koro ni;When They Cry)notifications2002 / 200711 games
When Superpowers CollideA series of games from SSInotifications1982 / 19858 games
White Knight Chronicles (白騎士物語;Shirokishi Monogatari)Series of action-RPG developed by Level-5 and Sony Computer Entertainment.notifications2008 / 20113 games
Wild Armsnotifications1996 / 20077 games
Willy MinerManic Miner, Jet Set Willy and other games starring Miner Willy.notifications1983 / 202054 games
Wing Commandernotifications1990 / 201227 games (2 characters)
Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer;PES;Goal Storm;ISS Pro)Konami's long soccer series.notifications1995 / 2020124 games
Winning Post(ウイニングポスト)Series of horse racing games by Koei, released only (or mainly?) in Japan.notifications1992 / 201037 games
Winter VoicesAn episodic adventure-RPG with defense focused combat.notifications2010 / 20126 games
Wipeoutnotifications1995 / 201216 games
WizardryThe brainchild of Sir-Tech, the Wizardry series was especially popular in Japan.notifications1981 / 201596 games (3 characters)
Wizards & WarriorsA game series by Rarenotifications1987 / 19924 games (2 characters)
Wizballnotifications1987 / 199210 games
Wolfensteinnotifications1981 / 201964 games (2 characters)
Wonder BoyFamous platform game series by Seganotifications1986 / 201729 games
World Empirenotifications1991 / 20035 games
World Heroesnotifications1992 / 200712 games (21 characters)
World of Warcraftnotifications2004 / 20137 games
World Rally Championship(WRC)notifications2001 / 202137 games
WormsA cartoon artillery game series by Team17 where players control the titular worms.notifications1995 / 201861 games
X-COM (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit)[XCOM]A tactical strategy series originally designed by Julian Gollop where the player has to counter various alien invasions.notifications1994 / 202041 games
X-COM: Original seriesThe original X-COM series.notifications1994 / 201419 games
X-PlaneA flight simulator series created by Laminar Research.notifications1999 / 201622 games
XanaduSub series of the Dragon Slayer series.notifications1985 / 200310 games
XCOM 2012 rebootThe reboot series started in 2012 with XCOM: Enemy Unknown.notifications2012 / 202018 games
Xeno (XenoSaga;XenoGears;XenoBlade)A series of RPGs by Monolith Soft, covering such titles as XenoSaga, XenoGears and XenoBlade.notifications1998 / 202215 games (3 characters)
XenonA scrolling sci-fi shooter series from The Bitmap Brothers.notifications1988 / 200018 games
Xenosaganotifications2002 / 20159 games
Xenusnotifications2005 / 20082 games
Xeviousnotifications1982 / 200831 games
xiānjiàn qíxiá zhuàn (仙劍奇俠傳;仙剑奇侠传;The Legend of Sword and Fairy)notifications1999 / 20012 games
XIII CenturyA tactical strategy game series set in the 13th century, by Unicorn Games Studio.notifications2008 / 20102 games
xuānyuán jiàn (軒轅劍;Sword of Xuan Yuan)Game series by Softstar.notifications1999 / 20052 games
XZR(エグザイル;Exile)An RPG series by Nihon Telenet.notifications1988 / 199210 games
Yakuza(龍が如く;Ryū ga Gotoku)notifications2005 / 202012 games
Yendor (Yendorian Tales)notifications1994 / 19973 games
YetiSports seriesnotifications2003 / 200912 games
Yōjū Senki A.D. 2048 (妖獣戦記 A.D. 2048)A strategy game series from Digital Object.notifications1993 / 20065 games
You Don't Know JackHumorous quiz game seriesnotifications1995 / 202127 games
Ys (イース)An action-RPG series from Nihon Falcom, which mostly follows the journeys of Adol Christin, a red haired adventuring swordsman. The setting is almost Earth usually centered on an area very similar to the Mediterranean and surrounding regions.notifications1987 / 202157 games (5 characters)
Yserbiusnotifications1993 / 19953 games
ZanHistorical strategy game series taking place during the Japanese Sengoku "Warring states" era.notifications1989 / 19948 games
ZanacA series of vertical shooters developed by Compile.notifications1986 / 20157 games
Zaxxonnotifications1982 / 200324 games
Zeno Clash(Zenozoik)notifications2009 / 20132 games (5 characters)
Zero EscapeSeries of graphic adventure / visual novel games developed by ChunSoft.notifications2009 / 20123 games
Zombotronnotifications2011 / 20194 games
Zone of the Enders(ゾーン オブ エンダーズ;Zone of Enders;ZOE;Z.O.E.)notifications2001 / 20125 games
ZoolA British born series originally for the Amiga to compete with Sonic.notifications1992 / 199415 games (3 characters)
ZorkOne of the first an most popular early "text" adventure games, where the player has to type-in commands like "examine", "take", etc.notifications1980 / 2014105 games
Zork UniverseThese games take place in the same universe as the various Zork games even if their exact time-space coordinates are not certain.notifications1980 / 2014162 games
Advergame (Ad-game)Designed to promote a product, brand, service, or cause while providing an entertaining and interactive experience. Mostly freeware.notifications1983 / 2012132 games
AutomationAny concepts that remove player interaction/input from parts that normally would be thought to require it.list_alt0 game
Block OutA 3D top-down Tetris-clone.notifications1989 / 201331 games
Cross-platform seriesAny series that requires ownership of multiple platforms to play completely (has not appeared in full on single platform).list_alt0 game
Cross-platform storyAny series that has the overall [i]story[/i] split unto different platforms.list_alt0 game
Death on heelsPlayer can't stop moving for too long or they die for one reason or another.notifications2008 / 20163 games
Game-like elementsAny tags that describe features, concepts, etc. that make games even more game-like.list_alt0 game
Graphic violenceDepicts violence in more or less realistic and/or graphic manner.0 game
Ice theme (Cold theme;Cryogenic theme)Ice, extreme cold and such serve as thematic elements.notifications1993 / 20099 games
Ignored player abilityCertain player abilities available during play are ignored by the story even when they would be especially helpful.notifications1 game
Incremental[Incremental game]Games that revolve around some kind of incremental mechanism, such as ever more powerful upgrades, increasing number of ways to play, and so forth.notifications2005 / 20176 games
Infallible babbleWhenever the protagonist is provided information, from however unreliable source (even including random speculation), player can be consistently certain the information is (almost) completely true.0 game
Jovial(Cheerful;Merry)Uses an excessively happy, merry, cheerful, or such tone. Characters are likely to be smiling almost always, and the general tone/mood might be similar to a funfair.notifications1987 / 202023 games
Level pack (Map pack)Expansions that are nothing more than compilations of levels, courses, tracks, or some equally insignificant.notifications2 games
LongExceptionally long and time consuming to play through compared to many others of the genre.notifications1 game
Low Resolution TextShows text output that looks to be for a system with less than 80 colum text (Apple ][, Commodore, Atari 8-bit).notifications1987 / 20194 games
Mario universeAny official and unofficial game based on the in the same realm as Nintendo's Mario series.notifications1981 / 2023282 games
Maxis Sim gamesAll those "sim-all" games0 game
Meta-proportional worldObjects, characters, and world size are inconsistent to each other but this is [i]fully[/i] explained by the game's internal reality.notifications1996 / 20154 games
Metroid universeAny official and unofficial game based on the Metroid seriesnotifications1986 / 201619 games
Missing informationAny tags referring to the absence of more or less vital information.list_alt0 game
Multiplayerlist_alt0 game
Nintendo GameCube - Game Boy Advance CableUses the GBA Cable, to connect GameCube and GBA to trade information.notifications2002 / 200516 games
No tutorialSpecifically lacks a tutorial or any kind of guide on how to play the game.notifications2012 / 20175 games
Off-screen combatTop-down games where player has to fight enemies that are off-screen.notifications1 game
OverpreparedThe protagonist, or someone close to them, is surprisingly carrying around something you wouldn't expect anyone to have. But they do, and informs you of it just when there's a sudden and rather dire need for something like it.notifications1 game
Packaging variationsWhen the packaging, label, instructions, parts, or cartridge of a game came in more than one version for the same sales region by the same company.notifications1985 / 19894 games
Pokémon universeAny official and unofficial game based on the Pokemon seriesnotifications1996 / 202289 games
Puzz Loop clones and variantsPuzz Loop, its clones and variants.notifications1998 / 200827 games
RealismAny concepts relating to bits of realism, especially when they are uncommon in video games. These are not necessarily any kind of simulation but rather binary facts about the gameplay or the setting.list_alt0 game
Reason for involvementAny tags describing reason for the protagonist to be involved in the events.list_alt0 game
Redundant: Board gamePresented as a board game with all the necessary components simulated in-game, such as die rolling.notifications2 games
Sega MeganetGames that could be downloaded via Sega Meganet, a former network service in Japan for people using the Sega Mega Drive. Debuting in 1991, this was the first time multiplayer console gaming was possible to a second console. [i](Source: Wikipedia)[/i]notifications1990 / 199427 games
Sega Netlink (SegaNet)Games that can be playable via Sega Netlink (SegaNet in Japan), which was Sega's online service for the Sega Saturn in Japan and the USA. [i](Source: Wikipedia)[/i]notifications1995 / 19979 games
Serious gameDeals seriously with real life subjects. Main goal isn't entertainment but to change, persuade or educate players. Subjects include politics, training, health, advertising, history and more.notifications1980 / 202297 games
Silent (No dialogues)Has no voiced or written dialogue, even if implied by other factors or the characters supposedly communicate with each other.notifications3 games
SkweekSeries of bird's eye action/puzzle games published and developed by Loriciel.notifications1989 / 201220 games
Sole survivorIn the game intro or early in the game itself the protagonist's group dies off for one reason or another and player takes control of some hapless soul who survived it, alone.notifications1990 / 19976 games
Too Much Success is PenalizedLike most games, you are rewarded for success. But game in this group impose a punishment if you surpass an upper threshold of success.notifications1984 / 19862 games
Traditional gameVideo game adaptation of a traditional game. Also when uses real traditional gaming materials.notifications1970 / 20233151 games
Unclear causeWhy the protagonist does what they do is left out, unelaborated.notifications1 game
Undue hastePlayer is told to hurry at various points but never has any real need to comply, but instead can go for a week long fishing trip or just sit on their arse twiddling their thumbs for as long as they wish.notifications2001 / 20148 games
Unknown proportionsLacks info on sizes to draw any conclusions on if the displayed objects, characters and world is proportional or not.notifications1 game
Vegetarian ProtagonistThe protagonist does not eat meat. Milk and Eggs allowed (or any non-meat animal products not requiring unnatural injury or death).notifications3 games
Visuals (Graphics)Tags describing things that are primarily visual elements.list_alt0 game
Zelda universeAny official and unofficial game based in the world depicted in the Legend of Zelda seriesnotifications1986 / 202071 games
AGS Award for Best AnimationOne of the Rogers (AGS Awards)notifications2 games
AGS Award for Best Character Artnotifications2 games
AGS Award for Best Musicnotifications2 games
AGS Award for Best Room Artnotifications2 games
Atari and Kee Games arcade hardwareDiscrete Games made in the 1970'snotifications1974 / 197612 games
Award: CES Software Showcase Most Inovative Softwarenotifications4 games
Award: Game Developer's Choice Award for Best WritingThe Writing award recognizes the overall excellence of writing in a game - including, but not limited to, story, plot construction, dialogue, branching narratives, etc.notifications2002 / 201616 games
Award: Home of the Underdogs Top DogAn award given out by the Home of the Underdogs website.notifications1995 / 20043 games
Award: IGF Innovationnotifications2001 / 200914 games
Award: IGF Seumas McNally Grand PrizeAn award given at Independent Games Festival. [url][/url]notifications1999 / 201019 games
CGW Hall of Fame AwardAwarded by Computer Gaming World Magazine. CGW itself has won an Origins Award.notifications1 game
ECTS AwardThe European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) was an annual trade show for the European computer and video game industry which first ran in 1988 with the last event occuring in 2004. The exposition was only open to industry professionals and journalists.notifications1994 / 201636 games
Famitsu Game of the Year Awardnotifications1990 / 202030 games
Game of the Year[GotY]Received Game of the Year award from any notable publication, awarded to single game of any genre each year.notifications1996 / 201656 games
Metacritic's 'Best game of the year' Awardnotifications2005 / 201626 games
Metacritic's 'Dud of the year' Awardnotifications2005 / 200824 games
Origins Award Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Computer Gamenotifications1 game
Prix Ars Electronica AwardThe Prix Ars Electronica is awarded yearly the field of electronic and interactive art, computer animation, digital culture and music.notifications1 game
Queen EngineThe Queen Engine is used to play Interactive Binary Illusions' Flight of the Amazon Queen. The engine currently supports all known DOS and Amiga versions (full game in several languages and demos).notifications2 games
Sega ChannelProject developed by Sega for the Sega Mega Drive video game console, it was a method capable of streaming digital content to Mega Drive owners through cable television. Downloaded games would be erased upon turning off the console.notifications1 game
Seiun Award (星雲賞)An award given out by the Japanese National Science Fiction Award Convention for sci-fi entertainment achievements. "Seiun" means Nebula.notifications1 game
SPA Gold Disk Awardnotifications2 games
The Linux Game Tome's Game of the Month Awardnotifications2 games
Tinsel EngineThe Tinsel engine is a scripting engine developed by Teeny Weeny Games / Perfect 10 Productions for their point and click adventure games, based on the Discworld novels authored by Terry Pratchett.notifications1995 / 19977 games
Tucker EngineThe Tucker engine is used in Bud Tucker in Double Trouble.notifications1 game
Wasteland EngineInterplay's engine created for Wasteland. Was used in other projects as well.notifications1988 / 19924 games
Your Sinclair Top 100 Of All Timenotifications1982 / 1990102 games
---Player AntagonistRemoved from use due to excessive overlap with malevolent/villain protagonist tags and inconsistent usage (due to vague description?). – At least one of the players is cast as the main villain and must actively pursue the failure of the protagonist(s).notifications1981 / 201519 games
1 life (No extra lives)Player has no extra lives nor continues, death or other loss condition simply results in game over or in some cases automatic loading of newest save.notifications1971 / 2021995 games
3 or more playersA simultaneously played non-MMO game that supports 3 or more local players. May require additional hardware.notifications1971 / 2021671 games
360 degree aimPlayer can aim in full 360 degrees instead of being limited to 2, 4, or 8 directions.notifications2007 / 20126 games
4 or more resourcesThere are 4 or more resource types you need to harvest, process and/or generate.notifications1984 / 201639 games
A taste of Power[Abilitease]Early on player gets to use some endgame level abilties, spells, etc. to get a taste of what they will eventually have in their use.notifications1993 / 201537 games
AAA (Triple A)[Triple-A]Produced with exceptionally high budget and expected to sell well. Marketed also in mainstream media, possibly even on the streets, and often has marketing material besides the game itself in stores. Likely part of or attempt in creating new franchise.notifications2001 / 2019230 games
Ability cooldown[skill cooldown;spell cooldown;magic cooldown]Player must contend with largely inexplicable artificial moderation on ability, skill or spell usage.notifications2005 / 202086 games
Ability dependencies (Skill dependencies;Research dependencies)Abilities, skills, research subjects, etc. have dependencies on other such before they can be made available (e.g. shield charge requires the character already can do shield bash).notifications2001 / 201940 games
Absolute armor (Absolute shields)Armor, energy shields, etc. provide absolute protection for the wearer until they have been completely obliterated.notifications1991 / 201736 games
Accessibility (Help features)Any and all features that help players familiarize themselves with the game, protect from mistakes one wouldn't make in real life and otherwise progress in it.list_alt0 game
Accuracy: Motion (Movement;Moving)Moving from place to place affects accuracy one way or another; does not include turning about on the same spot.notifications1998 / 201655 games
Accuracy: PinpointProjectiles strike exactly where the gun points, there's no random spread or anything.notifications2006 / 20132 games
Accuracy: PostureStanding, crouching, being prone, etc. affects accuracy in one manner or other.notifications2003 / 201543 games
Accuracy: TurningTurning about affects accuracy one way or the other.notifications2005 / 201623 games
Achievements (Trophies;Badge;Award;Stamp;Medal;Challenge)You're given rewards for accomplishing something exceptional or impressive, but usually do not convert to an in-game advantage.notifications1997 / 2020580 games
Acquiesce PortPorted after creators/publishers specifically & unequivocally ruled out the possibility of porting these games to a specific platform.notifications1994 / 20177 games
Action camera (Kill cam)Camera jumps to scenes of intense action, often from alternate angles with slow motion to show something Awesome happening. Often as part of player defeating the final opponent currently aware of them.notifications1998 / 201551 games
Action chainingCertain actions can be performed only as follow-ups to others.notifications2005 / 20169 games
Active ability set[skill subset;ability subset;spell subset]Player has access to only a small subset of their total skills, abilities, spells and so forth when adventuring, requiring the player to return to some safe haven or similar if they wish to use something else.notifications2000 / 202045 games
Active gameplayIn contrast to passive gameplay, these still require constant vigilance from the player, but not so much as to challenge them physically.0 game
Active healingPlayer is required to actively participate in the healing process in some manner, either simply pressing some button down until healing is done or working in some minigame, usually blocking normal gameplay for the duration.notifications2005 / 201216 games
Active pause (Pausable real-time;Real-time with pause)Players can still issue commands even when the game is paused, allowing them to maintain control over the gameplay.notifications1987 / 2019154 games
Active Time Battle(ATB)A semi-real time time progression system designed by Hiroyuki Ito for combat sequences where each entity waits for their ability to act charge but time does not pause when their "turn" is possible.notifications1994 / 201922 games
Add-ons (Expansion packs;DLC packs;Downloadable content packs)Has small add-ons or packs that don't add much (e.g. maps [map pack], skins [skin pack], items [item pack], or such).notifications1982 / 2016216 games
Advancement (Character advancement)list_alt0 game
Advancing attacksSome or all attacks (usually limited to melee attacks) cause the player character to advance in some direction (usually forward).notifications2011 / 201510 games
Aerial attack suspensionAttacking mid-air causes the character to briefly stop or significantly slow falling or even give more altitude, usually to allow player perform aerial combos. May be limited to working only if you actually hit someone.notifications2001 / 201923 games
AI advantageThe AI has has certain limits removed or has additional bonuses over normal players in an attempt to provide even or greater challenge for players, often unfair one.notifications2003 / 201410 games
Ailmentslist_alt0 game
Aim assist (Assisted aiming)Helps players aim more accurately by subtly adjusting their crosshair or guiding shots toward targets.notifications1993 / 2019132 games
Aim dead zone (View dead zone)[aiming dead zone]An area where you can aim around without affecting your heading.notifications1994 / 201739 games
Aim direction limitPlayer can aim in a very limited number of directions (usually in range of 1 to 8).notifications1982 / 201793 games
Aim mode (Aiming)Besides shooting from hip, you can also raise the weapon up and aim with the scope, iron sights, or whatever else.notifications1990 / 2020256 games
AimingAny tags related to aiming/targeting.list_alt0 game
Airflows[Air pressure;Atmospheric pressure;airflow simulation]Simulates airflow to some degree, with gases/aerosols moving along with it and objects (especially flying ones) being affected by it.notifications2012 / 201910 games
All Your Base Are Belong To Us (AYBABTU)Refers to the opening scene of Zero Wing, and especially its bad english translation.notifications1991 / 201638 games
All Your Cartoon Favourites (La Collection de tes Héros Favoris;Die Comic-Star Collection;De Reeks Met Je Striphelden)Budget range in Europe for games published by Infogrames.notifications1994 / 200113 games
Altered port or conversionThe port's or conversion's content has been altered/modified (some maps, characters, items, etc. are different) in some parts, but mostly the game is the same.notifications1989 / 20154 games
Alternate attack (Alternate fire mode)[alt fire;altfire]An alternate way to perform the same or similar attack (e.g. light and heavy punch), without being entirely different attack on its own (e.g. kick and punch).notifications1987 / 2020107 games
Alternate campaigns (Alternate storylines)Offers different storyline depending on which character or faction the player chooses, each with a different ending.notifications1986 / 201747 games
Alternate failures (Non-standard gameovers)Player can fail in their overall objective in non-standard way, such as personally activating a doomsday device you're supposed to disable, joining the antagonist or helping them achieve their victory, etc.notifications1986 / 20208 games
Alternate solutionsDespite the game genre suggesting there are no alternate solutions to problems, there are.notifications1981 / 201917 games
Alternative Solutions AllowedAlternatives means of solving key challenges are notably designed into the game.notifications1982 / 201522 games
AmbidextrousPlayer character handles objects and tools equally well with either hand, automatically switching hands as situation requires or offers a method to quickly switch between them.notifications2005 / 20148 games
AMBIGUOUS: CheckpointsThis can refer to automatic save points, retry points, literal checkpoints along a road, or other features.notifications2014 / 20178 games
Ammo reload: Keep partialReloading a weapon before it is empty causes the partial clip/mag to be kept as is, causing some later reload to give only partially full clip/mag even if you have plenty of ammo left in total.notifications2005 / 20124 games
Ammo reload: Lossy (Discard partial)Reloading a weapon before it is empty causes the partial clip/mag (and remaining ammo in it) to be discarded.notifications2000 / 201821 games
Ammo reload: RealisticUpon reloading a weapon, the previous clip/mag is discarded or stored back as partial clip/mag instead of filling the current clip/mag with the number of missing bullets.notifications1986 / 201419 games
Ammo reload: RefillReloading a weapon with partially depleted magazine acts as if the partially depleted magazine is refilled from a stock rather than the magazine being swapped in any manner.notifications2013 / 20143 games
Ammo warning (Reload warning)Somehow warns the player when they're low on ammo, either in current magazine or overall. Possibly also suggesting reloading your weapon.notifications1999 / 201620 games
Anatomic damage (Location-based damage)Damage and attack effects depends on what part of the opponent's body you strike.notifications1982 / 201366 games
Animal themeAnimals serve as a thematic element, regardless if there are any there.notifications1982 / 20176 games
Animated SurfaceInteraction with a deforming shape of a surface is a gameplay element.1 game
Antagonist designingPlayer can design their antagonist.notifications1993 / 20092 games
Anti player killing[player killer killing]Has some system to aid in player driven justice. Likely marking players that have killed another player unprovoked, except those that kill players marked with such.notifications2001 / 20033 games
Anti save scummingUses any methods designed against abusing reloading saves repeatedly to gain more beneficial outcomes.notifications2011 / 201815 games
Anticipatory sightings (Anticipatory dialogue)[foreshadowing]Player catches glimpses of future dangers.notifications1998 / 202054 games
Anticipatory stockpiles (Anticipatory shop stock;Convenient stockpiles)[foreshadowing]Includes stockpiles of weapons, ammo, medical supplies and/or other items in anticipation of subsequent challenges or right on site. Especially when this provides something you didn't already have that is necessary for the challenges.notifications1993 / 2017118 games
Appearance shiftingThe appearance of something changes according to one or more factors such as alignment and character attributes.notifications2001 / 201616 games
Arbitrary projectile cutoff rangeProjectiles, such as bullets, have seemingly arbitrary cutoff range where they just disappear into thin air at range the player can plainly see to or can easily guess the projectile having disappeared (e.g. just past the screen edge).notifications1987 / 201517 games
Arbitrary rewardsAny tags relating to how rewards are gained from things that really shouldn't give any such.notifications1 game
Area-of-Effect indicator[area of effect indicator]Shows the area of effect of an item (such as an explosive) or an ability (such as a fireball spell).notifications2009 / 201819 games
Arkham Combat(Arkham-style combat)A fluid combat system created for the Batman Arkham series that has been monkeyd by other games since.notifications2009 / 201827 games
Artificial difficultyAny tags that increase difficulty in a way that the player can not counter or work around of.list_alt0 game
Artificial limitations (Artificial restrictions)Any tags describing limitations or other restrictions that wouldn't apply if it was reality.list_alt0 game
Assistive technologies(Accessibility)Any tags that describe assistive technologies, techniques or such.list_alt0 game
Asymmetric dual wieldingPlayer can wield simultaneously two unrelated weapons or tools - such as a sword and a gun - both of which are controlled separately.notifications1995 / 201724 games
Asymmetric resourcesSome factions use resources others have no use for, or their resource model is simply quite different.notifications1984 / 20062 games
AtaxxGames and clones based on Ataxx / Infection.notifications1988 / 201618 games
Attack cancellingPlayer can interrupt attack animations to transition to other attacks or actions, such as a dodge.notifications1991 / 200311 games
Attack methods (Attack styles)Slash, stab, thrust, hack, etc. these have effects besides different name.notifications1 game
Attack warning(Telegraphed attacks)[attack telegraphing]There's a brief warning before any enemy attack, either quite visible pull back before striking or other style of readying a weapon or possibly just an angry flash of color.notifications2008 / 201811 games
Attract mode (Demonstration mode)[Attraction mode]Includes either optional demo mode or occasionally enters it on its own if there's no player interaction (usually limited to main menu).notifications1980 / 201882 games
Auto buy(Auto purchase)Player character (optionally) automatically purchases all or certain supplies when possible.notifications1 game
Auto level-up(Automatic level-up)Optionally automatically chooses what to do with whatever you gain with level-up, distributing points, choosing perks/skills/abilities, and so forth.notifications2010 / 20144 games
Auto-attackCharacter unusually (for the genre) automatically keeps attacking without player having to signal each attack themselves.notifications1998 / 201959 games
Auto-cast (Auto-use)Some abilities, spells, etc. are optionally automatically used, removing the need to micromanage them in most circumstances though may still be used manually for greater control.notifications1998 / 201624 games
Auto-followPlayer can initiate auto-follow for targeted character, vehicle or anything else that moves about.notifications2000 / 20103 games
Auto-play(AFK mode;Auto mode)Player can temporarily rescind control and let an AI control their character(s). Usually in place so a player can go AFK without making the other players wait for them to get back.notifications2012 / 20176 games
Autobuilding(Automated building;Automated construction)[autoconstruction]Building of all/most structures is fully automatic, with player not even designating where such is to be built.notifications2013 / 20163 games
Automated battles (Automatic combat)Battles run automatically without player's intervention.notifications1972 / 201745 games
Automatic aiming (Auto-aim)Aiming is (almost) completely automated with player only needing to press attack button to successfully and accurately hit their opponents. Commonly includes target lock functionality to offer greater control.notifications1985 / 201739 games
Automatic difficulty adjustment (Adaptive difficulty;Dynamic difficulty;AI director)The AI adjusts itself to better match the player's skill level in real-time, becoming easier if the player's faring poorly and harder if better.notifications1986 / 20169 games
Automatic jumping (Auto-jump)When a designated area is reached (edge, or distinctly marked spot) where jumping is needed, character will jump without additional input from player.notifications1998 / 201711 games
Automatic prioritiesUnits, characters, etc. automatically prioritize certain tasks or targets instead of doing them in first come first served or closest one first, usually hard-coded to prioritize tasks or targets they're most efficient with or against.notifications2006 / 20094 games
Automatic resuscitationWhen the danger has passed (e.g. combat mode ends, enemies within certain range are no longer a threat, etc.), any characters not yet resuscitated manually will automatically get back up.0 game
Automatic runningPlayer character and others automatically run or jog.notifications1997 / 201761 games
Autonomous ActionPlayed charters can take actions without player input with some degree of unpredictability.notifications1 game
AutopauseAutomatically pauses game when certain conditions are met. Usually so the player can re-evaluate the situation and change orders as seen necessary.notifications2003 / 20158 games
Autopause on lost focus (Defocus)[unfocus]The game automatically pauses when it loses focus.notifications2004 / 20155 games
Autopause: DialogThe game automatically pauses during dialogs, or imparts immortality on plot vital things such as the protagonist, so they do not become surprisingly harmful without intending to be so.0 game
Autopause: InventoryThe game automatically pauses when player accesses their inventory.notifications2008 / 20155 games
Autopause: MenuThe game automatically pauses when player opens up a menu of any kind (except for the "game menu" which usually contains save game and exit options as it's normal for them).notifications1 game
AutopilotPlayer can initiate auto-pilot or similar feature that automatically moves themselves, their vehicle or anything else to designated location.notifications2003 / 20103 games
AutozoomThe game automatically zooms in and out depending on location, situation, or such. Excluding cutscenes or similar.notifications1991 / 201881 games
Award: IGF Seumas McNally Grand PrizeWinners of the Independent Games Festival Grand Prize.0 game
AwarenessAny and all tags that help with player's awareness.list_alt0 game
Awareness distortionAny and all tags that hinder player's awareness while possibly conversely also improving it or immersion.list_alt0 game
Background NPC cleanup (Background NPC fixing)The game occasionally checks if NPCs or other AI controlled characters are stuck, lost in the void, or otherwise glitching and either removes them from the game or restores them to somewhat working order.notifications2011 / 20145 games
Background progress (Offline progress)The game plays out even when the player is not logged in or running the game. The player character does not necessarily do anything during this time, but can be interacted by the environment and other players where available.notifications1989 / 201825 games
BackportedCertain features, fixes, or other improvements from a later port have been added to an older version of a game.notifications2008 / 20092 games
BacktrackingInvolves significant amount of backtracking.notifications1984 / 2020120 games
Backtracking deniedFrequently blocks off routes to backtrack, closing doors permanently, dropping you off ledges you can't climb back up, etc. Essentially denying you from retrieving things you didn't get earlier.notifications1992 / 20165 games
Barcode GameGames that uses barcodes, which may require a specific barcode-scanner hardware for the console.notifications1992 / 200922 games
Base income (Guaranteed income)Player is provided with a basic income they get regardless of anything else.notifications2007 / 201424 games
Battle systemslist_alt0 game
bitCardFor $16.95, Chartscan Data would personalize one of their adventure games by naming the protagonist, adding custom references, & message at the end.notifications4 games
Bizarre architecture (Bizarre level design)Player encounters purpose built structures whose design makes little or no sense in comparison to real architecture.notifications1984 / 201914 games
Bizarre environments (Surreal environments)Natural environments exist in decidedly surreal manner, such as chunks of soil, rock, etc. floating freely about.notifications1993 / 201921 games
Blank protagonist (Uncharacterized protagonist)The protagonist (almost) completely lacks characterization of any kind, leaving everything for the player to decide or fill in.notifications1986 / 2022125 games
Blind modeIs playable as is, or includes an option that makes the game playable, by people who are blind.notifications1979 / 201110 games
Blind StartIs not made for the visually impaired yet it notable begins game(s)/level(s)/sequence(s) with no visual feedback or visual cues to orient the player.notifications1973 / 201526 games
Block-based[voxel-based]notifications2009 / 201956 games
Body morphingThe bodies of characters change, growing fat when overfed, skeletal when starving, and so forth.notifications2004 / 201410 games
Bonus bosses(Secret bosses;Superbosses;Optional bosses)Includes optional boss fights, often with great rewards not normally received from boss fights and hidden away in places hard to reach or find.notifications2001 / 201919 games
Bonus stages (Bonus levels;Bonus rounds)notifications1981 / 201887 games
Boss battles (Boss fights;Raid bosses;End level bosses)Includes one or more battles with enemies who are significantly more powerful than anything else thrown at the player prior, usually found at the end of a level.notifications1980 / 20232441 games
Boss meterA variety of elements that pop-up for boss fights, possibly even prior to them starting out. Commonly stating the boss name at start, health, and in some cases some other (possibly useless) information.notifications2002 / 2020109 games
Boss rushFeatures at least one battle or mode where the player must face multiple bosses back-to-back without interruption.notifications1985 / 202230 games
Botching (Critical failures;Disastrous results;Dangerous results)Characters are capable of botching whatever they tried, often to catastrophic or even fatal outcome.notifications1997 / 201413 games
Budget (Value)The opposite end of AAA games where the production values are exceptionally low, often used for prototyping or experimenting with game concepts or simply to produce income without much effort.notifications1987 / 2011387 games
Bunny hopping (Strafe-jumping)[Bunny-hopping;Strafe jumping]Players can reach much higher speeds by repeatedly jumping while running in any direction, with the speed increasing with each jump. Used for the speed benefit as well as to make targeting harder for the opponents.notifications1996 / 201341 games
Burning: RealisticShooting already burning targets with incendiary weapons or such does not increase the damage the targets take unless the new incendiary weapon is stronger than the earlier.notifications1982 / 20155 games
Button masher[button mashing;button smasher;button smashing]Player performance is largely dependent on how fast they can press controller buttons, often just one or two (likely pressed alternatingly).notifications1984 / 19868 games
Buy undo (Sell back)Shops fully refund your purchases, but usually only if you "sell" the item back to them before leaving the store.notifications3 games
Cancelled series(Cancelled trilogy;Cancelled sequel)[canceled series;canceled trilogy;canceled sequel]Released games that are part of a planned series the rest of which was scrapped. Especially if the series was to form a cohesive storyline together.notifications2005 / 20114 games
Cancelled(Never released;Abandoned)[Canceled]Any games that were cancelled, abandoned or forgotten, usually due to financial or legal issues.1983 / 2016476 games
Card-basedUses cards specifically designed for use in this game (series) in gameplay.notifications1990 / 2018133 games
Carry capacity: Stacks (Carry capacity: Groups)Within an inventory, some items may be (or are are automatically) stacked or grouped.notifications1983 / 202045 games
Carry capacity: Tool slots (Item type)Carry capacity is limited by available generic tool slots, or by item type (e.g. only only one heavy and one light). Not including clothing/armor or similar passive things.notifications1983 / 2019160 games
Carry capacity: VolumeCarry capacity is limited by the volume of carried items.notifications1992 / 201411 games
Casual elementsAny concepts that make a game more casual, faster to get in (lower skill curve) and less demanding on player (less basics to learn; more supplemental and unrealistic information given).list_alt0 game
Casual trespassingThe protagonist (a stranger) trespasses on private property (or other private areas, such as other people's hotel rooms) uninvited, but (barely) no-one minds, in fact they seem to think it's a matter of course.notifications1 game
Chain reactionsAn user generated action (usually an explosion) can spawn more uncontrolled similar reactions.notifications1980 / 2020241 games
Challenge modeIncludes separate game mode that plays significantly differently to normal, such as limiting player to the most basic equipment, allowing them to progress in only one manner, and so on.notifications2005 / 201531 games
ChallengesIncludes various challenges the player can tackle for additional rewards, similar to side-quests but these border on minigames.notifications2000 / 202062 games
Changing goals (Altered goals)Somewhere along the line your actual goal changes to something unrelated to the first, either because the original becomes impossible or the new one is more important.notifications2006 / 201512 games
Chapter replay (Level replay;Mission replay)Player can choose which chapter to play, usually limited to chapters, levels or segments they've already played through so they can trivially replay their favourite parts or in some instances to grind more bonuses (wealth, experience, or such).notifications1998 / 2021164 games
Chapter replay: Cumulative (Level replay: Cumulative )Replaying earlier chapters/levels will yield full increase in everything gained for use in later chapters/levels.notifications2000 / 202139 games
Chapter replay: ProchronicWhen replaying older levels, chapters, or such, player has access to things they gained later in the game/story. Especially when it makes no sense for them to have them in the replayed portion of the game.notifications2003 / 202015 games
Chapter replay: Superseding (Level replay: Superseding)Any better results from replaying a level/chapter replace the previous gains, immediately reflecting on later levels when the player continues there.notifications2009 / 201414 games
Chapter skip (Level skip)Offers a way to skip a chapter, level, or segment of the game. Usually there in case the player can't solve it and wishes to still see the rest of the game. May include a recap of previous chapter to cover the skipped story non-interactively.notifications2008 / 201523 games
Character advancement: Deeds (quests;tasks;missions)A method of character advancement where character abilities or statistics are grown when they complete certain tasks.notifications1985 / 201529 games
Character advancement: Experience distributionA method of character advancement in RPGs and other games where experience points are used to "buy" stats, skills and such as soon as gained or through external intermediaries.notifications1979 / 201876 games
Character advancement: IntermediaryCharterers must visit an intermediary - a specific person (such as a teacher), station (such as an upgrade terminal), or similar - to facilitate some or all types of character advancement.notifications1985 / 201984 games
Character advancement: LimitedCharacter advancement is limited somehow, usually by preventing gaining levels over certain criteria (e.g. can gain only up to level 10 in chapter 2).notifications2009 / 202010 games
Character advancement: NoneOffers no method of character advancement even though it is an RPG.notifications1986 / 20128 games
Character advancement: ObjectsA method of character advancement where character abilities or statistics are grown when the player finds certain objects, or certain number of said objects.notifications1982 / 202076 games
Character advancement: PerksA method of character advancement where the player gains or chooses one perk at every few levels. Usually these are additional traits or capabilities.notifications1986 / 2020106 games
Character advancement: Plot progress (Game progress)A method of character advancement where they become more skilled, powerful, knowledgeable when the plot/game progresses.notifications1993 / 202029 games
Character advancement: Point distributionA method of character advancement in RPGs and other games where arbitrary points are used to "buy" stats, skills and such as soon as gained or through external intermediaries.notifications1987 / 2021387 games
Character advancement: StaticA method of character advancement where character stats increase - when levels are gained - outside of player's control in a predictable manner. Such as level 1 character has 100 hp while level 10 has 150, and this is true for each run of the game.notifications1983 / 2021297 games
Character advancement: TimeCharacter advancement simply happens as time passes.notifications1 game
Character advancement: UndefinedUses some undefined method of character advancement.notifications1990 / 201565 games
Character control switchPlayer can and likely must switch control between several characters to progress, leaving the other character(s) unattended to behave autonomously or waiting for you to swap back to them.notifications1986 / 2019135 games
Character flaws (Negative character traits)Characters have one or more flaws, such as allergy, bad gait, gluttony, etc. In case of games with RPG elements, character creation may involve designating such.notifications1996 / 20185 games
Character scaling difficulty (Character level scaling difficulty)Difficulty and/or type of opponents/challenges scales according to the character level or similar measure of ability.notifications1991 / 201439 games
Character switch (Character swap)Player controls only single character, but can switch it to another at any time, with the old disappearing somewhere until swapped to again.notifications1992 / 201651 games
Character type limit(Unit type limit;Character tier limit)There can be only so many characters, units, or such of a specific type. Such as only 1 commander, only 1 quartermaster, only 3 medics, and so forth. Or limits on how many units of each tier can there be.notifications2003 / 201310 games
Charged abilities (Charged magic;Charged skills)Abilities, magic, or such that can be "charged" for more powerful results.notifications2001 / 201520 games
Charged actionsOne or more actions can be charged for greater effectiveness.notifications2010 / 20186 games
Charged attackIncludes "charged" attack, usually performed by holding down the fire button for a longer period of time to unleash a more powerful attack. Either scaling in effect with charge time, or requiring a significant charge time to do anything.notifications1988 / 2018153 games
Charged throwThe distance of thrown objects, usually grenades or similar, is determined by how long the throw button is held (charged).notifications2005 / 20148 games
Chase sequence (Tailing sequence)Includes a sequence where the player needs to catch up to someone moving away from them or maintaining a distance with them without losing sight of them for too long.notifications2002 / 20128 games
Cheat codesPlayer can input codes, when there's no prompt for such, that alter game behaviour in a way considered that can be considered to be cheating.notifications1993 / 20087 games
Cheating AI(Computer players can cheat)Blatantly cheating AI seem taboo for game authors. Not just speedboost or similar kludge. This tag's for those 'adding pieces to the board'.notifications1977 / 201720 games
Child victimsChildren appear as victims of violence or abuse, whether by the player or others.notifications1986 / 202052 games
Cinematic camera (Cinematic mode)Offers a cinematic camera mode where the camera jumps around showing more or less interesting happenings in the game world from supposedly interesting angles, attempting to give cinematic impression of the events.notifications1994 / 201718 games
Cinematics (Cutscenes)list_alt0 game
Clairvoyant pursuersWhen pursued by enemies for any reason, they somehow know exactly where you are even though there's absolutely no way for them to do so realistically.notifications2006 / 20073 games
Clans (Player organizations;Player guilds)[Clan support]Has in-built support for clans or similar large groups of people.notifications1999 / 201655 games
Class systemslist_alt0 game
Classless (No character classes)Lacks character classes or similar specializations that lock out a large portion of possible skill, ability, or similar choices.notifications1992 / 202059 games
Clear Game(After end free play mode)After completing a regular game, player may continue playing around in the game world as they please. Usually to allow them to find all the secrets, beat any challenges, finish side quests, and so forth.notifications1987 / 202080 games
Clothing changes[Dress changes;Attire changes;Costume changes]Over the course of the story the protagonist changes his or her clothing outside of player's control.notifications1997 / 201840 games
CollectiblesAs a non-mandatory side objective you can collect certain items, possibly gaining rewards for finding certain number of them or being rewarded for each one individually.notifications1997 / 2019152 games
Collision attacks(Bump attacks;Bump combat)Attacks are performed by bumping into your target.notifications1985 / 202134 games
Color blind friendlyIs designed or includes an option that makes the game more suitable for people with color blindness.notifications1997 / 202282 games
Color of allegianceWhose side a person is, is denoted by [i]color[/i] they wear or use for insignia.notifications1992 / 201511 games
Color-coded NPCsNPCs are color coded for how tough they are or otherwise identify their nature, such as element.notifications1991 / 201536 games
Combatlist_alt0 game
Combat mode[battle mode;fighting mode]Entering combat also causes the game to enter a special mode of operation where gameplay changes more or less, often entering an arena-like location or other greater detail representation of the location.notifications1980 / 2021959 games
Combined effortTwo or more characters, vehicles, or such can combine their effort to perform at a single task better than they could alone (they work at the exact same thing at same place).notifications1990 / 201510 games
Combo actions (Action synergy;Active skill synergy)Certain actions, when chained together, create a new or improved effect.notifications2010 / 201519 games
Combo bonusesPlayer gains bonuses - either substantially increased score or some more tangible rewards - for performing combos of any kind.notifications1993 / 202069 games
Combo cancellingPlayer can interrupt combo moves even after their triggers have been activated, either to feint or to transition to alternate attacks/combos or actions, such as a dodge.0 game
Command transferPlayers can transfer control of characters, buildings, and other units to allies.notifications1999 / 20148 games
CommercialA notably commercial product despite copyrights (or lack thereof) and/or licensing agreements (or lack thereof) that many perceive as incompatible with commercial sales.notifications1970 / 202212436 games
CommercializedOriginally a free game modification, standalone game or some other similar thing but later turned into commercial product.notifications2000 / 202020 games
Complex actionslist_alt0 game
Conditional EncountersEncounters are consistently triggered by a limited set of conditions (that are not fully covered by other encounter tags).notifications1989 / 201712 games
Consequences (Repercussions)The choices, actions or lack of action of the protagonist has future consequences that may or may not be immediately obvious.notifications1985 / 2021102 games
Consistent damage [Constant damage]Any damage dealt or received is constant with no arbitrary fluctuation.notifications1985 / 201619 games
Constant velocityPlayer character's movement speed is a constant, there's either full stop or the defined speed with no variation between.0 game
Context actionsAction performed by one button or such changes with context, or player is provided actions in certain contexts that they can not perform elsewhere. Especially if the separate actions might be desired simultaneously or without context.notifications1984 / 20155 games
Context actions: SimilarContext actions are similar to the base action that triggers them.notifications1 game
Continue on failGame continues on even if you fail a major objective without reloading or rolling back to pre-failure state.notifications2015 / 20174 games
Control lossPlayer may under certain circumstances (in normal play, not in cinematics) lose control of the protagonist to some degree.notifications2004 / 201511 games
Control malfunction (Altered controls;Inverted controls)Under certain circumstances player's controls may malfunction or behave unexpectedly, commonly as a product of drunkenness, confusion status effect, or similar.notifications1981 / 201849 games
Control: GroupsPlayer controls primarily groups of characters rather than their individual members or even lone characters.notifications1993 / 201654 games
Control: Individuals (Singular units)Player primarily controls individuals.notifications1992 / 2020145 games
ControlsAny tags referring to [i]how[/i] a game is controlled (not with [i]what[/i]).list_alt0 game
Corpse interactionAny tags referring to interaction with already defeated opponents, knocked out characters, or such.list_alt0 game
Coup de grâcePlayer may kill other characters/creatures outright when they're incapacitated (unconscious, paralyzed, etc.) and may be suspect to this themselves.notifications2001 / 201629 games
CoverHas usable cover but not a whole cover system. Should only be used if unusual.notifications1978 / 202160 games
Cover systemPlayer can interact with cover and/or gains various bonuses from using them. Popularized in third-person action games by Gears of War in 2006 (that was also inspired by kill.switch in 2003)notifications1978 / 2021234 games
Crafting: Armor (Armorsmithing)notifications1 game
Crew targetingVehicles can be indirectly disabled by attacking the crew rather than the vehicle. Including other interactions (except dialogs) with the crew without removing them from the vehicles. And including ability to attack riders without harming the mounts.notifications1999 / 201625 games
Crippled port or conversionCertain gameplay elements (such as game modes or activities) have been removed from the port/conversion.notifications1987 / 20139 games
Critical chance(Critical hits;Critical success chance)Certain actions may occasionally perform exceptionally well on random chance, often multiplying the expected effect quality/power (such as critical hit multiplying damage dealt).notifications1994 / 2019122 games
Cross-game play[cross-game gameplay]Connects with another game to progress in some manner or give cross-game benefits.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Cross-platformAny tags relating to cross-platform support, features or elements.list_altnotifications6 games
Cross-world characters (Cross-server characters)Same character can be played with on multiple worlds/servers without losing the things they take from the others. Likely goes unexplained in-mythos.notifications1996 / 202152 games
Cruelty potentialHas plenty of potential for the player to express cruelty, even if this has no effect on gameplay.notifications1993 / 201533 games
Custom classPlayer can create custom character class, selecting what they're good and bad at at character creation.notifications1996 / 201711 games
Custom scenarios(Game customization)Player can customize games you play. Unlike level editors, these usually have few attributes to be tweaked and the game world is randomly generated from player given parameters.notifications1984 / 201425 games
Custom triggersPlayer can place triggers of one sort or another and connect them to various things.notifications2004 / 201516 games
Customizationlist_alt0 game
Cutscene invulnerability(Cutscene immortality)[cinematic invulnerability]For the duration of cutscenes player characters (and possibly others) are turned invulnerable. Requires cutscenes can start midgame and return to same or close to same situation from where they started in while same enemies/dangers remain active.notifications2009 / 20134 games
Cutscene loadingLoads gameplay related content even during cutscenes or other similar things where player interaction is minimal or non-existant instead of locking occasionally into a literal loading screen. Liberal use of transition cutscenes can make it seem loadless.notifications2012 / 20145 games
Damage direction indicator (Attack direction indicator)Has an indicator for from which direction the player character is taking damage from.notifications1998 / 201677 games
Damage flicker (Damage flash)Things flicker transparently or some (possibly opaque) color, usually red or white, when taking damage.notifications1989 / 201735 games
Damage info (Damage floats)Shows how much damage anything did, either in a log or as floating numeric/textual information or similar.notifications1999 / 2021183 games
Damage over time (DOT)Includes forms of damage that applies itself over time rather than instantly, commonly caused by burning, acid, poison, and so forth. Not including pulsing damage sources that cease as soon as you go away from their area of effect.notifications1997 / 2019120 games
Data import from host (Data import from server)Player can receive additional data, such as sounds, textures, character models, levels/maps, etc. from the server/host they're playing on.notifications2005 / 201611 games
Dead End PathsPlayers are free to traverse paths significantly, that can only result in backtracking or otherwise necessitate a return to the beginning of the path.notifications1 game
Dead endsIt is possible to reach a state in which progressing in the game is no longer possible.notifications1981 / 201549 games
Deadly waterDeadly water is a video game concept where getting in water causes death, health loss or other negative effects.notifications1981 / 2019226 games
Death barriers (Death zones)Player's progress is hampered by zones that instantly or almost instantly cause them to die, usually with no way of preventing that death and therefore forcing them to seek alternate routes.notifications1992 / 20108 games
Death penalty (Loss penalty)Dying or otherwise losing imposes an additional penalty besides the loss itself (and other than ending the game).notifications1991 / 201886 games
Death penalty: Lost equipmentPlayer loses all or part of their equipment upon dying.notifications1 game
Death penalty: RecoveryPlayer character can recover the death penalty, usually by going back to the place where they died.notifications2007 / 201712 games
Death recapExplains who killed the player character and how (with what) with extended information on recent damage and effects and any aid from other characters that were involved. May include (slow motion) replay recording of it as well.notifications2009 / 201513 games
Death trapsAn avoidable series of events that have a 100% chance of death but do not specifically warn the player of the impending non-obvious trap.notifications1981 / 201645 games
DeathlessThe protagonist can't really ever die. This does not mean the player can not somehow fail their mission completely however, only that it never is directly because of player character's death or incapacitation.notifications1992 / 201641 games
Deceptive title (Misleading title)The game's name is deceptive.notifications1992 / 201410 games
Defence sequence (Protection sequence;Escort mission)[Defense sequence]Includes one or more segments where the player must defend someone or something that is outside of their control and can't be replaced.notifications1989 / 2020117 games
Delayed healingHealing effect is applied only after the process has been completed if it takes significant time or starts after a notable delay.notifications2008 / 20127 games
Delayed magic (Incantations;Charged magic)[channeled magic]Use of magic requires incantation, gestures, or some other thing that takes time to perform, at the end of which the magic is activated.notifications1998 / 201737 games
Delayed turningAlthough view may turn instantly when commanded to, certain important factors follow the view change at noticeably slower pace (usually wielded gun or similar).notifications2010 / 20165 games
DemakeOpposite of remake; the game is recreated to appear older, less advanced, and whatever else.notifications2004 / 202037 games
Deployables: FixedDeployables, once placed, can't be moved again.notifications2001 / 20158 games
Deployables: RedeployPlayer can redeploy any deployables.notifications2007 / 20137 games
Derived statistics (Derived attributes;Secondary attributes)notifications1999 / 201937 games
Descriptive defeats (Descriptive deaths;Detailed death sequences;Detailed defeat sequences)Includes unusually detailed and/or descriptive defeat (or death) sequences for the protagonist.notifications1983 / 202069 games
Designed for competitive play (Designed for esports)Any games that were designed for competitive play, likely with the intention of holding tournaments or getting the game into proper cross-game esports events. Usually designed so average game lasts about 15 minutes.notifications2009 / 201617 games
Destructible coverThe objects the cover system attaches player to can be destroyed.notifications1978 / 202192 games
Destructible structures (Destructible defenses)[Destructible defences;Destructible buildings]Player's structures are destructible by opponents. Should only be used when unusual.notifications2008 / 201431 games
Destructible world (Destructible level geometry)The game world can be destroyed to a point that it is no longer usable or traversable.notifications1991 / 202073 games
Development hellThe game suffered a noticeable case of development hell, such as being put on hold or cancelled yet revived or the public came to know several extremely different looking versions of the game over its development.notifications2002 / 201715 games
Dialog: Keywords(Paraphrased)Dialogs work by selecting or typing in keywords or very short versions of what is actually being said.notifications1988 / 202136 games
Dialog: ProgressiveDialog largely proceeds forward without returning to earlier subjects or repeating them.notifications1985 / 20025 games
Dialog: SentencesDialogs work by selecting or typing in whole sentences.notifications1985 / 2021102 games
Dialog: Stance (Demeanour;Behaviour)[Demeanor;Behavior]Dialogs work by selecting a stance, such as aggressive, helpful, evasive or neutral.notifications1984 / 201119 games
Dialog: TreeDialog works by navigating a tree-like structure of subjects in form of keywords or whole sentences.notifications1985 / 201730 games
Dice mechanics(Die-based)[die mechanics]Uses die rolling to solve various things (often chance) but is not really describable as a dice game.notifications1991 / 201974 games
Difficulty levels (Difficulty options)Player has linear choice of game difficulty level, usually ranging from Easy to Normal to Hard.notifications1977 / 20232326 games
Difficulty optionslist_alt0 game
Difficulty spikeAt some point over the course of the game, the difficulty jumps up disproportionally high compared to anything previous. Often only temporarily (e.g. one level).notifications1983 / 201749 games
Difficulty: Evaluated (Evaluation)The game somehow, usually as part of the intro or tutorial segment, evaluates player's skill level and recommends a difficulty setting best suited to provide adequate but not too high challenge.notifications2007 / 20097 games
Direct control (Direct fire control;Direct command)Strategy games where the player can control singular unit like in a simulator or shooter rather than giving orders which the AI carries out.notifications1998 / 201619 games
Directional ForceConveyor belts, wind, magnets, slippery slopes or similar, cause movement in a way that the player may resist, utilize, or must avoid.notifications1981 / 201668 games
Directional Force caused by a slippery, tilting or slanting surface (Slides)A slippery tilting surface causes movement in a way that the player may resist, utilize, or must avoid.notifications1984 / 201924 games
Directional Force from a Moving Surface (Conveyor Belts)[conveyer belts]A moving surface (floor or conveyor belts for example) causes movement in a way that the player may resist, utilize, or must avoid.notifications1983 / 201669 games
Directional force from liquid currentCurrents cause movement in a way that the player may resist, utilize, or must avoid.notifications1997 / 201519 games
Directional Force from WindNatural or artificial wind cause movement in a way that the player may resist, utilize, or must avoid.notifications1983 / 201780 games
Disappointing endingThe end result is disappointing, usually the game ends without giving satisfaction to the player.notifications1 game
Discriminating customers (Discriminating buyers)NPCs do not completely blindly buy what you have to offer, rather they have varying kinds of demands for the goods they get.notifications1999 / 20107 games
Disproportional worldObjects, characters, and world size are inexplicably inconsistent to each othernotifications1994 / 201651 games
Dissolving corpses[Disappearing corpses]The bodies of recently slain dissolve or otherwise rapidly disappear immediately or soon after death.notifications1990 / 2019152 games
Dissolving items (Disappearing powerups)Dropped items, powerups or other objects of interest disappear after a short time.notifications1989 / 201852 games
Distracting visualsThe visuals of the game distract, obscure, or otherwise actively impair player's ability to follow the actually important parts of gameplay.notifications1993 / 20179 games
Dodge&block chance[dodge chance;block chance]Certain characters have a random chance based ability to completely negate damage.notifications1991 / 201938 games
Doujin gamesVideo games created by Japanese hobbyists or hobbyist groups more for fun than for profit.notifications1996 / 201725 games
DRM: Game alteringThe included DRM changes the functionality of the game somehow for illicit copies of it but does not prevent running or playing it.notifications1984 / 20148 games
Dual wielding (Guns akimbo)Player can wield two related weapons simultaneously, such as two handguns, two scimitars, and so on.notifications1990 / 2022241 games
Dynamic accuracyWeapon accuracy is dynamic - affected by repeated firing, posture, movement and other factors - rather than static bullet spread radius.notifications2002 / 2021128 games
Dynamic HUDThe HUD tries to show only information that is useful at any given moment and no more.notifications2005 / 201970 games
Dynamic objectives(Dynamic goals)The objective what player needs to do to progress/win can change at any time to something else. Not for scripted changes in objective(s).notifications2 games
Dynamic weather (Changing weather)Weather changes by itself.notifications2000 / 202097 games
DynamismAny tags pertaining to non-static nature of the game world that happen on their own.list_alt0 game
Early ending trigger (Early ending choice)Ending is [u]chosen[/u] based on actions of the player very early on, though later actions may also affect it. This does not yet trigger the actual ending however.notifications1 game
Easter eggsnotifications1988 / 201524 games
Easter eggs: DateContains easter eggs that are only available or actived on certain dates, such as Christmas eve/day or Halloween.notifications1988 / 201728 games
Edge scroll (Edge scene transition)[edge scrolling]The scene changes when the player character reaches or goes past its edge, not before.notifications2011 / 20143 games
Effect cancellation (Spell cancellation;Magic cancellation)Player may freely cancel certain effects before they run their full course without special measures (e.g. without casting dispel magic spell). Usually limited to personally caused non-negative effects.notifications2011 / 20124 games
Elevated glitch(Featured bug)[ascended glitch]A glitch/bug found during game's development or support cycle was made into actual gameplay element.notifications1984 / 201316 games
EmulatedAvailable on the platform only via officially supported or provided emulator.notifications2015 / 20214 games
Encounter modeEncounters enter a somewhat generic but separate game mode which serves the functions of dialog, combat, trade, or other such necessities by locking player into them.notifications2015 / 20175 games
EncountersAny and all encounter related concepts.list_alt0 game
Encounters with alternate protagonistsPlayer encounters some or all of the other protagonists they could've chosen to play as.notifications1995 / 20113 games
End of series (Series conclusion)Final game in a series.notifications2003 / 20157 games
Endless game (Endlessly repeating levels)There is no ending screen when you finish the last level. The game wraps to the first level a continues as if there was more to play.notifications1979 / 2022182 games
Endless mode (Freeplay mode)Includes any kind of separate game mode (that doesn't have a more specific tag available) which has no end (victory condition) of any kind.notifications2009 / 201721 games
Endless oppositionA game mechanic where players face an unending stream of challenges, opponents, or obstacles.notifications1980 / 2020144 games
Enemy concession (Enemy surrender)[NPC concession;NPC surrender]Opponents or enemies have the option of surrendering or conceding.notifications1985 / 201912 games
Enemy last known positionDisplays last known position of any enemies.notifications2 games
Enemy leveling(NPC leveling)Player's opponents level up much like the player character does.notifications1 game
Enemy scan[analyze;probe]Player has an ability, device, spell, or such that reveals useful information about enemies and possibly other entities, such as their weaknesses and strengths.notifications1989 / 202161 games
Enemy upgradeAt some point, the opponents you've encountered in certain areas are more or less inexplicably "upgraded" to tougher variants, possibly several times over.notifications2002 / 201717 games
Energy (Mana)Any tags relating to energy/mana/etc. use.list_alt0 game
Energy restoration (Mana restoration;Magic point restoration)Any tags related to restoring energy/mana/etc.list_alt0 game
Enforced fairnessThe game enforces fairness to a degree, such as disallowing players to attack other players that are too weak compared to them.notifications1 game
Enforced progressionGame enforces player to progress forward, preventing backtracking either by constantly blocking the return path or simply not allowing movement in that direction.notifications2008 / 20114 games
Enforced proximityYour team is enforced to stay in somewhat close proximity with each other.notifications2002 / 20155 games
Enhanced port or conversion (Improved)The existing content of a port/conversion has been enhanced to be better without actually impacting how the game plays (unless it's tweaks on controls) or adding new content.notifications1992 / 201811 games
Environmental constraintsnotifications1 game
Environmental contactTools, weapons, etc. can touch the environment instead of acting as if they were simply 2D printouts on your HUD or passing through everything as if they were air.notifications2008 / 201719 games
EpisodicA method of selling games in a sequence of episodes, akin to a serialized novel, where the series in the end together form a continuous story or experience.notifications2000 / 2020280 games
Equally able NPCs (Equal NPCs)NPCs are roughly equally able compared to player characters.notifications1982 / 20102 games
Equipment sizeEquipment has varying sizes, making clothing/armor not fit all characters and/or tools being either ungainly large or too minuscule to those with significant size differences.notifications2001 / 20084 games
Equipment-basedCharacter effectiveness is largely based on the equipment used rather than their skill (not counting player skill) or other abilities.notifications2001 / 202149 games
Escape sequence (Retreat sequence)Includes a sequence where the player must escape, either because they're presented with an opponent they can't hope to defeat, overwhelming odds, or some other danger that threatens the protagonist and can't be countered.notifications1999 / 201659 games
EventsAny tags relating to how in-game or in-mythos events occur.list_alt0 game
Excessive waitingMany actions take hours to perform/finish in real-time, prompting players to not play while the actions are performed and only check in much later for what to do next.notifications2003 / 201617 games
Expandalone(Stand-alone expansion)Any expansion that can be played without the base game but may still benefit from the presence of the base game.notifications2006 / 201616 games
Expanded port or conversionThe port's or conversion's content has been expanded (such as extra maps/levels have been added), adding significant elements that are not present in the original.notifications1997 / 20118 games
Expanding bodyThe body of whatever the player controls expands constantly or under certain conditions.notifications2004 / 201813 games
Experience: Globally sharedExperience gain is globally shared regardless where the characters are or if the characters are even in your active group.notifications2003 / 201612 games
Experimental (Experimental gameplay)Any game that started out as an experiment on gameplay mechanics rather than relying on the same old proven to work by others.notifications2004 / 201311 games
Extra game modeslist_alt0 game
Extra lives (Tries;Continues)Player character has multiple "lives", that are basically how many tries a player has before a Game Over.notifications1975 / 20239028 games
Extra turnsPlayers may gain extra sequential turns before the opponent gets theirs.notifications1 game
FacingThe direction people, vehicles, or any other things are facing affects gameplay in some manner.notifications1992 / 201889 games
Faction lockAfter choosing a faction you can't change it without starting from scratch.notifications2004 / 20052 games
Fake elevationGame depicts terrain elevation but it has no notable effect, bullets pass through hills and higher ground has no benefits over lower.notifications2009 / 20123 games
Fall damageFalling down from substantial height causes damage or even death. May or may not require a collision.notifications1982 / 2020510 games
Fall impactFalling down a significant height causes the character to recoil from the impact, roll across the floor, or otherwise react to the impact force.notifications1990 / 2020164 games
Fan-made patchHas fan/community made patch available that fixes issues left after the developers/publishers dropped support for the product.notifications1995 / 201222 games
FangameCreated based on some third-party material by its fans rather than a company that licensed it.notifications1978 / 2021217 games
Fast travelIncludes a method of fast travel that skips large segment of a trip or automatizes the process in relatively safe manner.notifications1981 / 2020119 games
Fast travel points (Fast travel network)A method of fast travel that is limited to certain points in the game world, such as bus stations. Commonly requires reaching a fast travel destination normally before it can be actually fast traveled to.notifications1993 / 2021115 games
Faux seriousGives generally serious appearance and tone, but is riddled with comic relief, tongue-in-cheek humor, and similar that make the serious tone only skin deep.notifications2009 / 202017 games
Field of vision (FOV)[field of view]Simulates field of vision to a degree, making characters unable to see 360 degrees unless they're nonhuman, augmented or otherwise different.notifications1998 / 201728 games
Fines (Financial penalties)Player character may be demanded to pay fines for their misdeeds or as an alternate to prison time.notifications1996 / 201512 games
Finishing movesMore or less spectacular final blows to enemies that may or may not have any particular use besides eyecandy, commonly activated through a special key combo or some activation key not normally used in combat.notifications1997 / 201845 games
Finite oppositionThere's only so many opponents to fight, with whoever is defeated stays defeated and no-one comes to replace them, nor are there randomly spawning opponents. Should only be used if unusual or it defines the game in some distinct manner.notifications1989 / 201419 games
Finite resourcesThe available resources are finite. No regenerating or re-spawning nor external sources for resources.notifications1984 / 202272 games
Firing arcsWeapons, tools, etc. have differing fields (arcs) of operation, forcing player to maneuver themselves somehow to use them to their fullest potential.notifications2005 / 201518 games
Flat terrainTerrain lacks any slopes.notifications1985 / 202059 games
Flip resistanceVehicles resist being flipped upside down to a degree that is even unrealistic, such as bouncing in the opposite direction that physics would dictate or blatantly rolling over to stay upright.notifications2005 / 20113 games
Floating aimAim moves somewhat freely of view direction, similar to having a deadzone, but does not prevent view direction changes. Turning causes gun to point to a side and any fire to go that way too. True floating aim does not re-center aim by itself after.notifications2006 / 20137 games
Focal lengthUses focal length adjustments or simulates it somehow, a zoom method that retains the size of the foreground objects but enlarges or shrinks objects farther back.notifications1 game
Fog of WarEmploys a fog of war, especially when it restores it once no-one sees in the revealed area anymore.notifications1979 / 2021238 games
For a specific number of playersDesigned for a specific number, usually an exact number, of players besides a single player. Please always use a tag note to specify.notifications1972 / 2017338 games
Forced grindingGrinding is necessary to progress, likely to compensate player character's inadequate statistic growth. Characteristically accomplished by repeating same challenges, areas, and such for the rewards just so you'll be able to tackle harder ones.notifications1999 / 201615 games
Forced level end(Forced mission end)[Forced level exit;forced mission exit]After player achieves the goal of a level, map, mission, etc. they're forcibly exited from it, with no way to explore or do anything else without pointedly avoiding the goal even if there's time limit or player is supposed to hurry to achieve itnotifications2011 / 20168 games
Forced tutorialTutorial can't be skipped.notifications2003 / 201526 games
Forced varietyPlayer is forced to vary with what or how they play.list_alt0 game
Forgetful enemiesYour enemies have a tendency to forget you ever were there.notifications1998 / 20054 games
Free actionsSome actions can be performed "for free". Most notable in turn-based games where one would expect those actions to take a turn or consume action points.notifications2002 / 201917 games
Free content expansionsHas received one or more free content expansions since proper release. Often delivered as part of a patch.notifications2007 / 201523 games
Free look (Mouse look)Any games with true free look (ability to fully control the view horizontally and vertically).notifications1992 / 201733 games
Free-to-play (F2P;FTP;Play for free;play4free;p4f)[free to play]MMOs that can be played for free, but usually offer premium membership for added content or sell special items to those who want to dish out their real money.notifications1980 / 2022910 games
Free, but not FreewareFree to obtain and play (no payments required), but have certain limitations that make them something else than freeware, such as requires proprietary server software you can't obtain, no rights to redistribute, and similar restrictions.notifications1977 / 2022508 games
FreemiumFree to play but certain features, services, or virtual goods are only available to paying customers.notifications2002 / 201841 games
Frequent loadingLoading screens, pop-ups or such are exceptionally frequent.notifications2007 / 201610 games
Friend-or-Foe indicator (FoF)notifications1995 / 201986 games
Friendly Encounters (Ally Encounters)Allies can be encountered in the same way(s) as enemies are. This is notable, for instance, in random encounter games.notifications1979 / 201726 games
Friendly fire: FullFriendly fire delivers full damage potential of the attacks to friendlies as well.notifications2005 / 201628 games
Friendly fire: OptionalFriendly fire can be enabled and disabled at will. Usually a server/host setting in multiplayer games and not configurable per player.notifications2005 / 201614 games
Friendly fire: PenaltyPlayer is penalized for any friendly fire they do.notifications2010 / 20164 games
Friendly fire: ReducedFriendly fire delivers only a portion of the full power of the attacks to friendlies, effectively still making friendly fire unwanted but less devastating.notifications2005 / 201622 games
Full body awareness(Self-awareness)First person games where when you look down you see your body (legs, pelvis, torso, etc.) instead of nothing (just hands/arms are not enough). Not including cases limited to scripted sequences, cinematics, or others where player control is limited.notifications1984 / 2019116 games
Functional achievementsAchievements actually have a purpose and effects besides stamps in some list of done things.notifications2009 / 201912 games
Game progress indicatorShows overall game progress in some manner.notifications1984 / 201943 games
Game world borderPlayer can reach the border of the game world, usually an inexplicable, impenetrable and invisible wall of nothing. Often with blackness on the other side though not necessarily.notifications2006 / 201612 games
Gameplay and story segregationAny tags that describe segregation between gameplay and story, usually the story ignoring certain fundamental gameplay elements or the gameplay not allowing things the story does in cutscenes or such, or the story ignores what happens during gameplay.list_altnotifications1999 / 20052 games
Gameplay-driven[Gameplay driven]The usual way games are designed. Progress in the game is driven by the player performing within & measured against gameplay mechanics.notifications2013 / 20142 games
Gender-restricted equipmentCertain equipment (commonly clothing or armor) are restricted to some gender.notifications1993 / 201911 games
Generated characters(Randomized player characters)Player is given a procedurally generated character to play as, possibly a choice between several such. Likely generated each time new game is started or each time such are needed.notifications2012 / 20148 games
Genre changeGames in series that have opted for different genre than what the previous games had.notifications1987 / 202045 games
Ghost racePlayer can race against a "ghost" of their previous best attempt, trying to achieve better record.notifications1994 / 201818 games
Glitch protection(Bug protection)Has one or more mechanisms to help deal with glitches/bugs.notifications1998 / 20143 games
Glitches(Bugs)Any tags relating to glitches/bugs.list_alt0 game
Goals / objectivesAny tags describing the goal/objective of a game needed to progress or win.list_alt0 game
Gradual constructionConstruction happens naturally over time.notifications1994 / 201538 games
Gradual healingAny healing is gradual, occurring at a pace over time rather than instantaneously.notifications1998 / 202116 games
Graphic deaths (Graphic kills)The depiction of violence, injury, or fatalities with a meticulous focus on detail and a commitment to realism.notifications1983 / 2020121 games
Grenade cookingPlayer can cook grenades (wait for the fuse to burn) before lobbing them off at some risk to themselves.notifications1997 / 201556 games
Grenade re-throw [retoss;relobbing;toss back]Player can attempt to lob back live grenades.notifications2008 / 201011 games
Grenade warning (Live grenade proximity warning)Player is given a warning on the HUD of live grenade nearby, possibly with direction indicator and even a timer.notifications2008 / 201650 games
Grid-based first-person movement(First-person grid)[Grid-based first-person]First person games where the movement and other elements are locked to a grid. May or may not have a smooth transition.notifications1981 / 2022574 games
GrotesqueGrotesque is a video game concept where there are things, such as characters or scenes, depicted that are grotesque in some way.notifications1986 / 2021231 games
Group buffsIncludes spells, skills or other things that somehow strengthen the whole group rather than an individual.notifications2004 / 20184 games
Group creation(Party creation)Player can or must create a group of people before starting the game.notifications1987 / 202028 games
Group focus (Party focus;Party MMO)Any MMO where working as a group is important, and working alone (soloing) is troublesome.notifications2004 / 20183 games
Group size power scalingPower of a group scales with its size.notifications2003 / 20182 games
Group subsetThe player character lead group consists only a subset of her total followers with the rest waiting up in your base of operations or tagging along behind the corner.notifications1986 / 202059 games
Guaranteed hitsOutside of special conditions, all attacks are guaranteed to hit.notifications2018 / 20193 games
Hard (Nintendo Hard)Extremely hard, requiring player to memorize levels, repeat the whole game over and over again (usually memorizing something new each time), throwing nigh impossible challenges at the player and so forth.notifications1979 / 2021120 games
Hardcore elementsAny concepts that make a game harder to get into (higher learning curve) and more demanding on player (more things to learn to have even passing success; less supplemental information given).list_alt0 game
Hardcore mode(Ironman mode)Includes a mode where additional level of simulation, limitations, etc. are added. Often also making things matter that didn't before and making earlier somewhat trivially removed ailments harder to get rid of.notifications1994 / 202135 games
Harmful secretsIncludes secret locations or similar that are actually more harmful than they're useful.notifications1987 / 20174 games
Harmful touch(Killing touch;Creature collision damage;Contact damage)Simply coming into contact with your enemies is enough to hurt or even kill you. It is most commonly seen in platform games.notifications1979 / 2021615 games
Has MusicThese games unusually feature music despite the limitations of the system they are made for. This tag is not for modern games.notifications1984 / 20145 games
Hazardous powers (Dangerous powers;Hazardous magic)Magic, super powers and such can be dangerous to the user as well even when properly executed.notifications1991 / 202252 games
Head bob[headbob]Simulates the way people's head does not remain perfectly at same height when moving around, bobbing up and down and possibly even side to side.notifications2004 / 20123 games
Head-up display (Heads-up display;HUD;Graphical user interface)list_alt0 game
Healing finishersPlayer is healed partially or fully upon successfully using a finishing move or similar.notifications1999 / 202020 games
HealthAny and all character health related tags.list_alt0 game
Health dropsOpponents drop things that heal the player partially or completely. Can be dropped upon defeat and/or from being hurt.notifications1991 / 202089 games
Health regeneration: Fast / InstantHealth regenerates fully in only few seconds when not taking damage, making it very useful even in middle of combat.notifications2001 / 2020142 games
Health regeneration: ModerateHealth regenerates at a moderate speed, a breather may help you survive, but you won't get back to full health without still spending some time out of harms way.notifications2001 / 201826 games
Health restorationAny and all tags relating to healing or other restoration of vitality.list_alt0 game
Health visualization (Damage visualization)Visually shows how hurt or damaged the creatures are with wounds and gashes and possibly behaviour as well, instead of showing only a health bar or nothing at all.notifications1990 / 201726 games
Health warning (Critical damage warning)Player is given a warning when they are nearing death due to low health, usually the screen flashing or turning red or other effects.notifications1986 / 2018143 games
Held magic (Maintained magic)[channeled magic]Magic requires the spellcaster constantly focus on keeping it active lest it dissipate.notifications2009 / 201511 games
Hidden attributesCertain game affecting character attributes are hidden from the player, making players either completely oblivious or only vaguely aware of their existence. Also stats that are stated to exist, but nothing clear is given for what their values are.notifications1982 / 201346 games
Hidden item stats(Hidden equipment stats)[Hidden item statistics;Hidden equipment statistics]Some or all item statistics, especially those that the player actually would like to know, are not stated in any manner.notifications1991 / 201613 games
Hint systemIncludes some form of hint system, either something that's off the game or something incorporated to the gameplay itself, such as asking advice from another character.notifications1984 / 202280 games
Hit chance(Miss chance)Ability to connect hits, punches, sword strikes, etc. are based on random chance. Either pure random chance or random chance based on skills, attributes, buffs, and such. Not including hit/miss chance based on target's dodge chance.notifications1992 / 2020167 games
Hit confirmationGives some form of confirmation if you hit anything worth hitting, generally providing this even in cases when you couldn't possibly know (such as shooting targets outside of visible range or behind vision blocking cover such as bushes).notifications2009 / 201713 games
Hit flashWhen characters hit, damage, or otherwise clobber each other, player can see a bright flash of light (or other fancy effect that serves the same purpose) at the point of impact.notifications2006 / 201723 games
Hit moderationPlayer and/or their enemies gain brief invulnerability after being hurt or otherwise damaged, usually accompanied by the character flickering or becoming transparent.notifications2005 / 201854 games
Hitscan[hit-scanning;hit scanning;hitscanning]A method for dealing with projectiles where the impact point is calculated and nothing else. There's absolutely no way for anything to get in between or dodging after the weapon has been discharged as there's no projectile to dodge or intercept.notifications1993 / 201547 games
Hobbyist gameCreated by a hobbyist or other non-commercial/serious project, usually by single person or a small team. Commonly distributed under freeware, FOSS, or similar license.notifications1985 / 202013 games
Homebrew gameCreated by hobbyist(s) for a platform for which home made games are difficult to produce, either because of official tools are not freely available or uses storage media not found on other platforms where development would otherwise happen.notifications1979 / 2023242 games
Homing boulders (Inexplicably homing projectiles)Projectiles that one would not ever expect to home on their target do so.notifications1998 / 201853 games
Horizontal SplitscreenQuite common for 4:3 and vertical displays. Sometimes optional for wider display ratios.0 game
Hostage Port (Ransome Port;Bounty Port)Unrelated demands are made of customers desiring a port to their preferred platform by publishers and/or developers.notifications2014 / 201710 games
Hostile wildlifeThe wildlife is exceedingly hostile with both carnivores [u]and especially[/u] herbivores attacking the player when encountered.notifications1996 / 201415 games
HUD customizationThe in-game HUD can be customized by moving any of its elements about and possibly adjusting their size/detail or even appearance.notifications2004 / 20138 games
Hyperalimentation (Overeating;Overdrinking;Overfeeding;Gluttony)Hyperalimentation, such as overeating or overdrinking, has effects in gameplay. Usually negative, sometimes even fatal.notifications1985 / 200923 games
Idle activity(Idle animation)After spending a set amount of time doing absolutely nothing, the character starts doing something to "pass the time".notifications1978 / 201524 games
Idle noise(Idle chatter)The NPCs, monsters and other enemies produce an idle noise or chatter warning the player of their presence.notifications1987 / 201785 games
Ignored companionsYour companions get largely ignored by NPCs unless they specifically have something to say and possibly even then their presence is only marginally acknowledged.notifications2005 / 20116 games
ImmersionAny tags which's primary purpose is to improve immersion.list_alt0 game
Immersive loadLoading screens are depicted in somehow immersive way, such as vehicle boot/warm-up sequence. Does not necessarily include the initial game load.0 game
Immobile water(Flat water;Spectral water;Illusionary water)Water remains unchanged even when things move through it as if it was simply an illusion.notifications2009 / 20156 games
Imparted momentumWhatever is releasing a projectile imparts its own momentum to it.notifications2007 / 20177 games
Impersonal (No protagonist)There's no actual protagonist, making it impossible for the player to associate with whatever they're controlling.notifications1990 / 201861 games
Imported glitch(Imported bug)A glitch/bug in another game is purposefully introduced or even implemented as a proper feature in another.notifications1993 / 20137 games
Impossible (unbeatable)Very, [b]VERY[/b] rare. These games strongly imply or outright promise a possible win condition but it can't be fulfilled. Result of [i]unfixed[/i] bug usually.notifications1987 / 19903 games
Impossible DifficultyDifficulty or difficulty options can be adjusted to make a game impossible to win or progress.notifications1 game
Impossible Tasks (Impossible Quests)Tasks are provided with moderately implied ability to complete them, but they're uncompletable. Possibly to tease, as a part of the plot, or caused by unfixed bugs.notifications1984 / 20116 games
Imprisonment[incarceration;getting jailed]Player character may be imprisoned for a time as a penalty for their misdeeds.notifications2006 / 20117 games
In-game advertising [In-game ads]The idea is to seamlessly integrate ads into the game world so they look like they belong there or as part of the game menus (e.g. multiplayer lobby).notifications1991 / 201631 games
In-game cinematics (in-engine cinematics)[In-game cutscenes;in-game cinematics]Uses the game engine (the same thing used to display normal gameplay) itself to run cinematic sequences rather than playing some pre-rendered FMVs or such.notifications1982 / 201654 games
In-game difficulty level adjustment (Mid-game difficulty change)Player can adjust game difficulty even in the middle of a game.notifications1982 / 2023115 games
In-game intro (In-game opening;Interactive intro)The introduction is part of the initial game rather than a cinematic, narration or even simple text the player can only watch and listen.notifications1998 / 20139 games
In-game titleGame title is displayed even during normal play, often as part of the HUD that obscures a portion of the display area.notifications1983 / 2014353 games
In-person cinematics (First-person cinematics)All cinematics, in-game or not, are displayed as if from the eyes of the protagonist.notifications2004 / 20157 games
InaccessibilityAny and all features that hampers players from familiarizing themselves with the game, cause them to do mistakes one wouldn't make in real life and otherwise hurt progressing.list_alt0 game
Inaccurate information[game lies;false information]The game itself provides inaccurate, false, or even contradictory information in areas where it's not supposed to give such under any circumstances.notifications1983 / 201121 games
Incomplete tutorial (Partial tutorial)The tutorial covers gameplay only partially, especially in terms of features not similar or common to other games of the same genre.notifications1993 / 201711 games
Incomplete(Abandoned)Any games that have ceased active development for significant amount of time prior to reaching "complete" state for the games. Mainly open-source games. Requires source code or prototype/pre-release copy is available in some form.notifications2004 / 201512 games
Independent aimingAiming is independent of move or view direction. Character does not turn their whole body to face where they aim and backbedal in the other direction.notifications1980 / 2016154 games
Indestructible environmentFor cases where you would expect to find destructible objects, but instead the game has a very limited availability of such objects, a part the obvious crates and exploding barrels.notifications1 game
IndicatorsExtra indicators for various gameplay elements that the game fails to sufficiently represent otherwise.list_alt0 game
Indie (Independent game development)Developed without financial backing from large companies or non-private investors. Shares similar design philosophies as art games, but on gameplay rather than artistic value. Often self-published as well.notifications1983 / 20225675 games
Indirect controlUses any form of indirect control. Usually by setting general goals to be accomplished at the minions' leisure rather than commanding someone specific to do it right away (or queue the task).notifications1997 / 201866 games
Indirect multiplayerMultiplayer does not involve any direct interaction with other players, but rather indirectly where player causes events, items, creatures, etc. to appear in other players' games.notifications2012 / 20167 games
Inert sceneryScenery contains objects that one would expect to be movable, but aren't, even if doing so has no perceivable purpose.notifications1996 / 201531 games
Inexplicable involvement (Undefined involvement)The reason why the protagonist is or becomes involved in the plot is left unexplained, effectively functioning as a sort of Deus Ex Machina.notifications2003 / 20077 games
Inexplicable trajectoriesProjectiles leave weapons at angles different than what the weapon itself would suggest.notifications2008 / 20105 games
Infightingnotifications1997 / 20126 games
Infinite zoom(Strategic zoom)Allows infinite zoom, or near enough. Player can zoom in so only one unit is visible, and zoom out until the entire game world can be seen, all without any separate screens being used.notifications2005 / 201717 games
Information propagationSimulates information propagation to some degree.notifications3 games
Initiative (Turns by initiative;Unit initiative)A turn-based combat system where characters move in order of initiative (or related stat, such as speed) regardless of their side in the conflict.notifications1994 / 201959 games
Instant constructionAny construction occurs instantly once it has begun.notifications1997 / 201517 games
Instant death (1 hitpoint)The player dies from single damaging hit of any kind, the equivalent of having never more than one life/hit point.notifications1978 / 20211540 games
Instant death protectionPlayer character is protected from any single thing instantly killing them regardless of how much damage they do. With some reasonable exceptions like falling into a death pit.notifications3 games
Instant expensesAny expenses are billed instantly when the thing you're paying for is ordered, actual delivery of bought item may come later.notifications1994 / 201532 games
Instant healingAny healing is instantaneous, occurring as soon as the healing item or ability has been used.notifications2001 / 201411 games
Instant magic[instantaneous magic]All or most magic is instantly discharged.notifications1989 / 201531 games
Instant motionAny and all movement is instantaneous with no restrictions.notifications2008 / 20154 games
Instant retryUpon death, the player is restored exactly where they died or within viewing distance of it.notifications1991 / 19943 games
Instant startThere's no main menu, no press button to start, nothing. Only that the game has already started.notifications2008 / 201631 games
InstructorAn active "tutorial" feature that points out things the player should be doing outside of objectives. Likely dynamically detects what the player is getting the hang of or doing frequently enough, but is not limited to any specific game area or phase.notifications2007 / 201213 games
Intangible allies (Immaterial allies)Player character's allies are as intangible as thin air, allowing the player character to pass through them without effort.notifications2000 / 201730 games
Intangible foes (Intangible NPCs;Immaterial NPCs)Your enemies and other non-allied characters can be passed through as if they were air, or nearly enough. Does not relate to them being immune to being harmed by shots, punches, etc.notifications2007 / 20168 games
Integrated tutorialTutorial is integrated into normal gameplay/story, possibly appearing as new features are unlocked.notifications2008 / 201523 games
Inter-linked levels(Interconnected levels)notifications1993 / 201955 games
Interactionlist_alt0 game
Interaction highlightObjects, locations, and such that can be interacted with are somehow highlighted.notifications2001 / 201947 games
Interaction: CharactersTags describing how player can interact with other characters.list_alt0 game
Interaction: EnvironmentTags describing how player can interact with environment.list_alt0 game
Interaction: Items (Equipment)Tags describing how player can interact with items/equipment.list_alt0 game
Interaction: VehiclesTags describing how player can interact with vehicles.list_alt0 game
Interactive layersPlayer can interact with the layers somehow.notifications1996 / 20128 games
Interactive purgatoryUpon player character's death the game continues, either as ghost, undead, or in some other manner, with an implicit aim of resurrection and continuation of normal game.notifications1989 / 202028 games
Interactive terminalsTerminals and similar are interactive without entering separate dedicated interaction mode with them.notifications2004 / 201613 games
Interactive tutorialTutorial follow's player progress in performing it and reacts to their progress with it, possibly giving hints or reminders if it takes too long for them to complete them.notifications2000 / 201758 games
InterfaceTags describing the game interface (not the players' hardware "interface").list_alt0 game
Interface spoilersThe game interface itself contains spoilers.notifications1988 / 201528 games
Intermissions (Interludes)Occasional breaks from regular action, often between missions, chapters, or such.notifications1992 / 201670 games
Internal damage(Sub-system damage)[Internal health;Sub-system health;Organ health]Tracks and simulates the effects of damage to internal systems, such as organs of a biological being or the various internal systems of a machine.notifications1990 / 201729 games
Internal repairRepairing smaller parts of a larger system, such as individual parts of a vehicle.notifications1992 / 201614 games
InterruptingThe use of skills, spells, abilities, etc. (possibly even the most basic actions) can be interrupted by others, usually by hurting whoever is trying to perform them.notifications1996 / 202146 games
Inventory: Indisposable (No drop)Player can't dispose of items in their inventory, even temporarily, regardless if there's any reason to.notifications1987 / 201626 games
Inventory: VehiclesVehicles can be placed in an inventory (garage, supply list, etc) & used when needed and/or allowed like any other tool.notifications1990 / 202123 games
Invisible walls (Artificial barriers)Players' ability to fully explore and/or utilize their surroundings is thwarted by unexplainable invisible barriers.notifications1989 / 2019140 games
Invite bonus (Referrer bonus)Offers bonuses to those who invite others to play the game. Often accomplished by creating an account through a special referrer link or designating the name of the account that referred you to the game.notifications2009 / 20133 games
Involuntary statesThe protagonist's or equivalent's state, status, shape, etc. changes involuntarily from time to time.notifications1984 / 20108 games
Item bindingItems can be bound to a character, or must be bound to be used. Purpose of the binding varies, but usually it prevents other characters from using them (and thus trading the bound item as well).notifications2 games
Item cooldownThere's a timed limiter how fast player can re-use certain items. Commonly found in restorative items, such as medikits or healing potions.notifications1983 / 202013 games
Item durabilityItems wear down with use, rust and otherwise degrade with time or from being subjected to the elements.notifications1981 / 2020151 games
Item get (Item get pose;Item get fanfare)Getting an item, especially important (plot) item, is accompanied by a dramatic pose (often the item held high) and a fanfare or similar. May be limited to plot items.notifications1989 / 201899 games
Item highlight (Item glow;Floating items)Items on the ground, tables, and wherever are highlighted somehow. They may glow, glitter, have name tags shown, or otherwise blatantly give off their location. Often accompanied by an unexplained floating off the ground effect.notifications1994 / 2021355 games
Item highlight: Manually activated (Item glow: Manually activated)Item glow that occurs only when player does something specific.notifications2006 / 20144 games
Item identificationPlayer must or can identify items to gain greater insight to them. In some instances player may be prohibited from using items without identification.notifications1975 / 202187 games
Item lock[keep]Player can somehow lock items (mark them for keeping) that prevents the item from being lost, such as dropped, sold, traded, purged, etc. until the lock is removed, but can still be used otherwise without restrictions.notifications1994 / 20179 games
Item pick up: DelayedItems are picked up automatically after a short delay.notifications1 game
Item pick up: InstantaneousItems are picked instantaneously as soon as player instructs the character to pick them up, either by pointing at specific items or simply picking up nearest.notifications1983 / 2021140 games
Item pick up: NormalItems are picked up by player indicating which item, and the character reaches out and stashes the item.notifications1994 / 201634 games
Item pickupTags related to item pickup/acquisition.list_alt0 game
Item pickup: Attract (Item magnet)A variation of automatic item pickup where the player pulls in any nearby and possible even far items, reducing the need to actually fetch them properly.notifications2006 / 201735 games
Item pickup: Automatic (Touch)Items are picked up automatically by simply walking, driving or flying over them with no action, delay, or anything required from the player, as if the items jumped in the protagonist's pockets on their own.notifications1981 / 2018131 games
Item pickup: Ignore excessUpon trying to pick up items you can't store in your inventory, the new item is ignored, leaving it as it is where you found it (or dropped again upon finding your inventory full).notifications1983 / 201733 games
Item pickup: PartialItem stacks (e.g. ammunition) or items that give a numeric return (e.g. healing items) for using them, are only consumed partially if there's need leaving the remaining as is.0 game
Item pickup: Scoop (Get all)Character picks up all nearby objects, either simultaneously or runs about collecting them. Either by default or by player specifically using some alternate item pickup key or method.notifications2003 / 20146 games
Item pickup: Scrap excessUpon trying to pick up items you don't have space for in your inventory, the items are destroyed.notifications1983 / 19892 games
Item respawningItems re-appear at the locations where they were previously collected, creating an infinite surplus.notifications2005 / 201615 games
Itemless[no items]There's no items (not counting directly activated power-ups) to pick up, buy, given, or anything like that. What you start with is what you have.notifications2 games
Jack TramielDelayed or cancelled by Jack Tramiel. Jack Tramiel purchased Atari on July 3, 1984 and set about reforming it into a computer-only company. Games and game systems were put on hold.notifications1982 / 199115 games
Joke bossIncludes a boss fight that is such in name only.notifications1994 / 201717 games
Joke levelIncludes one or more joke levels.notifications2000 / 202116 games
Juicy fleshHarming organic beings produces unusually juicy sounds and likely large quantities of ichor. Gibbing is fairly common.notifications1999 / 201114 games
JusticeProtagonist is involved in the story for the sake of justice.notifications1 game
Kill award: EffortKill award (experience, loot, etc.) is given to the person who did the most work (put the most effort into it).0 game
Kill award: First hitKill award (experience, loot, etc.) is given to the person who initiated the battle.notifications2004 / 20133 games
Kill award: Last hitKill award (experience, loot, etc.) is given to the person who did the last hit.notifications1988 / 20133 games
Kill awardinglist_alt0 game
Kill confirmPlayer gets clear confirmation of a kill when such occurs. Should mostly be used when unusual or unexpected (e.g. in survival horror).notifications2013 / 20182 games
Kill screenReaching/entering a certain stage or level crashes the game or otherwise makes it unplayable beyond that point.notifications1982 / 20154 games
Killing blow (One hit kill)[Backstabbing;Critical hit]Player can deliver a single strike, shot, or anything else that kills or permanently incapacitates any opponent (with possible exception in bosses).notifications1987 / 201885 games
Killing is unnecessary (Defeating enemies is unnecessary)Killing everything (or even knocking them unconscious) is not necessary and may not actually be even helpful, running away/past from the opponents is often as good option if not better.notifications1983 / 202063 games
Knock backwardsKnock back occurs always backwards in the sense of where the character is facing, rather than in the direction the force was applied to. Mostly an issue when one is trying to flee from whatever is causing it.notifications2009 / 20186 games
Knock up (Fling up;Launcher)[toss up;throw up]Player(s) and possibly NPCs can somehow throw people upwards, usually as part of a series of chained attack. Commonly accomplished by swinging a weapon upwards, an uppercut or literal throw.notifications2005 / 201518 games
KnockbackCertain things knock the players or their enemies away, commonly heavy hits and explosions.notifications1987 / 2017249 games
KnockdownCertain things knock the players or their enemies down, commonly heavy hits and explosions.notifications2001 / 201648 games
Konami CodeContains some variation of the Konami Code (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A), made famous with NES Contra. Adapted to many systems and even used by other companies.notifications1986 / 200626 games
Lack of light is DeadlyLack of light alone is deadly without any additional associated danger being required.notifications1 game
Lanes(Lane-based)Gameplay is restricted to multiple lanes, usually side-by-side, and depending on the game type swapping between the lanes may be either trivial, limited to certain conditions, or utterly impossible.notifications2008 / 201711 games
Launch titlePublished at the same time as the system. These games were first made available for purchase exactly the same day as the game system was.notifications1977 / 2017329 games
Left-handed (Southpaw)Has an option to swap controller handedness somehow, or otherwise adjust controls to be more suited for left-handed players.notifications2004 / 201412 games
Lethal velocityCrashing into something solid or semi-solid at high speed is bad for your health.notifications1997 / 201622 games
Level capThere's a cap in how high character level can rise that can be reached in normal play.notifications1987 / 201629 games
Level designlist_alt0 game
Level hubUses a central location which connects to all others, with the player returning to it after finishing each other level. Usually has very few or no enemies, little to no exploring, occasionally some unlockable areas, and so forth.notifications1990 / 201845 games
Level previewPlayer is given a preview of each level or area, usually in form of a flyby.notifications2012 / 20145 games
Level progress indicatorShows individual level progress in some manner.notifications1987 / 201421 games
Level selection (Mission selection)Player has choice of which level, stage or mission to play next. This choice could be available only once, usually at the start, or every time a level is completed.notifications1983 / 2019116 games
Level-up restorationUpon gaining a new level, character's health and energy reserves are restored.notifications1996 / 2021102 games
Life-like motionCharacters, especially the one controlled by the player, move at life-like pace.notifications1990 / 201336 games
Light guides(Guiding lights;Light shows the way;Lighting cues)Fairly standard way to direct players to the right place is by placing bright lights near where the player needs to go, often facing towards the move direction. Alternatively colored lights that differ from other lights.notifications2016 / 20208 games
Light RPGRPG portion is limited to XP and character stats growth and level-based ability gain and/or unlocking ability to use better equipment. No actual character development as a person or similar.notifications2008 / 20146 games
LightheartedNot a comedy but has an enjoyably non-serious/grim tone/mood. Worries, anxiety, urgency tend to be lacking. Could be cheerful, optimistic, or hopeful.notifications1982 / 2018264 games
Limb-based controlPlayer character control is achieved by controlling each limb rather than general motion direction or abstract actions.notifications2008 / 20156 games
Limitations (Restrictions)list_alt0 game
Limited savesGame progress can be saved only a limited number of times. This limit may be per level or per game.notifications1982 / 20127 games
Limited supplies (Low availability of supplies)The availability of supplies such as ammo, bandages, drill heads, etc. is unusually low, often forcing the player to closely monitor their use or completely forgo some uses.notifications1980 / 201896 games
Limitless energy (Limitless mana;Manaless)Anything that normally (in most games) consumes energy is not limited by such factor.notifications2010 / 201617 games
Line-of-sight (LOS)Enhances realism, simulating visibility constraints with objects obstructing or limiting sight. Players must strategize and navigate obstacles thoughtfully.notifications1982 / 2021167 games
Literal EncountersBoth sides may attempt to encounter, avoid, and/or remain unseen to each other in a realistic manner.notifications1981 / 202028 games
Living ecosystemAttempts to simulate the appearance real ecosystem, either simply to give the impression of real one or actual simulation.notifications2004 / 20157 games
LoadersSoftware or hardware that loads games.list_alt0 game
Loading nonsenseThe information given (mainly what it claims to be loading or processing) by the load screen(s) is nonsense, has little to nothing to do with what is actually loaded.notifications1994 / 201656 games
Location information (Location identification)Current location is somehow identified (such as lobby, elevator, security office) and declared. Possibly with other relevant info also provided.notifications1985 / 202341 games
Locational damage (Location-based damage)The point of impact determines how much damage characters, objects, or vehicles sustain in the game.notifications1987 / 2020232 games
Look around(Camera nudge;POV control)Player can somehow look around without changing their facing and usually trivially return view to that direction. Common in vehicle simulations where player can look around out of the various vehicle windows without affecting vehicle movement.notifications1998 / 202130 games
Loot: No itemsWhatever NPCs drop upon defeat is never any kind of usable items (besides money or such), except in case of plot items.notifications2005 / 20062 games
Loot: NoneNPCs have no loot to speak of, usually meaning player is limited to what they can find from the environment or even what they start with.notifications1982 / 201711 games
Loot: Predefined[predefined loot]NPCs have predefined items, causing same character to drop same item(s) on each playthrough.notifications1 game
Loot: Unexpected [money spiders]NPCs have unexpected items, such as spiders carrying gold coins, dogs carrying plate mail, and so forth.notifications1989 / 2021104 games
LootingAny and all tags describing how or what items are acquired from other characters, usually after they're dead.list_altnotifications2004 / 20082 games
Lose MapIt is possible or the game is designed that all or part of your maps or automatic maps can be or will be lost or damaged at some point. Including player purposefully discarding or destroying them.notifications1990 / 20066 games
Losing is funLosing is designed to be fun or major part of the entertainment from the game, usually with player being awarded with varying loss scenes with how they managed to lose. Especially if these are not game ending losses or actually partially interactive.notifications2009 / 20149 games
Loss of player agencyAny tags referring to concepts that take away agency (control of the character) from the player, regardless if it would intuitively do so even in life. Notice some of these tags are not restricted to being applied only to the player and are more general.list_alt0 game
Lost resourcesThe protagonist has lost all or most of the resources they had in the prequel, or possibly even in the introduction.notifications1991 / 202070 games
Magnetic shouldersCharacters sheathe their weapons to their backs or other places, but there's nothing there to hold those weapons in place. Often makes it seem like they have magnetic shoulder blades or similar.notifications2001 / 201631 games
Malleability(Mutability)Any tags pertaining to non-static nature of the game world in terms of how it can be altered by the player.list_alt0 game
Mandatory additional downloadAfter initially installing the game, regardless of from where, player is required to download more data to actually play it at all. Usually large portion of the game assets such as graphics/sounds.notifications3 games
Mandatory secretsPlayer is required to find all or some of the secret locations/caches to progress.notifications1986 / 202015 games
Map deficientEither completely lacks maps or the provided maps are mostly unusable, forcing the player to draw one themselves to avoid getting lost. Mainly for games that are not linear and don't tell where to go.notifications1975 / 201975 games
Map spoilersWhatever maps the player has access to in-game spoil parts of the game, such as automap revealing secrets by overenthusiastic automation.notifications1 game
Markers (Beacons)[Ping]Players can place markers in the gameworld that inform other players, mostly allies, of something.notifications2006 / 201629 games
Market fluctuation (Economic fluctuation)Prices vary over time, either randomly or through proper simulation of conditions.notifications1977 / 201628 games
Mass mattersPlayable character's or vehicle's mass matters somehow, such as the environment behaving differently depending on how heavy they are. Requires player has choice of differently weighing characters or can alter their weight.notifications1997 / 20167 games
Match speedOffers a simple option to match speed with target.notifications1998 / 20123 games
MaterialsSimulates or otherwise takes into account properties of various materials, such as flammability, conductivity, rigidity, etc.notifications2006 / 20083 games
Maxwell's DemonA gameplay element whereby an opening is closed and opened to sort moving objects that can pass through the door under their own motion.notifications1992 / 19962 games
Mentoring (Coaching;Tutoring)A way of introducing new players to a game by having mechanism(s) to allow other players to teach the newbies how to play, likely rewarding the mentor somehow for their time.notifications2003 / 201313 games
MenusA significant portion of gameplay involves interacting with menus. This doesn't mean a start (main), options, or shopping menu, etc. that are present in nearly all games.notifications1978 / 2022496 games
Merged actions (Merged attacks)Two or more actions/attacks can be combined to produce a new one.notifications1993 / 20157 games
Meta abilities (Meta skills;Meta magic)Includes abilities or such that do little or nothing on their own but modify how other abilities or similar work.notifications1995 / 201412 games
Meta progression(Player progression;Player levels)[metaprogression]Includes a method of progression tied to account, player profile, the game installation, or similar that affects all concurrent and/or subsequent playthroughs.notifications1990 / 2019109 games
Meta secretsIncludes secrets within secrets.notifications2011 / 20184 games
Microtransactions (Micropayments)Sells small in-game items or other things of value to players for real cash, usually with the intent of funding the game's servers, maintenance, and continued development for otherwise free product.notifications2002 / 2021168 games
Mid-mission task generator(Sub-objective generator;Bonus objective generator)Player is given randomly generated tasks, quests, missions, etc. to complete while they're performing other missions, usually as random sub-objectives or optional side missions.notifications2007 / 201510 games
Middle gunsWeapons are displayed held at the middle of the screen.notifications1993 / 201424 games
Middle projection (Center projection)Attacks and other actions are "projected" from middle of the character or screen instead of the actual weapon or any other source.notifications1992 / 201550 games
MiiUses or can use your personal Mii as the game character.notifications2006 / 202118 games
MinimapA small map shown constantly on screen that shows the whole map or small portion (centered on the protagonist). Often in a corner of the screen, though sometimes overlayed with the main view.notifications1980 / 2023461 games
Minion equipping(Underling equipping)Player can somehow designate what equipment your minions/underlings (usually characters not relevant to plot or not directly uncontrollable) have.notifications2007 / 201816 games
Misleading difficulty optionsnotifications1998 / 19992 games
Missing gameplayAny tags that describe an expected but missing gameplay element.list_alt0 game
Mission reset[level reset]After each mission, level, or such, your personal status and equipment is reset to what it was when you began, losing all that you gained in the mission and regaining everything you lost.notifications1999 / 201411 games
Mission-basedGame progress is divided into several missions or similar sequences, player may or may not have choice in which mission to take.notifications1979 / 2020544 games
Mixed GridA semiregular tiling pattern of multiple shapes. Squares & triangles, or octagons & squares, for examples.notifications2 games
Mixed themeUses a mix of wildly differing themes.notifications2001 / 201411 games
Mocking difficulty (Insulting difficulty)Includes one or more difficulty options that mock or insult the player for using them, usually whatever is the easiest.notifications2005 / 201513 games
Mod(Modification)This is a game mod, requires the actual game to be playable at all.notifications2000 / 201529 games
ModalUses different modes of operation.notifications1 game
Mode: Horde(Gauntlet)Includes a separate game mode where player fights off large numbers of enemies, usually in waves.notifications2007 / 201310 games
Mode: Score attackIncludes separate score attack mode where the player's goal is simply to get the highest score possible. Usually provided as replay option for levels already completed.notifications1998 / 201511 games
Moderation benefitOffers bonuses or other benefits for NOT playing the game constantly.notifications2003 / 201310 games
Modifiable difficulty aspects (Custom difficulty)Difficulty level is split into number of aspects, such as monster toughness, allotted time, simulation level of vehicles, and so forth instead of single combined difficulty modifier.notifications1975 / 2021168 games
Mook rushFeatures at least one battle or mode where the player must face a rush of all previously encountered mooks without interruption.notifications2004 / 201711 games
MotionAny motion related tags.list_alt0 game
Motion captured animationCharacter animation was produced with motion capture.0 game
Mouse flight (Pointer flight)A method of flight control achieved by controlling a pointer across the screen rather than mapping the pointer directly to flight control, the vehicle then automatically adjusts its vector until it faces where the pointer was moved.notifications2003 / 201610 games
Move assistSomehow assists movement, such as making character run down a circular path with greater accuracy when the movement is relative to camera and the camera follows lazily.notifications1 game
Moving Preset EncountersSet foes are encountered but their position changes in a pattern or randomly.notifications1992 / 201712 games
Multi target lockAllows multiple simultaneous target locks.notifications1993 / 20148 games
Multi-armed protagonist (Multiple arm pairs)Protagonist has 3 or more arms that are fully usable.notifications2000 / 20113 games
Multi-display (Multiple displays;Windows)Player has or can have multiple displays of the game world and various aspects of it open at the same time on single screen.notifications1986 / 201321 games
Multi-layeredThe world is composed of two or more layers with the player capable of traveling between them.notifications1994 / 201746 games
Multi-level security (Multi-step security)Accounts are protected with 2 or more steps, usually with regular account password and a pass code (possibly per-character/game pass code).notifications2004 / 201314 games
Multi-paradigmRequires vastly different approaches between various elements of the game, such as playable factions, characters, or such.notifications1998 / 20157 games
Multi-phased (Metagame)Has multiple phases, each more or less different than the last, where any of the phases could actually stand alone as their own game.notifications1982 / 2018113 games
Multi-phased turnsnotifications1992 / 201320 games
Multi-sequencePlayed across multiple sequences with entirely different look & feel from each other (multiple types of gameplay).notifications1981 / 2022476 games
Multi-stage bosses(Multi-stage boss battles)[Multi-stage boss fights]Includes one or more boss fights where the behaviour/mechanics of the boss fight permanently change during the boss fight, often referred to as second stage, third stage, etc of the boss fight.notifications2014 / 20179 games
MultimapGame occurs on multiple maps simultaneously, regardless how those maps are implemented.notifications2001 / 202011 games
Multiplay non-sports games with sport modes.A decidedly non-sports game has at least one mode based on a sport. Often the game mechanics of the main are still used.notifications1 game
Multiplayer CoplayA myltiplayer mode of play that allows each player to interact cooperatively, competitively, or (purposely) not at all .notifications1977 / 201338 games
Multiplayer focusHas both single and multiplayer game modes but was made with clear focus on multiplayer. Singleplayer is possibly exactly same as multiplayer but with the other player characters controlled by bots.notifications1980 / 2019180 games
Multiplayer game modeslist_alt0 game
Multiplayer instances (Instanced dungeons)Games which use "dungeon instances". Private copies of areas dedicated for single player, group or several groups to battle out some scenario without outside interference.notifications2004 / 201327 games
Multiplayer savesMultiplayer game progress can be saved.notifications1981 / 20146 games
Multiplayer: 3 way (3 or more teams)Multiplayer games by default have 3 or more teams competing against all other teams.notifications1999 / 201315 games
Multiplayer: Assassination(VIP)Only one player (possibly per team) is valid target, the others don't count for being defeated. The other players' duty is to protect the VIP of their own team while targeting that of the enemy team.notifications2001 / 20144 games
Multiplayer: Assault (Siege)Includes a multiplayer mode where one team defends something and another team tries to attack it, either to destroy or capture.notifications1999 / 201737 games
Multiplayer: AsymmetricIncludes one or more asymmetric multiplayer modes, where one team of players is equipped significantly differently than the other, that don't have a more specific tag available.notifications1977 / 201737 games
Multiplayer: Asynchronous[Asynchronous multiplayer]Uses any asynchronous multiplayer model other than play-by-email.notifications2013 / 20198 games
Multiplayer: Augmented Reality GameA portion of multiple player gameplay takes place outside of the digital game.notifications1 game
Multiplayer: Battle Royale[PUBG-style;Hunger Games mode]A variant of last man standing mode where players start in random locations in large map and have to scavenge for weapons and other gear while fighting off other players. Winner is the last player alive or last squad alive.notifications2016 / 202118 games
Multiplayer: Bombing Run(BR)A variant of capture the flag mode where the flag (or bomb or such) is in neutral territory and needs to be delivered to the enemy base or similar, instead of being taken from enemy base and brought to ally base.notifications2002 / 20145 games
Multiplayer: BotsIncludes AI controlled bots as drop-in replacements for missing human players.notifications1993 / 201775 games
Multiplayer: Campaign (Story mode)Video games with a multiplayer campaign are games where the campaign mode is able to be played with multiple players at the same time.notifications1985 / 2021250 games
Multiplayer: Capture the FlagIncludes capture the flag multiplayer mode where the winner is the player or team with most flags captured within a time limit or the first to reach certain capture count.notifications1977 / 2019105 games
Multiplayer: Client add-ons(Client expansions)Non-eyecandy add-ons/expansion the clients have are usable in games hosted by people who don't have said add-ons. Such as if add-on adds new classes, factions, etc. they're still playable instead of being blocked by the host's lack of the add-ons.notifications2006 / 20093 games
Multiplayer: Control (Domination;Conquest;King of the Hill)Includes one or more multiplayer modes where player or team wins by controlling all or most "victory points".notifications2000 / 201793 games
Multiplayer: Cooperative (Co-operative)Contains any form of co-operative multiplayer where all human players work towards a common goal.notifications1974 / 20211673 games
Multiplayer: Cross add-on (Cross expansion)Allows playing multiplayer games across expansions, so players with expansions can play with people who don't have them without any additional work (such as no need to start the game with expansions disabled) nor notable detriments to expansion owners.notifications2004 / 201623 games
Multiplayer: Cross-platform[Cross-play]Allows playing multiplayer games with players on different platforms, allowing players to join together regardless of the platform they own.notifications1990 / 2021413 games
Multiplayer: DeathmatchIncludes a deathmatch or similar multiplayer mode where the winner is the player or team with most kills (and possibly least deaths) within a set time limit.notifications1989 / 2020319 games
Multiplayer: Demo compatibilityOwners of the full game can play with those who have only the demo version, with some more or less obvious limitations.notifications2 games
Multiplayer: Drop-inAdditional players can join in at (almost) any time.notifications1993 / 2019114 games
Multiplayer: Drop-in PvP(Single player invasion)Multiplayer gaming happens by a player joining another player's singleplayer session for the purpose of PvP fighting them out of the blue, interfering with whatever they are doing in singleplayer.notifications2009 / 201825 games
Multiplayer: Escape (Evacuation;Extraction)Includes a multiplayer mode where players or one team of players is trying to reach an exit, evacuation site or similar while AI or other player controlled team tries to prevent this.notifications2001 / 201313 games
Multiplayer: Forced balancePeriodically automatically forces team balance by re-arranging players across the teams according to Elo, KDA, or other statistic(s).notifications1 game
Multiplayer: Free for All (Teamless)[Free-for-all;FFA]Includes any multiplayer mode which lacks teaming of any sort, where each player is against everyone else.notifications1980 / 202175 games
Multiplayer: Friends (Premade team;Arranged team)In team-based games the game offers some way to make sure friends can play on the same side, commonly by employing matchmaking as a group rather than as individuals.notifications2006 / 201616 games
Multiplayer: Horde(Gauntlet)Includes any form of survival-style multiplayer mode where players are expected to survive a series of challenges, usually in form of several waves of AI controlled enemies to win.notifications2009 / 201620 games
Multiplayer: Host add-ons(Host expansions)Games hosted by a player with expansions or other addons give players without them joining their game temporary access to the add-on content instead of locking those players out out.notifications2011 / 20165 games
Multiplayer: Infection(Infected)Includes a variant of tag where one player is selected at start of a round and they must hunt down the rest of the players. Tagged players join the hunter's side. Usually with either time limit or requirement for either team to be eliminated.notifications2007 / 201211 games
Multiplayer: Juggernaut(Mutant)Includes a multiplayer mode where one player is alone against everyone else, usually selected at random at match start. Commonly armed with some gimmick that makes them capable of outperforming the others in most 1v1 situations.notifications2002 / 201411 games
Multiplayer: Last Man Standing (Elimination;Last Team Standing)[LTS;LMS;Last One Standing;Last Person Standing;Battle Royale]Includes a multiplayer mode where the winner is the player who is the last one alive or the team with the only surviving players. There is no respawning during a match, or it is severely limited per player or per team.notifications1991 / 2017127 games
Multiplayer: Match warm-upAt the start of each match there's a short period (usually 30 or 60 seconds) during which nothing happens or players are allowed to explore the map or play as normal but with no impact to winning the match (everything is reset when the warm-up ends).notifications1999 / 201612 games
Multiplayer: MatchmakingOffers matchmaking service for multiplayer, finding opponents of presumably equal skill level when available so both/all players have equal chance of winning.notifications2006 / 201782 games
Multiplayer: MixedAllows playing with a mixture of multiplayer options simultaneously, such as LAN/internet together with local shared/split screen.notifications1996 / 20149 games
Multiplayer: No duplicate charactersDisallows multiple people from using the same character/class.notifications1997 / 201521 games
Multiplayer: No private gamesInternet multiplayer games can't be locked with password, limited to invite only, or some other restriction that prevents the general public from randomly joining in.0 game
Multiplayer: No rejoinIf player loses connectivity, they can not rejoin a game session. Likely includes loss by default condition as well if this happens.notifications1 game
Multiplayer: One-on-One[1 on 1;one on one]Includes any multiplaeyer mode where one player is against one player with no option of more players regardless of options, map choice, etc.notifications2 games
Multiplayer: PassiveEven in singleplayer games, the player is actually participating in the multiplayer experience, and more involved multiplayer experiences may form on their own without any notable transitioning (e.g. no explicit connect to other player's game commandnotifications2012 / 20193 games
Multiplayer: PauseableMultiplayer games can be paused.notifications2002 / 201919 games
Multiplayer: PayloadIncludes a payload multiplayer mode where one team attempts to push a payload of some sort across the map to its destination while the other team tries to stop them.notifications2007 / 20168 games
Multiplayer: RejoinAllows people to rejoin a multiplayer session after being dropped out due to connection failure, game crash, or anything else.notifications2006 / 201738 games
Multiplayer: SpectatingPeople can join live games solely to watch them, not using up any actual player slots and usually with much less restricted movement (e.g. ability to pass through walls) but obviously with no ability to affect the game being played.notifications2009 / 201724 games
Multiplayer: SurvivalIncludes a multiplayer mode where the players or one team of players tries to survive for as long as possible. No victory condition exists.notifications2005 / 201443 games
Multiplayer: Teams (Teamplay)Includes at least one multiplayer mode playable with teams of two or more human players.notifications1972 / 2021421 games
Multiplayer: UndefinedIncludes one or more multiplayer mode that is either unique or too vague for definition.notifications1997 / 201864 games
Multiplayer: Versus (Competetive)Includes any non-cooperative multiplayer mode that does NOT have any more specific tag for it.notifications1974 / 2021804 games
Multiplayer: Voting[player votes]Includes a voting mechanism for players to decide on matters that encompass all players or a team of players.notifications2009 / 201413 games
Multiple campaigns (Multiple storylines)Includes multiple storylines.notifications1993 / 201976 games
Multiple endings (Alternative endings)Has more than one possible ending. Excluding any early endings caused by mission failure, non plot related deaths, or similar.notifications1980 / 2021544 games
Multiple energy types (Multiple energy pools)[Multiple mana types;Multiple mana pools]Energy comes in different forms, each with their own uses, sources, and such.notifications1997 / 201319 games
Multiple groupsPlayer is in control of multiple groups and has the ability to switch direct control between their leaders.notifications2001 / 200510 games
Multiple health poolsPlayer character and possibly others have multiple unrelated health pools, and if any of them reaches critical level the character dies or might as well have done so (becomes incapacitated).notifications2001 / 201510 games
Multiple objectivesPlayer must accomplish multiple separate but possibly related objectives to succeed.notifications2004 / 20103 games
Multiple protagonists (Many protagonists;multiprotagonist)Multiple protagonists is a game concept in which the story or campaign mode of the game has multiple playable characters.notifications1981 / 2019228 games
Multistart (Multiple start-up executables;Multiple start-up media)The game is split into multiple start-up media, executables, or such that need to be manually started in sequence as you progress through the game. May artificially limit player's ability to start them out of sequence.notifications1987 / 201513 games
Multplayer: TagIncludes a multiplayer mode that resembles some variation of game of tag.notifications1977 / 20167 games
Mutable scenery: FixturesPlayer character can manipulate fixtures, such as radiators, piping and so forth.notifications2004 / 201011 games
Mutable scenery: Large(Movable furniture)Player character can manipulate large scenery objects (mainly move them around), such as sofas, desks, and other furniture.notifications1992 / 201720 games
Mutable scenery: SmallPlayer character can manipulate small scenery objects, such as chairs, lamps, and so forth.notifications2004 / 201713 games
MutationPlayer character, and possibly others as well, can somehow mutate.notifications1994 / 20069 games
Mutually Exclusive Powerups(Mutually Exclusive Upgrades)Some or all powerups are mutually exclusive, disallowing their use together and may require powerup juggling or carefully choosing which one to take.notifications2000 / 20185 games
Nameless protagonistThe protagonist is never referred to by a proper name, instead something generic is used, such as title, serial number, a physical trait, or some such.notifications1981 / 2018118 games
NamingPlayer can give names to things. These may be something they personally identify themselves as after the fact, or simply identifiers you use to recognize specific things.notifications1994 / 20067 games
Naming: Companions (Companion naming;Pet naming;Minion naming)Player can name their companions, pets, minions, and other subordinates.notifications1994 / 202326 games
Naming: NPCs (NPC naming;Monster naming)Player can name NPCs and other creatures they encounter but are not friends with, do not command, and possibly is enemies with.notifications1994 / 201613 games
Naming: Objects (Object naming;Item naming)Player can give names to objects, items, tools, and so forth.notifications2006 / 20179 games
Naming: Vehicles (Vehicle naming)Player can give names to vehicles, though presumably limited to only their own.notifications1999 / 20032 games
Narrative-driven(Story-driven)Unusual mode of play where the player's advancement is mainly about plot & story advancement. Rather than solving puzzles, or working within game mechanicsnotifications1979 / 2021155 games
Natural leader (Perfect leader)The protagonist is depicted as a natural leader, someone who garners loyalty from strangest of people, and manages to keep it without even trying.notifications2003 / 201613 games
Navigation by points of interestPlayer navigates the gameworld by targeting points of interest rather than manually controlling the whole movement. This can be long distance POIs or short distance, but only as long as this is true for all of the game and not just overworld or similar.notifications1977 / 201515 games
NeedsPlayer is required to fulfil nonspecific needs of their characters or others, usually several clearly defined ones, such as food, healthcare, entertainment, luxury items, security (e.g. law enforcement), education, waste handling, etc.notifications1984 / 201842 games
Neutral EncountersIn the same manor(s) as enemies are encountered, non-foes might also be. Such as a traveling merchant.notifications1981 / 201737 games
New Game+ (New Game Ex;Challenge Mode;Replay Mode;New Game Plus)After finishing the game at least once, the game can be played again with some features unlocked or various things changed.notifications1985 / 2022182 games
Newbie protection (New player protection)New players can't be attacked by other players or are otherwise protected from certain harmful things. Usually removed after the player reaches a certain level or has played certain amount of time.notifications2003 / 20103 games
No Aim Direction LimitGames of a type/genre expected to limit directions, yet has [i]enough[/i] directions to call 'unlimited'. [url=/groups/info/aimdirlimit]aimdirlimit[/url]'s opposite.notifications1983 / 19953 games
No air control(Static jumps)Once player character is in air (because of jumping, falling, or other reasons), player has absolutely no control over direction they're going or where they will land except via additional movement abilities such as double-jump, air dash, or similar.notifications1986 / 201571 games
No alternatives (No alternate solutions)Despite what the game's genre might suggest, there are no alternate solutions to problems.notifications1980 / 202013 games
No ammo displayDoes not show how much ammo you have left, not in clip or in storage. May show how many clips, though, and ammo count for single-shot weapons or similar.notifications1998 / 20146 games
No ammo pickups(No ammunition pickups)Player does not have unlimited ammo, but there's no way to acquire more ammo for the weapons in use, forcing player to toss the guns away and find new ones instead of reloading the old.notifications1998 / 20157 games
No ammo reloadingnotifications1992 / 202043 games
No animalsFor some obscure reason the locations are devoid of animals even though they should have them.notifications2011 / 20144 games
No AudioNotable has no sound though played on hardware capable of producing sound.notifications1983 / 20137 games
No auto attack(No return fire)Auto attack, which normally is present in games of this type (MMO, RTS, and possibly others), is absent.notifications1997 / 201511 games
No auto-fireHolding down the attack button does not endlessly repeat the attack as one might expect.notifications1995 / 20083 games
No autosavesThe game does not automatically save at any point in time or place nor are there any retry points.notifications1 game
No BlockingLacks a feature to block an attack. Notable in fighting games or if character(s) carry a shield that does not actually serve a function.notifications1986 / 19883 games
No campaign(No story mode)Lacks story/campaign mode or similar where player needs to complete series of levels/maps, missions, or similar.notifications1988 / 201669 games
No CapThere are no known limits to advancement. Or the limit is so incredibly high as to be impractical to achieve without cheating.notifications1 game
No childrenThere are no children anywhere even though you'd expect to see them at least occasionally in the locations visited (e.g. cities, towns, and such).notifications1996 / 202050 games
No clear objectives(Obscure win conditions)[no clear goals;no goals;no objectives]Player is not told any clear goals or how to achieve them, and even if they are, the path to it is rife with other unelaborated challenges and player must instead experiment and attempt to progress via trial & error.notifications2009 / 20189 games
No combatDespite the genre, there is no actual proper combat involved. Player may get attacked though.notifications1982 / 201628 games
No CorpsesAny living thing killed in the game simply disappears at the moment of death.notifications1989 / 20153 games
No crashingRegardless of what happens or what the player tries to do (or fails to do), crashing into vehicles, obstacles, etc. is largely impossible. Usually involves the character/vehicle sliding off/around the crash target.notifications1 game
No crosshair(No targeting reticle)There's no targeting crosshair on the HUD.notifications1979 / 201633 games
No endingHas an end to content, but there's no `ending´ (end state where end is acknowledged).notifications1979 / 20154 games
No EnemiesGameplay uses a challenge other than enemies. There are no enemies that hostilely interact with the protagonist in any way whatsoever.notifications1982 / 20168 games
No energy regeneration (No mana regeneration;No magic point regeneration;Finite energy;Finite magic;Finite mana)Energy depletes with use but does not automatically return over time, forcing the player to seek external sources to replenish it, sleep, or use some other method of restoration.notifications1989 / 201754 games
No fail state(Impossible to lose)It's impossible to reach a fail state, game over screen, forced reload/restart, or similar.notifications1987 / 201958 games
No fall damageFalling down from a significant height does not cause damage or any other similar inconveniences.notifications1982 / 2023603 games
No friendly fireShooting at or beating up your allies or possibly even neutral parties has absolutely no effect (don't get hurt or even act as if anything is happening), if the game even allows you to try.notifications1992 / 201657 games
No global resourcesResources are stored at specific locations and need to be delivered from there to any place that needs them. May imply player must manage distribution of resources between storing locations.notifications2005 / 20093 games
No GPS(No global positioning system)Player has maps but no immediate way to tell where they're in those, either relying on player's ability to read the map or offering some semi-automatic way of locating themselves there, such as by recognizing landmarks.notifications1999 / 201710 games
No headbobFirst person games where there's no headbob what-so-ever.notifications2006 / 20086 games
No healingThere's no way to heal yourself during missions or similar activities.notifications1997 / 20128 games
No health displayDoes not show any health value or other numeric, textual or graphical element that directly correlates to health.notifications2005 / 201544 games
No health regenerationThe player's character does not automatically recover health points over time or by any other means during gameplay.notifications1999 / 2023124 games
No HUD[hudless]Any information the player may want is integrated into the gameworld instead of represented in a head-up display.notifications1991 / 201884 games
No in-game introLacks an introduction to the story, protagonist, and such in game - which would tell who the protagonist is, why they are doing whatever it is they're doing, and what's happening - but has such in supplementary material, such as the manual.notifications1985 / 200824 games
No in-game musicDespite being for a sufficiently modern system, there's no in-game music.notifications1978 / 20127 games
No inventory pauseManaging inventory or other item management feature does not automatically pause the game.notifications1992 / 201843 games
No jumping (Jumping Deficient)Despite the genre/type being something that normally has jumping included, these [i]notably[/i] don't have it.notifications1983 / 2021112 games
No kill confirmVerifying that you've killed/defeated someone is unusually difficult or uncertain.notifications2006 / 201410 games
No kill stealingA common problem in MMO games is the so called kill stealing (KS). However, games marked with this do not suffer from it.notifications2009 / 20133 games
No main antagonistFor whatever reason, there is no main antagonist.notifications2006 / 201722 games
No main menunotifications1991 / 201313 games
No minion controlPlayer has no control over their minions or any other underlings.notifications1975 / 201615 games
No modal pauseOpening gameplay menus or similar modal elements (such as inventory screen) does not automatically pause the game.notifications2004 / 20178 games
No mooks(No basic enemies)There are no "basic" enemies despite game type suggesting there to be such.notifications1 game
No multiplayer savesDespite including campaign/story, other cooperative multiplayer mode or simply the default modes take significant amount of time, there's no way to save game progress.notifications2007 / 201213 games
No pause functionOn systems where having a pause function is common practice, these games notably don't have it.notifications2002 / 201613 games
No ports (Unique to a platform)Unique to a platform. no official ports or versions exist on other platforms.notifications1983 / 2016227 games
No recruitingStrategy games where you can't recruit, construct or otherwise acquire more people to work for you unless they're given to you.notifications1990 / 201651 games
No reinforcements (No mid-battle recruitment)notifications1992 / 201669 games
No Speed IndicatorThere is notably no speed indicator in the interface of these games. Especial in racing games.notifications1977 / 20162 games
No storyThere is no actual story told over the game. Not necessarily same as lack of a plot.notifications1988 / 201880 games
No structure facing (No building facing)Player can not designate which way the structures they build face.notifications1992 / 202061 games
No target lockTarget lock, which normally is present in games of this type (MMORPG, space flight sim, and possibly others), is absent.notifications2010 / 20112 games
No text chatOnline multiplayer games that don't have text chat on platforms where such is commonplace.notifications2010 / 20206 games
No voice chatOnline multiplayer games that don't have voice chat on platforms where such is commonplace.notifications2009 / 20193 games
Non-functional contentIncludes content that obviously should do something but does not.notifications2009 / 20165 games
Non-interactive tutorialThe tutorial is either in form of videos, text screens, or some other non-interactive format. These may appear during normal play but they do not monitor for you to actually manage do what they teach.notifications1999 / 201843 games
Non-lethalThe protagonist does not (intentionally) kill anyone, despite other facts about the game suggesting otherwise.notifications1983 / 201526 games
Non-linear difficultyDifficulty does not rise in linear manner as you progress, but challenges vary somewhat naturally.0 game
Non-linear gameplay (Non-linear level design)Allows players to explore without being bound by a strict progression path, offering freedom and flexibility in their gaming experience.notifications1986 / 2021212 games
Non-playing mechanicsAny concepts relating to gameplay but involve no active playing.list_alt0 game
Non-refundable expensesCancelling a purchase does not refund what has already been paid for it.notifications2004 / 20084 games
Non-serious (Tongue-in-cheek)Does not take its subject matter very seriously but without being pointedly comedic or light about it.notifications1997 / 20149 games
Non-violentDoes not involve violence despite other factors in game info suggesting such being likely.notifications1987 / 202113 games
Non-visualHas no notable visuals/graphics pertaining to actual gameplay (player does not need or benefit from sight), presumably because the game is designed to be playable by the blind. Likely relies on audio and/or haptic feedback for most gameplay delivery.notifications1981 / 201610 games
Nonsensical gear[nonsensical equipment]The equipment characters take makes no sense, usually by wearing or wielding unusually large number of same type of items such as 3 swords or 2 breast plates.notifications2003 / 201412 games
Not PublishedKnown or claimed to have been finished with sufficient information to indicate so, but for some reason was not published in any manner. May have been influential or reworked into another game, and may yet to be published anyway.notifications1981 / 201957 games
NPC ally awarenessNPCs notice and take appropriate actions when their allies go missing without notice - such as missing from a meetup on a patrol route, doesn't show up around camp after a while, doesn't respond to communications, etc.notifications2016 / 20182 games
NPC armingNPCs pick up weapons and use them if they think they're more useful than what they currently have (e.g. picking up a firearm when they only have a cudgel).notifications2011 / 20124 games
NPC conversionNPCs can convert your allies and neutral characters to their side in some manner.notifications1 game
NPC coverNPCs try to take cover when fired upon, occasionally exposing themselves to fire back, to move to alternate cover or for other reasons.notifications1 game
NPC deflectionSome or all NPCs deflect attacks either actively or passively, either back at the one who attacked them or somewhere around them and possibly causing others to be hit.notifications2010 / 201212 games
NPC directionsPlayer can ask NPCs for directions how to find something, someone or someplace.notifications2001 / 20144 games
NPC dodgingNPCs, especially those opposing the player, may attempt dodging or otherwise evading their attacks.notifications1996 / 20072 games
NPC environmental immunityNPCs are surprisingly impervious to environmental dangers.notifications1 game
NPC friendly fireNPCs - especially those opposing the protagonist - can harm their allies, accidentally or intentionally.notifications1996 / 202158 games
NPC gameplay mechanicsNon-behaviour related NPC mechanics.list_alt0 game
NPC grenade evasion(NPC explosive evasion)[NPC grenade avoidance]NPCs try to avoid live grenades or other explosives when they can.notifications2005 / 20168 games
NPC group tacticsNPCs cooperate with each other to a degree.notifications2001 / 201716 games
NPC healing (NPC health recovery)NPCs, mainly those opposing the player character, use skills, items or some other methods to restore their own and possibly their allies health when they see the need rise for it.notifications1995 / 201827 games
NPC health regenerationNPCs, besides the player's allies, can automatically regenerate lost health.notifications2007 / 201813 games
NPC hidingAfter spotting the player(s), NPCs try to hide from them, possibly with the intent to ambush him/her or simply to avoid being targeted intentionally or not.notifications2004 / 201113 games
NPC injuriesNPCs can be seriously injured, crippled or otherwise grievously wounded.notifications2000 / 201424 games
NPC inventoryNPCs have in their inventory exactly what you saw on them and saw them use and possibly some smaller items in addition.notifications1995 / 201228 games
NPC looting[looting NPCs]NPCs loot and pillage much like the player does, taking items where they see them and think them useful.notifications2001 / 201416 games
NPC refillAreas that the player has already passed through and cleaned of opponents are under certain circumstances refilled with new opponents, possibly unrelated to the originals. Usually done to make backtracking less dull and only done with scripted events.notifications2005 / 20135 games
NPC resource harvestingNPCs harvest same resources you do.notifications1982 / 20157 games
NPC shoppingNPCs shop on their own for things they think they need.notifications1 game
NPC spawning (Monster spawning;NPC respawning)NPCs, monsters and any other enemies (and possibly allies) are (re-)spawned/repopulated occasionally, either by time trigger or location triggers such as distance or level change.notifications1981 / 2021191 games
NPC strife (NPC infighting)NPCs do not target the player as if she was the only thing worth killing in the whole world. Your enemies fight against each other when it makes sense to do so.notifications1993 / 2020231 games
NPC target leading(NPC predictive aiming)NPCs use one of the most basic "smart" aiming methods whereby they lead the thing they want to shoot at, so if they continue in their current direction at current speed, they'll have assured hit. However, it is not required they always use this.notifications1998 / 202010 games
NPC wanderingnotifications1 game
Object deformation (Vehicle deformation)Objects (usually vehicles) get bent out of shape when subjected to various forces.notifications1999 / 20135 games
Object fracturingObjects (usually vehicles) get fractured (pieces getting torn off). Usually minor superficial things, but can include more important bits.0 game
Objective clairvoyanceProtagonist knows exactly, or just so accurately, where the objectives are despite in reality it being either impossible or at least so vague it'd take hours or even days to actually find them.notifications2008 / 201954 games
Objective: TimeA goal of a game (or mode) is to complete tasks in the least amount of time.notifications1 game
Obscured identityThe protagonist's actual identity is obscured to some degree, such as player never hearing their voice, never seeing their face, never being properly named, or never even seen at all.notifications2007 / 20173 games
Obscured loadingObscures level, zone, map, etc. loading. Commonly done in locations where player does not see where they came from nor where they're going to, so previous area is unloaded and next area is loaded. For example, during an elevator ride or airlock cycling.notifications2007 / 201411 games
Obscured timeTime of day may be occasionally obscured, such as during overcast or bad weather, when indoors or underground, etc.notifications2006 / 20149 games
OBSOLETE - UVL: Multiple releasesIncludes details on multiple releases.notifications1984 / 2009150 games
Obsoleted assetsAs the story progresses, your old assets, such as underlings, tools, vehicles, skills, etc. become obsolete as you gain access to better.notifications1991 / 2021147 games
Obstacle translucificationSight obscuring obstacles are made translucent or completely invisible when the game determines them to be obscuring player's view of things the protagonist can plainly see.notifications1996 / 202127 games
Off-match power-upsPlayer can acquire power-ups outside of matches in match-based games that can't be acquired during said matches.notifications2009 / 20154 games
Old skool security[old school security]Security that can be circumvented by observing a pattern and following it, regardless if this is actually a security system.notifications1998 / 201824 games
OldskoolAny tags referring to elements that are considered features of "oldskool" games and therefore no longer part of modern games, except those that specifically try to be oldskool/retro.list_alt0 game
Omniscient NPCsNPCs express knowledge of things they shouldn't.notifications2011 / 20179 games
One Button GamesGames that are controlled with only one button and have no other type of control.notifications1978 / 201714 games
One-handedComfortably playable without any issues with just one hand without need of special controllers.notifications1995 / 201812 games
One-on-one[1-on-1;1 on 1;one on one]notifications1975 / 201458 games
One-shotCreated to be wholly self-sufficient, no series (no sequels, prequels, expansions, spin-offs, ...), no merchandise, etc. [i]ever[/i].notifications1999 / 20024 games
Opaque waterPlayer can't see what's underwater before going there, as if all water surfaces were covered by an opaque film of something.notifications1996 / 20134 games
Open classing[open classes]Although classes are used, these do not restrict what the character can do or learn though it likely encompasses what they do better. Essentially meaning every character can do or can learn to do everything any other character can regardless of class.notifications1996 / 201833 games
Open fieldA type of level design that follows the principles of open world but in smaller scale.notifications1990 / 201435 games
Open PvP (Free PvP;Unrestricted PvP)At any point, players may be attacked and defeated by other players without prior consent, and there is no way to opt-out of this PvP (such as by selecting another type of server).notifications2003 / 201834 games
Open solutionsThere are no set or strictly required solutions to key challenges; it is intended that players will make up their own.notifications1984 / 201750 games
Open world (Free-roaming)Offers an unrestricted free-roaming virtual world for the player to play in approaching objectives freely.notifications1982 / 2023650 games
Opponent health displayThe opponent's health is displayed in similar manner (a bar, number, text, etc.) to the player character's health.notifications1984 / 2021512 games
Opponent power display (Opponent level display)Somehow displays how dangerous an opponent is in comparison to you or to other opponents, regardless of actual accuracy.notifications1992 / 201643 games
Opponent preview (Enemy preview)Well before actually encountering opponents, players are told what they will be. Such as before level start, between enemy waves, or few moments before encountering them as part of advance warning system.notifications2011 / 201413 games
Opportunistic savesThe game saves whenever an opportunity rises for it, such as when anything worth recording in a save happens.notifications2009 / 201923 games
Optical Illusionsnotifications1983 / 201325 games
Optimal rangeEfficiency/accuracy range function has a certain point below which it produces full effect and/or at guaranteed accuracy. Commonly around 50-80% of maximum range.notifications2003 / 201410 games
Optional EncountersAfter an encounter (of some other encounter tag type) is triggered, but before it begins, the option to avoid it is offered.notifications2013 / 20152 games
Out-of-place itemsIncludes items in places they shouldn't be, such as modern weapons, medical supplies and such in ancient long abandoned ruins or in alien spaceships.notifications1988 / 2019105 games
Overcharging[overloading]Abilities, devices and such can be overcharged, discharging their built up energy on their own in dangerous manner, either harming the wielder and/or the device itself.notifications1998 / 202024 games
Overheal (Super health;Mega health)[overhealth;overcharge]Player can somehow restore their health above normal maximum, often this excess health slowly dissipates back to normal maximum.notifications2003 / 201736 games
OverheatingDevices overheat and the player must deal with them either by waiting for them to cool down or forcibly cooling them somehow.notifications1984 / 201969 games
Overpowered (Confrontations discouraged;Fighting discouraged)The enemies are too strong or numerous for the protagonist to handle, forcing them to sneak past them or otherwise avoid direct confrontations whenever possible.notifications1986 / 201535 games
OverworldPart of the gameplay runs in an "overworld" map which usually has many normal gameplay functions removed and possibly some others added.notifications1989 / 2018142 games
Paid killing (Paid destruction)Player character gains wealth automatically from killing opponents or destroying their property.notifications1993 / 2020128 games
Paid mods(Paid modifications)Supports paid for game modifications.notifications2010 / 20158 games
PanoramicFirst person games where you're given panoramic view of your surroundings with activatable hotspots which trigger movement and actions.notifications1984 / 201212 games
Part targeting (Target lock: Parts;Location targeting)Allows specifically targeting certain body/vehicle parts/sub-systems somehow. Usually when player can't manually target them with their actions or attacks.notifications1997 / 201732 games
Partial construction (Pausable construction)[pauseable construction]Construction can be paused leaving the construction into partially complete state, resources diverted to other activities for a time, and resumed at a later date without having to restart the work from scratch.notifications1998 / 201515 games
Partial consumptionFoods, drinks, and other consumables are only consumed as much as needed.notifications1 game
Partial shapeshiftingOnly a small portion of the character's body changes when shapeshifting.notifications3 games
Passing the torch(Passing the mantle)Whenever player character dies or otherwise becomes incapacitated indefinitely, the responsibility of finishing the task is passed on to another character.notifications2008 / 201515 games
Passive bonanzaFocuses on player acquiring inordinate number of passive bonuses, power-ups, or such to succeed.notifications2013 / 201615 games
Passive gameplay (Leisurely)Does not challenge player's reflexes nor speed.notifications2003 / 201916 games
Passive synergyNon-passive skills improve the effectiveness of related skills passively, such as a firebolt spell improves the effectiveness of higher tier fireball spell.notifications2000 / 202117 games
Patrol routesPlayer can set-up patrol routes.notifications1998 / 201516 games
Pause ExploitCertain conditions, in some [i]flawed[/i] games can cause or allow certain unexpected actions while paused; to the advantage of a player or even the enemy AInotifications1987 / 19934 games
Pause function [pauseable]This is for systems and in times when the pause function was not common or practice.notifications1983 / 201620 games
Pausing[pause]Any tags related to pausing the game.list_alt0 game
Pay to win[pay-to-win]A free-to-play/freemium business model/policy where paying customers gain definite and unfair upper hand compared to non-paying customers who can't get it or anything comparable by simply playing.notifications2008 / 20133 games
Pay What You Want / Name Your Own PriceIn at least one marketplace, at least once, buyers have the option to choose how much to pay for these games.notifications1998 / 2022156 games
Per-player lootLoot and such is provided per player in multiplayer games, either each player can pick up the same loot or each player has their own loot that the others can't touch (and possibly not see either).notifications2012 / 20157 games
Perfect informationPlayer knows everything worth knowing of the game world, always. (Except opponents' thoughts, which may be deducible or obfuscated because of perfect information)notifications1974 / 2021650 games
Periodic resetThe game world is periodically reset so everyone starts from ground up if they want to continue.notifications2003 / 20093 games
Permanent corpsesCorpses stay indefinitely or for as long as they realistically would.notifications1994 / 201654 games
Permanent deathUpon the protagonist's death, [i]all[/i] game progress is lost and the player must start the game all over instead of loading a save or restarting at some checkpoint such as level start.notifications1971 / 2021557 games
Permanent lossPlayer character experiences or can experience permanent loss of one or more of their defining abilities or other traits.notifications1995 / 201710 games
Permanent upgrades (Permanent research)Research, global upgrades and such from previous mission carries over to the next.notifications1987 / 201678 games
Persistent progressionIncludes some kind of persistent progression where when one character, save, playthrough, etc. unlocks or enables content for all others, especially when this is something normally gained for a single character/playthrough.notifications2013 / 201611 games
Persistent worldChanges to the game world, including items removed, added, etc. persist.notifications1994 / 202168 games
Photographic BackgroundsBackgrounds are just slightly edited photographs.notifications1 game
Pixel Precision (Pixel Hunting)A notable feature depends on moving, pointing, clicking, shooting, manipulating or otherwise using something with single pixel precision. Secrets includednotifications1983 / 202113 games
Pixel terrainTerrain and possibly rest of the environment is treated (in terms of physics, movement, destruction, etc.) per pixel rather than by tile or larger (graphics) entities.notifications1982 / 202034 games
Planned simultaneous turnsTurns are played out simultaneously after all players have finished planning their actions for the turn.notifications1977 / 201417 games
Platform exclusiveOriginally released as platform exclusive, especially if marketed as such. May not hold true later on (e.g. timed exclusivity).notifications1980 / 2017150 games
Play moderationEnforces somehow that the game isn't played constantly.notifications2011 / 20165 games
Playable character creationCharacter creation occurs via a (usually short) gameplay sequence where the character creation relevant choices are made as if it was normal gameplay, likely hiding certain character details until relevant choice has been made.notifications1999 / 20143 games
Playable creditsnotifications1998 / 20186 games
Playable lobby(In-game lobby)Lobbies are fully playable or represented as an in-game location(s) rather than a menu screen.notifications2010 / 20144 games
Playable menu (In-game main menu;In-engine main menu)The main "menu" (and possibly other similar parts) works much like the game itself or part of it.notifications1985 / 201320 games
Player aversionAny tags that describe features (or lack of them) normally not included because "most" players/consumers find them immensely unfun.list_alt0 game
Player awardslist_alt0 game
Player character dismemberment (Protagonist dismemberment)Player character can get dismembered without dying or failing the game (instantly or by delay) as a result of this.notifications1988 / 201512 games
Player commendationsPlayers can commend or otherwise remark other players about one or more positive matters, such as good sportsmanship, leadership, being fun to play with, etc.notifications2009 / 20179 games
Player concession (Player surrender)Players have the option of surrendering or conceding.notifications2006 / 20145 games
Player count adjusted difficultyDifficulty automatically changes with the number of players in game.notifications1991 / 201948 games
Player economyThe economy exists mostly as a player driven entity rather than via NPC merchants.notifications1991 / 201410 games
Player expiration (Character expiration)After a time of inactivity, usually a month or two, the player's characters, faction, etc. are automatically deleted.notifications2000 / 202116 games
Player feedbackHas integrated method (likely a form) to provide feedback on the game or parts of it.notifications2011 / 20166 games
Player governedPlayers form the highest ruling body in the gameverse, with no NPCs or moderators (game masters) upholding the "law" or proper behaviour between players.notifications2003 / 20155 games
Player ModalityGameplay persistently switches between modes in such a way that the player can interact with the same game world as if it were different game.notifications2006 / 20164 games
Player profiles (Character profiles)Handles player or character profiles, each with their own saves, settings, statistics and other things.notifications1984 / 2021189 games
Player reportingPlayers can report misdemeanor (trolling, flaming, griefing, idling/afking, etc.), cheating, or other negative things about other players.notifications2009 / 20138 games
Player statisticsOffers statistics on player activities.notifications2001 / 2016102 games
Player underexposure(Obscured vision;Blocked vision)Player's view is occasionally obscured of things the protagonist can (or should) plainly see.notifications1993 / 20165 games
Player versus environment focus (PvE focus)Has both PvE and PvP but the former is in more prominent role.notifications2009 / 20134 games
Player versus environment only Multiplayer games that have no PvP options of any kind.notifications2005 / 201610 games
Player versus environment(Player versus monsters;Player versus bots;Player versus AI;PvS;Player versus server)Multiplayer (or other online-only) games with players facing against AI controlled opponents or other non-player dangers.notifications1994 / 2021140 games
Player versus player (PvP)Multiplayer games where players can or must compete against other players instead of or in addition to artificially generated challenges.notifications1996 / 2022218 games
Player versus player focus (PvP focus)Has both PvE and PvP but the latter is in more prominent role.notifications2003 / 201411 games
Player versus player only (Pure PvP)Multiplayer games that have no AI controlled opponents.notifications1995 / 201515 games
Player vs. Player vs. Environment(PvPvE)Players simultaneously engage against other players and AI controlled opponents. Mostly of note in non-racing/sports games.notifications2003 / 201837 games
Playerbase progressionThe game progresses depending on the accomplishments of the entire playerbase rather than individual players, multiplayer events, or such.notifications2009 / 20142 games
Plot immortality[plot invincibility;plot invulnerability]Certain characters are immortal/indestructible because the plot demands their presence later in the story, regardless if you know this.notifications2001 / 201516 games
Point-of-interest indicator[POI indicator;point of interest indicator;Point-of-interest clairvoyance;POI clairvoyance]Player is shown where they may find something interest well before they become aware of them existing there, often when sufficiently close to them.notifications2006 / 202057 games
Pop-up Encounters (Pop-up NPCs;Pop-up monsters;Pop-up enemies)Enemies appear out of nowhere (or nearly out of nowhere) without significant warning.notifications1984 / 2021100 games
Port & conversion variantslist_alt0 game
Post-combat restorationPlayer characters health, energy and whatever else is restored completely or partially after each combat sequence.notifications2001 / 201733 games
Post-mission restoration (Map change restoration;Level change restoration)Player characters' health, energy and whatever else is restored completely or partially after each mission or map change.notifications1984 / 202019 games
Power mimicry (Power absorption;Power copying;Copycat)Player character can mimic, absorb or otherwise reproduce other characters' abilities, skills or powers (such as magic).notifications1999 / 200911 games
Practice mode (Training mode)Includes a practice mode or similar.notifications1979 / 201776 games
Pre-cast magic (Pre-cast spells;Prepared magic;Prepared spells)Player can cast all or certain magical spells in advance so they can be immediately discharged when necessary.notifications1992 / 201525 games
Pre-rendered backgrounds (Pre-rendered environment)notifications1996 / 202198 games
Pre-rendered cinematics (Pre-rendered cutscenes)The cinematics have been pre-rendered, drawn, or otherwise produced outside of the game (engine).notifications1992 / 202244 games
Pre-rendered in-game cinematicsUses pre-rendered cinematics that seem like they were recorded off the game itself. Likely mixed with some external tool usage for adding extra content or otherwise enhancing the videos.notifications2001 / 20137 games
Predefined equipment[static equipment;preset equipment]All equipment the player has access to is predefined by the story with no ability to take any from opponents or anywhere else. Player has no choice on what equipment they have, ever.notifications1993 / 201215 games
Predictable NPCsNon-player characters behaviour is perfectly predictable, due to a predefined pattern or to known rules.notifications1980 / 201747 games
Premade charactersPlayer can or must choose to play the game with an already defined character rather than creating one.notifications1979 / 2021335 games
Premade scenariosIncludes several scenarios for players to tackle.notifications1985 / 201551 games
Premature challenge(Early challenge)Player can prematurely challenge a boss or such that they don't have some mandatory item, skill, or such to defeat them, guaranteeing defeat in the ensuing battle.notifications2012 / 20169 games
PreplanningPlans, once set in motion, can't be altered before they've been completed in full.notifications1997 / 20159 games
Preselected equipment(Equipment loadouts)Player has choice of equipment only at the beginning of the game and possibly at certain points in the game, such as between missions or upon visiting an armory, dock, or some other safe haven but is incapable of changing outside those places.notifications1989 / 201998 games
Preset encounters (Static encounters)Pretty much the opposite of random encounters. These are set in the same place every time and the same foes, unchanging between playthroughs.notifications1982 / 202029 games
Preset Maps[url=groups/info/mapgenerator]mapgenerator[/url]'s opposite. For mapgenerator games with preset maps as well. Or where a map generator is expected but not actually used.notifications1990 / 202157 games
Preset Random-Encounter LocationsA certain place (spot, room) will generate slightly or totally different foes when the player goes there.notifications1988 / 201712 games
Procedural character appearance (Procedural enemy appearance;Random character appearance)Procedurally generates how (certain) characters (mainly enemies) look like. Does not necessarily affect the stats of said characters.notifications2001 / 20142 games
Procedural item appearance (Randomized item appearance)Procedurally generates how (certain) items look like. Does not necessarily affect the stats of said items.notifications2009 / 20166 games
Procedural item generator (Random item generator)Uses a procedural item generator to create a vast number of "unique" items by combining various traits with base items. Does not necessarily affect appearance of said items.notifications1996 / 2021103 games
Procedural NPC generator(Random NPC generator)[Procedural NPCs]Procedurally generates NPCs/enemies, such as what they are capable of and what they look like.notifications3 games
Procedurally generated storyProcedurally generates the story, such as selecting large number of elements, objects, people, locations, etc. out of a large pool existing things or even procedurally generates those as well.notifications4 games
Progressing worldThe whole game world progresses on regardless if player actually does anything.notifications1989 / 201452 games
Progressive attacks(Attack progression)Each subsequent attack or every nth attack is more powerful than the last. Usually going in chains of 3 to 5 attacks that reset at the end, and sometimes resetting when swapping targets or pausing for too long between attacks.notifications1995 / 201420 games
Projectile immunity (Bullet immunity;Arrow immunity)Certain opponents, and possibly even the player character, is or can be immune to most or all projectile weapons. Though often this immunity has limits what it can make worthless, such as rockets commonly exceed this limit.notifications1994 / 201513 games
Projectile limitThere's a limit in how many projectiles can be "active" at any given time, especially when this limit is noticeable by the player.notifications1979 / 201735 games
Proper ending or denounmentFor contrary games released in times when, or on systems where, the majority could be played indefinitely without encountering a definitive ending scene/screen or a proper denouement.notifications1980 / 201765 games
Proportional worldObjects, characters, and world size are consistent to each other.notifications1993 / 201623 games
Protagonist designing: BodyPlayer can design the protagonist's body's appearance.notifications1993 / 201518 games
Protagonist designing: Face (Head)Player can design the protagonist's facial appearance, hairstyle, facial tattooing and jewelry.notifications1993 / 201740 games
Protagonist designing(Character designing)Player can or must design the protagonist's appearance. Such as choosing skin, hair and eye color, size, height, weight, shape, markings, clothes, etc.notifications1988 / 2020160 games
Protagonist namingThe player has the option to either choose or is required to provide a name for the main character.notifications1971 / 2020160 games
Protagonist redesigningPlayer can redesign the protagonist at one or more points along the way, allowing players to fiddle with the appearance without the need to start all over.notifications2008 / 20178 games
PrototypeGame remains officially unpublished but somehow available to someone in prototype/demo form. In rare cases, it may see some form of publishing at a future date1977 / 2022653 games
PS the best (PlayStation the Best;PS2 the Best;PSP the Best)Budget range for games on Sony consoles in Japan.notifications1996 / 201750 games
Pseudo cheats(Quasi cheats)Includes "cheats" that mostly do not affect actual gameplay in a way that could be called cheating, but rather change it to be strange, funny or just different than originally intended. Usually accessible by quite obvious cheat menu.notifications1995 / 201825 games
Pseudo real-timeA turn-based system that (tries to) appear real-time.notifications1998 / 201730 games
Pseudo-3D / 2.5D(2D gameplay)[2½D]Variant of 2.5D games that uses 3D graphics but gameplay is limited to 2D plane instead of the other way around.notifications1996 / 202199 games
Pseudo-RandomThe game appears to generate random elements but they are simply a complex pattern.notifications1 game
Psionics theme (Psychic theme;Psychic powers theme)Psionics play an important thematic role or are a central plot element.notifications1999 / 201219 games
Public achievements (Social achievements)The various in-game achievements are visible outside of the game, usually as part of an integrated social platform.notifications1997 / 2017337 games
Punishing difficultyThere is at least one difficulty option that punishes the player for using it, such as not allowing to play the game through on easiest difficulty.notifications1978 / 201728 games
Purposeful friendly fire(Beneficial friendly fire;Useful friendly fire)Friendly fire can under certain circumstances have beneficial or otherwise useful effects.notifications1997 / 201516 games
Pushwalls[push walls]An early method for hiding secret locations where a wall is used/activated/touched by the player causing it to move back until it hits another wall.notifications1984 / 201418 games
Puzzle bosses (Puzzle combat;Puzzle fights)Boss fights that require using trickery, the environment, or some other non direct assault to defeat them.notifications1996 / 201847 games
PuzzlesSeemingly not a puzzle game, but has significant non-trivial puzzles.notifications1982 / 201319 games
Quality of lifeAny and all concepts that improve "quality of life" or enjoyment of any title but does not affect game balance and aren't subjective (e.g. minimap does not belong here).list_alt1983 / 19960 game
Quasi-depth(Pseudo-depth;False depth)Gameplay is limited to 2D space, but under certain circumstances things behave as if third dimension was involved.notifications1988 / 201614 games
Quick item setsIncludes a quick way to swap whole item sets or similar. Commonly limited to what's wielded in hands, but can include whole gear.notifications2000 / 202119 games
Quick keys (Quick slots)Offers generic shortcut keys for various actions, such as character specific abilities, inventory items, and so forth.notifications1992 / 202180 games
Quick Time Event (QTE)A time-limited event where the player is usually required to press buttons or move their controller according to (possibly randomized) screen prompts to achieve usually a specific results rather than the more freeform style normal gameplay allows.notifications1984 / 2020283 games
QuirksAny tags describing quirky behaviour or odd game elements.list_alt0 game
Ragtag gangThe group our hero leads is comprised of exceptionally diverse members, even so much so that it seems extremely implausible.notifications1990 / 201991 games
Random chanceMost effects of basic actions are based on random chance rather than what you actually see happening. Or random chance otherwise is central gameplay element.notifications1989 / 2019123 games
Random damageAny damage dealt is more or less unreliable, done in video games as a simulation of old P&P RPGs and other tabletop games where it was an abstraction of how hard and where something hurt, but has spread out to areas where it was not intended.notifications1983 / 2021206 games
Random encountersA random encounter is a feature commonly used in various role-playing games whereby combat encounters with enemies at random, usually without the enemy being physically detected beforehand.notifications1979 / 2020196 games
Random eventsnotifications1989 / 202076 games
Random level entry (Random map entry;Random start point)Where the player starts in a map is randomly selected.notifications2 games
Random locationsCertain plot/mission/quest relevant items, people, or such have randomly selected locations.notifications1989 / 201722 games
Random resultslist_alt0 game
Randomized character attributesCharacter creation involves randomly chosen attribute numbers which the player may or may not be able to adjust besides re-randomizing them.notifications1983 / 201426 games
Randomized contentAny non-specific randomized content.notifications2013 / 20176 games
Randomized effectsEffects of certain things are randomized for each game or possibly even for each use.notifications1985 / 201524 games
Randomly selected maps[random levels;random dungeons;random maps]All or some of the levels/maps/etc. are randomly selected or simply come at random order.notifications2011 / 20167 games
Range indicatorHas some form of an indicator how far the unit, creature or vehicle can shoot, throw, etc.notifications2002 / 201534 games
Rapid developmentCreated on purpose in exceedingly short time, such as a week, with the goal of it being fully playable and completeable (except for endless games) by the end of it. Often minimalistic and created as personal challenge or as part of some competition.notifications2007 / 201512 games
Real PrizeAllows players to participate in real contest and receive real prize offered by publishers depending on their play.notifications1981 / 20018 games
Real real-timeTime moves at real pace, causing things like long distance travel takes excessive amount of time.notifications1988 / 20163 games
Real-timelist_alt0 game
Real-time combat (Real-time action sequences)Combat runs in real-time while rest of the game is turn-based.notifications1980 / 201785 games
Real-time limitRarely used mode of play whereby a game can't be completed unless done so in a limited time without pauses or breaks in the action.notifications1980 / 201664 games
Real-time simultaneous turnsPlayers play their turn simultaneously in real-time.notifications2014 / 20155 games
RealisticAn attempt at unusual level of realism.notifications1992 / 201737 games
Realistic damagenotifications1985 / 201551 games
Realistic rangesIt is extremely common for strategy games to have greatly reduced ranges for everything from sight to weapons, this tag shows which deviate from this.notifications2006 / 20138 games
Recruitment toolProduced as a tool for recruiting new members for a cause.notifications2001 / 200916 games
Recurring opponent (Recurring boss)The same opponent challenges you time and time again over the course of the game.notifications1985 / 201973 games
Recursive realitynotifications3 games
Recycled levels (Identical levels)[recycled maps;identical maps]Despite there being multiple levels or equivalent, they're more or less identical with possible thematic switches.notifications1 game
Reduced efficiencyDevices, buildings and other things can remain functional despite lack of resources to run them albeit at reduced efficiency.2007 / 20080 game
Reduced port or conversionIs essentially the same game but has less content, with some levels or such removed.notifications2000 / 20133 games
RehashAn entry in a series that offers little if anything new for those who've played any of the previous games.notifications1985 / 201926 games
Relentless guardsAny NPC, possibly all regardless if they're involved, are incapable of losing track of you once they find you sneaking around and pursue you indefinitely, even trying to do so when they're utterly incapable of ever reaching you.notifications1997 / 20177 games
Reload: AutomaticCharacter automatically begins reloading when the weapon runs out of ammo or when it is otherwise appropriate to do so. This may require attempt to shoot with the empty gun before it starts.notifications1995 / 2019206 games
Reload: DetrimentalReloading weapons is detrimental in some manner in all situations besides removing the possibility to shoot with the weapon for a time, such as slowing down your movement speed or impairing visibility.notifications2009 / 20102 games
Reload: Forced (Uninterruptable)Reload process can't be interrupted by anything.0 game
Reload: No interruptPlayer can not interrupt reloading, but can still discard the weapon during it and select another weapon instead.notifications2005 / 201610 games
Reload: Opportunistic (Automatic opportunity)Character automatically reloads weapons when they feel there's an opportunity to do so without prompt from the player. Not including when magazine or such runs out of ammo entirely.notifications2007 / 20139 games
Reload: SlowedReloading can be slowed down under certain conditions, such as by walking/running or by failing active reload (slowed more than ignoring it does).notifications2 games
RemasterRather than proper remake, these are simply remastered, usually increasing fidelity of certain things but keeping the game largely the same as the original and likely using assets of the original or near identical copies of them.notifications2011 / 20174 games
Repeatable tasks (Repeatable quests)notifications2007 / 20092 games
Replay recordingAllows playback of the player's actions in the game. Like a videotape.notifications1983 / 201746 games
ReplayabilityAny tags that inherently contribute to replayability, regardless of how much the particular implementation in each game actually does so.list_alt0 game
Resource acquisition (Equipment acquisition;Item acquisition)Any and all tags describing how items, equipment and such are acquired.list_alt0 game
Resource denialPlayer and their opponents can somehow deny resources from one another in more ways than simply blocking the path to the resource or harming those that gather or generate it.notifications2003 / 20137 games
Resource managementlist_alt0 game
Resource regenerationHarvestable resources regenerate over time. Trees, mushrooms, berries, flowers, etc. grow back. May even go so far as to "grow back" rock, metal, gem, and other non-replenishable resource formations.notifications2007 / 20169 games
Resource transferPlayers can transfer basic resources to allies in somewhat secure/reliable manner.notifications1993 / 201516 games
Respawning EncountersA limited set of conditions will respawn encounters of types that generally don't respawn in most games. Not for use with types that respawn by defaultnotifications1982 / 20025 games
Respecialization(Character reset)[Redistribution;Reallocation]Player can, under certain circumstances, re-allocate any points, xp, or whatever else describes their advancement to try a different kind of character without having to start the whole game over.notifications1994 / 202147 games
Restorative finishers (Restorative finishing moves)Using a finishing move or similar restores part or all of the character's health and/or energy.notifications7 games
Restore powerPlayer is given at least once the task of restoring power or functionality to one system or another.notifications1995 / 201640 games
Restored glitch(Restored bug)A glitch/bug was intentionally returned or implemented as a real feature, likely because it had become important form of emergent gameplay for the community.notifications1999 / 20072 games
Restricted open worldEssentially an open world design but much of the world is outside of player's reach initially with areas unlocked as the player progresses through the main story.notifications2001 / 201611 games
RetroReproduces the appearance (and possibly audio) of an old game, though likely enhanced with modern graphics techniques.notifications1999 / 2022491 games
Retro modeHas optional retro mode that downgrades the graphics and possibly sounds to something closer to much earlier games.notifications2013 / 20158 games
Retry points (Respawn points;Checkpoints)Includes points where the player character is automatically teleported to and restored at upon catastrophic failure besides level start.notifications1984 / 2023237 games
Retry points: RollbackDying, and therefore returning to retry point, rolls back all or part of the things you did, starting the same fresh.notifications1991 / 201625 games
Rewarding vandalism (Destructible containers)Destroying arbitrary objects or other people's property tends to provide rewards of one sort or another.notifications1985 / 2021453 games
Ricocheting attacks (Bouncing attacks;Arcing attacks;Rebounding attacks)Includes attacks, weapons, or such that ricochet from one target to another, hitting multiple targets with one shot. Often exists in form of chain lightning or similar electric-based attack/weapon.notifications1998 / 202141 games
Rocket jumping (Bomb jumping;Grenade hopping)A jump boost achieved with the use of explosives, commonly a rocket, detonated right at your feet.notifications1991 / 201753 games
Role-play(Enforced role-play)Role-play is a major element; players assume roles of others and [i]creating[/i] stories, rather than acting out pre-scripted ones. Player are also expected to participate in this activity or at least maintain a believable front for not participating.notifications1974 / 20097 games
Rolesnotifications2006 / 20109 games
Room-basedThe game world is split into rooms or other small regions (enclosures) with exits that lead to other similarly small rooms. Commonly same size or smaller than the screen but can be larger.notifications1981 / 2022193 games
RPG elementsAny non-RPG with a noticeable number of RPG elements.notifications1988 / 201628 games
Safe ledgesPlayer is protected from accidentally falling off a ledge, often by character stopping at them and requiring the movement command to be given again or by some other means to actually go past them.notifications2001 / 201822 games
SafeguardsPlayer is asked for confirmation before performing a potentially dangerous or even fatal action, such as walking into a stream of lava or diving into a lake when the character can't swim properly.notifications1994 / 20066 games
Sandbox modeIncludes separate sandbox mode (besides normal non-sandbox mode), usually with normal dangers removed or set to optionally occur and no winning conditions.notifications2004 / 201925 games
Save tokensSaving requires using up a save token, limiting the number of saves to how many tokens you have and can find.notifications1996 / 201614 games
ScarringGetting injured creates permanent scarring or similar markers of the injury.notifications1994 / 20166 games
Scenario editorA variant between game customization and full on level/map editing, allows creating scenarios that live outside of what map is in use.notifications1991 / 20164 games
ScorePlayer is given a score on their performance. Often an integral part of gameplay, such as the main goal.notifications1971 / 202315686 games
Score multipliersPlayer can gain multipliers to their score gains. If the game is score oriented, then maintaining high multiplier is often integral part of achieving high score.notifications2006 / 201659 games
Score oriented (Score attack)[score focus;score orientation]The main goal of the game is to get as good score as possible, any other goals are secondary.notifications1971 / 2022326 games
Screen (Display;Camera)Any tags referring to gameplay elements that affect the screen. Not for hardware related tags.list_alt0 game
Screen shake (Camera shake)The player's view and/or interface shakes.notifications1984 / 2020303 games
Screen staining (View staining;Windshield staining)Character's vision, vehicle's windshield, etc. can stain and obscure vision. Either temporarily, until cleaned or even permanently.notifications2009 / 201544 games
Screen-based(No scrolling)Play area is constrained to what's on screen at each time with absolutely no scrolling of any kind. Actual game world may be larger and accessed simply by walking off screen whence a new screen area is swapped in somehow or each screen is single level.notifications1983 / 201415 games
Seamless world (Transitionless;Background loading)The game world is without level, zone, stage, etc. transitions that break immersion.notifications1992 / 201890 games
Searched indicator (Looted indicator;No loot indicator)Somehow shows what/which things you've already pillaged for stuff. Essentially saying "you've looked here already". May also include indicator for if there's still stuff remaining or not.notifications2011 / 201610 games
Secondary attackPlayer can use a secondary attack/weapon that doesn't need switching to to be usable. Commonly something quick to use on the side.notifications1981 / 201985 games
Secrets (Secret locations;Secret caches)Various secret locations are scattered across the levels with possibly helpful but non-vital items or other objects await plundering. Often accompanied with a notice that you've found a secret.notifications1980 / 2021680 games
Secrets: Discover by FallingSome secrets are located where the player must fall or sink, typically by accident, to discover them. Such falls would seem to risk damage or death.notifications1988 / 201614 games
Secrets: Discovered by finding specific spotsSome secrets are accessed by standing in or passing through very specific spot(s). Often spawning rewards nearby.notifications1986 / 20178 games
Secrets: Invisible (Undetectable)Includes secrets that are completely undetectable until discovered, usually by bumping into them accidentally and revealing them.notifications1983 / 201419 games
Secrets: LevelsHidden levels or similar.notifications1993 / 201513 games
Secrets: Tasks (Secret objectives;Unannounced bonus objectives)[secret tasks]You can be rewarded for performing certain tasks you are not made aware of before you complete them.notifications2000 / 201810 games
Seemingly not compliant with Nintendo's content guidelinesSome games were inexplicably approved by Nintendo despite having content that they demanded be removed from other games.notifications1986 / 199347 games
Seen Encounters (Foresee Encounters;Anticipatory Encounters)Upcoming/potential encounters, by default, show obvious visual, audio, or tactile evidence before the event. Implies player can prepare or avoid.notifications1983 / 201861 games
Select between different vehicles during gameplay.Without leaving the current gameplay session/mission/level/race, the player can select another & carry on with the game.notifications2011 / 20207 games
Selectable level entry (Selectable map entry;Selectable start point)Player can select where to start a level.notifications1 game
Self spoilersContains spoilers for itself within the game (and not as easter eggs), such as after each episode/chapter or similar there's preview of the story of the next one.notifications2012 / 20132 games
Self-luminanceThe protagonist, for some obscure reason, emits light around him- or herself. Usually done as substitution of awareness or ability to pick up cues (silhouettes, sounds, sound occlusion, touch, and such) on what's near you in low light situations.notifications1996 / 202165 games
Sell undo (Buy back)Offers an easy-ish way to get back some things you mistakenly sold. Usually with them appearing in their own menu in the shops and the price being the same you sold them at (usually only until you leave the shop).notifications2009 / 201916 games
Semi turn-basedRuns real-time until one or more conditions are fulfilled and the game turns turn-based without entering any separate mode (only time progression is affected).notifications1997 / 20045 games
Semiregular gridUses any form of semiregular grid/tiling.0 game
Separated (Split up)The protagonist gets once or more often separated from her group on purpose or by accident.notifications2000 / 201525 games
Separated protagonists (Split protagonists)Player controls two or more characters who travel separately of each other, on purpose or not. Player can freely switch which to control at any point or most of the time.notifications1986 / 201933 games
SequencesIncludes sequences inconsistent with normal gameplay, commonly short and abrupt.list_alt0 game
SeriesSeries related tags.list_alt0 game
Series rebootFirst games in a series reboot.notifications2001 / 202075 games
Shape mattersPlayable character's or vehicle's shape matters somehow, usually due to various simulated elements such as aerodynamics. Requires player has choice of differently shaped characters or can alter their shape.notifications1997 / 201618 games
Shared controlMultiple characters share the control of single entity, commonly a vehicle, usually with each character controlling separate aspect of it.notifications2006 / 20123 games
Shared cooldowns(Global cooldown)Some abilities, skills, spells, etc. that have a cooldown share it with other abilities, often similar ones. This may be absolute (same cooldown on all) or a significant delay on using the other abilities (e.g. half of the used ability's own cooldownnotifications2 games
Shared DeathPlayers can die if another player dies. Even if the [otherwise surviving] character has extra lives.notifications1 game
Shared expensesOne player/faction may start some project (likely construction) with insufficient funds, and another player/faction can continue/fund it directly (without transferring resources to the first one).notifications2007 / 20083 games
Shared healthTeam or similar group of players share their limited health pool, causing any loss of health to be removed from the same pool, ultimately causing all players of that team to lose the game or their lives at the same time.notifications2009 / 201315 games
Shared inventoryInventory space is shared by all members of the team rather than each having their own.notifications1993 / 201613 games
Shared limitationsCertain limitations are shared between all players of same team, usually things like maximum number of units, buildings/structures, or such.notifications2011 / 20145 games
Shared livesTeam or similar group of players share their limited number of lives, where one player can sap the entire pool of lives before another can be defeated even once.notifications1993 / 201417 games
Shared stashPlayer's stash or a secondary stash is shared between all the player's characters, allowing easy transfer of items between them.notifications2006 / 201411 games
ShortExceptionally short / fast to play through compared to many other games of the genre.notifications2007 / 201728 games
SidetrackedAt some point, or significant part of the overall story, you get sidetracked from the main goal/issue.notifications1993 / 201516 games
Sight adaptationSimulates sight adaptation to varying lighting conditions, being blinded by sudden lights in darkness, gaining limited dark vision after staying in the dark without looking at lights for a while, and such.notifications2007 / 201515 games
Sight relayWhat one person sees, is seen by their allies too. Commonly occurring as extended range for anything that has longer range than their own sight radius, thus others function as cheap spotters for them without actually relaying any target coordinates.notifications2006 / 20167 games
Simple controlsThe control scheme is abnormally simple, such as using only one button. Used either because the gameplay itself is very simple or as a source of artificial difficulty.notifications1999 / 201417 games
Simple gameplaynotifications2009 / 201712 games
Simplified port or conversionThe game mechanics, challenges, etc. have been simplified from the original version.notifications1 game
Simulated Disorientation (Character Lost)Designed so that a character can get lost or disorientated even when the player isn't.notifications1985 / 201333 games
Simulated IlliteracyPlayer is shown a simulated view of not being able to read a language (especially their primary language) because the protagonist(s) can't read it.notifications1991 / 20168 games
Simultaneous targetsCertain or all characters, vehicles, and such can engage with multiple targets without the use of sweeping, piercing or area-of-effect attacks.notifications2006 / 20137 games
Simultaneous turns (WeGo)Turn-based system where all players play their turns at the same time.notifications1991 / 201624 games
Single action turnsEach turn player can perform only single action (with single character if there's multiple under their control).notifications2013 / 20154 games
Single difficulty levelPlayer has no choice of game difficulty level.notifications1978 / 201992 games
Single Encounter RespawnThis is an exploit whereby an encounter meant to happen only once can be repeated indefinitely.notifications1986 / 19903 games
Single level (Single map;Single stage)There's only one level or equivalent to beat.notifications1982 / 20157 games
Single unit turns(Single character turns)Each turn player can command only single unit, character, etc.notifications1983 / 201424 games
Six degrees of freedom (6DoF)notifications1974 / 201955 games
Size is power (Size-coded NPCs)Characters and such grow in size when they become more powerful, or more powerful or weaker variants of certain NPC, enemy, monster, etc. is sized accordingly.notifications1999 / 201941 games
Size mattersPlayable character's or vehicle's size matters somehow, such as various passages being too small for some even though there's clear reason to go into them. Requires player has choice of differently sized characters or can alter their size.notifications2010 / 201629 games
Skill items (Skill equipment)Some or all skills, abilities, spells, or such are tied to some form of items.notifications1 game
Skip non-interactiveAllows skipping non-interactive sections, from videos to narrative to simple dialogs.notifications1999 / 201989 games
Skipped storyThe story skips certain vital parts, leaving the player wondering when did that happen or when did anyone say that, or similar.notifications1 game
Skirmish mode (Quick battle)Includes additional skirmish mode, often in form of a single randomly chosen/generated battle or challenge.notifications2007 / 201731 games
Sliding walkA technical quirk that causes creature walking, running, etc. appear to be sliding across the surface as if they were doing it on ice but with abnormal level of control.notifications1999 / 201520 games
Slow backpedal (Slow backward movement)Moving backwards is slower than moving forward or even sideways.notifications2001 / 201727 games
Slow motionSlow motion is a video game concept in which the motion of the entirety or parts of a game are slowed down.notifications1997 / 2020182 games
Slow projectilesProjectiles move at unnaturally slow speed, allowing the player to dodge and/or deflect them with ease.notifications1992 / 201622 games
Small device mode (Netbook mode)Includes an operation mode intended for small, resource limited and possibly battery powered devices.notifications2009 / 20126 games
Soft bodiesDamage to biological and possiby mechanical and inorganic entities is modelled in very fine detail with chunks flying off where appropriate.notifications2009 / 20124 games
Solution variantslist_alt0 game
Sound(Sound gameplay;Sound interaction)Gameplay involves producing or interacting with sound in some manner.notifications1978 / 201637 games
Source Code StolenAt some point, someone illegally acquired the source code to these games.notifications1983 / 202054 games
Species-restricted equipment[Race-restricted equipment]Certain equipment (commonly clothing or armor) are restricted to some species or some species can only use equipment specifically made for them.notifications1995 / 201212 games
Spectacular forceGetting punched, shot, or otherwise hit with something has a habit of sending people flying rather spectacular distances.notifications1 game
Speech: MixedPlayer encounters at least once a person or thing that mixes multiple languages together while speaking, mainly when this makes understanding what they're saying hard or impossible.notifications1 game
Speed bonus (Speed power-up)A power-up that causes the player character to move faster than usual. This could be for a limited time, until hit or killed, or for all the gameplay.notifications1985 / 201549 games
Speed buildupSpeed builds up the longer you move - especially run - relatively straight.notifications1998 / 201819 games
Speed control (Cruise control;Variable velocity)[variable speed;velocity control]Player has high control over the speed at which they move about.notifications2005 / 20139 games
Speed IndicatorInterface reports the speed at which the protagonist or a vehicle controlled by the protagonist is travelingnotifications1984 / 19852 games
Speed UpA forced faster gameplay mode is featured. Typically this happens repeatedly until the speed had reached the limits of the system.notifications1977 / 201455 games
Spell memoryCasting a spell wipes out the caster's memory of how to cast it again, forcing them to memorize the process over and over again.notifications1991 / 202246 games
Spin-off(Gaiden;Side story)Spin-off within a series with no clear base game.notifications1990 / 201782 games
StaggeringPlayer character and others may stagger or otherwise be caused to lose steady footing. In first person games this likely involves the view and aim swaying somewhat uncontrollably.notifications1998 / 202017 games
StallingSimulates aircraft (engine) stalling.notifications1996 / 20156 games
StartAny tags pertaining to game, level, map, etc. start.list_alt0 game
Start by going leftMost games have the player start by going right. Rarely, the player may proceed left to progress in the game.notifications1982 / 201279 games
Stat decay (Ability decay;Skill decay;Skill atrophying)Abilities, skills, possibly even attributes decay/atrophy over time or as they remain unused, simulating a person going out of practice.notifications1997 / 20025 games
Stat loss (Skill loss;Ability loss)Certain events can cause abilities, skills, or other attributes to forcibly permanently degrade.notifications2006 / 20114 games
Static healthPlayer character's maximum health never increases permanently (short-lived boosts are allowed).0 game
Stationary attack (Fixed attack)Attacking requires player to stop movement completely.notifications1992 / 202078 games
Stealth modeStealth requires entering certain mode or it won't be considered at all. For example: stealth requires crouching, making it impossible to be stealthy by standing upright regardless of circumstances.notifications2001 / 201644 games
Stealth sequenceIncludes one or more segments where the player must use stealth, or where stealth becomes mandatory rather than an option.notifications2001 / 201526 games
Stealth: MotionPlayer character's ability to sneak around is affected by movement, whether this is moving from place to place or on the spot.notifications2010 / 20187 games
Stealth: Range(Distance)Player character's ability to sneak around is affected by distance to anyone able to detect them. Usually with nigh perfect stealth even without trying at certain distance no matter the environmental conditions.notifications2010 / 201814 games
Step-based controlnotifications1990 / 201212 games
Story: ContinuousStory/plot is delivered frequently and likely with various methods.notifications1999 / 20145 games
Story: IntermissionsStory/plot is delivered between levels, maps, or missions.notifications2013 / 20215 games
Story: NoneNo story/plot is provided by the game, though player may be able to imagine or guess at it based on what's happening (emergent narrative).notifications1988 / 201665 games
Story: PaddingStory is delivered only at beginning and/or end of the game.notifications2013 / 20174 games
Streak bonusesPlayer gains bonuses - either substantially increased score or some more tangible rewards - for performing streaks of any kind, uninterrupted positive accomplishments but not time constrained like ordinary combos.notifications2007 / 201421 games
Streak bonuses: PreselectPlayer must preselect what bonuses they get for completing streaks.notifications2009 / 20146 games
Structure expansionsStructure's can be expanded, usually by adding a separate expansion "module" to it that while increasing its size also increases its effectiveness or adds extra options to its normal operation.notifications1998 / 201515 games
Structure facing (Building facing)Player can designate which way buildings and other permanent structures face rather than being limited to default facing.notifications1997 / 201625 games
Structure upgrades (Building upgrades)notifications2003 / 201457 games
Student showcaseOriginally created to showcase one or more student's learned skills at an educational institution. The project may have since been expanded beyond this.notifications2005 / 201513 games
StunlockIt is possible to fairly trivially stunlock other players or NPCs - that is, repeatedly stunning, interrupting, knocking down, etc. them so they can not take any meaningful action before they're defeated - or to get stunlocked.notifications2001 / 201311 games
Sub-classingClass-based system where each class has one or more sub-classes to which the player may or must advance.notifications1998 / 201925 games
Sub-factions (Faction variants)Splinter or specialized sub-factions of a major faction, with their differing repertoire of units, technology, or even gameplay from the main faction.notifications2003 / 20082 games
SubscriptionUses monthly or similar subscription system to fund running the game servers and possibly for adding new content.notifications1998 / 201558 games
Subtitle deficient (No subtitles)Includes voice overs, synthesized speech or such but does not have sufficient or any subtitles for them (optional or not).notifications1995 / 201558 games
Subtitle discrepancySome subtitles do not match the voice overs.notifications2010 / 20176 games
Successive ProtagonistsAt some point in the game, the protagonist is replaced by another [i]as part of the story[/i]. This may happen more than once.notifications1989 / 20159 games
Summoning sicknessSummoned creatures and things either can't or don't function at all or at reduced efficiency for a time after being summoned. Common in turn-based games, especially if they involve cards.notifications1997 / 201523 games
Super group (Raid party;Raid system)Allows forming a larger super group (raid party) of multiple smaller groups.notifications2004 / 20135 games
Super mode (Super transformation)Player character can somehow enter some "super mode" in which their performance at various common tasks becomes far greater.notifications1994 / 201945 games
Super strength (Superhuman strength)[super-strength]The protagonist expresses strength not humanly possible, or strength unexpected of them based on their physical appearance.notifications1997 / 200914 games
SuperclassCharacters have a super-class, a character class that provides the normal level up bonuses and dictates what level you are in terms of everything as well as the maximum profession level and anything else. Or other class that everyone has regardless.notifications1994 / 20169 games
SuppliesUnits need to occasionally refuel and restock on ammunition, either by returning to a depot or have someone else bring them directly where they're needed.notifications1996 / 202132 games
Supplies in inventoryThings like ammunition, medikits, keys, and such take space from inventory like any other items.notifications1995 / 201875 games
Support powers (Super powers;Global powers)Player(s) and their opponent(s) can unleash devastating attacks or other actions that usually require no units or buildings to exist within the operation theatre to be usable.notifications2003 / 201346 games
Survival modeIncludes separate survival mode where the player's goal is simply to survive as long as possible, often without any possibility to actually win.notifications1996 / 201796 games
Survival sequenceIncludes one or more sequences where the player must simply survive for a short time.notifications1998 / 201522 games
Suspend saveSaves cause the player to quit a game until the save is loaded again. The save is erased upon load or when another save is made.notifications1982 / 201867 games
Switch control within groupPlayer can freely switch which member of the group they control.notifications1993 / 202025 games
Systems-drivenMost of the gameplay is driven by multitude of interacting systems, such as physics, flammability, morale, conductivity, friction, simulated social relations, and so forth that work everywhere instead of specially scripted sequences.notifications1992 / 201763 games
Tangible corpsesIt is fairly normal for corpses to be intangible when you aren't interacting with them otherwise in games, this essentially says they block or hamper movement, bullets, and so forth.notifications2006 / 201625 games
Target identificationTargets (people, vehicles, etc. you're looking or aiming at) are given more or less detailed identification, such as name, type and affiliation.notifications1993 / 201749 games
Target lockNarrows your focus in games, fixing the camera on an opponent or aiding actions aimed at a specific target.notifications1994 / 2019164 games
Target outline[target outline]Targets (people, vehicles, etc. you're aiming at) are outlined somehow.notifications2005 / 20166 games
Targeted throwThrowing things, such as grenades, is accomplished by selecting the target location.notifications1 game
Task delegationPlayer can assign or hire someone else (NPC) to do certain tasks so they don't have to do them personally, usually limited to menial tasks.notifications2007 / 201411 games
Task generator (Randomly generated tasks;Random quests;Random missions)Player is given randomly generated tasks, quests, missions, etc. to complete.notifications1994 / 201867 games
Task queue modificationsPlayer can alter already established task queue by adding, removing or altering elements in them.notifications2007 / 201311 games
Team awarenessEnhances team awareness somehow, such as clearly giving off locations of team mates (other players in the same team) at all times through walls and other obstacles. Possibly on a minimap.notifications2002 / 201647 games
Technology tree(Tech tree)notifications1990 / 201786 games
TempoAny tags reflecting on game's tempo (speed).list_alt0 game
Temporary companionsPlayer is occasionally accompanied by others.notifications1991 / 202094 games
Terrain deformationFeatures deformable terrain, usually in the form of terraforming or otherwise changing terrain elevation for construction purposes as well as creating mounds from explosions and similar things.notifications1994 / 2020101 games
Terrain(Terrain effects)Terrain type has effect on gameplay, such as movement speed over it, ability to cultivate it, reactions with certain actions or elements (e.g. severe cold on grass vs puddle of water), and so forth.notifications2003 / 20167 games
Tethered projectiles (Piped projectiles)Projectiles move with the one who shot them. The effect is similar to carrying a translucent pipe in front of you and shooting through it, turning/strafing causes any projectiles still in the pipe to move with you in relation.notifications1995 / 19992 games
Threat system(Threat levels)[aggro;hate]Enemies attack the character that have highest `threat´ level, which is usually increased with dealt damage, healing, and other activities.notifications1999 / 201620 games
Three-dimensional strategyStrategy where movement and other activities are actually in 3D space instead of 2D unlike how vast majority of strategy games are.notifications1995 / 201518 games
ThrowbackReturn to conventions of older games but without imitating their appearance and sounds as retro games do.notifications1998 / 201754 games
Tiebreaker(Sudden death)Uses any form of tiebreaker, such as sudden death mode when timer runs out causing anyone to be defated from single hit.notifications1 game
Tile blending (Tile transitions)Graphically smoothing the borders between two or more tiles, making the transitions between disparate terrain or such much more pleasing to the eye.notifications1990 / 201666 games
Time bonusPlayer can somehow attain extra time or negate time penalties.notifications2011 / 20144 games
Time changesThe game changes or certain events trigger based on real time rather than in-game time.notifications1999 / 20088 games
Time compression(Time acceleration;Time dilation)Player is able to control the speed at which time flows, usually with the intend on skipping out long uneventful sections.notifications1981 / 2017154 games
Time reserve(Reserve TU)[reserve time units;reserve time;TU reserve;time unit reserve]Player can designate some amount of time to be not used by normal actions, so a chunk of time (units) or similar will be left after they finish. Common mechanism to ensure a character can still attack after they do everything else.notifications2012 / 20146 games
Time scale: RealisticTime requirements for construction, research, growing up, healing, etc. are largely indistinguishable from reality.notifications1981 / 20159 games
Time-based difficultyDifficulty increases with time regardless what the player does, be that nothing at all or defeating every single enemy or other challenge they can find.notifications2013 / 201816 games
Time-keeping systemslist_alt0 game
Time-slicing (Tick-based)Turn-based game simulating real-time game by having each action assigned duration it needs to perform rather than explicit equal duration turns.notifications1994 / 20108 games
Timed benefit (Daily benefit)Offers bonuses or other benefits on time basis, such as once a day or such.notifications1996 / 20168 games
Timed mode (Time Trial mode;Time Attack mode)Completing levels, tracks, etc. with added time limit or with aim of beating a record time (your own usually, though may include a default or even online records).notifications1987 / 201523 games
Timed or Step EncountersA countdown to an encounter (of some other encounter tag type) occurs continuously as time passes or the player takes steps.notifications1988 / 201558 games
Timed sequences (Time-limited sequences)Includes one or more sequences, missions or other things where there's a time limit, usually a very short one.notifications1993 / 201886 games
Timed turns (Time-limited turns)Turns have a time limit, forcing players to act within the limit lest they miss the turn.notifications1982 / 201526 games
Tiny Critters UniverseA game universe common to several games developed by stuckieGAMEZ2 games
Tips (Tip system)Provides tips on how to play, usually focused on features that are less intuitive or not immediately obvious (e.g. features not in most games). Does not provide hints on how to proceed in the game, only what you could do in it in general.notifications2009 / 201718 games
Title screen: AnimatedThe title screen or equivalent contains some simple animations.notifications1994 / 201660 games
Title screen: Cinematic sequenceThe title screen or equivalent repeats a cinematic sequence or sequences.notifications1999 / 201616 games
Title screen: Demo reelThe title screen or equivalent displays a gameplay demo reel or reels, or similar example gameplay.notifications1984 / 201515 games
Title screen: IngameTitle "screen" is encountered as part of normal play as part of the game world rather than actual menu screen or similar.notifications2015 / 20166 games
Title screen: MultipleThere are multiple different title screens and/or main menu screens, usually changing with each run or with the progress of the single player story. Not for when the different title screens are on separate releases.notifications2004 / 20146 games
Title screen: None[No title screen]Has no title screen of any kind.notifications1986 / 201625 games
Title screen: Static imageThe title screen or equivalent displays a static image.notifications1995 / 201423 games
Total conversionA modification that replaces most or all artistic assets (graphics, sounds, levels, story, etc.) and possibly changes gameplay mechanics as well.notifications1997 / 202037 games
Touch activationButtons, levers, doors, etc. are activated or used upon being touched, bumped into, or such rather than actually having to press, turn, open them, or whatever else.notifications1996 / 201319 games
Toys-to-lifeInvolves physical toys - most of the collectible kind for most early games of with the feature - that interact with the game, usually optional feature and interact with the game via RFID, NFC, video camera, or other methods.notifications2011 / 202270 games
Trading: OrdersPlayer may either place an order or receive such (if they're functioning as a seller), usually for rare or unavailable goods or simply unusually large quantity of them.notifications2007 / 20092 games
Transient upgrades (Transient research)Research, global upgrades and such are lost after each mission.notifications1994 / 201559 games
Traversing Barriersnotifications1984 / 201721 games
Trivial obstacles (Trivial barriers)Player is prevented from moving into certain areas by trivial obstacles, especially the kind that they manoeuvre through with ease elsewhere.notifications2005 / 201632 games
Trivial research (Trivial upgrades)Includes research, upgrades, or such for things that shouldn't really need it. Ability to jump, dodge, block, etc. are excellent examples of this.notifications1988 / 201830 games
TropesFor tags that have no better parent tag.list_alt0 game
Turn delay(Wait turn)[delay turn]Characters can delay their turn so they can act later than normal turn procession would dictate. Likely limited use if enemy and ally turns are mixed, unlimited if each side moves separately.notifications2010 / 20154 games
Turn-basedlist_alt0 game
Turn-based combat (Turn-based action sequences)A form of video game combat where players each take turns to make their moves usually to allow some time between the game flow and the thinking process.notifications1978 / 2021219 games
Turn-based/Real-time choicePlayer has choice whether to play in real-time or as turn-based.notifications1997 / 20146 games
Turret sequenceIncludes one or more segments where the player controls a fixed turret or is unable to move and must fight from where they are (commonly as part of being a passenger in a vehicle). Unlimited ammo is not unusual feature in these.notifications2002 / 201989 games
Tutorial (How to play instructions)Includes an in-game tutorial to familiarize the player with controls and any game specific functionality.notifications1984 / 20211127 games
Twitch gameplayAny game that capitalizes on player's physical abilities, mainly reflexes in reacting to rapidly changing events as well as precision.notifications1996 / 201619 games
Two-handed movement (Dual-stick movement)Player requires both hands to control movement, usually due to tank-like controls.notifications2005 / 20072 games
Unattended eventsImportant events that could benefit from player attention can and will happen without player's intervention unless the player goes to deal with them in time.notifications1987 / 201622 games
Unattended gameplayPlayer character, faction, etc. can be interacted with even when they're not logged in or the game is not running.notifications2003 / 20164 games
Uncertainty (Unpredictability)Any tags that describe something that increases uncertainty of events, effects, or anything else that happens during play.list_alt0 game
UnclonedNot known to have been cloned by a later game.notifications1 game
Undefined attacknotifications1992 / 19932 games
Undefined game modeIncludes a non-standardish game mode.notifications2010 / 201512 games
Undefined gameplay elementsIncludes significant gameplay elements that lack definition (no tags that describe them yet).notifications1978 / 2020431 games
Undefined healingUses an unorthodox healing method or the method is unknown at this time.notifications1999 / 20154 games
Undirected (Continuous play;Endless play;No victory conditions;Aimless)Has no set ultimate goal to achieve, continuing indefinitely until the player decides to end the game rather than ending it at a set point. May have (optional) objectives that do not end the game/level/map/round or progress it.notifications1985 / 2019100 games
Undo (Rewind)Player can undo actions or rewind the time to something before some mistake was made.notifications1981 / 202047 games
Unexplained elements (Unexplained features)Includes elements that are mostly unexplained what they actually do.notifications1997 / 201622 games
Unhealthy undead (Negative health undead)Undead creatures have negative health, or seemingly so, so healing them with anything causes them harm or outright "death".notifications1994 / 201922 games
Unhindered foes[omnimovers]Some or all enemies ignore the level geometry (walls and other obstacles) in their pursuit of your downfall.notifications2011 / 20155 games
Unit equipment(Minion equipment;Underling equipment)Player must handle the equipment of their underlings or similar, arming them with better tools or even arming them at all in the first place.notifications2000 / 201213 games
Unit limit (Population limit;Unit cap)There's an arbitrary limit on how many units you can control, usually exists to counter game engine's poor performance with larger numbers or to counter poor network code.notifications1997 / 201770 games
Unit stacks (Character stacks;Minion stacks)Units can or must be stacked, causing them to function as a single statistical unit rather than a mass units.notifications1990 / 201020 games
Unit stances (Aggressivity)Player can set how aggressive individual units are, from hold fire to return fire to active search & destroy.notifications1998 / 200810 games
Universal currencySame money works for primitive apemen as it does for high-tech networked robots.notifications2003 / 20042 games
Unlicensed content (Pirated content)Commercial games that have failed to obtain proper license(s) for the used material (tie-in) yet have been put on sale regardless.notifications1980 / 202145 games
Unlimited capacity (Magic satchel;Infinite inventory space)Player can store unlimited number of items, regardless of size and weight, in their inventory.notifications1994 / 201937 games
Unlimited livesPlayer can lose, die, or face defeat in any of its forms as many times as they feel necessary without losing significant progress.notifications2001 / 201982 games
Unlimited SavesGame progress can [b][i]notably[/i][/b] be saved an unlimited limited number of times in contrast to what would be expected.notifications1989 / 19922 games
Unlockable contentlist_alt0 game
Unlockable content: Abilities(Unlockable skills, spells, powers, etc.)notifications2 games
Unlockable content: ArtPlayer can somehow unlock additional art resources such as renders, pinups, concepts, sketches, and such.notifications2005 / 201519 games
Unlockable content: CampaignsAdditional campaigns, story paths, etc. can be unlocked somehow.notifications2007 / 20133 games
Unlockable content: Characters (Secret characters)Player can somehow unlock additional characters or character classes to play as.notifications1993 / 201974 games
Unlockable content: Costumesnotifications2003 / 201841 games
Unlockable content: Difficulty optionsAdditional difficulty options can be unlocked, such as harder difficulty levels or other options related to it.notifications1990 / 201738 games
Unlockable content: Game modesAdditional game modes can be unlocked somehow.notifications2005 / 201634 games
Unlockable content: Items / Equipmentnotifications2007 / 201964 games
Unlockable content: OptionsAdditional game options can be unlocked somehow.notifications6 games
Unlockable content: Vehiclesnotifications2011 / 20147 games
UnofficialAny non-specific instances of games that are unofficial. Such as fan ports that require the original game.notifications1985 / 202019 games
Unprotected inventoryItems in your inventory can be damaged or destroyed.notifications1994 / 20157 games
Unrealism (Logic errors;Elements of convenience)Any tags that describe elements that are not necessarily game-like but still do not adhere to reality.list_alt0 game
Unrelated objectivesPlayer must accomplish two or more unrelated objectives to succeed.notifications2002 / 20032 games
Unrelated sequel (Sequel in name only)Games in a series that have nothing to do with the previous games in the series.notifications1997 / 200812 games
Unseen EncountersUpcoming or potential encounters, by default, show no evidence before the the event. Use with other encounter tags.notifications1982 / 202018 games
Unseen informers(Unseen rumormongers)Tales of your exploits spread about long before you get to tell anything about them, and people seem to have uncanny ability to be aware of your actions, even though you never really see anyone there (especially if there's no way someone could be spynotifications1 game
Unskippable non-interaction(Unskippable cinematics;Unskippable dialogs)Significant non-interactive parts of the game are not skippable by any ordinary means, forcing them to be rewatched regardless how many times you've seen them and how long they are. Especially if involving long cinematics and dialogs.notifications1998 / 20156 games
Unsymmetric MotionThe player, enemies, vehicles, projectiles, or other objects make inexplicable moments seem to use different physics at different moments.notifications1 game
Unusual health (Different health;Non-standard health)The main "health" of the character is something unusual, other than how intact they're physically.notifications2006 / 20157 games
Unvoiced protagonistThe protagonist lacks voice acting (but has dialogue) even though other (important) characters have it.notifications2000 / 201931 games
Upgrade systemHas some sort of game mechanic to upgrade characters, equipment, or items.notifications1986 / 2020486 games
Upgrades: Abilities / SkillsPlayer can upgrade or otherwise permanently improve the player character's abilities, making what they already can do more powerful, last longer or otherwise better.notifications1987 / 202026 games
Upgrades: Carry capacityPlayer can upgrade or otherwise permanently improve the player character's carry capacity.notifications2008 / 20096 games
Upgrades: HealthPlayer can upgrade or otherwise permanently improve the player character's health.notifications1987 / 201518 games
Upgrades: OtherPlayer can upgrade or otherwise permanently improve some unusual aspect.notifications1987 / 20159 games
Upside downPlayer character can go upside down on purpose.notifications1984 / 20167 games
Useless allies(Useless NPC allies)NPC allies are exceptionally useless, often not being able to defeat even a singular equivalent opponent when ganging on such with superior numbers.notifications2005 / 201313 games
User Generated Content (Consumer Generated Media;CGM;User Created Content;UCC)Publishers/developers actively support & intend for end users to autonomously create 'mainstream' content for these game ever from the release moment.notifications2002 / 2017141 games
UVL: Partial title listedHas only partial title listed.notifications1988 / 201814 games
UVL: Real TitleThis is a maintenance tag to ensure UVL users that the title of the entry they see is not an error or a joke, that really is the title of the game.notifications1978 / 201758 games
UVL: Working title listedA placeholder title that was used before the game's release is listed as one of the titles.notifications1979 / 2020210 games
Vague ageThe protagonist's age is never mentioned, even in supplementary materials such as the manual.notifications2005 / 20115 games
Vague Encounter ConditionsTwo or more type of encounters are integrated into a single occurrence. Please make a tag note to explain.0 game
Vaporware(Development hell;Development limbo)Any games that were or still are considered vaporware. Usually requires that news about the game pop up repeatedly over several (3-5+) years but nothing tangible appearing.notifications1990 / 201811 games
Variable action power (Variable ability power;Variable spell power)Player can use variable amount of power, force, time, etc. on performing a magic spell, some skill, ability or other actions.notifications3 games
Variable ending (Piecemeal ending;Segmented ending)The ending is an amalgam of various bits of info that cover what was done and how they affected the outcome.notifications1986 / 201720 games
Variable objectives(Variable goals)What player needs to do to progress changes with each mission, level, or such.notifications2 games
Variable visuals(Multiple visual styles;Multiple graphic styles;Variable graphics)Has multiple visual styles available built-in that are selected either by player choice, or cycled randomly, in sequence, or in any other manner.notifications1999 / 201630 games
Vehicle flipPlayer can flip over vehicles that have been turned on their side or roof, allowing their continued use.notifications2009 / 201411 games
Vehicle sequenceIncludes one or more sequences where the player is forced to control a vehicle.notifications2002 / 201318 games
Velocitylist_alt0 game
Version variations(Release variations)Different releases of these games, according to regions or republications, have small differences. This tag applies only if these slightly different releases are recorded as a single entry.notifications1980 / 201078 games
Vertical SplitscreenUncommon for 4:3 displays. Used more as wider display ratios increase in popularity. Rarely used for vertical displays.notifications1991 / 19932 games
Violence ConceptsA collection of groups related to violencelist_altnotifications1 game
Virtual glitching(Soft glitching)[soft glitches]The game intentionally "glitches" or gives the impression of such.notifications2001 / 201731 games
VisibilityA container group for various effects, designs, contrivances, & such that manage how and what the player can see of the videogame world & its contentslist_alt0 game
Visibility indicatorIncludes an indicator for how visible you are, usually how well lit.notifications1998 / 201932 games
Voice choice (Speech pattern choice;Voice bank choice)Player has choice in what voice the protagonist speaks with or the speech pattern they employ.notifications1998 / 201728 games
Walking armoryThe protagonist is heavily equipped with a wide variety of weapons and gear, often to an excessive or unrealistic degree.notifications1993 / 2020186 games
Wasted effortPlayer is given an arduous task, which upon completion is found to have been completely pointless or unneeded.notifications1991 / 201517 games
Water wavesWaves form on water surface when you pass through it.notifications1999 / 20208 games
Watery(Aquatic;Water theme)notifications2002 / 201415 games
WavesA structured series of increasingly challenging enemy encounters or obstacles for players to defeat as they progress through the game.notifications1981 / 2016123 games
Weapon groupingPlayer can group weapons as they see fit or they're grouped by purpose/type automatically, allowing the player to shoot with certain weapons only when wanted.notifications1995 / 202127 games
Weapon kickback[recoil boost]Some or all of the weapons have significant kickback, pushing their user backwards or even sending them flying.notifications1998 / 201749 games
Weather controlPlayer has some degree of control over the weather.notifications2011 / 20154 games
WiiConnect24Games that support WiiConnect24. Enables the user to remain connected to the Internet while the console is on standbynotifications2006 / 20089 games
Wildcard equipment slotsPlayer character(s) have one or more equipment slots that accept seemingly [u]any[/u] kind of equipment.notifications1999 / 201420 games
World versus World(WvW)Includes any kind of WvW mode, a type of player versus player mode where players of one server or shard compete with players of another.notifications1 game
Worldscale is largerThe player can interact with the game world in a scale relatively and significantly different from human. In this case, as if they were larger.notifications1988 / 201513 games
Worldscale is smallerThe player can interact with the game world in a scale relatively and significantly different from human. In this case, as if they were smaller.notifications1980 / 201851 games
WoundlessGetting shot, stabbed, punched, etc. leaves no visible marks.notifications2001 / 20149 games
WoundsDepicts wounds, burns, etc. on characters and creatures alike, regardless if these match their overall health accurately.notifications1998 / 201217 games
Wrapping world (Wraparound;Warping world)The game world wraps around itself, going in any direction will bring you back to the starting location eventually.notifications1979 / 201625 games
xyzzy referencexyzzy was a magic word in [game=#160294]Adventure[/game] but seemingly didn't do anything. Since, coders use it in place of unimplemented features & games jokingly reference itnotifications1975 / 200831 games
Zero ground-level gravityOn ground level gravity has no effect, causing movement uphill and downhill to work at even pace.notifications1993 / 20132 games
Zoned NPCs(Leashed NPCs)[NPC leash;Mob leash;Leashed mobs;Leashed monsters;Leashed enemies]NPCs are restricted to their personal zones from where they will never leave even if they had good reason to. Or behave like they're leashed to a spot and never go beyond certain distance from it.notifications1993 / 20166 games
ZoomPlayer can manipulate their view of the game environment by zooming in for a closer look or zooming out for a wider perspective.notifications1986 / 2020156 games