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'Hallelujah Chorus' from Messiah, an oratorio by Georg Friederich Händelnotifications1992 / 19966 games
(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?Is Victorian era music-hall song.notifications1991 / 200622 games
♫bach2violinconcerto3Movement 3[Allegro] of The Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor[Double Violin Concerto] by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
♫carmenhabaneranotifications1996 / 20053 games
♫puggsHelp: This tag is for a song in [[game:Lemmings]], beyond that, I'm cluelessnotifications1991 / 200622 games
♫thegreatescapeThe celeb march tune composed for The Great Escape film, written by Elmer Bernstein.notifications1985 / 19863 games
1st movement of The Planets orchestral suite: Mars, the Bringer of WarBy Gustav Holstnotifications1991 / 20107 games
2nd movement of Symphony #3, Eroica, Funeral March (Heroic;Marcia funebre: Adagio assai;Funeral March)Symphony #3 by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1992 / 20052 games
4th movement of Symphony #9, 'From the New World', Romantic Era symphony by Antonín Dvořáknotifications1 game
A Bear in the Forest (もりのくまさん)A nursery rhyme.notifications1 game
Adagio for Strings is Modern EraString orchestra music © by Samuel Barber. The copyright for this work has not yet expired.notifications1999 / 20156 games
Adagio in G minor for strings and organ by Remo GiazottoModern Era music.notifications1994 / 20143 games
Adaptive music (Interactive music;Nonlinear music;Dynamic music)The music changes depending on the situation rather then by location, script, or playlist.notifications1993 / 201632 games
Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman (Ah! I shall tell you, mum;Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star;Baa, Baa, Black Sheep;Alphabet Song;Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann;Hull a pelyhes fehér hó;Altijd is Kortjakje ziek)Any variation of the musical piece by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.notifications1983 / 20054 games
Air on the G stringAdaptation by August Wilhelmj to play 'Air' - an aria from Orchestral Suite #3 in D major by Johann Sebastian Bach - using only the G string on a violin.notifications1988 / 20054 games
Al Nadda by the Rahbani Brothersnotifications1 game
Alla Turca by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (The Turkish Rondo;Turkish March;Rondo a'la Turk)From Piano Sonata #11 in A major.notifications1983 / 200832 games
Allegro con brio is the 1st movment from Symphony #25 in G minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnotifications1 game
Alma Redemptoris Mater [?] is a motet and a musica reservata [secret music] by Orlande de Lassusnotifications1 game
Amazing GraceA hymn by John Newton.notifications2004 / 20178 games
An der schönen blauen Donau (The Blue Danube waltz)By Johann Strauss II, composed 1867. Originally performed February 9 at a Wiener Männergesangsverein concert. Became the [i]unofficial[/i] Austrian national anthem.notifications1984 / 201627 games
Andante Grazioso from Piano Sonata #11 in A major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnotifications1 game
Anitras danse by Edvard Grieg (Anita's dance)Part of the Peer Gynt Suites. Composed in 1875 for the play Peer Gynt by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. First preformed, along with the play on February 24, 1876.notifications2 games
Ay Santa Maria (Hail Saint Mary)A hymn of 15th century Spain by an unknown composer.notifications1 game
Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin (Our Da-da)A Modern Era hymn. The Lyrics are borrowed but the music is original.notifications1 game
Baby FaceHelp: This tag is for a song in [game=Lemmings]Lemmings[/game], beyond that, I'm cluelessnotifications1991 / 200622 games
Bad to the Bone is a blues rock song by George Thorogood and the DestroyersIt is based on Ellas McDanie's song "I'm a Man", which in turn was based Muddy Waters' "She Moves Me".notifications1993 / 19942 games
Badinerie by Johann Sebastian BachFrom movement 7 of Ouverture (Orchestral suite) #2 in B minor.notifications2004 / 20072 games
Bagatelle in A minor 'Für Elise' by Ludwig van Beethoven (For Elise)notifications1980 / 20163 games
Ballet Égyptien is Romantic Era piano music by Alexandre Luigininotifications1 game
Ballet is Medieval Era music by Michael Praetoriusnotifications1 game
Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky[No. 5 Балет невылупившихся птенцов Модест Петрович Мусоргский;Balet nevylupivshikhsya ptentsov]notifications1 game
Born to be Wild is a heavy metal song by Mars BonfirePreformed famously by Steppenwolf. Initially classified as hard rock because "heavy metal" had not been created until this song.notifications1993 / 19942 games
Bransle is Medieval Era music by Michael Praetoriusnotifications1 game
Brilliant2UModern Era dance music by Naoki Maedanotifications1995 / 19963 games
Camptown Races (Going to Run All Night) is a modern era folk song by Stephen C. Fosternotifications1 game
Canon in D major by Johann Pachelbel (Pachelbel's Canon)Baroque Era chamber music.notifications1990 / 19936 games
Carmen is an opera by Georges Bizetnotifications2005 / 20072 games
Carmina Burana cantata by Carl Orff (Songs of Beuern)notifications1 game
Cavatina is the first movement of the Miniatures[Romantic Pieces] by Antonín Leopold Dvořáknotifications1 game
Chopin Prelude - 7notifications1 game
Coronation is Modern Era music by Christopher Tinnotifications1 game
Csikos Post by Hermann Neckenotifications1992 / 20069 games
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy from Щелкунчик [The Nutcracker Suite]A fairy tale-ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky HELP, couldn't find the Russian song title.notifications1989 / 19928 games
Danse des petits cygnes[Dance of the Cygnets/Dance of the Swans]Is ballet music from Лебединое Озеро[Swan Lake/Lebedinoye Ozero] by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Help: I don't know the Russian title.notifications1991 / 200622 games
Danza delle ore is orchestra ballet piece by Amilcare PonchielliThis song is frequently parodied. Possibly most famously by [i]A Letter from Camp[/i]notifications1 game
Deus (God/Oh God)A Medieval Era chantnotifications1 game
Deux Arabesques (Two Arabesques)A Romantic Era piano music by Claude Debussy.notifications1995 / 19963 games
Dew Drops[Waltz of the Flowers] from Щелкунчик[The Nutcracker Suite] a fairy tale-ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskynotifications1 game
Die Fledermaus[The Bat/The Flutter-mouse] is operetta music by Johann Strauss II for the comic operettanotifications1 game
Die Hebriden [Hebrides Overture] 'Fingal's Cave' by Felix Mendelssohnnotifications2 games
Die Zauberflöte [The Magic Flute]A fairytale opera with more than 9 arias by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnotifications2 games
Dies Irae in D minor (The Requiem Mass)by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnotifications1992 / 20156 games
Ej lúčka široká [Ah, Lovely Meadow/おお牧場はみどり]A folksong [民謡] by an unkown composer.notifications1994 / 20052 games
El Grillo [The Cricket] is a Renaissance Era frottole [frottola] by Josquin Des Preznotifications1 game
Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fučík (Thunder and Blazes) Opus 68Marching band music composed in 1900 that came to be known as a classic circus tunenotifications1 game
Fanfare-Rondeau [Masterpiece Theatre Theme]Fanfare-Rondeau achived noteriety when the weekly PBS (American Public Broadcasting System) show, Masterpiece Theatre, selected it as their theme song. By Jean-Joseph Mouret.notifications1 game
Fantasie-Impromptu in C# minorA piano music by Frédéric Chopinnotifications1988 / 20076 games
Festival Overture (1812 overture)notifications1980 / 201331 games
Finale de Guillaume Tell Overture (Final part of the Wiliam Tell Overture;Cavalry Charge;Lone Ranger Charge;The Gallop)The most used and recognized part of the William Tell Overture, by Gioacchino Rossini.notifications1982 / 20046 games
Flight of the BumblebeeFlight of the Bumblebee is an orchestral interlude from The Tale of Tsar Saltan opera by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. The opera was composed in 1899-1900.notifications1986 / 200724 games
Forest Green (O Little Town of Bethlehem;All Beautiful the March of Days)by Ralph Vaughan Williamsnotifications1991 / 200622 games
Foster Old Kentuckynotifications1 game
French Suite #3 in B Minor by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Frère JacquesA Baroque Era nursery rhyme and song.notifications1 game
Frühlingsstimmen 'Voices of Spring' is a waltz by Johann Strauss IInotifications1 game
Gavotte I - 3rd Suite in G minor, BWV 808Gavotte I - English Suite #3 in G Minor by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Gloria is a Renaissance Era song by Antoine Brumelnotifications1 game
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen is a Romantic Era Chritmas Carol by an unknown authornotifications1994 / 20143 games
Götterdämmerung(Twilight of the Gods;Ragnarök)Götterdämmerung is opera music by Richard Wagner.notifications1 game
Grande valse villageoise[The Garland Waltz] is a waltz from the Sleeping Beauty[Спящая красавица/Spyashchaya krasavitsa] ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskynotifications1 game
Greensleeves (What Child is This)Greensleeves is an English folk song. What Child is this is a later Christmas carol with the same tune.notifications1991 / 20024 games
Gunkan March [March of the Japanese Navy]by Tokichi Setoguchi.notifications1 game
Guten Abend, gute Nacht[Brahms' Lullaby] is a lullaby by Johannes Brahmsnotifications1982 / 19845 games
Habanera[El Arreglito] is an aria from the opera Carmen. Music by Sebastián Yradier.0 game
Hail! Bright Cecilia[Ode to St. Cecilia Day], is Baroque Era music by Henry Purcellnotifications1 game
Hanayome-Ningyou(はなよめにんぎょう)A Japanese nursery rhyme by Haseo Sugiyama.notifications1 game
Harpsichord Sonata K.380 [The Hunt] by Domenico Scarlattinotifications1 game
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush [Mulberry Bush;This is the Way;Nuts in May]A nursery rhyme & singing game (also counted as folk song). The tune is shared by the alternate rhyme & game, Nuts in May.notifications1 game
Hornpipe by Georg Friederich HändelHELP, I don't know the full name. [[link: listen at a warm up]].notifications1996 / 20052 games
Humoresque #7 in G flat major is Romantic Era piano music by Antonín Dvořáknotifications1 game
Hungarian Csárdás [Hungarian Dance]By Vittorio Montinotifications1 game
Hungarian Rhapsody #2 is Romantic era piano music by Liszt Ferenc [Franz Liszt]notifications1988 / 20075 games
I Dovregubbens hall by Edvard Grieg (In the Hall of the Mountain King)Part of the Peer Gynt Suites.notifications1982 / 201945 games
Intemerata [?] by Johannes Ockeghemnotifications1 game
Je te veux by Erik Satienotifications1 game
Kaiser-Walzer[Emperor Waltz/Hand in Hand], by Johann Straussnotifications1988 / 19942 games
Kalinka (Калинка)by Ivan Petrovich Larionovnotifications1987 / 200519 games
Kyrie [?] by Johannes Ockeghemnotifications1 game
L'autunno da Le Quattro Stagioni[Autumn, from The Four Seasons] by Antonio VivaldiAutumn is concerto no. 3 of The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.notifications2 games
L'estate da Le Quattro Stagioni (Summer, The Four Seasons)Concerto no. 2 of The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.notifications2003 / 20063 games
L'inverno da Le quattro stagioni (Winter, The Four Seasons)Concerto no. 4 of The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.notifications2001 / 200711 games
La donna è mobile [Woman is fickle] is from the Rigoletto opera by Giuseppe Verdinotifications2001 / 20163 games
La Gamba [The Prawn] is an Medieval Era song by an unknown composernotifications1 game
La Malagueña is a Traditional Flamenconotifications1 game
La Marseillaise [The Song of Marseilles] by Claude Joseph Rouget de LisleThe national anthem of Francenotifications1 game
La primavera da Le Quattro Stagioni by Antonio Vivaldi (Spring, from The Four Seasons)Spring is concerto no. 1 of The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.notifications2003 / 200712 games
La Spagna: Danza alta [Spain: Dance High?] by Francisco de la Torrenotifications1 game
Lamentatio super morte Josquin des Pres [O mors inevitabilis;Regrets about Josquin des Pres death]A Funeral Mass by Jheronimus Vinders.notifications1 game
Largo al Factotum is an aria from The Barber of Seville Opera[Il barbiere di Siviglia] by Gioachino Rossininotifications1 game
Laudate is a Medieval Era chantnotifications1 game
Lauterbacher Strumpflied(Der Deitcher's Dog;Oh Where, oh Where Ish Mine Little Dog Gone?;Oh Where, oh Where has My Little Dog Gone?)Lauterbacher Strumpflied is a German folk song. Tune reused for Der Deitcher's Dog, a presidential campaign theme, and a nursery rhythm.notifications1 game
Le Sacre du printemps [Весна священная/Vesna svjaščennaja/Sacred Spring/The Rite of Spring], a ballet by Igor Stravinskynotifications3 games
Les Pâtineurs[The Skaters/Die Schlittschuhläufer] is a waltz by Émile Waldteufelnotifications1993 / 20052 games
London bridge is falling downA nursery rhyme[, playground game, and children's dance]notifications1983 / 200624 games
Love Theme is from Romeo and Juliette: Overture-Fantasy[Romeo and Juliette Fantasy Overture], by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky'were in love' theme used in movies. Often comedic; when a dog sees a bone it lost; or straight guys run to each other, overcome by emotional reunionnotifications1993 / 20037 games
Lucy Locket[Yankee Doodle] is a Baroque Era nursery rhyme tune by an unknown composerThis tune from London, England was popularized internationally when the song Yankee Doodle was created an sung to it.notifications1 game
Magic Carpet Ride by John Kay and Rushton MoreveA psychedelic rock song famously performed by the band Steppenwolf.notifications5 games
Maim MaimAn Israeli folk song.notifications1992 / 19962 games
Mambo #5 is a dance song © by Dámaso Pérez PradoLou Bega released a version of this song called "Mambo Number Five" that became a worldwide hit in 1999notifications1 game
March from Щелкунчик [The Nutcracker Suite]A fairy tale-ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskynotifications2 games
Marche funèbre: LentoMovement III of Piano Sonata #2 in B-flat minor, a.k.a. Funeral March, by Frédéric Chopinnotifications1984 / 201025 games
Marlbrough s'en va-t-en guerre[For He's A Jolly Good Fellow] is a burlesque lament by unknown composersnotifications1 game
Mary Had a Little LambA nursery rhyme set to Romantic Era music by Lowell Mason. The history of this that song base on a real incident is extremely well documented, which is unusual for a nursery rhyme.notifications1991 / 200623 games
Media Vita is Medieval Era (Tudor Era) choral music by John Sheppardnotifications1 game
Menuetto from Piano Sonata #11 in A major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnotifications1 game
Minuet in D minor by Johann Sebastian BachMinuet in D minor, BWV Anh. 132 from Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook II # 36 by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Minuet in G major is piano music by Christian PetzoldWritten in the 1725 Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, it was attributed to Johann for 100s of years. 'A Lover's Concerto' by The Toys used this melodynotifications1995 / 19963 games
Miserere is an a cappella hymn [Psalm 50&51] by Gregorio Allegri & Tommaso BaiOriginal Miserere 1514 was forbidden to the masses by Pope Urban Ⅷ. Liberated from Sunday only by Gregorio Allegri & Tommaso Bai around 1638.notifications2005 / 20072 games
Missa Papae Marcelli II. Gloria[Missa Papæ Marcelli/Pope Marcellus Mass] is a Renaissance Era mass by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina & Jar Jar Binksnotifications1 game
Missa Papae Marcelli III. Credo[Missa Papæ Marcelli/Pope Marcellus Mass] is a Renaissance Era mass by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina & Jar Jar Binksnotifications1 game
Monster Mash is a novelty song © by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & Lenny CapizziBobby Pickett improvised a Boris Karloff imitation at a performance & people liked it so much that Pickett & Capizzi created this song to feature itnotifications1993 / 20152 games
Movement 1[Allegro] of Brandenburg Concerto #3 in G Major is Baroque Era symphony music by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 1[Allegro] of Brandenburg Concerto #4 in G Major is Baroque Era symphony music by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 1[Allegro] of Brandenburg Concerto #6 in B-Flat Major is Baroque Era symphony music by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 1[Erwachen heiterer Empfindungen bei der Ankunft auf dem Lande/Awakening of Cheerful Feelings Upon Arrival in the Country, Allegro Ma Non Troppo]Of Symphony #6 in F Major 'Pastoral'[Recollections of Country Life] by Ludwig van Beethoven.notifications1 game
Movement 2 of Symphony #41 in C major 'Jupiter' by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Andante Cantabile)notifications1 game
Movement 2[Allemande] of Cello Suite #1 in G Major for solo cello by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 2[Andante Cantabile Con Moto] of Symphony #1 in C Major by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1 game
Movement 2[Andante con moto] of Symphony #5 in C Minor by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1 game
Movement 2[Largo ma non tanto] of The Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor[Double Violin Concerto] by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 2[Romanze/Romance] from Piano Concerto #20 in D Minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnotifications1 game
Movement 2[Scherzando: Allegretto] of Symphony #8 in F Major 'my little one' by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1 game
Movement 2[Szene am Bach/Scene at the brook/andante molto mosso] of Symphony #6 in F Major 'Pastoral'[Recollections of Country Life] by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1 game
Movement 3[Adagio] of Serenade #10[for winds] in B-flat Major 'Gran Partita' is music for wind instruments by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnotifications1 game
Movement 3[Allegro assai] of Brandenburg Concerto #2 in F major is Baroque Era symphony music by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 3[Allegro assai] of Violin Concerto in A Minor by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 3[Allegro] of Brandenburg Concerto #6 in B-Flat Major is Baroque Era symphony music by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 4[Gigue] of Cello Suite #5 in C minor for solo cello by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 4[Sarabande] of Cello Suite #1 in G Major for solo cello by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 5[Bouree I & 2] of Cello Suite #4 in E-flat major for solo cello by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement 5[Menuet 1 & 2] of Cello Suite #1 in G Major for solo cello by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
Movement I of Nocturne in B-flat minor is piano music by Frédéric Chopinnotifications1 game
Movement I of Piano Sonata #8 in C minor 'Pathétique' [Pathetic Sonata] by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1985 / 19923 games
Movement II of Piano Sonata #8 in C minor 'Pathétique' [Pathetic Sonata] by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1999 / 20002 games
Movement III of Piano Sonata #8 in C minor (Pathétique;Pathetic Sonata)by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1996 / 20164 games
Mozart Turkish March - 3notifications1 game
Mr. Dog Policeman(いぬのおまわりさん)A nursery rhyme.notifications1981 / 20073 games
Musette in D by Johann Sebastian Bach.Musette in D, BWV Anh.126 from Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook II # 22 by Johann Sebastian Bach.notifications1 game
Music genre: BalladA type of folk music with verse or narrative set to music, popular with poets in the middle ages.notifications2012 / 20154 games
Musique funèbre pour la reine Mary[Funeral Music for Queen Mary] in 7 parts is Baroque Era music by Henry PurcellComposed in 1695notifications1994 / 20144 games
My Hope is Built [The Solid Rock] is Christian Hymn by Ed­ward Mote, music by Will­iam B. Brad­bu­ryMusic written in 1863 is titled The Solid Rock. It is commonly used for the Hymn, "My Hope is Built" that was written in 1834notifications1 game
My Old ManAn old music hall song written by Fred W. Leigh and Charles Collins.notifications1991 / 200622 games
O Little Town of Bethlehem - St. Louis tuneA Christmas Carol by Lewis Redner & Phillips Brooks.notifications1991 / 200622 games
Ode to Joy from Symphony #9 by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1982 / 200714 games
Oh! Susanna by Stephen C. FosterA modern era folk song.notifications1980 / 20042 games
Old Folks at Home[(Way Down Upon the) Swanee River/Suwannee River]A modern era folk song by Stephen C. Foster.notifications1 game
Old MacDonald Had a Farm [Deddo Ali;Grandpa Ali;王老先生有块地;Wáng lǎo xiānshēng yǒu kuài dì;Old Mr. Wang Had Some Land;Piippolan vaarilla oli talo;Grandpa Piippola had a house;Jens Hansen havde en bondegård;Jens Hansen had a farmyard;La Ferme à Mathurin;MathurA cumulative verse children's song & nursery rhyme (also listed folk) about animals on MacDonald's farm. Each verse adds an animal & characteristic soundnotifications1 game
Paranoid is a heavy metal song by Black Sabbathnotifications1993 / 19942 games
Pathétique by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Патетическая;Patetičeskaja;Passionate)A symphony #6 in B minor (4 parts), Tchaikovsky's last.notifications1 game
Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskynotifications1985 / 20074 games
Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor 'Quasi una fantasia' by Ludwig van Beethoven (Moonlight Sonata)notifications1985 / 200715 games
Piano Sonata No. 16 in C major, in 3 parts, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Sonata Facile;Sonata Semplice)1. Allegro 2. Andante 3. Rondonotifications1 game
Piano Sonata No. 21 Waldstein by Beethovennotifications1 game
Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor by Ludwig van Beethoven (Appassionata Sonata)Composed 1803-1806, published in 1807in Vienna, it is dedicated to Count Franz von Brunswick. notifications1 game
Pizzicati from the Sylvia ou La Nymphe de Diane operaMusic by Louis Mérante.0 game
Pizzicati from the Sylvia ou La Nymphe de Diane opera, music by Léo Delibesnotifications1 game
polonaise [polonez, chodzony] is a dance song attributed to Johann Sebastian BachA polonaise is actually a type song common to several composers. 3 found in a notebook Bach gifted to his wife. This tag is for the unidentified one.notifications1 game
Prelude and Fugue #6 in D minor from Book 2 of Das wohltemperirte Clavier[The Well-Tempered Clavier] by Johann Sebastian BachHelp: I assume this is the frantic #6 from book 2 and not the slightly more subdued #6 from Book 1. Please confirm.notifications2004 / 20062 games
Prelude de Guillaume Tell Overture [The prelude of the William Tell Overture] by Gioacchino Rossininotifications1982 / 20153 games
Prelude to Das wohltemperirte Clavier[The Well-Tempered Clavier], keyboard music by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1984 / 19867 games
Ranz des vaches de Guillaume Tell [Call to the cows, from William Tell overture] by Gioacchino RossiniCall to the cows is the oft heard but lesser known 3rd part of the famous overture from the William Tell opera. The most popular 'sunrise song' in entertainmentnotifications1982 / 20166 games
Recercada is from renaissance era music, by Diego Ortiznotifications1 game
Regen is a Medieval Era chantnotifications1 game
Remix [remixes]Uses third-party music, but somehow altered to give them a different flair.notifications3 games
Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine (The Requiem)A funeral mass by Giuseppe Verdi.notifications1995 / 19963 games
Rock and Roll is a Modern Era rock song © by Lou ReedNot to be confused with the larger Rock & Roll genre. Was 1st performed by The Velvet Underground[The Velvets], written when Lou Reed was a member of that group.notifications1 game
Romance for Violin & Orchestra #1 in G major[Violin Romance #] by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1 game
Roundball RockNeo-classical orchestration by John Tesh (Jay Franklin / John Franklin Tesh).notifications3 games
Rule Britannia by Thomas Arnenotifications1983 / 202165 games
Saber Dance by Aram KhachaturianA movement in the last act of Gayane, A ballet by Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian. The unofficially plate spinning them and a common circus tune.notifications1986 / 19934 games
Saint John's Night on the Bare Mountain (Иванова ночь на лысой горе;Night on Bald Mountain)by Modest Mussorgskynotifications1984 / 20057 games
Sakura Sakura(さくらさくら)[Sakura]An Edo Era folk song.notifications1994 / 20052 games
Saturday Night is modern dance music by Whigfield/Sannie Carlson0 game
Serenade for strings in G major 'Eine kleine Nachtmusik' [A little serenade/A little night music]by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnotifications1983 / 20053 games
She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountaina.k.a. Coming Round the Mountain/When the Chariot Comes, a romantic era folk song and negro spiritual by unknown composers.notifications1991 / 200622 games
Silent Night is a christmas carol by Joseph Mohr (Stille Nacht;Heilige Nacht) English lyrics by John Freeman Youngnotifications3 games
Sobre las Olas (Over the Waves)A waltz by Juventino Rosas.notifications1980 / 19948 games
Sous le dôme épais [The Flower Duet] from Lakmé by Léo Delibesnotifications1 game
Stars and Stripes Forever is march by John Philip Sousanotifications2 games
Storm de Guillaume Tell Overture [The 2nd part of the William Tell Overture] by Gioacchino RossiniPossibly the least know part of the William Tell Overture.notifications1982 / 20103 games
Streets Of Cairo or The Poor Little Country Maid is a melody by Sol Bloomnotifications1 game
String Quartet #53 in D Major 'The Lark' is Classical Era music by Franz Joseph Haydnnotifications1995 / 19963 games
Symphony #25 in G minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnotifications1994 / 20043 games
Symphony #3 'Eroica' by Ludwig van Beethoven (Heroic)0 game
Symphony #5 in C minor by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1984 / 20079 games
Symphony #7 in C minor by Ludwig van Beethovennotifications1 game
Symphony #9, 'From the New World' is a Romantic Era Symphony by Antonín Dvořáknotifications1988 / 20073 games
Symphony No. 9, 'From the New World' by Antonín Dvořák0 game
Take Five is classic jazz by Paul DesmondFamously and 1st performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1959. The name refers to its quintuple time. Currently © American Red Cross.notifications1990 / 20144 games
Taps (Butterfield's Lullaby;Day is Done)Taps is military bugle music by Daniel Butterfieldnotifications2 games
Tchaikovsky Swan - 1notifications1992 / 19962 games
Teddy Bears' PicnicIs a pop song by John Walter Brattonnotifications1994 / 20177 games
Ten Green BottlesIs a children's song by an unknown? composernotifications1991 / 200622 games
That's The Way (I Like It) is a disco song © by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finchnotifications1995 / 19963 games
The 4 part Guillaume Tell Overture (William Tell Overture)From an opera by Gioacchino Rossini, first performed on 1829-08-03 at Paris Opéra.notifications1980 / 200711 games
The 4th Goldberg Variation by Johann Sebastian Bachnotifications1 game
The Battle Hymn of the Republicnotifications1 game
The Bridal Chorus (Wedding March;Here Comes the Bride)From the Lohengrin opera by Richard Wagner.notifications1991 / 200622 games
The Celebrated Chop Waltz(Chopsticks;tati-tati;Тати-тати;Cutlet Polka)by Euphemia Allen (Arthur de Lull / Lulli)notifications1 game
The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze[The Man on the Flying Trapeze] is a Romantic Era pop song, music by Gaston Lylenotifications1 game
The Entertainer: A rag time two step by Scott JoplinA ragtime (classic piano) piece published by Scott Joplin in 1902. It enjoyed a 2nd wave of popularity in the 1970 far greater than it's original famenotifications1984 / 201615 games
The Freesound ProjectUses sounds from The Freesound Project.notifications2008 / 20129 games
The Galop Infernal[The music of the Can-Can]An erotic dance song from the Orphée aux enfers opéra bouffe[opéra féerie/Orpheus in the Underworld operetta] by Jacques Offenbachnotifications1979 / 200728 games
The L'Arlésienne suites by Georges Bizet from The L'Arlésienne operanotifications1 game
The Liberty Bell is a military march by John Philip SousaFamous in the UK as the Monty Python's Flying Circus intro music. The copyright has expired.notifications1 game
The Merry Peasent is Romantic Era music by Robert Schumannnotifications1 game
The Peter Gunn Theme is orchestra jazz by Henry ManciniHenry Mancini, composed & conducted this TV show theme. Bob Bain, guitarist. Ted Nash, alto player. John Williams, piano. Song was a career maker 4x over! notifications1983 / 19947 games
The Pirates of Penzance [or The Slave of Duty] is a comic opera music by Arthur Sullivan [Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan]notifications3 games
The Poet and the Peasant Overture by Franz von Suppé[Francesco Suppé Benelli/Francesco Ezechiele Ermenegildoof knighthood/Francesco Suppé-Demelli]notifications1993 / 19942 games
The Pomp and Circumstance Marches [the graduation song] for orchestra by Sir Edward Elgarnotifications4 games
The prelude to the Carmen opera by Georges Bizetnotifications1994 / 20042 games
The Song of the Volga Boatmen is a sea shanty 1st published by Mily Balakirevnotifications1992 / 20052 games
The Swan Lake (Лебединое Озеро;Lebedinoye Ozero)A ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.notifications1988 / 20078 games
The Swan Theme from the Swan Lake[Лебединое Озеро/Lebedinoye Ozero]ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskynotifications1988 / 19942 games
Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565Organ music by Johann Sebastian Bach.notifications1982 / 201523 games
Tōryanse(通りゃんせ)A Japanese nursery rhyme. Traffic lights in Japan often use this tune when it is safe to walk across the street. The London Bridge is played to this tune also.notifications1 game
Toyland is the title music for the Romantic Era operetta, Babes in Toyland by Victor Herbertnotifications1 game
Trepak from The Nutcracker Suite (Щелкунчик)A fairy tale-ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.notifications1986 / 19928 games
Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka[Trish Trash Polka;Chit-Chat Polka]A Polka by Johann Strauss II.notifications1993 / 20053 games
Twelve-bar Blues[Tar Paper Stomp/In the Mood] Joseph C. Garland & Andy Razaf. © Glenn MillerPopularized by Glenn Miller's big band version which is now lost to history. Copyright killed the song cuz Glenn Miller is missing but not proven deadnotifications1 game
Ungarische Tänze #1 in G minor[Hungarian Dance #1/Allegro molto] is piano or orchestral music adapted by Johannes Brahmsnotifications1 game
Ungarische Tänze #5 in F# minor (Hungarian Dance #5 Allegro)A piano or orchestral music adapted by Johannes Brahms.notifications1992 / 20057 games
Unidentified musicA temporary tag indicating that a game has identifiable music but it has not yet been identified at UVL. Please include known information in the description.notifications1982 / 201511 games
Unter dem Doppeladler (Under the Double Eagle)A march by Josef Franz Wagner.notifications1 game
Unter Donner und Blitz[Thunder & Lightning] is a polka by Johann Strauss IInotifications1 game
Violin Concerto in E minor by Felix Mendelssohnnotifications1 game
Volte is Medieval Era music by Michael Praetoriusnotifications1 game
Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre[The Toreador Song]An aria from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizetnotifications1980 / 20074 games
Waiting For the Robert E. Lee is a mordern era pop song, music by Lewis F. MuirPublished in 1912, it might still be under copyright. In 2008 is definitely isn't.notifications1 game
Walkürenritt (Ride of the Valkyries)From Die Walküre by Richard Wagner.notifications1981 / 201722 games
We Three Kings (We Three Kings of Orient Are;The Quest of the Magi)A Christmas carol written by Reverend John Henry Hopkins, Jr., sometime after 1857 but not published until 1863.notifications1 game
Wedding March from A Midsummer Night's Dream by Felix Mendelssohn[Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy]notifications1988 / 19912 games
Westminster Quarters(Westminster Chimes/Cambridge Chimes)Chimes commonly used for clocks & sometimes doorbell. Internationally popularized when adopted by Big Ben in the mid-19th century. Is attributed to Reverend Dr. Joseph Jowett.notifications1995 / 19963 games
What a Friend We Have in JesusChristian hymn by Charles Crozat Converse, 1868. Lyricis by Joseph M. Scriven & The Lord, 1855.notifications1 game
Whistle While You WorkA modern era song featuring human whistlingnotifications1 game
Why Do Fools Fall in Love is a pop song © by Herman Santiago and Jimmy MerchantUnder copyright and published by The EMInotifications1 game
Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher is a 1967 Chicago Soul/classic R&B song by Gary Jackson, Raynard Miner, and Carl SmithFamously performed by Jackie Wilson. It is also often preformed by choirs and individuals as a Gospel song.notifications1 game
Zigeunerweisen is in C minor [Gypsy Airs]Music for violin & orchestra (or with piano) by Pablo de Sarasate [Pablo Martín Melitón de Sarasate y Navascués]notifications1 game
Zuizui zukkorobashi(ずいずいずっころばし; お茶壺道中 )[Zui-Zui-Zukkorobashi/Who's Out]A Japanese nursery rhyme.notifications1 game
Коробе́йники[The Peddlers/Korobeiniki/Korobeyniki/Korobushka]A folk/dance song to accompany a poem by Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasovnotifications1989 / 20062 games
Трепак[Trepak/Marzipan/Dance of the Reed Flutes/Dance of the Mirlitons/Dance of the Shepherdesses]From Щелкунчик [The Nutcracker Suite] a fairy tale-ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskynotifications1991 / 200623 games
Шехерезада[Scheherazade/Šekherezada]Is symphony music in 4 parts, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakovnotifications1984 / 19854 games
お江跞毡[O-Edo-Nihonbashi/Bridge of Japan at Tokyo] is an Edo Era folksong by an unkown composernotifications1 game
爱的迷恋 魅せられて[Love Is Calling Me/Wind is Blowing from the Aegeon]A Modern Era song © by Judy Onggnotifications1995 / 19963 games
白毛女 [The White-Haired Girl] from the opera by Yan JinxuanYan Jinxuan's 白毛女 opera was 1st preformed in 1945. It has become a classic of revolutionary China.notifications1 game
A Hard Days NightBy The Beatles.notifications1 game
Jūgoya Otsukisan(十五夜お月さん;Harvest Moon)A nursery rhyme (童歌) by Ujō Noguchi.notifications1 game
Kagome Kagome(かごめかごめ;籠目籠目)A Japanese children's game and associated nursery rhyme.notifications1 game
The Nutcracker Suite(Щелкунчик)A fairy tale-ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.notifications2002 / 20032 games
Licensed musicUses music that was not specifically made for the game; licensing it from third parties.notifications2000 / 20159 games
Music genre: Ambientnotifications2005 / 201516 games
Music genre: BluegrassSub-genre of country music. Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English traditional influences, & later by jazz. Crassly called "banjo music". Self-titled "Hillbilly Music"notifications1995 / 201714 games
Music genre: Chiptune (8 bit)A music genre that emulates the sound of 8 bit music from older platforms (or is actually for them).notifications1995 / 201759 games
Music Genre: Country/Westernnotifications1 game
Music genre: Drum & Bassnotifications1 game
Music genre: Electronicnotifications2009 / 201712 games
Music genre: Electronic dance music(Electronic disco;Electronic body music)Variety of genres derived from electronic music for dancing.notifications1998 / 201611 games
Music genre: FunkFeatures funk music.notifications1993 / 20194 games
Music genre: Hip hopFeatures hip hop music or any of its sug-genres, such as rap.notifications1993 / 201921 games
Music genre: Industrialnotifications1 game
Music genre: Jazznotifications1996 / 20197 games
Music genre: MetalRock music spin-off. Usually loud, emphasizes bass/beat, heavily amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, & or aggressively voiced lyrics. Generally aggressive themes overall.notifications1993 / 201723 games
Music genre: Orchestralnotifications1997 / 201810 games
Music Genre: PunkPunk music is auditorily wide-ranging; lyrics, attitude, actions in-game or outside sources must accompany it to definitively define it a punk.notifications1993 / 201610 games
Music genre: RockUsually has a 4/4 beat measure, a verse-chorus structure, & emphasizes the sound of interments (commonly electric guitar) slightly more then lyrics.notifications1993 / 201724 games
Music genre: Swingnotifications3 games
Music genre: Vocalnotifications2006 / 20185 games
Music genre: Worldnotifications2003 / 20154 games
Music genreslist_alt0 game
Music: CustomThe game is designed such that it is easy and intended for players to optionally add background music from their own collection.notifications2008 / 201811 games