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Aerodyne (Heavier-than-air aircraft)Player controls any kind of aerodyne, from fixed-wing aircraft to rotorcraft.notifications1978 / 20201180 games
Aerospace craft (Aerospace vehicle)Player controls any vehicle capable of flying in both space and an atmosphere.notifications1988 / 201842 games
Air-cushion vehicle (ACV;Hovercraft)Player can control an ACV, an amphibious vehicle that hovers just off ground by high-pressure air, usually employed for travel on water but can traverse any sufficiently smooth surfaces with ease.notifications1984 / 201630 games
Aircraft B-1 Lancernotifications1978 / 19833 games
Aircraft: A-10 Thunderbolt II (A-10 Warthog;A-10 Hog)Its a GAU-8/A Avenger Gatling Gun with wings. Highly durable; can fly with extensive damage, loss of hydraulics, & only 1 turbofan which have been know to survive direct missile hits.notifications1989 / 201112 games
Aircraft: A320 Airbusnotifications1988 / 20209 games
Aircraft: AC-130 Gunship (AC-130H Spectre;AC-130U Spooky)Player controls a AC-130 Gunship or any of its variants, by piloting it and/or controlling its massive firepower.notifications2007 / 20085 games
Aircraft: AV-8 Harrier (AV-8B Harrier II;Harrier Jump Jet)Player controls the AV-8 Harrier VTOL ground attack aircraft or any of its variants.notifications1983 / 200940 games
Aircraft: Avro Lancaster (RAF Lancaster)A heavy bomber manufactured by Avro, later RAF.notifications1984 / 201813 games
Aircraft: B-17 Flying Fortressnotifications1982 / 200112 games
Aircraft: B-24 Liberatornotifications2 games
Aircraft: Boeing 7x7 series airliners[Boeing 737;Boeing 747]notifications1981 / 202024 games
Aircraft: Eurofighter Typhoonnotifications1994 / 20098 games
Aircraft: F-117 NighthawkPlayer controls the F-117 stealth strike aircraft.notifications1991 / 200910 games
Aircraft: F-14 TomcatPlayer controls the F-14 air superiority fighter.notifications1986 / 200951 games
Aircraft: F-16 Fighting Falcon (F-16 Falcon;F-16 Viper)Player can control F-16 Falcon fighter aircraft.notifications1984 / 201554 games
Aircraft: F-18 HornetPlayer controls the F-18 multirole fighter.notifications1985 / 200416 games
Aircraft: F-22 Raptor (F-22 Lightning II)notifications1989 / 200917 games
Aircraft: F-35 Lightning IInotifications4 games
Aircraft: F/A-18 HornetPlayer controls the F/A-18 multirole fighter.notifications1985 / 200725 games
Aircraft: F6F HellcatPlayer can control a F6F Hellcat fighter aircraft.notifications1982 / 19908 games
Aircraft: Fokker Dr.IA German triplane used during the first World War.notifications1990 / 19923 games
Aircraft: Hawker HurricanePlayer controls the British single-seat Hawker Hurricane multi-role aircraft.notifications1 game
Aircraft: Heinkel He 111 (CASA 2.111)Player controls the German Heinkel He 111 medium bomber aircraft or the CASA 2.111 variant.notifications1 game
Aircraft: Junkers Ju 87(Stuka)Player controls the German Stuka dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft.notifications1 game
Aircraft: Lockheed SR-71 BlackbirdPlayer can control the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.notifications1983 / 20043 games
Aircraft: Messerschmitt Bf 109 (Me 109)Player controls the German Me 109 multi-role fighter aircraft.notifications1 game
Aircraft: Messerschmitt Bf 110 (Me 110)Player controls the German Me 110 heavy fighter-bomber aircraft.notifications1 game
Aircraft: MiG-27 Flogger-D/JPlayer controls the MiG-27 Flogger-D/J ground-attack aircraft.notifications1988 / 19909 games
Aircraft: MiG-31 FoxhoundPlayer controls the MiG-31 Foxhound interceptor aircraft.notifications1988 / 19903 games
Aircraft: P-38 Lightningnotifications1984 / 200628 games
Aircraft: P-47 Thunderboltnotifications1988 / 201110 games
Aircraft: Panavia TornadoPlayer can control the twin-engine Panavia Tornado combat aircraft.notifications1987 / 20039 games
Aircraft: Sopwith Camelnotifications1984 / 19928 games
Aircraft: Su-35 Flanker-E (Su-27M;SU-37 SuperFlanker)notifications1995 / 20097 games
Aircraft: Submarine Spitfire (Spitfire Mk II)Player controls the British single-seat Submarine Spitfire fighter aircraft.notifications1982 / 200922 games
Aircraft: V-22 OspreyPlayer controls the V/STOL tiltrotor transport aircraft developed by Bell and Boeing.notifications1 game
Aircraft: YF-23Player controls the YF-23 tactical stealth fighter.notifications1990 / 20094 games
Airship (Dirigible;Blimp;Zeppelin)Any lighter-than-air and self propelled aircraft including blimps and rigid-body air ships such as Zeppelins.notifications1982 / 201936 games
Alfa RomeoFeatures the Italian sports car manufacturer's various products.notifications3 games
All-Terrain Vehicle(ATV)0 game
Amphibious vehicle (Amphibian)Player controls any kind of amphibious vehicle.notifications1996 / 20156 games
APC(Armoured Personnel Carrier)[Armored Personnel Carrier]Player controls an armoured personnel carrier of some sort, usually an armored car though may also be a lightly armed tank or something else.notifications2012 / 20153 games
Armored car[Armoured car]Player is in control of a military armored car or similar vehicle.notifications1999 / 201518 games
Armored Personnel Carriers[armoured personnel carriers]Armored vehicles for aiding infantry by providing heavy weapon support (such as heavy machineguns and autocannons), transporting additional supplies and providing protected transport.notifications2010 / 20167 games
Automobile: Chevy CorvetteGame features a Chevy Corvette of any year or variation.notifications1987 / 20034 games
Automobile: Dodge ChargerGame features a Dodge Charger of any year or variation.notifications1985 / 19872 games
Automobile: Dodge ViperGame features a Dodge Viper of any year or variation.notifications1995 / 19984 games
Automobile: Pontiac Grand AmGame features a Pontiac Grand Am of any year or variation.notifications1984 / 2017102 games
Bicycle [Biking]A dual-wheeled pedaled vehicle.notifications1983 / 2017218 games
Bioships[biocraft]Player encounters biological vessels.notifications1992 / 201725 games
BiplanePlayer controls a biplane, which is a fixed-wing aircraft with two main wings stacked one above the other.notifications1978 / 201015 games
BoatPlayers can pilot a boat. A boat is not a ship; ships can carry boats.notifications1982 / 201828 games
Bomber aircraftPlayer controls any kind of bomber aircraft that has the primary purpose of dropping bombs to their targets. May include machineguns or other anti-air weaponry to defend from interceptors.notifications1975 / 201888 games
BusThe player controls a bus, which is a vehicle designed to carry passengers.notifications1991 / 20166 games
Cable-cars(Aerial tramway)[gondola]A series of cabins hung from a cable that is often used to get into high places such as mountains or over otherwise far too craggy regions.notifications1990 / 201629 games
DELETE1 game
DELETE1 game
DELETE1 game
DELETE1 game
Dirigibles (Airships;Blimps;Zeppelins)Player encounters, but does not necessarily control, dirigibles.notifications1990 / 201843 games
Drop podsOrbital landing craft that deliver cargo or personnel from orbit to planet surface relatively safely, but not back. Usually quite compact.notifications2005 / 201829 games
Electric Vehicles (EVs)Vehicles of any type that primarily use conversion of electric energy to motion.notifications2004 / 201710 games
ElevatorsA platform that rises or falls and stops at specific floors.notifications1977 / 2020594 games
Escape capsules(Escape pods)notifications2004 / 20179 games
Family carPlayer controls any type of family or other "regular" car.notifications1984 / 201313 games
FerrariFeatures the Italian sports car manufacturer's various products.notifications1986 / 201449 games
FiatFeatures the Italian car manufacturer's various products.notifications1 game
Fictional aircraftPlayer controls a fictional aircraft.notifications1987 / 199919 games
Fictional helicopterPlayer controls a fictional helicopter.notifications1984 / 19924 games
Fighter aircraft (Air superiority fighter;Interceptor aircraft)Player controls any kind of aircraft primarily intended for attacking other aircraft with the aim of taking control and maintaining air superiority within the operation theatre.notifications1980 / 2018333 games
FordFeatures the American car manufacturer's various products.notifications1987 / 200824 games
GT car (Gran Turismo car;Grand Tourer car)High-performance luxury car designed for long-distance driving. Usually 2 seater, 2-door coupe. Generally larger & heavier than other sports cars.notifications1990 / 201591 games
GunshipsPlayer encounters gunships, large aircraft that circle their targets while raining down a massive load of weapons fire at their target often from such range they can't be easily shot back at.notifications2009 / 20117 games
HalftrackPlayer controls a halftrack, cross between tracked and wheeled vehicle, usually with two wheels on front and two tracks at the back.notifications2006 / 20123 games
Heavy vehiclePlayer controls a vehicle that is exceptionally heavy and behaves accordingly.notifications2002 / 20133 games
Helicopter: AH-1 Cobra (AH-1W SuperCobra;AH-1J SeaCobra;AH-1T Improved SeaCobra)notifications1981 / 200914 games
Helicopter: RAH-66 Comanche(Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche)notifications1992 / 200113 games
Helicopters(Attack helicopters)Player encounters helicopters in some significant manner, such as being engaged by attack helicopters.notifications1970 / 2020229 games
HondaFeatures the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer's various products.notifications1985 / 201011 games
Hover vehiclePlayer controls or can control any kind of vehicle that hovers slightly above ground but is incapable of true flight.notifications1983 / 2017150 games
Hover vehicles[hover craft]Features any kind of vehicles that hover slightly above ground but are incapable of true flight, regardless if player can control them.notifications1986 / 201625 games
HoverbikePlayer controls a hoverbike.notifications1983 / 201829 games
HovercarPlayer controls a hovercar.notifications1986 / 201513 games
HovertankPlayer controls a hovertank.notifications1996 / 201622 games
Inclinators (Freight elevator)Features one or more diagonally moving lifts, notable for their capacity for extreme weights as they're not lifted with wires but rather heavy machinery "climbing" the inclination.notifications1995 / 201313 games
Infantry Fighting VehiclePlayer controls any kind of IFV, an infantry direct fire support vehicle with light armor, moderate armament and minor transport capabilities.notifications1 game
Jet aircraft (Jet plane)[jet airplane;jet aeroplane]Player controls any aircraft propelled by jet engine(s).notifications1989 / 201511 games
Jet SkiPlayer controls a Jet Ski PWC.notifications1988 / 201219 games
JetbikePlayer controls a jetbike, motorcycle-lookalike capable of flight.notifications1992 / 20115 games
Kart (Go-Kart;Gearbox kart;Shifter kart;Superkart)[karting]notifications1985 / 201452 games
LamborghiniFeatures the Italian sports car manufacturer's various products.notifications1987 / 200417 games
Large watercraftPlayer is in control of any large and cumbersome watercraft.notifications1978 / 201846 games
Lotus CarsFeatures the British sports car manufacturer's various products.notifications1986 / 200125 games
Mechs (メカ;Mecha;Piloted walker robots)Features mechas or other piloted walker robots.notifications1980 / 2019686 games
Medium watercraftPlayer controls a medium sized watercraft with a dozen or so personnel.notifications1985 / 201522 games
Mobile artillery (Self-propelled artillery;Self-propelled gun)[locomotive artillery]Player controls a mobile artillery piece.notifications2010 / 20164 games
Monster truckPlayer controls a monster truck.notifications1990 / 201532 games
Motorboat(Powerboat)Player controls a motorboat.notifications1983 / 201560 games
Motorcycle (Motorbike)Player controls a motorcycle.notifications1977 / 2020468 games
Motorcyclesnotifications1985 / 20176 games
Multi-environment craft[multi-environment vehicle]Player controls any vehicle that is designed to move in two or more dissimilar environments (air, land, underwater, space, etc.) with ease.notifications2002 / 20158 games
Multi-floor elevatorsElevators that allow player selected access to more than two floors.notifications1991 / 201813 games
Multi-vehicularPlayer gets to drive, pilot and otherwise control a variety of different kinds of vehicles and also run about on foot.notifications1999 / 201549 games
Passenger aircraft (Airliner)Player controls any aircraft meant for transporting large numbers of passengers.notifications1980 / 202032 games
Passenger vehiclePlayer controls any vehicle meant for transporting large numbers of passengers, such as a bus, airliner, APC, or such.notifications1 game
Penny Farthing BicycleA bicycle design notable for its huge pedaled wheel and tiny unpowered wheel.notifications1 game
Porsche(Porsche AG)Features the German sports car manufacturer's various products.notifications1987 / 200322 games
Propeller aeroplane[propeller airplane;propeller aircraft;tractor aircraft]Player controls any aeroplane that propels itself mainly with a spinning propeller, used before the invention of jet aircraft.notifications1980 / 2015140 games
Prototype vehicle(Experimental vehicle)Player controls any non-fictional vehicle that had not (or never have) entered mass production/service but had prototype/experimental version(s) made, not necessarily depicted as such within the game.notifications1989 / 201617 games
Public TransitPlayer can legitimately use a publicly accessible travel system. Especially NPC piloted systems that are regulated and/or funded by a government or co-opnotifications1982 / 201557 games
RHIB(RIB;Rigid-hulled inflatable boat;Rigid inflatable boat)Player controls a RHIB, a boat characterized by inflatable collar around otherwise rigid hull.notifications1 game
Rocket CarA land automobile with ignitable rockets attached. Not to be confused with a jet car. Rockets eventually burn out.notifications1 game
Sea-DooPlayer controls a Sea-Doo PWC.notifications1996 / 20024 games
ShipPlayers can pilot a ship.0 game
Sky ships (Air ships)Features sky ships of any kind, airborne vessels that look similar to waterborne ships.notifications1988 / 201514 games
Small watercraftPlayer is in control of any small watercraft mainly for 1-2 people though it may have extra passenger or storage space.notifications1977 / 201865 games
Soapboxnotifications1 game
Sports carPlayer controls any kind of sports car.notifications1995 / 201111 games
Street Lugenotifications1995 / 20003 games
Strike aircraft (Fighter-bomber;Ground-attack aircraft)Player is in control of strike aircraft. A sub-type of fighter aircraft with heavy emphasis on attacking ground targets, usually with unguided rockets, autocannons or heavy machineguns not as suitable for air targets, and/or bombs/torpedos.notifications1983 / 201463 games
Submarine (Submersible watercraft)Player is in control of a submarine, a watercraft capable of submerging and surfacing with relative safety to its crew and cargo.notifications1972 / 2019244 games
Submarine: Type II U-boatPlayer controls any variant of the Type II U-boat.notifications1986 / 20052 games
Submarine: Type IX U-boatPlayer controls any variant of the Type IX U-boat.notifications1 game
Submarine: Type VII U-boat (U-48;U-47;U-99;U-100)Player controls any variant (such as U-48, U-47, U-99, or U-100) of the Type VII U-boat.notifications2001 / 20052 games
Submarine: Type XXI U-boatPlayer controls any variant of the Type XXI U-boat.notifications1 game
Submarinesnotifications1977 / 201377 games
Super-heavy vehicles(Superlarge vehicles)Includes vehicles that are at least 8 times as large and heavy as one would normally expect their kind to be.notifications2005 / 201817 games
Tank: BMP-2(БМП-2;Объект 675;Object 675)[Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty;Боевая Машина Пехоты]A russian infantry fighting vehicle in service since 1980s.notifications1 game
Tank: M1 Abrams (M1A1;M1A2)Player controls any variant of the M1 Abrams third generation main battle tank, in service from 1980 onward.notifications1988 / 200916 games
Tank: M4 Shermannotifications1989 / 20095 games
Tank: T-72 (Obyekt-172;Object 172;BMPT;TOS-1;BREM-1;IMR-2;MTU-72)Player controls any variant of the Soviet T-72 main battle tank, in service from 1973 onward.notifications1 game
Tank: T-90Player controls any variant of the Russian T-90 third generation main battle tank, in service from 1995 onward.notifications1 game
Tank(Battle tank)Player controls a battle tank of any kind.notifications1975 / 2017508 games
TankettePlayer controls a tankette, a battle tank that's the size of a regular car or smaller.notifications1996 / 201543 games
Tesla MotorsA manufacturer of all-electric vehicles, batteries, electric energy systems, and electric infrastructure.notifications2010 / 20133 games
ToyotaFeatures the Japanese car manufacturer's various products.notifications1990 / 20006 games
Tracked vehicle (Crawler)Player controls any vehicle fitted with caterpillar tracks for locomotion.notifications1983 / 20158 games
Trainsnotifications1980 / 2021144 games
Transports[APCs;personnel carriers;troop transports]Vehicles or other things (such as large animals) that transport personnel or other vehicles from place to place.notifications1992 / 201514 games
Trucksnotifications1981 / 201653 games
Utility aircraftnotifications2000 / 20203 games
Vehicle designingPlayer is given the ability to "design" vehicles, usually by combining various large components to produce something relatively unique.notifications1997 / 202095 games
Vehicle: Tesla Model 3Games with any variant of the Tesla Model 31 game
Vehicle: Tesla Model SGames with any variant of the Tesla Model Snotifications2 games
Vehicle: Tesla Model XGames with any variant of the Tesla Model X1 game
Vehicle: Tesla RoadsterGames with any variant of the Tesla Roadsternotifications1 game
VolvoFeatures the Swedish vehicles manufacturer's various products. Sold to the Ford Motor Company in 1999.2 games
VTOL (V/STOL)Player controls a VTOL or V/STOL aircraft. A type of aircraft that does not require a runway for takeoff nor landing.notifications2009 / 201511 games
Wagons (Waggons;Drays;Covered Wagons;Conestoga Wagons)Includes a wagon. Usually horse powered. Sometimes covered. Distinguished from a carriage by the large cargo area.notifications1984 / 20064 games
Walker vehicles (Walker robots)Features robots or vehicles that move on legs rather than wheels or tracks.notifications1983 / 2018284 games
WarshipPlayer is in control of a warship, either watercraft or starship.notifications1987 / 201140 games
Water scooter(Personal watercraft;PWC)Player controls any kind of personal watercraft.notifications1982 / 201728 games
WatercraftPlayer is in control of a watercraft of any kind.notifications1977 / 2019297 games
Wheeled vehicle[automobile;motor car]Player controls any vehicle fitted with wheels for locomotion.notifications1976 / 2019326 games
Airboat (Swamp boat)Player controls an airboat, a boat with usually flat bottom driven by a large propeller.notifications2004 / 20109 games
Aircraft: A-6 Intruder (A-6 Intruder)Player controls the A-6 "Intruder" all-weather medium attack aircraft.notifications1990 / 19913 games
Aircraft: AH-1J Huey SuperCobraPlayer can control AH-1J SuperCobra/SeaCobra attack helicopter.notifications1 game
Aircraft: C-130 HerculesPlayer controls the C-130 military transport.notifications1 game
Aircraft: Cessna 172notifications1987 / 202019 games
Aircraft: Cessna 182 (Cessna Skylane)notifications1988 / 19913 games
Aircraft: Extra 300notifications1996 / 20203 games
Aircraft: F-111 AadvarkEagle (F-111 Aardvark)Player controls the F-111 "Aardvark" air superiority fighter.notifications1989 / 19906 games
Aircraft: F-15 Eagle (F-15 Strike Eagle)Player controls the F-15 "Strike Eagle" strike aircraft.notifications1983 / 200944 games
Aircraft: F-4 Phantom (F-4 Phantom)Player controls the F-4 "Phantom" strike aircraft.notifications1989 / 19919 games
Aircraft: F-86 Sabrenotifications1984 / 20042 games
Aircraft: MI-24 HindPlayer can control Миль Ми-24 (MI-24 Hind) helicopter gunship (attack helicopter). Nicknamed летающий танк (letayushchiy tank, flying tank)notifications1 game
Aircraft: MiG-23 Floggernotifications2 games
Aircraft: Mig-29 Fulcrum(МиГ-29)[Mig 29]Primarily an air superiority fighter design.notifications1989 / 201524 games
Aircraft: Saab 37 Viggen (Saab 37 Viggen)Player controls the Saab 37 Viggen strike fighter.notifications1989 / 19906 games
Aircraft: Sukhoi Su-25 (Grach;Frogfoot)A close air support jet aircraft.notifications1990 / 20093 games
Armored cars[armoured cars]notifications2004 / 201815 games
Baja BugA vehicle used in the Baja 1000 off-road race.notifications1983 / 20106 games
Buggynotifications1985 / 201949 games
Car (Automobile;Motor car)Player controls any type of car.notifications1979 / 201558 games
Carrier (Aircraft carrier)Player controls a carrier, a massive vehicle used to transport, maintain and coordinate large number of smaller vehicles.notifications2001 / 20154 games
Dirt bikenotifications1998 / 20105 games
Escape capsule (Escape pod)Player can control an escape capsule or otherwise employs such things.notifications1996 / 201517 games
Flying saucers[UFOs]An age old alien spacecraft design in the shape of an upturned saucer.notifications1982 / 201730 games
Gunboatnotifications1987 / 20085 games
GunshipPlayer controls any kind of gunship, an aircraft that circles its target rather than strafing it.notifications2007 / 20085 games
Half-tracksnotifications2006 / 20126 games
Handcar (Pump trolley;Pump car)A simple man-powered rail vehicle with a pump in middle that can usually be operated by 2 people simultaneously (pumping either side in turns).notifications1999 / 20156 games
Hang glidernotifications1986 / 201317 games
HelicopterPlayer controls a helicopter.notifications1980 / 2020593 games
Helicopter: AH-64 Apachenotifications1985 / 200448 games
Helicopter: Ka-50 Hokum (Black Shark;Kamov Ka-50;Чёрная акула;Аллигатор;Kamov Ka-52;Alligator;Hokum B)notifications1995 / 20094 games
Helicopter: Mi-24 Hind (Миль Ми-24;Mi-25;Hind D;Mi-35;Hind E;Крокодил;Krokodil;Crocodile;Стакан;Stakan;Glass)A large soviet attack/gunship helicopter that entered service in 1972 and is still operated to this day (2010s).notifications1996 / 20043 games
Helicopter: UH-1 Iroquois(Huey)Player controls the UH-1 helicopter or any variant of it.notifications1985 / 19889 games
HoverboardPlayer can use a hoverboard. Like a skateboard but it hovers instead of using wheels.notifications1989 / 201737 games
Jeepnotifications1981 / 201451 games
Kick scooter (Push scooter)A human-powered vehicle with a handlebar, deck and wheels that is propelled by a rider pushing off the ground.notifications2000 / 20025 games
Large spacecraft [starship;spaceship]Player controls a large spacecraft, usually with personnel complement from dozens to thousands.notifications1971 / 201770 games
Medium spacecraft [starship;spaceship]Player controls a medium sized spacecraft with a dozen or so personnel.notifications1992 / 201720 games
Mobile baseA mobile command, maintenance, refueling, etc. structure. Possibly with even manufacturing capabilities.notifications1993 / 201628 games
Quad bike (Quad;Four wheeler)[all-terrain vehicle;ATV]Four wheeled all-terrain vehicle.notifications1987 / 201559 games
Railway vehicle (Railroad car;Bogie)0 game
Rotorcraft (Rotary-wing aircraft)Player controls any form of rotary-wing aircraft, such as a helicopter, gyrodyne or autogyro.notifications1980 / 2020303 games
SailboardPlayer controls a surfboard with sail attached to it.notifications1988 / 20036 games
ScooterA type of motorcycle identifiable by the step-through frame.notifications1998 / 20089 games
SkateboardIncludes a skateboard as a method of travel.notifications1983 / 2019209 games
Small spacecraft [starship;spaceship]Player is in control of a small and presumably fast spacecraft mainly for 1-2 people though it may have extra passenger or storage space.notifications1979 / 2019215 games
Snowboard[snowboarding]notifications1990 / 2019106 games
Snowmobile (Snowmachine;Skimobile;Sled)Player controls a snowmobile.notifications1989 / 201417 games
Space Shuttle, NASAAn orbital space craft operated by NASA.notifications1981 / 201125 games
Spacecraft (Starship;Spaceship)Player is in control of any kind of spacecraft.notifications1971 / 2021668 games
Speedboat (Powerboat)A small, fast boat for 1-8 people.notifications1985 / 201030 games
Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)notifications2002 / 20095 games
Steamship (Steamboat)Player controls a steamship.notifications2008 / 20115 games
Surfboardnotifications1987 / 201361 games
Tank: BMP-3(БМП-3;Объект 688М;Object 688M;IFV M1990/1)[Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty;Боевая Машина Пехоты]A Russian infantry fighting vehicle in service since 1987.notifications1 game
TanksIncludes tanks, whether controlled by the player, their allies or their enemies.notifications1970 / 2020708 games
TrainPlayer is in direct control of a train.notifications1982 / 201679 games
Tram (Tramcar;Streetcar;Trolley car)A short railway vehicle generally seen operating within city limits rather than between cities or other distant locales.0 game
Trike (Three wheeler)[all-terrain vehicle;ATV]A three wheeled all-terrain vehicle; one wheel in front, two in the back.notifications1995 / 20094 games
Truck (Heavy truck;Commercial truck;Semi-trailer truck;Tractor-trailer)Player is in control of a class 5 or higher truck or similar vehicle, usually intended for logistics..notifications1982 / 201690 games
TunnelborerPlayer controls or can control a tunnelborer.notifications2001 / 20034 games
UnicycleA single-wheeled pedaled vehicle.notifications1983 / 201611 games
Vehicle Manufacturerslist_alt0 game
Walker vehicle (Walker robot)Player controls a walker robot or similar vehicle.notifications1987 / 2016155 games
Aeroplane (Fixed-wing aircraft)[airplane]Player controls an aeroplane.notifications1976 / 2020872 games
Aerostat (Lighter-than-air aircraft)Player controls any kind of aerostat, such as an airship, dirigible, hot air balloon, or anything else.notifications1982 / 201560 games
Amphibious vehicles (Amphibians)Vehicles that are capable of moving both on land and sea.notifications2008 / 20114 games
Biocraft (Bioship)Player controls a biological vessel of some sort.notifications1992 / 20114 games
Dropships (Drop ships;Orbital landing craft)Vehicles that deliver cargo or personnel from orbit to planet surface and back.notifications3 games
FuelPlayer must deal with their vehicle's fuel supply.notifications1977 / 2019530 games
Land vehicle (Ground-based vehicle)Player controls one or more of any kind of ground-based vehicle.notifications1976 / 2019411 games
Multi-seater vehicles[passenger vehicle]Includes vehicles with multiple seats or other places for passengers or vehicle operators.notifications2002 / 201538 games
OrnithoptersFeatures aircraft that fly by flapping their wings.notifications1992 / 19954 games
SailingFeaturing sea navigation in ships, seafaring etc...notifications1977 / 201926 games
Transport vehiclenotifications1998 / 201511 games
Undefined locomotionnotifications1989 / 20084 games
Vehicle crewSome or all vehicles require 2 or more personnel to operate fully, such as a driver and a gunner (one person can not be both without leaving one of their original crew position empty).notifications2003 / 201843 games
Vehicle customization (Vehicle tuning)Features vehicle customization. Adjusting different features to suit your playstyle or needs.notifications1985 / 2018118 games
Weapons platformsnotifications1994 / 201687 games