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ActionInformal group for finding action sub-genres.list_alt0 game
Action RunnerA genre similar to Endless Runners but rather is split into (presumably handmade instead of randomly generated) levels with specific challenges and with an actual end somewhere along the line.notifications1986 / 202114 games
Action-RPG[ARPG]RPG sub-genre characterized with heavy focus on fast-paced (real-time) combat and is overall very similar to Action-Adventure genre.notifications1980 / 2021463 games
Action-StrategyA genre combination that focuses on economic supremacy and destroying the enemy's ability to fight back while maintaining high amount of fast-paced action.notifications1989 / 201825 games
Adventure-RPGA point and click, text, or other type of adventure game (besides Action-Adventure) with significant RPG elements.notifications1982 / 201948 games
Anti-AdvergameA game featuring a product but deriding it rather than promote it.notifications2 games
Arcade Flight Simulator[Arcade Combat Flight Simulator]A variety of flight sims that are less about flight simulation (such as physics involved) and more about arcade combat. Usually with very little to no actual flight physics simulated.notifications2012 / 20155 games
Arena shooterSub-genre of multi-directional shooters, defined largely by multi-directional shooter sensibilities but constrained to a small-ish "arena" (usually small enough to fit on screen at all times).notifications1976 / 2021483 games
Artillery gameStrategy sub-genre. Involves lobbing shots long distances with aim based mainly on angle, but often force applied to the projectile is a factor as well as external elements such as wind.notifications1977 / 2016155 games
Augmented Reality Game (ARG;Alternate Reality Game)ARGs remove barriers between the game world & the players so that they are shaped by each other. Actions in the real world are part of the game.notifications1979 / 2019165 games
Awkward PhysicsA nameless genre where most of the gameplay involves fighting an awkward physics mechanics to accomplish your job.notifications2008 / 201610 games
Beat 'em up(Brawler)Informal group for finding beat 'em up sub-genres; fighting genre modified to so it's no longer one-on-one but against multitude of opponents.list_altnotifications1985 / 201617 games
Biological simulationSub-genre of artificial lifenotifications1984 / 201856 games
Blitz-likeAnything that replicates the basic gameplay of the game "Blitz", in which the player controls a bomber aircraft and throws bombs on buildings etc. Once leaving the screen the bomber reappears at a lower altitude.notifications1977 / 201545 games
Boat combatnotifications1983 / 200522 games
Boulder Dash-likeAny games that replicate the game type established by Boulder Dash, that is collecting treasures while evading hazards such as falling boulders.notifications1984 / 2015181 games
Breakout-like (Casse-briques;ブロック崩し;Block Kuzushi;Arkanoid-like)[Arkanoid clone;Breakout clone]A type of action game where player controls a pad - usually moving it along the bottom edge of the screen - and using it to bounce a ball up to destroy blocks with it while trying to prevent the ball from falling off screen.notifications1976 / 2020571 games
Bubble Shooter(Marble Popper)A puzzle shooter genre usually involving a gun (for which only the angle can be controlled) shooting bubbles/marbles into the playing field which likely already has a number of them, with player's aim being attempting to destroy the ones remaining.notifications1994 / 201558 games
Bullet Hell(Manic shooter;Curtain fire;Danmaku;弾幕;Maniac Shooters)A sub-genre of shmup where the whole screen is literally filled with projectiles, usually with the main challenge being avoiding those bullets (often by recognizing/memorizing firing patterns) rather than destroying enemies.notifications1983 / 2021151 games
Business simulation(Economic simulation;Tycoon game)Business simulation games, also known as economic simulation games or tycoon games, are games that focus on the management of economic processes, usually in the form of a business.notifications1977 / 2021176 games
Car combat (Auto combat)Sub-genre of vehicular combat.notifications1976 / 201580 games
Card battleA combat strategy sub-genre of collectible card games.notifications1990 / 2017166 games
Card gamePlayed with a deck (or pack) of hand-sized heavy paper or plastic sheets with faces & backs.notifications1975 / 2019419 games (13 characters)
Cave-flyer (Luolalentely)A genre where the player controls a ship with 360 degree movement all around and usually physics playing a role in either the ship's control or otherwise.notifications1982 / 201679 games
Centipede-likeAnything that replicates the basic gameplay introduced in Centipede.notifications1981 / 200573 games
City-buildingInvolving planning, construction, and management of population centers (cities) and the people involved with them.notifications1980 / 2021249 games
ClickerA type of simplistic game where the player usually contributes only by clicking madly at opponents to defeat them while using some resource gained from defeating them to upgrade per click effectiviness as well as passive progression effects.notifications2015 / 202019 games
Cockpit simulationSimulation subgenre where player operating cockpit controls or similar interfaces is one of the main driving forces of gameplay.notifications2007 / 20209 games
Collectible card game(CCG;Trading card game;TCG)[card trading game]A card game where player acquires new cards either by purchasing them, finding them, or by trading them with other players.notifications1997 / 201790 games
Colony simulation(Colony survival simulation)A survival simulator where player controls a colony, settlement, shelter, or some other small community rather than single character.notifications2006 / 202027 games
Combat Flight Simulator[combat flight simulation]notifications2 games
Comical Action (コミカルアクション)An action/platformer genre characterized by single-screen levels (limited scrolling) and cooperative 2-player action. A level is usually cleared when all enemies on the screen have been defeated (who usually drop random score bonus items).notifications1983 / 201479 games
Construction & management simulationSub-genre of business simulation with emphasis on construction which forms most or all of the aspects of managing the business.notifications1991 / 202137 games
Construction puzzleA construction puzzle is any game where you have to assemble a given set of pieces in a certain way.notifications1979 / 2020166 games
Corridor ShooterA shooter sub-genre where player follows narrow paths with little to no choice where to go.notifications2003 / 201521 games
Dandy-like (Gauntlet-like)Replicates the gameplay established by Dandy - a top-down maze dungeon crawler. Popularized by the first clone, Gauntlet.notifications1983 / 2017126 games
Dating simulationDating sims are a sub-genre of simulation games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements. The most common objective is to achieve a romantic relationship.notifications1984 / 2021183 games
Defender-likeAnything that replicates the basic gameplay introduced in Defender.notifications1980 / 200237 games
Defense gameAny games where the primary goal is to defend something besides the protagonist (unless the protagonist's movement is uncontrollable by player).notifications1980 / 201644 games
Depthcharge-likeAnything that replicates the basic gameplay introduced in Depthcharge, a ship that must sink submarines.notifications1977 / 200818 games
Donkey Kong-likeAnything that replicates the basic gameplay introduced in the original "Donkey Kong" arcade game.notifications1981 / 201659 games
Dress-up GameA significant portion of gameplay is devoted to dressing a character in clothing according to taste (the players' or a preference of the game)notifications1984 / 20178 games
Dungeon Crawler (Dungeon Bash)A scenario where the player navigates labyrinthine "dungeons" in search of treasure and evil to vanquish. Used frequently in older RPGs, especially early video game RPGs, and is often treated as a sub-genre of them as such.notifications1974 / 2020524 games
Endless Runner(Infinite Runner)[Endless Running]An auto-scrolling platformer characterized by simple controls - usually just one or two buttons - and randomly generated levels.notifications1983 / 201751 games
EroticAnything intended to stimulate sexually.notifications1982 / 202177 games
Escape the room(Escape room)Adventure sub-genre where the goal is to "escape the room". Most commonly seen as online Flash games and made popular by MOTAS which is one of them.notifications1983 / 201812 games
Exergame (Fitness game;Exertainment)A sports sub-genre defined by actual exercise routines performed by the player as part of the gameplay. Requires controller(s) or other peripheral(s) that are capable of tracking said exercises.notifications1982 / 2020113 games
Falling blocksSub-genre of visual matching puzzles which involves rotating and placing falling blocks together usually to form complete lines and to make them disappear.notifications1981 / 20211010 games
Farm simulationnotifications1981 / 201634 games
Fighting (Versus fighting;One-on-one fighting)Informal group for finding fighting game sub-genres; Primarily one-on-one fighting genre, but includes tag team fighting, too.list_alt0 game
Fixed shooter (1DoF shooter;Gallery shooter;Space Invaders-like)A shooter sub-genre where each level fits within a single screen and the main character movement is fixed to a single axis of motion (commonly left and right along the bottom).notifications1977 / 20211208 games
Frogger-likeAnything that replicates the basic gameplay introduced in Frogger.notifications1981 / 201595 games
Galcon-like(Galactic Conquest-like;Swarm Defense)[swarm defence]Replicates the gameplay of Galcon, a simple strategy game similar to Risk but more dependant on number of units than random chance.notifications1995 / 201626 games
Gamebook[Choose your own adventure;CYOA]"A gamebook is a book that allows the reader to participate in the story by making choices that affect the course of the narrative, which branches down various paths through the use of numbered paragraphs or pages." --Wikipedianotifications1980 / 201984 games
God gameStrategy sub-genre where the player controls the game on large scale, often acting as a god of some sort or with no specific character, where player attempts to interact with and influence a number of autonomous individuals.notifications1981 / 2018118 games
Government simulation (Political simulation)Simulation sub-genre dealing with governmental and/or political simulation of a nation or part of one.notifications1980 / 2020129 games
Grand strategy (Grand strategy wargame)A strategy sub-genre that focuses on [i]grand strategy[/i], using the entire resources of a nation to accomplish your goals.notifications1985 / 202197 games
Grand Theft Auto-like(Grand Theft Auto clone)An open world action-adventure with transitionless change between on foot and vehicular/mounted movement, vehicle/ride jacking, and combat.notifications1997 / 2020144 games
Hack and Slash (Hack and Slay;Hack & Slash)A sub-genre of beat 'em ups that originated from P&P RPGs where it's seen as derogatory. Differentiated from most beat 'em up by the fact that you primarily use melee weapons instead of bare hands.notifications1984 / 2021439 games
Hero DefenseA PvE game genre where group of heroes defend something from waves of creeps and bosses.notifications1 game
Hero ShooterA class-based (the heroes) PvP multiplayer shooter game where classes are distinct characters. Usually from first person perspective but is not necessarily so.0 game
Hidden object(Hidden picture)A type of puzzle games where the aim is to find some hidden object(s) via perception, which may be used to solve additional puzzles. Possibly based on the Where's Wally/Waldo books which embody the game mechanic.notifications1984 / 2021158 games
Hogan's AlleyA shooting range for tactical training. Typically populated by cardboard cutouts representing hostile & bystander humans sliding & rotating into view.notifications1983 / 198713 games
Horde game(Horde-base game;L4D-like)A game genre focusing on dealing with massive hordes of usually individually easy to defeat opponents.notifications2008 / 201614 games
Hybrid game[genre fusion]Mixes two or more game genres more or less seamlessly, but does not fall into definition of some hybrid genre already in existence.notifications1982 / 2018114 games
Idler(Idle game)Any game where most of the game is purposefully made so the player must idle, or simply greatly benefits from idling. This includes games that play themselves and games that have very little for player to actually do that isn't done for them already.notifications3 games
Interactive fiction (IF;Text adventure)A type of adventure game where the game world and player input is described using text. Such as "You are in a hallway. There is a key on the floor", ">get key", ">use silver key on door", ">turn valve", ">say hello", etc..notifications1975 / 20213531 games
Interactive MoviePlayers get to guide the outcome of a movie. The players actions can have minor or major effects, but often the movie either continues or ends.notifications1983 / 201764 games
Kikstart-likeReplicates the gameplay established by Kikstart - a (side-scrolling) driving/biking game similar to motorcycle/mountain bike trials with heavy emphasis on physics.notifications1985 / 201217 games
Knight Lore-likeReplicates the gameplay established by Knight Lore - an isometric maze-adventure-platformer.notifications1984 / 2019123 games
Lander simulation(Landing simulation)A genre focusing on simulation of landing of air- or spacecraft.notifications1977 / 202060 games
Lemmings-likeReplicates the gameplay of the original Lemmings puzzle game where player instructs or sacrifices individuals from a throng to guide the remainder into safety.notifications1987 / 201412 games
Life simulation(Artificial life)Simulation individuals, groups of people, relationships, and often their things and surroundings.notifications1975 / 2019246 games
Lights OutThe game consists of a grid of lights. Pressing any of the lights will toggle it and the four adjacent lights. The goal of the puzzle is to switch all the lights off (or on), preferably in as few button presses as possible.notifications1978 / 20046 games
Logic puzzlePuzzles that derive from the mathematics field of deduction but don't necessarily require any actual math.notifications1975 / 2020386 games
Loot 'em up(Looter)[looter game;looter-shooter;looter shooter]A placeholder genre for the rather poorly described genre of games that focus on large quantities of procedurally generated loot that the player is constantly evaluating and swapping out on.notifications2000 / 201965 games
Management simulationBusiness simulation that emphatizes micro-management with little or no construction involved.notifications1978 / 20206 games
Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO;MMOG;Persistent Online Game)Multiplayer games that are capable of supporting hundreds or thousands players simultaneously.notifications1986 / 2019706 games
Match 3A type of visual matching puzzles where you match 3 or more visually similar pieces to progress, often by lining them horizontally, vertically or diagonally.notifications1979 / 2021276 games
Maxit-likeAny games that replicate the game type established by "Maxit".notifications1981 / 199821 games
Mech simulatornotifications1994 / 201322 games
Medical simulationnotifications1982 / 201032 games
Melee combat simulation (Fighting simulation;Close-combat simulation)This is a placeholder for the nameless genre about melee combat simulation.notifications1998 / 201733 games
MetroidvaniaAction-adventure or action-platformer sub-genre with a lot of backtracking, a superficial sense of exploration to find locations to which you later gain access to via new abilities, tools, or such.notifications1983 / 2021364 games
Militainment (Military entertainment)"... defined as either entertainment featuring and celebrating the military, or controlled by the military." --Wikipedianotifications1998 / 201745 games
MinesweeperA logic puzzle where player must deduce the locations of mines via hints in the environment.notifications1984 / 202080 games
Missile Command-likeMissile Command and any game that reproduces the gameplay it had.notifications1980 / 201668 games
MUD (Multi-User Dungeon;Multi-User Domain;MU*)Text-based role-playing, simulation and/or action games that can usually be played with any telnet compatible client.notifications1987 / 201632 games
Multi-directional shooterA shooter sub-genre defined by open two dimensional environment with freedom of orientation and movement.notifications1982 / 2019140 games
Multiplayer Online Role Playing GameLike a [gametag=MMORPG]MMORPG[/gametag] with a more reasonable number of players.0 game
Nameless genresAny game genres that don't have widely agreed upon name yet nor have decent placeholder name.list_alt0 game
One-on-one fightingBased around non-sport close combat between a limited number of characters, in a stage in which the boundaries are fixed.notifications1979 / 2020948 games
Open World Survival CraftingA genre popularized by Minecraft.notifications1992 / 202087 games
Other puzzlePuzzle games that defy categorization.notifications1981 / 201314 games
Outbreak simulation (Pandemic simulation)A pandemic or other disease, viral or such outbreak simulation where player attempts to mutate/evolve/develop an extremely virulent and possibly lethal one or tries to fight such.notifications1984 / 201719 games
Outline puzzle(Revealing images)The objective is to uncover the silhouette portion of background with a marker until most of the silhouette is uncovered.notifications1981 / 201575 games
Pac-Man-likeAny game that replicates the basic gameplay of the original Pac-Man, with the goal of clearing a maze of dots while eluding deadly adversaries.notifications1980 / 2020452 games
Pacifist horrorA sub-genre of horror games where player is forced to always flee with no option of fighting back.notifications2005 / 201922 games
Party gameIntended to be played in parties or similar large gatherings of people.notifications1983 / 2021119 games
Pengo-likeAny games that replicate the game type established by Pengo.notifications1982 / 201832 games
PinballVideo games with the same gameplay as the original pinball tables in which score is made manipulating one or more steel balls on a play field.notifications1977 / 2019544 games
Platform HellA variety of platformers that are utterly unfair, requiring memorizing every little detail of the game to beat them as anything you see or don't see can't be trusted to be what they appear or don't appear to be.notifications2008 / 20114 games
PlatformerThe player controlled character must jump and climb between platforms while avoiding obstacles.notifications1981 / 20211061 games
Poker: Hi Chicago[i][b]Hi[/b] Chicago[/i] is a stud poker variant where half the pot goes to the player with the highest spade in the hole. Not to be confused with [i]Chicago[/i] poker.notifications1 game
PongPong and any game that reproduces the simplistic gameplay it had.notifications1972 / 2021102 games
Precision platformerA platformer genre where the focus is extreme precision in movement, either player fails competely (needs to restart the level/game) from tiniest failings, get horrible score for it, or such.notifications1984 / 201927 games
Puzzle (Problem solving)Informal group for finding puzzle sub-genres.list_alt0 game
Qbert-likeAnything that replicates the basic gameplay introduced in Q*Bert.notifications1982 / 200662 games
Qix-likeGameplay based on Taito's arcade game Qix, where one fences off sections off the gameworld, trapping bonuses, enemies and whatever else inside. Usually levels are won by fencing off ~75% of them.notifications1981 / 201797 games
RacingGeneric group about racing gamesnotifications1977 / 2021612 games
Rail shooter[railshooter;on-rails shooter]A shooter sub-genre where the player is stuck on a relatively linear path with few or no branches, can't stray far from it and viewing angles are limited (usually none but what the virtual "rails" dictate).notifications1982 / 2020119 games
Raiser sim[raise-up sim;raising sim;princess maker clones]A genre of life simulation where the player is responsible for raising or otherwise managing the life of an individual up to a point, usually as a personal manager rather than as the character themself. Often named "something maker".notifications1991 / 201547 games
Real-Time StrategyReal-time strategy is a sub-genre of strategy video games in which all elements of the game are in real time and do not progress in turns.notifications1981 / 2019169 games
Robotron LikeReplicates Robotron: 2084 gameplay - a top-down, twin-stick, independent-aim arena-shooter placing the protagonist in endless waves of multiple types of 100 or more enemies & requiring protection & rescue of civilians among them.notifications1983 / 200927 games
Rogue-lite(Roguelike-like)[Roguelite]A pseudo-genre derived from Roguelikes leaving only procedural map generation and permadeath while adding meta progression.notifications2009 / 2021156 games
RoguelikeImitates the old Rogue's style, a subgenre characterized by a turn-based dungeon crawl through procedurally generated levels.notifications1975 / 2021437 games
RoguevaniaCombination of castlevania-likes and rogue-lites that started gaining popularity in the early 2010s with the surge of rogue-lites.notifications2013 / 20146 games
Role-playing gameInformal group for finding RPG sub-genres.list_altnotifications1990 / 201719 games
Run and GunShoot 'em up sub-genre, with both horizontal or vertical scrolling and may feature multidirectional movement.notifications1980 / 2021950 games
Sarcastic (Sarcasm)A characterization to express contempt. Often combined irony & a change in voice tones. Usually a subset of Humorous.notifications1 game
Scrolling shooterA shooter sub genre characterized by automatically advancing (autoscrolling) environments, both vertically or horizontally.notifications1979 / 20211716 games
Shariki-likeReplicates the gameplay established by Shariki - a combination of 3-visual matching and 1x2-tile cycle puzzle.notifications1994 / 201868 games
Shoot 'em upInformal group for finding shmup sub-genres.list_alt0 game
ShooterInformal group for finding shooter sub-genres.list_alt0 game
SimulationInformal group for finding simulation sub-genres.list_alt0 game
Sliding puzzle (Sliding block puzzle;Sliding tile puzzle)A type of puzzle where player usually slides square tiles across a grid where only one square is free.notifications1979 / 2016157 games
Social simulationSub-genre of artificial lifenotifications1985 / 201554 games
Sōkoban (倉庫番;Soukoban)Soukoban is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes objects around a maze and tries to put them in designated locations.notifications1982 / 2019111 games
Souls-like[Souls game;Soulsborne]A variant of action-adventure/RPG games popularized by FromSoftware with their Dark Souls and Bloodborne games. Superficially similar to hack&slash games but with much slower, tactical pace.notifications2001 / 201937 games
Space combat simulatorA variation of space flight simulators where the focus is on futuristic combat.notifications1977 / 201577 games
Space Flight Simulator[space flight simulation]list_alt1986 / 20090 game
Space trading and combat simulatorA sub-genre of space flight simulators.notifications1983 / 2020136 games
Spectacle Brawler(Spectacle Fighter)[Character Action;Stylish Action]A variety of beat 'em ups and hack'n'slash games that focus in "spectacular" visuals and super powered protagonist.notifications2001 / 201849 games
Sportlist_altnotifications1 game
Sports managementA sub-genre of sports and management simulations where player trains and manages a person or group of people and then sends them to a competition, which they watch as (completely) non-interactive event.notifications1981 / 2018501 games
Stealth gameNot only is stealth possible, the gameplay focuses on it.notifications1981 / 2018133 games
StrategyInformal group for finding strategy sub-genres.list_alt1988 / 20099 games
Strategy-RPGHybrid genre unrelated to tactical-RPGs.notifications1980 / 201821 games
Survival simulationnotifications1977 / 202141 games
Tactical(Tactics)Requires the use of tactics. Although not much different from strategy on brief glance, tactics is more involved with operation of individual units rather than squads/platoons, resource management or construction.notifications1981 / 2021763 games
Tank simulatornotifications1989 / 201613 games
Tile cycle puzzle[tile cycling puzzle]A visual matching puzzle where player cycles tiles in predefined area (usually 1x2, 2x2, or similar area of adjacent tiles) until they match what is desired.notifications1994 / 20166 games
Tile swap puzzle[tile swapping puzzle]A visual matching puzzle where player swaps any tile with any other to achieve what is wanted. May also occur with swapping groups of adjacent tiles together for added challenge.notifications1982 / 20125 games
Tiling puzzleSub-genre of transport puzzles.notifications1983 / 201625 games
Tower DefenseStrategy sub-genre where player is limited to building defensive towers and has no movable defenses (or moving them is hard/detrimental) to protect something, and never goes on the offense.notifications1990 / 2020382 games
Tower Offense (Reverse Tower Defense;Tower Attack)Inversion of the Tower Defense strategy genre where the player controls the horde trying to reach whatever is being protected by the towers.notifications1984 / 201737 games
Trading simulationA business simulation that focuses on trading of goods.notifications1974 / 201344 games
Train simulatorSub-genre of simulation. Covers both simulating actual driving of a train as well as business management (strategy) simulation of railroad industry.notifications1984 / 2011143 games
Tube racingA racing genre characterized by near-omnidirectional gravity allowing you to drive along the walls and ceiling of a tube-like structure.notifications1994 / 20179 games
Tube shooterShmup sub-genre where player moves alongside the inside surface of an abstract tube.notifications1979 / 201662 games
Turn-based platformerA platformer sub-genre where the platforming activity runs in turns rather than real-time.notifications2013 / 20153 games
Turret defenseA nameless genre where player mainly controls a turret gun (usually a ballista) and protects something (usually a castle) from waves of enemies while often also using support powers (such as magic) and sending automated troops to aid in the defense.notifications6 games
Twitch shooterShooters characterized by overall fast-paced action (auto-run and no stamina system), no cover system, and favors strafing, jumping and constant movement to dodge bullets and enemy attacks.notifications1993 / 201777 games
Unknown genreTakes a severe departure from its base genre, becoming something largely unidentifiable.notifications2011 / 20132 games
VAGUE: Jump and RunThis can either mean basic platformer or hop and bop sub-genre of it.list_altnotifications2008 / 20136 games
Vertical platformerA platforming sub-genre where player traverses mainly vertically up or down, often scaling a tower or similar.notifications1984 / 201468 games
Virtual pets (Digital pets;Artificial pets;Pet-raising simulation)Sub-genre of artificial lifenotifications1986 / 2014148 games
Visual novel[NVL;ADV;AVG]Sug-genre of adventure games. Easily confusable with dating sims with which visual novels share their outward appearance, but the emphasis is on non-gamelike elements and the lack of use of statistics or other numerical data.notifications1984 / 20212275 games
WargameA sub-genre of strategy games involving warfare on tactical or strategic level. Categorized somewhat differently from their tabletop cousins, but generally refers to any strategic game focusing on waging war.notifications1980 / 2019684 games
Whac-A-MoleAnything that imitates the Whac-A-Mole gameplay where user wields a mallet which they use to whack moles that appear from holes randomly.notifications1981 / 201518 games
Word game (Word puzzle)Video games games often designed to test ability with language or to explore its properties.notifications1975 / 2021802 games
xPS/RTSThis is a placeholder for the FPS/RTS and TPS/RTS hybrid genres.notifications1988 / 201630 games
Audio gamenotifications1974 / 20137 games
Collectathonnotifications1996 / 200814 games
Main game typesInformal group for finding the main game types.list_alt0 game
MazeA genre characterized by labyrinthine levels and evasion of enemies, often with little to no way to fight back.notifications1977 / 19823 games
4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate;eXploration, eXpansion, eXploitation and eXtermination)Strategy sub-genre focusing on managing a whole empire, with full access to the whole game world at all times, management of cities of equivalent, troop movement on strategic level, multiple ways to win, and others.notifications1971 / 2021231 games
Action-AdventureA very vague genre often involving lots of action in form of bloody combat, somewhat spacious environments, and an occasional environmental puzzle. Also includes adventure games that are very action oriented.notifications1980 / 20211082 games
Adventure game elementsAny tags that describe game elements originally found in adventure games only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.list_alt0 game
Adventure(Quest)Informal group for finding adventure game sub-genres.list_alt0 game
Altered genreTakes a known genre and changes it in a way that it is no longer correctly described as it despite having identifiable elements from it.notifications1975 / 201746 games
ArcadeMimics the style of arcade games by having short levels, simple controls, fairly non-stop hectic action, rapidly increasing difficulty combined with minimal or non-existent character or vehicle customization possibilities.notifications1977 / 201540 games
Arena FPS/TPS(Arena-style shooter)Arena-style first/third-person shooters that have fast-paced, twitch/skill-based gameplay in fairly small locations with powerups strewn across them. Equipment is only gained as pickups within the levels themselves. Commonly PvP oriented.notifications1999 / 201759 games
Audio MatchingA type of puzzle games where you match audio patterns/sounds together to progress.notifications1 game
Bejeweled TwistReplicates gameplay of Bejeweled Twist where you rotate a number of pieces to create lines of 3 or more matching pieces.notifications2008 / 20094 games
Belt scrollerA slightly slanted perspective (almost side view, isometric or similar) games where game is played on a mostly left or right progressing field with limited depth towards and away from the camera. Commonly used by beat 'em ups.notifications1986 / 2018192 games
Casual gameSimple, family-friendly games that are easy to pick up and play for a short while but do not take hours of dedication to accomplish something.notifications2006 / 201852 games
Cinematic platformerDistinct from typical platform games in that they focus on fluid, life-like movements, without the exaggerated physics found in other platform games.notifications1989 / 2018105 games
Combat racingRacing where you can attack your opponents in one manner or another, possibly removing them from the race permanently.notifications1988 / 201781 games
Design puzzlePuzzle games where the challenge lies in designing something.notifications2009 / 20116 games
Diablo-likeTop-down hack&slash action-RPGs where roleplaying is usually nonexistent and the focus is solely on combat and combat related character advancement.notifications1996 / 202056 games
Dungeon Keeper-likeA variation of god games.1997 / 20120 game
Eastern RPG (Console RPG;Japanese RPG;JRPG)Any tags commonly perceived as defining or common traits of eastern-style RPGs.list_alt0 game
Environmental puzzleA type of puzzle that involves altering the environment, such as pushing large objects around or toggling levers that move a series of platforms to reach places otherwise inaccessible.notifications1988 / 2020123 games
Exploration gameAn adventure sub-genre where exploring the environments is the primary activity, usually with extremely non-linear levels or even metroidvania-ish progression. Likely to have little to no combat and some even lack a way to finish them (no ending).notifications1979 / 202029 games
First-person shooter(FPS)[1st person shooter]A shooter from first-person perspective with fairly free movement (not locked to a grid, rails, or autoscrolling) and view direction. As such, despite the name, simply being from 1st person perspective and being a shooter is not enough to qualify.1973 / 20201968 games
Flight Simulatorlist_alt2010 / 20110 game
Fortress simulation(Castle simulation)A simulation sub-genre similar to city building, but focuses in building fortifications in addition to troop maneuvering and sieging.notifications1991 / 201421 games
Gallery shooter(Shooting gallery)[light gun shooter]A type of shooter where player control is limited to a reticle across a screen or a light gun where any movement is out of player's control. Generally mimics shooting gallery games found in carnivals.notifications1977 / 201622 games
Hop and bop [Head jumping;Jumping on heads;jump and run]A platformer genre characterized by jumping on the heads of your enemies being the primary (and possibly the only) method of disposing of them.notifications1984 / 2021160 games
Immersive sim[immersive simulation]Game genre focusing on generally systems-driven and open-ended gameplay, that is, immersive and reactive game systems that allow multiple solutions. Usually first-person and sometimes with role-playing game influences.notifications1992 / 201858 games
Kinetic novelA non-interactive visual novel.notifications1987 / 2017162 games
Meditative (Experiential/Contemplative)A large portion, if not all, of the game is about experiencing, contemplating, and or meditating about it.notifications1984 / 201712 games
Military simulationnotifications2002 / 201114 games
Music gameA game genre where gameplay is focused on music and player's interaction with it in various ways, including rhythm, management, generation, and so forth.notifications1979 / 2018108 games
Otome game (Maiden game)A dating sim sub-genre targeted at heterosexual females. That is, involves female protagonist who attempts to form a lasting relationship with one or more potential male partners.notifications1994 / 2017165 games
Platformer elementsAny tags that describe game elements originally found in platformers only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.list_alt0 game
Point-and-click adventureAdventure games mainly played via pointer device driven user interface. The player clicks to move their character around, interact and examine.notifications1984 / 20211240 games
Puzzle platformerPuzzle platformers are characterized by their use of a platform game structure to drive a game whose challenge is derived primarily from puzzles.notifications1985 / 2019183 games
Puzzle-AdventureA sub-genre of adventure games that often plays more like series of puzzles than an adventure with puzzles.notifications1991 / 201712 games
SandboxA genre characterized with players ability to do pretty much whatever they want, often with construction/crafting options with little to no challenges (by default). Likely also employs open world design.notifications1997 / 2021222 games
Shooter elementsAny tags that describe game elements originally found in shooter games only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.list_alt2007 / 20090 game
Simulation elementslist_alt0 game
Snake (Nibbler;Nibbles;Rattler;Tron-like)Replicates the core gameplay of controlling a snake or worm that lengthens as it devours food and dies from crashing to walls or other snakes, possibly even itself.notifications1976 / 2021403 games
Strategy elementsAny tags that describe game elements originally found in strategy games only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.list_alt0 game
Survival horrorA sub-genre of video games inspired by horror fiction that focuses on survival of the character as the game tries to frighten players.notifications1975 / 2020338 games
Tactical RPG[Strategy RPG;T-RPG;S-RPG;Tactics RPG;Tactical role-playing game;Simulation RPG;シミュレーションロールプレイングゲーム]A sub-genre of RPGs focusing on tactical or stategic combat while having practically no personal achievements, adventuring, or such as you would in more traditional RPGs.notifications1988 / 2020455 games
Team Brawler (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena;Aeon of Strife-type game;Defense of the Ancients-type game)A multiplayer action game genre that started out with Dota and Aeon of Strife, but has expanded beyond their definitions. Usually involves two small very character oriented teams fighting against each other, often with RPG style leveling.notifications1998 / 201866 games
Third-person shooter(3rd person shooter)A derivative genre of first-person shooters with same restrictive qualifiers, but from third-person perspective instead.notifications1985 / 20005 games
Time management gameA "puzzle" genre where the aim is to maximize efficiency over time. Often involves maintaining a schedule and/or building efficient task queues.notifications2007 / 20117 games
Transport puzzle (Logistics puzzle)A variety of puzzles where the goal is to transport something somewhere else, such as by sliding/pushing game pieces around.notifications1982 / 2020154 games
Tug o' War strategyA nameless genre that resembles a very simple single-plane strategy where one factions harvests/generates resources in one end and sends endless stream of uncontrollable troops towards the other end and hope they beat the opposition generated there.notifications2009 / 201311 games
Twin-stick shooter (Twin-analogue shooter)A shooter sub-genre characterized by two (joy)stick control with no buttons needed to shoot, one stick controls movement while the other stick controls shooting (both direction and the action).notifications1980 / 2021112 games
Vehicle simulationSimulation sub-genre focusing on vehicle operation and physics.list_alt0 game
Vehicular combatPlayers participate in combat in any type of vehicles as if the vehicles themselves are the combatants.notifications1978 / 2019240 games
Visual matchingA type of puzzle games where you match colors, shapes, patterns or other visual cues together to progress.notifications1978 / 2021737 games
Western RPG (Computer RPG)Any tags commonly perceived as defining or common traits of western-style RPGs.list_alt0 game