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John Wick seriesnotifications2019 / 20192 games
Lone WolfGames based on the "Lone Wolf" series of gamebooks by Joe Dever.notifications1984 / 19916 games
---notifications2 games
Arabian fantasyA type of historical fantasy.notifications1984 / 201682 games
ArcanepunkA fantasy world where science/technology and magic co-exist.notifications1991 / 201524 games
BathosA genre of comedy that creates humor by (abrupt) transitioning between serious and commonplace or even ludicrous.notifications2003 / 202014 games
BiopunkA cyberpunk derivative that focuses on biotechnology.notifications2007 / 20108 games
Classical fantasyA type of historical fantasy derived from ancient Greek/Roman myths, though unlike historical fantasy proper does not require to be set in some past age.notifications1985 / 20084 games
Contemporary fantasySub-genre of fantasy where the fantasy elements are just out of sight for normal people in our regularly dull everyday world. Not disconnected from the modern world.notifications1982 / 2018159 games
CyberpunkA sci-fi sub-genre featuring dystopic chaos or radical change in society in the midst of high tech. Hackers, AI, mega corporations, punks, ...notifications1981 / 2021250 games
Dark fantasySub-genre that includes elements of both fantasy and horror, usually being more heavy on fantasy.notifications1989 / 2021123 games
Detective mystery (Murder mystery;Whodunnit)Collecting clues, often involves solving a crime; always some mystery to solve. A type of crime fictionnotifications1977 / 2021583 games
DieselpunkA cyberpunk derivative set in an age of petroleum engines but before the rise of the information age or simply in era where such are in lesser role than mechanical engines.notifications2000 / 201731 games
Displacement fictionA fiction genre where the protagonist finds themselves in an utterly unfamiliar location. Especially if this was not on purpose, and even more so if they do not understand the locals, their language and/or customs.notifications1991 / 201680 games
DramaA fiction genre that is concerned mainly with interactions between people rather than events external to them.list_alt0 game
Dying Earth (Dying world)The world the story takes place in is slowly dying.notifications1999 / 20107 games
Eco-terrorAn exploitation film sub-genre about super-sized insects, animals, or similar terrorizing the world.notifications2005 / 20138 games
Fantasylist_alt0 game
Gaslamp fantasy (Gaslight fantasy;Gaslight romance)Edwardian/Victorian era setting with associated technologies (which might include steam) pushed to fantastic limits. An alternative to steampunk.notifications1983 / 201937 games
Gothic fictionnotifications2011 / 20142 games
Gunpowder fantasyA type of historical fantasy set in early modern period with no fantastic inventions but has elements of basic fantasy like magic and mythical creatures.notifications2006 / 20169 games
Hard fantasyA sub-genre of fantasy where the rules of the world are rational and understandable. As opposed to "it's magic" explanations, even magic has clear rules and limits others than the author knows.notifications2011 / 20143 games
Hard Sci-Fi (Hard science fiction;Hard SF)Sci-Fi that gives emphasis to scientific detail, technical detail (technology, biology, etc.) or scientific accuracy.notifications1988 / 201713 games
Heroic fantasyFantasy sub-genre.notifications2009 / 20166 games
High fantasy (Epic fantasy)The most widely used fantasy sub-genre. Generally involves grand battles or other conflicts that endanger the whole world or large portion of it, magic is prominent as are fantastic creatures.notifications1981 / 2018177 games
Historical fantasyA sub-genre of historical fiction with elements of myth and legend thrown in.notifications1983 / 201743 games
Historical fictionA fiction genre that provides a historic setting, but does not follow any notable historical events or figures though may include them as part of the setting (but not really part of the actual story).notifications1985 / 201321 games
Horrorlist_alt0 game
Lovecraftian horrorA horror genre following the themes of hopelessness, utter insignificance of mankind, and cosmic horrors.notifications1987 / 201943 games
Low fantasySub-genre of fantasy that downplays the fantastic elements (e.g. magic) while still retaining the general fantasy theme.notifications1982 / 202188 games
Medieval fantasyA type of historical fantasy.notifications1990 / 20057 games
Medieval Scifi(Medieval Science Fiction)A genre of science fiction that involves middle ages or medieval-like cultures as major element.notifications1991 / 20142 games
Mythic fictionnotifications2000 / 201820 games
Non-science fictionAny tags that describe something that tends to make a game considered SciFi even if it's purely factual element.list_alt0 game
OccultEsoteric groups holding strange or unnatural knowledge of things the ordinary folk have no inkling of or do not believe in. Occult is strongly related to paranormal horror with a magical, demonic or otherwise unnatural twist.notifications1989 / 201730 games
Paranormal (Supernatural)Paranormal elements/occurrences are included.notifications1982 / 2019168 games
Planetary romanceA sub-genre of science fiction or science fantasy, characterized by adventures on (often several) unusually detail rich foreign worlds.notifications1991 / 202036 games
PostcyberpunkA derivative genre of Cyberpunk where corporations and human augmentation no longer are seen as alien or bad, removing the common dystopian world from the equation.notifications2013 / 20146 games
Power fantasyA genre of fiction that empowers the protagonist above anyone else.0 game
Psychological horrorHorror sub-genre marked generally by lack of horrifying monsters, jump scares, and such. Building more on foreboding atmosphere and uncertainty, along with protagonist's inadequacy in defending themselves in case something does come their way.notifications1999 / 201661 games
Psychological thrillerA sub-genre of thrillers with heavy focus on characters.notifications2009 / 20127 games
Raygun GothicIncorporates the visual styles of Googie, Streamline Moderne and Art Deco, often seen in retro-futuristic works.notifications1997 / 201110 games
Robot menace (Machine menace)Some form of robotic/artificial being or beings serve as the prime antagonistic force.notifications1979 / 201887 games
Samurai WesternAn obscure sub-genre of samurai and western fiction.notifications1999 / 20184 games
Soft Sci-Fi (Soft science fiction;Soft SF)A science fiction sub-genre that places focus on soft sciences, such as social, psychological, and such.notifications1975 / 201635 games
Space operanotifications2007 / 20117 games
Space WesternA sub-genre of science fiction that brings the aesthetics of Old West to new frontiers. Does not require space age despite the name.notifications1987 / 202020 games
SteampunkA sub-genre of Sci-Fi and Fantasy where steam is widely used to power technology. Often, but not necessarily, with Western and/or Victorian overtones.notifications1984 / 2020133 games
Surreal horrornotifications2000 / 201529 games
Sword and sandal[sword-and-sandal]notifications1990 / 201332 games
Techno-fantasyA science fiction sub-genre that depicts things not possible with modern or past technology and does not dwell on the details of how or why of it, or gives only vague (useless) descriptions for them.notifications1998 / 201669 games
Urban fantasy (Modern fantasy)A fantasy sub-genre which focuses on the setting being primarily or solely a city (urban), though often implied to be modern or futuristic such.notifications1984 / 2017172 games
Weird scienceA sci-fi genre that delivers the science in a very fantastic manner, often by throwing any pretense of science out of the window.notifications1997 / 201646 games
Weird Westnotifications1994 / 201621 games
Western (Wild West;American old west)Video games set in the Old West (also known as Wild West) or that are defined by a western style.notifications1975 / 2021377 games
Bara (薔薇;Bears;メンズラブ;Men's Love)A gay fiction sub-genre which depicts romantic and/or sexual relations between masculine men (hairy, beefy, notable body fat, etc.).notifications2007 / 20162 games
Clockpunk [Clock punk]A genre defined by (fantastic) technology driven by clockwork mechanisms (gears and springs). Often with Victorian, Renaissance, or Baroque overtones.notifications1998 / 201733 games
Military fiction(War fiction)Main cast is presented as military personnel participating in war, battles, combat, fighting, or military life, or any other military activities.notifications1982 / 2017506 games
Satirenotifications2009 / 201921 games
Science Fictionlist_alt0 game
Seriocomedy (Dramedy;Comedy-drama)Fiction genre that combines serious and humorous content.notifications3 games
AdventureA genre characterized by exotic locations, exciting (and likely risky) endeavors, [i]adventuring[/i], and so forth in an exuberant manner.notifications1999 / 20156 games
Body horror (Biological horror;Organic horror)A horror genre that focuses on graphic destruction or degeneration of the body, often with people turning unwillingly into grotesque monstrosities while still retaining some or all of their former sensibilities.notifications1998 / 201852 games
Crime fictionnotifications1981 / 202074 games
CrossoverPlaces together characters of unrelated fictional universes.notifications1982 / 2020222 games
EpicA genre characterized by its drama that affects everyone, grandeur, and heroism.notifications1995 / 201538 games
EpistolaryStorytelling primarily through discovery of documents or letters.notifications2012 / 201613 games
Fantasy elementsAny tags that describe game elements originally found in fantasy games only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.list_alt0 game
FarceA comic drama of improbable situations, nonsense, foolishness, buffoonery, absurdity, mockery, extreme waste, masquerades, & charades.notifications1976 / 20166 games
Found FootageDraws heavily on visual epistolary storytelling. Often presented as a discovered visual recording & few to no survivors or additional evidence extant.notifications2013 / 20167 games
Genre ChoicePlayer can choose the genre of the game. ie: parody or straight, comedy or drama.notifications2010 / 20164 games
Historic fiction (Historic what if)Offers an actual time and place but lets the player go way beyond historical bounds & take the story to historically inaccurate places.notifications1981 / 20134 games
Horror elementsAny tags that describe game elements originally found in horror games only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.list_alt0 game
Lost WorldA fiction genre involving a place lost in time and/or place.notifications1984 / 200824 games
Magical Girl (魔法少女;Mahō Shōjo;Majokko)notifications1973 / 2014124 games
Magical realism[Magic realism]A fiction genre where the magical, supernatural, etc. is deemed utterly mundane and thus not bothered to explain any more than how a revolving door functions (for example).notifications1998 / 201523 games
Neo-NoirEmulates Neo-Noir works of the cold war era and later.notifications2014 / 20178 games
Noir (Film noir)Emulates the Hollywood noir films, often crime dramas, of the 1940s-1960s.notifications1986 / 202148 games
ParodyA satirical or ironic & deliberately exaggerated imitation of another work, movie, game, genre, or of its style for some degree of comic effect.notifications1980 / 2021277 games
Science fantasy (Science versus Fantasy;Technology versus Magic)Elements of science fiction and fantasy genres appear in same setting more or less seamlessly, blurring the lines between the two genres.notifications1983 / 2020465 games
SciFi elementsAny tags that describe game elements originally found in sci-fi games only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.list_alt0 game
Slice of LifeA fiction genre that depicts ordinary life, not always with any notable plot, conflict, or ending.notifications1996 / 201894 games
Speculative fiction0 game
Spy fictionnotifications1996 / 201434 games
Sword and sorceryA fantasy sub-genre that deals with more personal battles, such as fame or saving your loved ones, instead of the world endangering adversaries of high fantasy.notifications1985 / 201522 games
The Classic ConflictsThe originals are: Man vs. Self Man vs. Society Man vs. Nature Man vs. Machine/Technology Man vs. Fate For videogames, its a bit more complicated.list_alt0 game
The Subject of Violence (The Concept of Violence)This group is not about violent content. The game might not even show it & may actually have none. Rather, violence as a game mechanic and/or its causes, consequences, methods, etc...notifications1975 / 20199 games
Thrillernotifications1996 / 20178 games
TragedyA sub-genre of drama fiction focusing on human suffering, usually that of the protagonist.notifications2002 / 201510 games
Wǔxiá (武俠;武侠)A type of historical fantasy that focuses on martial arts, often rather fantastic kind of it.notifications1988 / 201415 games
Yaoi (BL;Boy's love)A sub-genre gay fiction focusing on romantic and/or sexual relationship between (young) males, primarily targeted at and created by females.notifications2002 / 20064 games
Zombie apocalypseA specific scenario in apocalypse fiction involving zombies, lots of 'em.notifications1986 / 2020208 games