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FIFA ManagerSubseries of FIFA, focused on management of football (soccer) teams.notifications1997 / 201310 games
FIFA seriesSeries of football / soccer games published and developed by Electronic Arts / EA Sports.notifications1993 / 2016191 games
FIFA StreetSubseries of FIFA, focused on street football (soccer), featuring some of the best football players.notifications2005 / 200811 games
10-ball pool gameBasically 9-ball with 10 balls. Players take turns striking the lowest #ed ball on the table 1st & scoring points based on the # of the ball(s) sank.notifications1993 / 19972 games
100-meter backstroke swimmingnotifications1 game
100-meter breaststroke swimmingnotifications1 game
100-meter butterfly swimmingnotifications1 game
100-meter freestyle swimmingnotifications1984 / 199219 games
100-meter hurdles running2007 / 20100 game
100-meter sprint[dash]notifications1983 / 200267 games
110-meter hurdles runningnotifications1983 / 200245 games
1500-meter run (1500-meter race)notifications1984 / 199020 games
1500-meter sprint0 game
200-meter Medleynotifications1 game
200-meter sprintnotifications1984 / 19927 games
3-ball pool game3 objects balls are racked and players take turns sinking them with as few shots as possible. Involves more luck than other pool games.notifications1983 / 20058 games
4 x 100 meter relaynotifications1 game
4 x 400 meter relaynotifications1984 / 199210 games
400-meter hurdles runningnotifications1988 / 19938 games
400-meter sprintnotifications1984 / 200232 games
8-ball pool game (stripes and solids)The most common pool. A player cannot sink the 8-ball until their ½ of the other 14 (either stripes or solids) are sunk. Sinking the 8 early loses.notifications1983 / 200845 games
800-meter run (800-meter race)notifications1984 / 19865 games
9-ball pool game9 balls must be struck in order but not sank such. Because it is faster but no less skill needed, its currently favored in USA televised tournaments.notifications1983 / 200833 games
Air hockeyOne of the several table hockey games.notifications1987 / 201325 games
Air racingSubset of motorsport.notifications1986 / 20093 games
Air sports (Aerial sports)list_alt0 game
Alpine skiing (Downhill skiing)notifications1980 / 200978 games
American football (Tackle football;Gridiron football)Football sport descended from rugby.notifications1972 / 2017493 games (1 characters)
Animal racingnotifications1985 / 20065 games
Animal sportsnotifications1983 / 20063 games
ArcheryArchery is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow and bolts with a crossbow. Tag should be used for mainly for archery competitions in sports context.notifications1984 / 201433 games
Armed martial artsMartial arts focusing on the use of weapons.list_alt0 game
Australian football(Australian rules football;Aussie rules;AFL)notifications1988 / 201720 games
B.A.S.E. jumpingnotifications2007 / 20135 games
Backstroke swimmingnotifications1 game
BadmintonBadminton is an ancient sport with a racquet & shuttlecock. Unique to badminton is the high drag feathered ball that can't touch the ground.notifications1988 / 20102 games
Ball gameslist_alt0 game
Ball over a net (Volleying games)A category of ball games/sports.list_alt0 game
Baseballnotifications1971 / 2019817 games
Basketball1973 / 2020523 games (3 characters)
Basque PelotaCourt sports played with a ball using one's hand, a racket, a wooden bat or a basket, against a wall.notifications1990 / 19912 games
Beach soccernotifications4 games
Beach Volleyballnotifications1982 / 201633 games
BiathlonBiathlon combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.notifications1985 / 200841 games
Bike trialsA bicycle sport derived from motorcycle trials.notifications1985 / 200916 games
Birdracingnotifications1 game
BMX racingA bicycle sport derived from motocross.notifications1984 / 200329 games
Boardsportslist_alt0 game
Boat racenotifications1988 / 201011 games
Bobsleigh (Bobsled;Bobsledge)notifications1984 / 200846 games
Boules (Pétanque;Bocce;Bowls)Collective name for a wide range of sports played with heavy balls, especially popular in France, Italy, Malta and Croatia.notifications1983 / 19894 games
Bowlingnotifications1975 / 2018209 games
Boxingnotifications1975 / 2016252 games (6 characters)
Breaststroke swimmingnotifications1 game
Butterfly swimmingnotifications1987 / 19922 games
Caber tossThe caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event in which competitors toss a large tapered pole called a "caber".notifications1986 / 198912 games
Canoeingnotifications1984 / 200924 games
Carom billiardsnotifications1 game
Clay pigeon shootingnotifications1981 / 200334 games
Combat blood sports (Gladiatorial)notifications1982 / 201728 games
Cricketnotifications1983 / 201799 games
Croquet"Croquet is a game played both as a recreational pastime and as a competitive sport which involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded into the grass playing arena." [Source: Wikipedia]notifications1988 / 19922 games
Cross country skiingnotifications1985 / 199713 games
Cue sportsBilliards, Pool and such carom games, played on a billiard table.notifications1977 / 2018243 games
Curlingnotifications1985 / 200813 games
DartsA game of throwing darts at a dartboard.notifications1978 / 201397 games
Decathlonnotifications1980 / 200025 games
Demolition derby (Banger Racing)A vehicular sport where the aim is to ram your car at the opponents till only one car (hopefully yours) is still functioning.notifications1977 / 201837 games
Discus throwingA sport involving throwing a disc (the discus).notifications1984 / 200827 games
DodgeballA game where the players try to avoid being hit by the ball or balls thrown by the opposing team.notifications1987 / 201428 games
Drag racingnotifications1977 / 200311 games
Endurance racingA motorsport racing that tests the durability of the vehicle and the endurance of the participants.notifications1976 / 200525 games
EnduroA type of motorcycle racing.notifications1986 / 19886 games
English billiards (Pool)Cue sport that originates from England.notifications1981 / 201839 games
Extreme sports (Action sports;Adventure sports)list_alt0 game
Fencingnotifications1984 / 201617 games
Figure skatingnotifications1985 / 201024 games
FivesFives is a British sport believed to derive from the same origins as many racket sports. In fives, a ball is propelled against the walls of a special court using gloved or bare hands as though they were a racquet. (Source : Wikipedia)1 game
Formula racingnotifications1977 / 20028 games
Freefall skydivingDiving through air before using landing or flight gear or similar (such as parachutes), often begun by jumping off an airplane at extreme altitude.notifications1975 / 201614 games
Freestyle BMXBicycle sport derived from freestyle motocross.notifications1987 / 200228 games
Freestyle motocrossA non-racing motorsport where the competitors ride one by one, doing jumps and stunts to score with the judges.notifications2002 / 20032 games
Freestyle skiingFreestyle skiing is an acrobatic form of technical and aerial skiing. It is organized into a number of different disciplines, although there are no impartial authorities for managing the sport internationally. (Source: Wikipedia)notifications1985 / 199714 games
Freestyle swimmingnotifications1984 / 199232 games
GladiatorialA contest for the entertainment of spectators in which bloodshed or death of one or more the contestants is probable, expected, or required.notifications1977 / 201333 games
GolfSport known since the 16th century where players strike a ball into a hole using various (in weight and shape) clubs .notifications1970 / 2017640 games (6 characters)
Grappling martial artslist_alt0 game
Gymnasticsnotifications1984 / 200333 games
Gymnastics Vaulting Horsenotifications1984 / 199212 games
Hammer throwA sport involving throwing a heavy metal ball attached to a wire and handle, although originally an actual sledgehammer was used.notifications1983 / 200835 games
Hastilude [jousting]A category of martial games popular during the middle ages. The most famous event being the matches between horse mounted knights wielding lances.notifications1978 / 201721 games
High Jumpnotifications1983 / 200852 games
HockeyA team sport using a hockey stick to hit a puck.notifications1972 / 2017213 games
Horse racingnotifications1975 / 2017238 games
Horseshoesnotifications1 game
Hurdlesnotifications1984 / 199437 games
Ice hockeyA winter sport variation of basic hockey with ice skates and a rubber puck.notifications1979 / 2008117 games (2 characters)
Ice skatingnotifications1986 / 200823 games
Individual Medley swimming0 game
Indoor Soccer (Arena Soccer;Six-a-Side Soccer)A soccer variant adapted for an indoor arena.notifications1981 / 199125 games
Javelin thrownotifications1983 / 200861 games
Judo (柔道)Mostly grappling based martial art.notifications1985 / 200914 games
Jumps0 game
Karate (空手)A martial art developed in Okinawa, Japan before the 19th century.notifications1979 / 201068 games
Kayakingnotifications1985 / 19947 games
Kendo (剣道)A martial art focused on using a sword and characterized by practitioners shouting their attacks.notifications1986 / 200919 games
Kickboxingnotifications1987 / 200118 games
Log RollingLogging sport involving two athletes, each on one end of a log in a body of water. The competitors fight to stay on the log by sprinting and kicking the log as they attempt to cause their opponent to fall off.notifications1986 / 198911 games
Long distance runnotifications1 game
Long Jumpnotifications1983 / 200856 games
LugeA one to two person sled used in timed races.notifications1987 / 200615 games
Made-up SportSport that does not really exist.notifications1983 / 2017217 games
Martial arts (Fighting arts;Budo;Wǔshù)[combat sports]Involves any of the systematised combat arts, commonly known as martial arts.notifications1983 / 2019299 games
Medley relay swimming0 game
Medley Sports MixA specific, standard, and sanctioned mix of Olympic style sports.notifications1 game
Middle distance runnotifications1984 / 200213 games
MinigolfLike Golf, except fun. Putter only, no fairways. Greens generally have walls, not necessarily bounds. Balls traverse silly obstacles to get to the holenotifications1978 / 202091 games
Mixed martial arts (MMA;Vale Tudo)notifications2000 / 201211 games
MotocrossA motorcycle sport.notifications1984 / 201861 games
Motor racingSubset of motorsport where competitors race against each other with their motorised vehicles.notifications1976 / 20201079 games
MotorsportCollection of sports involving motorised vehicles.notifications1976 / 2020956 games
Mountain climbing (Mountaineering;Alpinism)notifications1979 / 199213 games
Muay Thai (มวยไทย;Thai Boxing)Combat sport from Thailand.notifications1985 / 198910 games
Multisport(Sports mix)[Multi-sport]Combination of several different sport disciplines. Often under the roof of one big competition or event, such as the Olympic games.notifications1983 / 2012287 games
Nordic skiingnotifications1984 / 198934 games
Off-road Racing (Off-pavement Racing)notifications1988 / 201756 games
OlympicsThe modern Olympic Games, both summer and winter editions.notifications1975 / 2020159 games
Outer-space RacingRacing in Outer-space with space traveling vehicles.notifications2 games
Paddlesportsnotifications1985 / 20093 games
Paintballnotifications2000 / 201616 games
Ping Pong (Table tennis)A group about games that are or consist of table tennis, or ping pong.notifications1972 / 201737 games
Pole vaultA sport involving jumping over a high bar with aid of long, flexible pole.notifications1984 / 200851 games
PoloA team sport played on horseback with the goal of driving a ball to the opposing team's goal with a mallet.notifications1977 / 19782 games
Racing sportslist_alt0 game
Racquet sports (Racket sports)Sports played with a racquet.notifications1972 / 2016301 games
Racquetballnotifications1981 / 20025 games
Rallynotifications1983 / 2016175 games
Relay RaceAn Olympic style event where runners each carry a baton a specific distance before passing it to the next runner.notifications1984 / 199210 games
Road Bicycle Racingnotifications1985 / 198914 games
RodeoA sporting event that involves horses and other livestock, designed to test the skill and speed of the cowboys and cowgirls.notifications1986 / 198913 games
Rollerskatingnotifications1984 / 201250 games
Rowingnotifications1985 / 199213 games
Rugby footballFull contact football developed in U.K.notifications1984 / 201554 games
Rugby leagueVariant of rugby football played by two teams of thirteen players.notifications1988 / 20069 games
Shot putA sport involving throwing a heavy metal ball.notifications1984 / 200828 games
Show jumping"Show jumping is an equestrian event that tests the horse’s jumping ability and the rider’s skill over a set course of different obstacles." [Source:]notifications1983 / 199216 games
Shuffleboard(Deck Shuffleboard;Floor Shuffleboard;Table Shuffleboard)Players push weighted discs with cues down a narrow court attempting to have them come to rest on marked scoring areas & knock opponent's discs in to lower scores.notifications1978 / 19864 games
Skatingnotifications1987 / 201011 games
Ski jumpingnotifications1983 / 201177 games
Skiingnotifications1972 / 2016199 games
Slalomnotifications1980 / 199338 games
Slalom skiingnotifications1979 / 199762 games
Sledding (Sledging)Sliding down hills on a sled, a plastic disc or similar device. Usually with [i]very[/i] limited steering.notifications2006 / 201612 games
SnookerPopular Cue sports variant.notifications1983 / 200971 games
Soccer (Football)Soccer, known as football by most of the world. Played with a round ball only goalies can touch with their hands. Not to be confused with American Football.notifications1970 / 20181745 games (2 characters)
SoftballSoftball is a variant of baseball played with a larger ball on a smaller field.notifications1989 / 20003 games
Speed PoolAlso called Speedball. A solitary pool game.notifications1993 / 19942 games
Speed skatingRacing with ice skates with long blades.notifications1985 / 199740 games
Sprint (Dash)A sport consisting of a flat-out run from a dead stop to cover a short predefined distance in the least amount of time.notifications1983 / 199440 games
Squashnotifications1974 / 199216 games
Stick and ball (Bat and ball)A category of ball games/sports.list_alt0 game
Straight Poolnotifications1977 / 19976 games
Street game [Street sports]Sports played on streets rather than prepared fields.notifications1986 / 200858 games
Street hockeynotifications1990 / 19943 games
Strength athletics (Strongman competition)notifications1985 / 20005 games
Striking martial artsMartial arts focusing on striking with hands or feet.list_alt0 game
Sumo (相撲)A grappling based martial art empathising the weight of the combatants.notifications1984 / 201431 games
Table hockeyA table variant of the basic hockey.notifications1974 / 200113 games
Taekwondo (태권도;跆拳道)[Taekwon-Do;Tae Kwon-Do;Tae Kwon Do]notifications1988 / 19963 games
Team handball (Olympic handball;European handball;Borden ball)A sport similar to soccer but where players use their hands rather than feet.notifications1972 / 20157 games
Telemark skiing0 game
Tennisnotifications1972 / 2018361 games (2 characters)
Track and field athletics (Athletics)Marathons, sprints, pole vault, hurdles, discus, shot put, long jump, high jump, javelin, etc...notifications1980 / 2012149 games
Track Cyclingnotifications1985 / 199233 games
Trick shotA shot played on billiards table which seems impossible to perform. As a competition sports, trick shot is known as artistic pool.notifications1983 / 20025 games
Triple Jumpnotifications1985 / 200831 games
Tubing (Inner tubing)A mostly recreational sport involving riding toroid tubes either on water or snow/ice.notifications1990 / 20095 games
Volleyballnotifications1972 / 201998 games
WakeboardingA surface water sport in which one rides a wakeboard towed by a vehicle (usually a motorboat).notifications2002 / 20093 games
Water divingFeatures precision diving from air into water as a gameplay element. Often as a sporting even. Not 'jumping' into water.notifications1983 / 199245 games
Water poloA team sport played in water that resembles handball.notifications1987 / 19892 games
Water Sportsnotifications1983 / 201644 games
WaterskiingMainly a recreational sport but it is sometimes for professional competition.notifications1983 / 20099 games
Weightliftingnotifications1984 / 199229 games
Winter sportsCombines sports associated with snow & ice or many other types of sports are typically played in winter instead of year-round or summer.notifications1983 / 2016104 games
WrestlingA purely grappling based martial art.notifications1984 / 201771 games
Wǔshù (Chinese martial arts;武术;武術;功夫;Kung Fu)Any and all Chinese martial arts.notifications1985 / 201619 games
ZumbaDance fitness program created by Alberto "Beto" Perez, that involves dance and aerobic elements.notifications2010 / 20134 games
Big League Baseball (Junior League Baseball, Senior League Baseball)Divided into Junior & Senior Leagues. a non-profit variation of Little League for aged (13–18). Tougher, harder, riskier & more like Major League.notifications1 game
Championship Auto Racing Teams (Champ Car;CART racing)A now defunct racing series split from Indy racing.notifications1 game
Electric GT (Electric GT Championship)An all electric racing series sponsored by Tesla Motors1 game
Entertainment and Sports Programming NetworkGames that are licenced or sponsored by ESPN.notifications1993 / 201231 games
FIA Formula E ChampionshipA FIA sanctioned series where participants race mainly city streets with single-seat, electrically-powered, street legal, F-1 styled* vehicles.notifications2012 / 20178 games
FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association; International Federation of Association Football)Licenced by the FIFA. Such games often display the real players names, real competitions names, etc...notifications1993 / 2018214 games
Flying Disc (Frisbee)A toy also used in sport. When thrown, it sustains stable flight by means of aerodynamic lift & gyroscopic motion.notifications1987 / 200913 games
Formula 1 (Formula One)notifications1978 / 2018337 games
Indy car (American Championship Car Racing;ACCR)Indy car is open wheeled racing in vehicles that resemble F1 cars.notifications1977 / 200718 games
J.League Division 1(J1 League;Jリーグ・ディビジョン1)Any game featuring teams and competitions from the J.League Division 1, which is the top division of Japan Professional Football League (日本プロサッカーリーグ).notifications1 game
Little League BaseballUS based non-profit, no fee organization founded by Carl Stotz, 1939 to organise local children's (5–18) baseball & softball leagues in the US & worldnotifications1989 / 19912 games
Major League Baseball (National League Baseball;American League Baseball)Officially licensed Major League Baseball tie-in games. The highest level of professional US baseball.notifications1980 / 202121 games
Minor League BaseballAn umbrella organization that works with independently owned professional baseball leagues & teams that wish to be affiliates of Major League Baseballnotifications1 game
NASCAR(National Association for Stock Car Automobile Racing)Games officially licensed to use NASCAR trademarks.notifications1990 / 202069 games
National Collegiate Athletic AssociationGames officially licensed to use NCAA trademarks.notifications1991 / 200421 games
National Football LeagueGames licensed to use NFL trademarks. The NFL is the most successful Football League in North America. That's American football, not soccer.notifications1979 / 2013252 games
National Hockey League (Ligue Nationale d'Hockey)Games licensed to use NHL trademarks. The most successful Hockey League in the World.notifications1979 / 201078 games
NBA(National Basketball Association)Games granted a license to use NBA trademarks. The NBA is the most successful basketball league in North America.notifications1979 / 2019233 games
Sports leagueslist_alt0 game