Add-ons video games list, 'a' to 'm'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
A Game of DwarvesZeal Game Studio2012Windows
A-10 Tank KillerDynamix1989MS-DOS
Accolade's Mean 18: Famous Course DiskMicrosmiths1989Apple IIGS
Accolade's Mean 18: Famous Course Disk - Volume IIIMicrosmiths1989Apple IIGS
Accolade's Mean 18: Famous Course Disk - Volume IVMicrosmiths1989Apple IIGS
Accolade's Mean 18: Famous Course Disk Volume IIMicrosmiths1989Apple IIGS
Aces of the PacificDynamix1992MS-DOS
Achtung Panzer: Operation StarGraviteam2012Windows
African Safari for Microsoft Flight Simulator '98 and '95Data Becker1998Windows
AirballMicrodeal1987Atari ST
Alien ShooterSigma Team2002Windows
Battle IsleBlue Byte1991Amiga
Battle IsleBlue Byte1992MS-DOS
BlitzkriegNival Interactive2003Windows
BloodwychMirrorsoft;Image Works1989Atari ST
CadaverThe Bitmap Brothers1990Amiga
CadaverThe Bitmap Brothers1991MS-DOS
CadaverThe Bitmap Brothers1990Atari ST
Call of DutyInfinity Ward2003Windows
Comanche: Maximum OverkillNovalogic1992MS-DOS
Command & ConquerWestwood Studios1995MS-DOS
Daisenryaku 88System Soft1986NEC PC8801
Daisenryaku IISystem Soft1987NEC PC9801
Daisenryaku II: Campaign VersionSystemSoft1992MSX2
Daisenryaku II: Campaign VersionSystemSoft1989NEC PC9801
Daisenryaku II: Campaign VersionSystemSoft1989NEC PC8801
Damocles: Mercenary IINovagen1989Atari ST
Der Clou!NEO Software1994Amiga
Doom IIid Software1994MS-DOS
Doom IIauthor?Linux
Dragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenCapcom2016Windows
Dragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenCapcom2013PS3
Duke Nukem 3D3D Realms1996MS-DOS
Dungeon KeeperBullfrog Productions1997Windows
East India CompanyNitro Games2009Windows
European ChallengeDistinctive Software1990Apple IIGS
EverQuestSony Online Entertainment1999Windows
EverQuest IISony Online Entertainment2004Windows
F-15 Strike Eagle IIMicroprose1989MS-DOS
F-15 Strike Eagle IIMicroprose Japan1990NEC PC9801
Fable IILionhead Studios2008X360
Fable IIILionhead Studios2010X360
Fable IIILionhead Studios2011Windows
FalconSpectrum Holobyte1988Atari ST
Falcon 3.0Sphere1991MS-DOS
Falcon 3.0: Operation: Fighting TigerSphere1992MS-DOS
Fighter BomberVektor Grafix1990Amiga
Fighter BomberVektor Grafix1990Atari ST
Fighter BomberVektor Grafix1989MS-DOS
Flight Simulator 4.0Microsoft1989MS-DOS
Flight Simulator 5.0Microsoft1993MS-DOS
Flight Simulator for Windows 95Microsoft1996Windows
Flight Simulator IIsubLOGIC1986Atari ST
Flight Simulator IISubLOGIC1984Atari 400/800
Flight Simulator IISubLOGIC1986Mac OS Classic
Football Manager 2Addictive Games1988Amiga
Fury³Terminal Reality1995Windows
GiganoidSwiss Computer Arts1988Amiga
Goldrunner IIMicrodeal1989Amiga
Goldrunner IIMicrodeal1988Atari ST
Gunship 2000Microprose1991MS-DOS
HarpoonThree-Sixty Pacific1990Amiga
HarpoonThree-Sixty;Applied Computing Services1990Mac OS Classic
IndyCar RacingPapyrus Design Group1993MS-DOS
International Rally ChampionshipEuropress1997Windows
Iron BrigadeDouble Fine Productions2011X360
It Came from the DesertCinemaware1989Amiga
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship GolfSculptured Software1989Amiga
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship GolfAccolade1989MS-DOS
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship GolfSculptured Software1990Mac OS Classic
Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf & Course DesignSculptured Software1990Amiga
Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf & Course DesignSculptured Software1990MS-DOS
Jetfighter IIIMission Studios1996Windows
Kick OffAnco1989Atari ST
Kick OffAnco1989Amiga
Kick Off 2Anco1990Amiga
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning38 Studios;Big Huge Games2012Windows
Laser SquadTarget Games1989Amstrad CPC
LemmingsDMA Design1991MS-DOS
Links: The Challenge of GolfAccess Software1990MS-DOS
Lords of ChaosMythos Games1990ZX Spectrum
Lords of ChaosBlade1990C64
Lords of ChaosKrisalis1991Amiga
Lords of ChaosBlade1991Atari ST
Lords of ChaosBlade1990Amstrad CPC
Mass EffectBioWare;Demiurge Studios2008Windows
Mean 18Microsmiths1986Amiga
Mean 18Microsmiths1987Apple IIGS
Metro: Last Light4A Games2013Windows
Metro: Last Light4A Games2013Mac OS X
Metro: Last Light4A Games2013Linux