Tandy Coco 1 compatible video games list, 'a' to 'e'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
Chromasette;T&D Software1984Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Ark Royal Games?Tandy Cocosimulation flight label
Illustrated Memory Banks1982Tandy Cocoshooter label
Saguaro Software1986Tandy Cocoadventure label
Prickly Pear Software1983Tandy Cocoadventure label
Adventure International1983Tandy Cocoadventure Fantasy label
Adventure International1983Tandy Cocomanag./econ. label
Spectral Associates1981Tandy Cocomaze puzzle label
Spinnaker Software Corporation1984Tandy Cocoedutainment label
The Rainbow Magazine1983Tandy Cocoadventure label
Chromasette;Silverware1981Tandy Cocoadventure label
Spectral Associates1982Tandy Cocomaze shooter Science Fiction label
Tandy1983Tandy Cocoshooter label
Chromasette1983Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction label
author2001Tandy Cocosimulation flight label
author2001Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
author?Tandy Cocolabel
Adventure International1983Tandy Cocostrategy label
Tandy1987Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Mark Data Products1982Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction label
Microdeal1985Tandy Cocosport label
Tandy1983Tandy Cocoedutainment label
The Cornsoft Group1982Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction label
Creative Technology Group1984Tandy Cocolabel
Children's Computer Workshop1983Tandy Cocoedutainment label
Aardvark-801983Tandy Cocoplatformer label
??Tandy Cocoshooter label
T&D Software?Tandy Cocoshooter label
SRB Software;Game Point Software1988Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Ark Royal Games?Tandy Cocolabel
Softwride1982Tandy Cocostrategy Historical label
??Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
D&D Software1983Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
Tandy1982Tandy Cocoadventure label
Atari1981Tandy Cocomaze shooter label
Nelson Software Systems;ColorQuest;Softlaw1982Tandy Cocomaze adventure shooter label
The Image Producers1980Tandy Cocoedutainment puzzle label
Tandy1986Tandy Cocosimulation edutainment subjectlabel
Tom Mix Software1982Tandy Cocoshooter puzzle label
Chromasette;Silverware1981Tandy Cocoadventure label
Tom Mix Software;Novasoft1984Tandy Cocoadventure puzzle label
Tom Mix Software;Novasoft1984Tandy Cococasino/cards label
Second City Software1988Tandy Cococasino/cards label
Computerware1983Tandy Cocoplatformer label
Elite Software1982Tandy Cocolabel
Ark Royal Games?Tandy Cocolabel
8BitCoder.com2016Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
8BitCoder.com2016Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
T&D Software?Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Philidor Software1982Tandy Cococasino/cards edutainment label
Color Computer Magazine1983Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze adventure label
Mark Data Products1983Tandy Cococasino/cards edutainment label
Tandy1981Tandy Cocoaction/reflex subjectlabel
The Rugby Circle1983Tandy Cocoaction/reflex platformer label
Novasoft;Tom Mix Software1984Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze subjectlabel
Spectral Associates1981Tandy Cocosimulation Science Fiction label
Oblique Triad1987Tandy Cocoadventure label
Mark Data Products1983Tandy Cocoadventure label
Mark Data Products1983Tandy Cocoadventure imagelabel
Intracolor1984Tandy Cocoplatformer label
Datasoft1982Tandy Cocolabel
Computer Shack;Michtron1983Tandy Cocoplatformer label
Computer Shack1983Tandy Cocomanag./econ. label
The Image Producers1982Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Oregon Color Computer Systems1983Tandy Cocoshooter label
Factory Programming1983Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Aadvark-80;ATS1982Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Aadvark-801982Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
author2001Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
T&D Software1983Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze subjectlabel
Mark Data Products1981Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze racing/driving subjectlabel
Spectral Associates1986Tandy Cocoplatformer label
author2000Tandy Cocolabel
T&D Software1987Tandy Cocomaze flight label
Spectral Associates1982Tandy Cocostrategy board game label
Mark Data Products;Sundog Systems1986Tandy Cocoadventure role-play label
Personal Software1980Tandy Cocoboard game label
Micro-Ware1980Tandy Cocostrategy board game label
Software Dynamics1984Tandy Cocostrategy board game label
Prism Software1982Tandy Cocoflight subjectlabel
Computer Shack;Michtron1983Tandy Cocoshooter label
Rainbow?Tandy Cocosimulation strategy Historical label
DataSoft1982Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
John Wiley & Sons1984Tandy Cocolabel
T&D Software?Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Tandy1981Tandy Cocostrategy board game turn-based label
Radio Shack1982Tandy Cocosport label
Novasoft;Tom Mix Software1984Tandy Cocoracing/driving label
Tandy1981Tandy Cocopuzzle label
Spectral Associates1981Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction label
Factory Programming1983Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction label
The Image Producers1981Tandy Cocoshooter simulation strategy label
The Cornsoft Group1982Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
Barnett & Bank Bros.;Spectral Associates1981Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction label
Spectral Associates1982Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction label
Computerware1982Tandy Cocosimulation Science Fiction label
Colorful Software1981Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Intracolor1982Tandy Cocoshooter label
Spectral Associates1982Tandy Cocoshooter label
Ark Royal Games?Tandy Cocostrategy label
Mark Data Products1983Tandy Cocoshooter label
Tom Mix Software1984Tandy Cocoplatformer label
MicroDeal1983Tandy Cocoaction/reflex puzzle label
The Image Producers1983Tandy Cocolabel
Thundervision1984Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze platformer Fantasy label
Tom Mix Software1983Tandy Cocoplatformer label
Spectral Associates1983Tandy Cocoplatformer label
MicroDeal1983Tandy Cocoplatformer label
Microdeal1983Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
MicroDeal1985Tandy Cocolabel
Microdeal1985Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Microdeal1984Tandy Cocoplatformer label
Mark Data Products1986Tandy Cocoshooter simulation strategy label
Bumblebee Software1982Tandy Cocoshooter label
Intelligent Software1982Tandy Cocostrategy label
Tom Mix Software1982Tandy Cocorhythm subjectlabel
MicroDeal;Med Systems Software1983Tandy Cocoplatformer label
T&D Software1984Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
The Rugby Circle1983Tandy Cocomaze subjectlabel
Aardvark-801982Tandy Cocoadventure label
Spectral Associates1984Tandy Cocosport label
Colorful Software1982Tandy Cocoshooter label
Spectral Associates1984Tandy Cocoracing/driving label
Imagic1984Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction label
Computer Shack;Michtron1983Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction imagelabel
Arcade Animation1983Tandy Cocoshooter label
SRB Software;Color America User Group1984Tandy Cocolabel
Tom Mix Software1983Tandy Cocoshooter Science Fiction label
Spectral Associates1984Tandy Cocoshooter label
T&D Software1987Tandy Cocomaze label
Tandy1980Tandy Cocoflight label
Tandy1985Tandy Cocolabel
Tom Mix Software1982Tandy Cocoplatformer label
Tomy Kogyo1985Tandy Cocolabel
Radio Shack;Game Point Software1986Tandy Cocoplatformer imagelabel
Computerware1982Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
Computerware1982Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
Computerware1982Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
Tandy1982Tandy Cocoaction/reflex label
Ark Royal Games?Tandy Cocosimulation flight label
Spectral Associates1983Tandy Cocoplatformer label
The Rainbow Magazine1983Tandy Cocoadventure label
Prickly-Pear Software1985Tandy Cocosimulation Science Fiction label
Tom Mix Software1984Tandy Cocoshooter label
Prickly-Pear Software1986Tandy Cocoadventure label
??Tandy Cocolabel
Tom Mix Software1984Tandy Cocoplatformer adventure label
Prickly Pear Software;Sundog Systems1986Tandy Cocoadventure label
Imagic1984Tandy Cocoaction/reflex platformer adventure label
The Rainbow Magazine1983Tandy Cocoadventure label
T&D Software?Tandy Cocoshooter label
The Rainbow Magazine1983Tandy Cocoadventure label
The Rainbow Magazine1983Tandy Cocoadventure role-play label
Microdeal1983Tandy Cocoshooter label
Intellectronics1982Tandy Cocoplatformer subjectlabel
Counterpoint Software1983Tandy Cocoedutainment label
Mark Data Products1983Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze label
Computerware1982Tandy Cocoadventure label
Spectral Associates;Tom Mix Software1984Tandy Cocoaction/reflex maze shooter subjectlabel
Shards Software1983Tandy Cocostrategy label
Shards Software1983TRS-80strategy label
Computerware1985Tandy Cocolabel
The Rainbow Magazine1983Tandy Cocoadventure Science Fiction label
Adventure International1981Tandy Cocoadventure Science Fiction label