Commercial video games list, 'a'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
A Bird StoryFreebird Games2014Linux
A bosszúSelindek Software Studio1988C64
A Boy and His BlobAbstraction Games;WayForward Technologies2016Linux
A Boy and His Shadowauthor2014Linux
A Bunny Girl's Guide: World DominationSpectral Bunny Studios2015Linux
A Chess Playing Program for the IBM 7090 Computer?1962DEC PDP-1
A Cosmic Forestauthor?Linux
A Dark SecretYldrania2014Linux
A Dark Spacewind??Linux
A Day at the Beach With the Fuzzooly FamilyFunnybone Interactive1995Win3.1
A Day at the Beach With the Fuzzooly FamilyFunnybone Interactive1995Mac OS Classic
A Day In The WoodsRetroEpic Software2016Linux
A Demon's GameFirebal692016Linux
a dream? - a poetic experienceinochi.life2016Linux
A Druid's DuelThoughtshelter Games2015Linux
A Finnish Fablemitomon2016Linux
A Game of Changesauthor2016Linux
A General's PrideSalty Dave2013Linux
A Golden WakeGrundislav Games;Wadjet Eye Games 2014Linux
A Good Snowman is Hard to Buildauthor2015Linux
A Gummy's LifeEP Games2017Linux
A Hat in TimeVirtual Programming2017Linux
A Hat in TimeGears for Breakfast2017Windows
A Hat in TimeGears for Breakfast2017PS4
A Hat in TimeGears for BreakfastTBA Switch
A Hole New WorldMadGearGames 2017Linux
A Kishoutenketsu in the countrysideHeskHwis2017Linux
A Kiss For The Petals - Remembering How We MetMangaGamer2015Linux
A Knight AdventureTurtle Development2014Linux
A Little Less DesperationDeaf Bird Entertainment2016Linux
A Little Lily PrincessHanako Games2016Linux
A Little Lily PrincessHanako Games2016Mac OS X
A Long Way Homeauthor2016Linux
A Long Way Homeauthor2016Mac OS X
A Mass of DeadDev Arc2013Linux
A Midsummer Night's ChoiceChoice of Games2016Linux
A More Beautiful WorldAfterthought Studios2016Linux
a nifty gamePixel with Hat 2017Linux
A Normal Lost PhoneAccidental Queens2017Linux
A Saga Of Candy Spexauthor?Linux
A Serpentine TaleZenobi Software1993ZX Spectrum
A Snake's Talem12y2017Linux
A Song for ViggoTalawa Games;Saint and SimonTBA Linux
A Story About My UncleCoffee Stain Studios;Gone North Games2017Linux
A Strange MorningPorto Combo2015Linux
A Stranger Comes CallingOh, a Rock! Studios2015Linux
A Stroll in the Bleak ForestZenobi Software1989ZX Spectrum
A Study in Steampunk: Choice by GaslightHosted Games2015Linux
A Tale of Two KingdomsCrystal Shard2007Linux
A to Zap! Featuring the SunbuddiesSunburst Communications1995Win3.1
A to Zap! Featuring the SunbuddiesSunburst Communications1995Mac OS Classic
A Trick of the TaleCentral Solutions1986ZX Spectrum
A Valley Without WindArcen Games2014Linux
A Valley Without Wind 2Arcen Games2013Windows
A Valley Without Wind 2Arcen Games2014Linux
A very very VERY scary houseAnna Anthropy?Linux
A Virus Named TomMisfits Attic2012Linux
A Walk In The Rain??Linux
A Wild Catgirl AppearsNew West Games2015Linux
A Wise Use of TimeChoice of Games2015Linux
A Wizard's LizardLost Decade Games2014Linux
A Wizard’s LizardLost Decade Games2014Linux
A-Gentsphime studio2016Linux
A.V.FirstForever Studios2016Linux
A10 BomberIpswich Software Factory1983Colour Genie
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for GravityDejobaan Games;Owlchemy Labs2013Linux
Aaru's AwakeningLumenox2015Linux
Abandoned Placeauthor?Linux
AbasePeople's Computer Company1974DEC PDP-1
AbatronAbatronTBA Linux
Abomination TowerAmethyst Quarter2016Linux
About Love, Hate and the other onesBlack Pants Studio2016Linux
Above The WavesCheeseness2015Linux
Abrams Tank??Linux
Absolute BlockbusterIcestone Trustee2002Linux
Absolute DriftFunselektor Labs2015Linux
Abstract Initiativeconcept equals2017Linux
AbuseCrack dot Com1995Linux
AbuseCrack dot Com1998BeOS
AbuseCrack dot Com1995Unix
Abyss: The Wraiths Of EdenArtifex Mundi2014Linux
ACE AcademyPixelFade Studio2015Linux
Ace of ProtectorsxPathfinder2016Linux
AcesArk Royal Games?Tandy Coco
Aces of the LuftwaffeHandy Games2013Linux
Acey DeucyLampron Software1995Win3.1
AchronHazardous Software2011Linux
Acid DropsFirebird Software1984BBC
Acornsoft Games Pack 1Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 10Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 2Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 3Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 4Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 5Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 6Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 7Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 8Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 9Acornsoft Limited1981Atom
Acornsoft LifeAcornsoft Limited1981Atom
Across the RhineMicroProse2016Linux
Act of AggressionEugen Systems2015Linux
Action HenkRageSquid2014Linux
Action LegionAeonic Entertainment2016Linux
Action Painting Proauthor?Linux
Adam 'Ted' Frankenstein??Linux
Adam and Eve: The Game - Chapter 1Religious Studios2016Linux
Addition MagicianDale Disharoon Inc1984Apple II E
Addition MagicianDale Disharoon Inc1984C64
Adele: Following the SignsUnosquare2016Linux
ADIBOU présente la MagieI.C.E. Développement2000Mac OS Classic
ADIBOU présente la MagieI.C.E. Développement2000Windows
Admine Irbynx2018Linux
Admiral NEMOApplejuice Studio2013Linux
AdorablesWhite Rabbit Games2016Linux
Adriel is LateGaeel?Linux
AdvanceCatbell Games2015Linux
Advance to BoardwalkCreative Software Designs1990MS-DOS
Advance to BoardwalkCreative Software Designs1990C64
Advanced Simulation in Undergraduate Pilot TrainingUSAF1974custom
Advanced Star Trench WarfareIllustrated Memory Banks1982Tandy Coco
AdventureAtari1980Atari 2600
AdVenture CapitalistHyper Hippo2015Linux
Adventure in Ancient Jerusalem Chromassette ?Tandy Coco
ADventure LibFancy Fish Games2015Linux
ADventure LibFancy Fish Games2015Windows
Adventure QuestLevel 9 Computing1984Memotech MTX
Adventure's MazeShioo4Play2015Linux
AdventurelandAdventure International1983Tandy Coco
Adventures of Bertram Fiddleauthor2015Linux
Adventurezator: When Pigs FlyPigasus Games2014Linux
AEGIS 2186jollyfishgames2017Linux
Aeon CommandBat Country Games2013Linux
AERForgotten Key2016Linux
AER Memories of OldForgotten Key2017Linux
AereATriangle Studios; 2017Linux
Aeve:Zero GravityEasyGames2018Linux
Affairs of the Court: Choice of RomanceChoice of Games2016Linux
After Life - Story of a FatherGreen Sawdust2017Linux
After Reset RPGBlack Cloud Studios2015Linux
AfterShockFocus Studios2016Linux
Against the GradientCogent Education2017Linux
Against the Wallauthor2013Linux
Agatha Christie - The ABC MurdersMicroids;Artefacts Studios2016Linux
Agatha KnifeMango Protocol 2017Linux
Age of ConquestNoble Master Games2013Linux
Age of Conquest IIINoble Master Games2012Linux
Age of Conquest IVNoble Master Games2016Linux
Age of DefenseBattlecruiser Games2017Linux
Age of Empires III: The Asian DynastiesEnsemble Studios;Destineer2008Mac OS X
Age of Fear 2: The Chaos LordLeslaw Sliwko2013Linux
Age of Fear 3: The LegendLeslaw Sliwko2013Linux
Age of Wonders IIITriumph Studios2015Linux
Age of Wonders IIITriumph Studios2015Mac OS X
Age of Wonders III: Golden RealmsTriumph Studios2014Linux
AgendaExordium Games2016Linux
Agent 0013Computer-Aktiv-Verlags1988C64
Agent Walker: Secret JourneyBrave Giant2016Linux
Agents of Aggro City OnlineStarlight Studios2018Linux
Agricola: All Creatures Big and SmallDIGIDICED2016Linux
AgroundFancy Fish Games;SnöBox Studio2018Linux
AI War IIArcen GamesTBALinux
AI War: Fleet CommandArcen Games2014Linux
AiballHFM Games2016Linux
AigilasSimple Path Studios2013Linux
Air Attack!RufusPro Software1988MS-DOS
Air Conflicts: Pacific CarriersGames Farm2011Linux
Air Conflicts: VietnamGames Farm2014Linux
Air ControlKilljoy Games2013Linux
Air ForteBlendo Games2010Linux
Air Traffic ControllerCreative Computing Software1977Sol-20
AirballMicroDeal1987Tandy Coco
AirbrushSoft Hits1983Electron
AIRISEbullience Games 2017Linux
AirlineAdventure International1983Tandy Coco
Airline Tycoon DeluxeSpellbound Entertainment;Runesoft2005Linux
Airline Tycoon DeluxeRunesoft2006Mac OS X
Airport AmsterdamAEROSOFT2012Linux
Airport Control SimulatorNemesys GamesTBALinux
Airscape: Fall of GravityCross-Product2015Linux
Airships & Custom HeraldryZarkonnen?Linux
Akalabeth: World of DoomOrigin2014Linux
Akane the KunoichiHarunekoTBA Linux
Akaneiro: Demon HuntersSpicy Horse2014Linux
Akuto: Mad WorldHut 902017Linux
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine Enhanced EditionHimalaya Studios;AGDI2013Linux
Al-Qadim: The Genie's CurseCyberlore Studios2015Linux
Al*BertheEH Services1985Tandy Coco
Alarameth TDauthor2016Linux
Alarm für Cobra 11: Die AutobahnpolizeiPixel Factory1997Mac OS Classic
Alarm für Cobra 11: Die AutobahnpolizeiPixel Factory1997Win3.1
Albert and OttoKBros Games2015Linux
Albion OnlineSandbox InteractiveTBA Linux
Alcarys ComplexModest Arcade2012Linux
Alcatraz IISpectral Associates1981Tandy Coco
Alchemist's AwakeningOsaris Games2016Linux
Alchemy Mysteries: Prague LegendsJetdogs Studios2014Linux
Alco InvadersIndia Game Studio2014Linux
Aldo's Assaultauthor1991MS-DOS
AlgodooAlgoryx Simulation2011Linux
ALiCE VRCarbon Studio2017Linux
Alice's Mom's RescueOrion_2016Linux
Alice's Mom's RescueOrion_2015Jaguar
Alice's Mom's RescueOrion_?Atari Falcon
Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost TreasuresJetdogs Studios;Whalebox2017Linux
Alien Arena 2008COR Entertainment?Linux
Alien Arena 2008COR Entertainment?BSD
Alien Blitzauthor2016Linux
Alien Blitzauthor2016Mac OS X
Alien Drug Lords: The Chyropian ConnectionPanther Games1991Amiga
Alien Robot MonstersKraftix Games2015Linux
Aliens versus PredatorRebellion?Linux
Aliens versus PredatorMac Play2001Mac OS Classic
Aliens versus PredatorMacPlay2001Mac OS X
Aliens versus Predator 2MacPlay2003Mac OS X
AliothNostalgia Productions1996C64
All About AmericaUnicorn Software1988Apple IIGS
All the Pretty Flowers??Linux
All The Zombiesauthor?Linux
All Walls Must Fallinbetweengames2017Linux
Allison RoadTeam17TBALinux
Almightree: The Last DreamerChocoarts2016Linux
ALONE IN SPACEButterflyware2016Linux
ALONE?Deceptive Games2016Linux
Along Came A SpiderRoute Two2013Linux
Along the EdgeNova-box2016Linux
Alpacapaca DashSynnergy Circle Games2017Linux
Alpacapaca DashSynnergy Circle Games2017Mac OS X
Alphabeats: Master EditionRad Dragon2016Linux
Alphabet ZooSpinnaker Software Corporation1984Tandy Coco
Alphabet ZooSpinnaker Software1983MS-DOS
Alpine Slopes?1983Tandy Coco
Alta, TexasNaweGR Games2013Linux
Alteil: HorizonsApocoplayTBA Linux
Alter EgoChoose Multiple2017Linux
Alter Ego: DreamWalkerRetroSouls2013Linux
Alter Worldauthor2015Linux
AlterEgo: DreamWalkerretrosouls2012Linux
Alternate Function IVCartwheel Games?Linux
AltitudeNimbly Games2009Linux
AlumCrashable Studios2015Linux
Alwa's AwakeningElden Pixels2017Linux
Alwa's AwakeningElden Pixels2017Mac OS X
Alwa's AwakeningElden Pixels2017Windows
Always Remember MeWinter Wolves2011Linux
Always Sometimes MonstersVagabond Dog2015Linux
Always The Same Blue Sky...Crimson Night2013Linux
Amanda CluettOmiya Games2015Linux
Amazing PaulsonothonDetocroix2013Linux
Amazing Princess SarahHarunekoTBA Linux
Amazon Rushvictorcorradi2017Linux
American Hero?1995Jaguar
American History LuxSillysoft Games2009Linux
American History LuxSillysoft Games2006Mac OS X
American McGee's AliceRogue Entertainment2001Mac OS Classic
American Patriots: Boston Tea PartyCult Software2017Linux
American Truck SimulatorSCS Software2015Linux
Amiga ClassicsRevive2002Linux
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigsthechineseroom2013Linux
Amnesia: The Dark DescentFrictional Games2010Linux
Among RipplesEat Create Sleep2014Linux
Among RipplesEat Create Sleep2015Windows
Among the HeavensJetdogs Studios;CorePunch Gamestudio2015Linux
Among the SleepKrillbite Studio2014Linux
An Alien with a MagnetRejected Games 2017Linux
An Assassin in OrlandesTin Man Games2015Linux
An Oath to the StarsHimeki Games2017Linux
An Octave HigherKidalang2015Linux
Analogue: A Hate Storylily of the valley games2012Linux
AnaniasSlashware Interactive2016Linux
AnatomyKitty Horrorshoe2016Linux
Ancient Domains Of Mysteryauthor1994Linux
Ancient Empires LuxSillysoft Games2009Linux
Ancient GloryBig Red Computer Club1993Apple IIGS
Ancient Warfare 3JNI2016Linux
Ancients of Fasaria: Chess ClubNew Source Entertainment2016Linux
And So It WasVolumeUp Studios2014Linux
And Yet It MovesBroken Rules2009Linux
Andrea Doria AdventureChromasette;Silverware1981Tandy Coco
AndroneTandy1983Tandy Coco
Angels That KillRising Sun Interactive2015Linux
Angels with Scaly WingsRadical Phi2017Linux
Angels with Scaly WingsRadical Phi2017Mac OS X
Angels With Scaly WingsRadical Phi 2017Windows
Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilationFreakZone Games2016Linux
Angry Video Game Nerd RunBlue Space Games?Linux
Anima Gate of MemoriesAnima Project2016Linux
Animahjong X PerfectSogna1994NEC PC9801
Animal Forestauthor2012Linux
Animal GodsStill Games2015Linux
Animated PuzzlesMexond2016Linux
Animation HangmanMemorex Software1997Win3.1
Anime Studio SimulatorVisualnoveler2016Linux
Anirah: Riddle of the PharaohsLost Luggage Studios2010Linux
AnkhDatamost1984Atari 400/800
AnkhDatamost1983Apple II E
Ankh - Battle of the GodsDeck13 Interactive?Linux
Ankh: Special EditionDECK13 Interactive;Telltale2006Linux
Anmynor PuzzlesStrategy First2013Linux
Anna's QuestDaedalic Entertainment2015Linux
Annals of RomePersonal Software Services1986Amstrad PCW
AnnihilatorChromasette1983Tandy Coco
AnodeKittehface Software2015Linux
AnodyneAnodyne Games2013Linux
AnodyneAnodyne Games2013Windows
Anomaly 211 bit studios2013Linux
Anomaly Defenders11 bit studios2014Linux
Anomaly Korea11 bit studios2012Linux
Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign11 bit studios2016Linux
Anomaly: Warzone Earth11 bit studios2012Linux
Another BirdBlunt Instrument?Linux
Another Castleauthor2013Linux
Another Lost Phone: Laura's StoryAccidental Queens2017Linux
Another Lost Phone: Laura's StoryAccidental Queens2017Windows
Another StarVision Riders Entertainment2014Linux
Another WorldIcculus;DotEmu2013Linux
Another WorldIcculus;DotEmu2013Pandora
AnoxemiaBSK Games2016Linux
Answer Back Junior QuizKosmos Software1985ZX Spectrum
Ant QueeninVantage Technologies2016Linux
Ant War: DominationAnarchy Enterprises2015Linux
Ant-gravity: Tiny's AdventureSharkByte Studio2016Linux
Ant-gravity: Tiny's AdventureSharkByte Studio2016Mac OS X
AntihorrorHFM Games2016Linux
Ants vs. AliensLoad Up Games?Linux
Anywhere But Here??Linux
Aozora MeikyuuYume Creations2016Linux
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun InitiativeAperture Tag Team2014Linux
Apocalypse: The GameHarley Game Studios2017Linux
Apolloauthor2001Tandy Coco
ApotheonAlientrap Games2015Linux
Apple BinRuxar2013Linux
Apple DerbyPowersoft1978Apple II E
Apple GalaxianStarCraft1980Apple II E
Applesauthor2001Tandy Coco
Appointment With F.E.A.R.Tin Man Games2014Linux
Appointment With FEARTin Man Games2016Linux
Approaching BlocksDymchick12016Linux
Aqua Panic !Eko Software2015Linux
Aquanox Deep DescentNordic GamesTBA Linux
AquariaBit Blot2010Linux
AR-K: The Great EscapeGato Salvaje2015Linux
AragamiLince Works2016Linux
Arbalest 3035BearTooth Studios2015Linux
Arcade3000Prodigious Games2015Linux
ArcadeSearchT&F Software Company1983C64
ArcadeSearchT&F Software Company1983VIC-20
Arcadiaauthor?Tandy Coco
Arcadian AtlasTwin Otter Studios2017Linux
Archery DefenseDecrypted Studios2013Linux
Archibald's AdventuresRake in Grass2008Linux
Architect Of TerrorVolatile Dove2015Linux
Arcshu: Kagerou no Jidai o KoeteWolf Team1989NEC PC8801
Arcshu: Kagerou no Jidai o KoeteWolf Team1990MSX2
Arcshu: Kagerou no Jidai o KoeteWolf Team1990NEC PC9801
Arcshu: Kagerou no Jidai o KoeteWolf Team1990X68000
Arctic AliveDima Kiva2016Linux
Arctic Trucker SimulatorUnited Independent Entertainment 2015Linux
ArenaEntropic Software?Linux
Arena 3000Microdeal1984Electron
Arena FootballV-Reel2006Jaguar
Arena of Skillauthor1988Tandy Coco
ArexAdventure International1983Tandy Coco
Argentum Age??Linux
ArgusPsytronik Software2017C64
Arithmetic Football??Tandy Coco
ARK - Scorched EarthStudio Wildcard2016Linux
ARK BOX UnlimitedPolarityFlow2016Linux
ARK: Survival EvolvedStudio Wildcard2015Linux
ARK: Survival Of The FittestStudio Wildcard;Instinct Games;Efecto Studios;Virtual Basement2016Linux
ARK: Survival Of The FittestStudio Wildcard;Instinct Games;Efecto Studios2016Mac OS X
ARK: Survival Of The FittestStudio Wildcard;Instinct Games;Efecto Studios2016Windows
ARKADIANAXSumersion Studio2013Linux
Arkaia: The Enigmatic Isle Painted Sky Studios 2017Linux
Arkanoid: Space BallArkanoid Games2006Linux
Arkham 2600author?Linux
ArkshotCode Avarice2016Linux
ArmA IIIBohemia Interactive?Linux
Arma TacticsBohemia Interactive2013Linux
Armed and GelatinousThree Flip Studios2016Linux
Armed SevenASTRO PORT2015Linux
ARMED!Sickhead Games2013Linux
ArmelloLeague of Geeks2015Linux
ARMGEDN??Tomy Tutor
ArmikrogPencil Test Studios2015Linux
Armillo: The Parallel Universe MysteryFuzzy Wuzzy GamesTBA Linux
Armor ClashWindforce2016Linux
Armor Clash II RTSWindforce2017Linux
Armored FreedomKiller Bees Games2017Linux
Arms of Telosauthor2015Linux
Army and Strategy: The Crusades Pied Pipers Entertainment2013Linux
Army GalsDharker Studio2016Linux
Army of Tentacles:Stegalosaurus Game Development2016Linux
Arnhem: The 'Market Garden' OperationCases Computer Simulations1987Amstrad PCW
Arnold The AdventurerZenobi Software1990ZX Spectrum
Arnold The AdventurerThe Adventure Workshop1992C64
Arnold the Adventurer IIZenobi Software1992ZX Spectrum
Arson & PlunderNinja Fever Team;Headup Games2014Linux
Art of FightingSNK2015Linux
Art of Fighting 2SNK2015Linux
Art Of GravityHamster On Coke Games2017Linux
Arthur's Wilderness RescueImaginEngine;Magellan Interactive2000Mac OS Classic
ArtilleristsSolarLance2017Mac OS X
Arydox: Project Golden HawkPixel 52004Linux
ArytmetykaKrajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism1987ZX Spectrum
ASA: A Space AdventureSimon Says: Watch! Play!2016Linux
ASA: Remastered EditionSimon Says: Watch! Play2015Linux
AscendantHapa Games2014Linux
AscenderGameChanger Studio2017Linux
AscendyBunnyhop Games2015Linux
Assault Android CactusWitch Beam2015Linux
Assetto CorsaKunos Simulazioni2016Linux
AsteroidAdventure International;Adventureworld1981TRS-80
Asteroid Bounty HunterJust1337 Studio2016Linux
Asteroid Evasionmorkion2014Linux
Asteroid FightKatta Games2015Linux
Asteroid FightKatta Games2015Mac OS X
Asteroids Millenniumauthor2017Linux
Asteroids Minesweeperauthor2016Linux
AsterVoid 2000Mad Capacity2014Linux
AstraeaNorwind Interactive2014Linux
Astral BreakersIntropy Games2016Linux
Astral Gunauthor2016Linux
Astral TravelerDragon Slumber;Brainoid2017Linux
Astro AttackerGlobal Software Network1982Exidy Sorcerer
Astro EmporiaSquirrelbot Games2013Linux
Astro LordsAratog2015Linux
Astro WarriorProgram Power1982Atom
ASTROKILLDoomsday Games2017Linux
Astrox : Hostile Space ExcavationMomoguru2015Linux
AsuraOgre Head Studio2017Linux
AsuraOgre Head Studio2017Windows
AsuraOgre Head Studio2017Mac OS X
Asylum: Face of JanusAsylum Project GroupTBALinux
At the Gatesauthor2013Linux
Atari VaultCode Mystics2016Linux
AthleticTomy1982Tomy Tutor
Athletic LandTomy?Tomy Tutor
Atlantis: The Underwater CitySterling Entertainment2001Linux
ATOM GRRRL!!Cosmillica2016Linux
Atom ManHopesoft1982Atom
ATOM RPGAtomTeam2018Linux
Atom SmasherAmsoft;Romik1985Amstrad CPC
Atom SmasherRomik1984BBC
Atom SmasherRomik1984Electron
Atom SmasherRomik1984VIC-20
Atom Zombie SmasherBlendo Games2011Linux
Atomic Butcher: Homo MetabolicusDas Humankapital2016Linux
Atomic ReconstructionTeawork Dev;; 2016Linux
Atomic Space CommandNo, You Shut Up2016Linux
AtomZ Board GameUn-Map?Linux
AtriageBatu Games2016Linux
Attack of the Assholians from the Planet AssBoxcarRacer?Linux
Attrition: Tactical FrontsCardboard Keep2018Linux
Atv ArenaN-Games2015Linux
ATV JunkyardCape Of Good Games2015Linux
Audiosurf 2author2015Linux
Audiosurf 2author2015Linux
AuditoriumCipher Prime Studios2010Linux
Auditorium 2: DuetCipher Prime Studios2013Linux
Aura ScopeSquare Peg1991ZX Spectrum
AuroraRLSun Dogs2016Linux
Aust-QuizTandy?Tandy Coco
Australian tripSergioPoverony2018Linux
Auto Dealership TycoonDiggidy.net2015Linux
Automata EmpireNonadecimal Creative2016Linux
AutumnBit Outside2014Linux
Avadon: The Black FortressSpiderweb Software2012Linux
Avalon Lords: Dawn RisesAnimus Interactive2016Linux
Avatar Of The WolfChoice of Games 2017Linux
Avenger BirdTiliaSoft2017Mac OS X
Avenger BirdTiliaSoft2017Linux
Avenging AngelDark Amber Softworks2015Linux
Avernum 4Spiderweb Software2012Linux
Avernum 5Spiderweb Software2012Linux
Avernum 6Spiderweb Software2012Linux
Avernum: Escape from the PitSpiderweb Software2012Linux
AveyondAmaranth Games2016Linux
Aveyond 2: Ean's QuestAmaranth Games2016Linux
Aveyond 4: Shadow of the MistAmaranth Games2016Linux
Aveyond: Lord of TwilightAmaranth Games2016Linux
Avoid the Paris CopsPSS;Syntaxsoft1985Memotech MTX
Avoid 由乃kilipetme2015Linux
Avon + Monsters of MurdacTopologika1989Amstrad PCW
Awesome ShapesDiscoFish2013Linux
AwesomenautsRonimo Games2013Linux
Awesomenauts: OverdriveRonimo Games?Linux
Awful Music Jihad EditionGangster Baba2015Linux
Awful Music SimulatorGangster Baba2014Linux
Awkward DimensionsSteven Harmon Game?Linux
Axe, Bow & StaffClewcat Games2016Linux
Axes and AcresBrainGoodGames2016Linux
Axes and ArrowsThe Net Champs2015Linux
Axiom VergeThomas Happ Games2015Windows
Axiom VergeThomas Happ Games2015Linux
Axiom VergeThomas Happ Games2017Switch
Axis Football 2015Axis Games2015Linux
Axis Football 2016Axis Games2016Linux
Axis Football 2017Axis Games2017Linux
Aztec AssaultZenobi Software1992ZX Spectrum
AztezTeam Colorblind2017Linux
Azurea JunctureRimebelle Express2016Linux