Commercial video games list, 'f'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
F-1 DRIVEauthor2013Linux
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0Microprose2014Linux
F-14 Fleet DefenderMicroprose2016Linux
F-15 Strike EagleNovotrade1987MSX
F-16 AssaultDiecom1986Tandy Coco
F-19 Stealth FighterMicroprose2015Linux
F1 2015Codemasters2016Linux
F1 2017Feral Interactive2017Linux
Face ItTlön Studios2016Linux
Face OffScreech Productions1989Amiga
Face OffScreech Productions1989Atari ST
FaceMakerSpinnaker Software1984Tandy Coco
Faces of Illusion: The Twin PhantomsMoonrise Interactive2017Linux
Faces of Illusion: The Twin PhantomsMoonrise Interactive2017Mac OS X
FactorioWube Software2016Linux
Factory EngineerMind Leak2016Linux
Facts MatchMicro school Programs1981Tandy Coco
Fading HeartsSakura River Interactive2009Linux
Faerie SolitaireSubsoap2012Linux
FaeVerse AlchemySubsoap2014Linux
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy RemasteredQuantic Dream2015Linux
Fairies vs. Darklings: Arcane EditionInterama - Interactive Technology2016Linux
Fairlight IIThe Edge1986Amstrad PCW
Fairlight: A PreludePennsoft1986Amstrad PCW
Fairy Tale Mysteries 2: The BeanstalkGOGI2015Linux
Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet ThiefGogii Games;The House of Fables2016Linux
Fairyland: Fairy PowerNaarassusi Game2016Linux
Fake ColoursForthright Entertainment;Beyond-Limits-Games2015Mac OS X
Fake ColoursForthright Entertainment;Beyond-Limits-Games2016Linux
Fake ColoursForthright Entertainment;Beyond-Limits-Games2014Ouya
Falcon 3.0Retroism2015Linux
Falcon 4.0Retroism2015Linux
Fall of the New AgeShaman Games2016Linux
Fallacy of DawnJolt Country2010Linux
Fallen MageDev4playTBALinux
Fallen TimesDaFu Studio2017Linux
Fallen WorldODDITY Games2013Linux
Fallen: A2P ProtocolRed Katana2015Linux
Fallout TacticsInterplay2011Linux
Family FarmHammerware2011Linux
Fancy Skullsauthor2014Linux
Fantasia DiamondHewson1984ZX Spectrum
Fantasia DiamondHewson1985Amstrad CPC
Fantasia DiamondHewson1984BBC
Fantastic MarchBlack Majic2014Linux
Fantasy BumpGigatross Games2016Linux
Fantasy FairwaysSweet Roll Studio2016Linux
Fantasy Farming: Orange SeasonHudell Tales2018Linux
Fantasy GeneralSSI Special Projects Group;GOG2015Linux
Fantasy Mallauthor2015Linux
Far-OutEscapism Artworks2016Linux
Farm TogetherMilkstone Studios2018Linux
Farmyard Driftauthor?Linux
FarSkyFarsky Interactive2014Linux
Fasaria World OnlineNSE Studios2015Linux
Fashion Cents GentsMy Game Company2010Linux
Fashion Plate??Tomy Tutor
Fast and CuriousDosane Games2017Linux
Fast and CuriousDosane Games2017Mac OS X
FastgammonQuality Software1979Apple II E
FastgammonQuality Software1979Exidy Sorcerer
FastgammonQuality Software1979Sol-20
FastgammonQuality Software1978TRS-80
Fat ChickenMighty RabbitTBA Linux
Fatal Fury SpecialSNK2015Linux
Fatal Theory2 Hit Studio2016Linux
Fatal Twelve Sekai Project ;aiueoKompany2018Linux
FataleTale of Tales2014Linux
FatehavenHosted Games2016Linux
Fathoms DeepMegastar Games1984Memotech MTX
Fatty Bear's Birthday SurpriseHumongous Entertainment2016Linux
fault milestone oneAlice in DissonanceTBA Linux
fault milestone two side:aboveALICE IN DISSONANCE2015Linux
FazekasSelindek Software Studio1985C64
Fear EquationScrewfly Studios2016Linux
Featherpunk PrimeSuper Hatch Games2016Linux
Feeding The Monster For Kids 2017Linux
Feel-A-MazeFive Archers2014Linux
FeeshTerrifying Jellyfish2016Linux
FEISTBits & Beasts2015Linux
Feline SleepyAdventure Probe Software1998ZX Spectrum
Felix in the FactoryMicro Power1984Memotech MTX
Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark6EyesStudio2017Linux
Fembots RevengeNelson Software Systems;ColorQuest1982Tandy Coco
Fester Mudd: The Curse of the GoldReplay Studios2013Linux
Feudal Alloyauthor2017Linux
FeudalismImagimotion;IV Productions2016Linux
Fever☆Dream Sagakelpienet 2016Linux
FIA Formula E Championship Simulatorignite Game Technologies2014Windows
FIA Formula E Championship Simulatorignite Game Technologies2014Android
Fidget Spinnerauthor2017Linux
FIELD BREAKING Evoluta Studio 2017Linux
Field Horse Racing??Tomy Tutor
FieldrunnersSubatomic Studios2012Linux
FieldrunnersSubatomic Studios2012Android
Fields of WarThermal Erosion2013Linux
Fiery DisasterVogelfänger2016Linux
Fight The Dragon3 Sprockets2014Linux
Figment Bedtime Digital Games 2017Linux
Figure 15Two Brothers Software?Linux
Filo Filo DiscoLulu Blue?Linux
Final ApproachColorado Technologies1995Win3.1
Final DoomTeamTNT?Linux
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornSquare Enix2015Linux
Final FanzineKlaim?Linux
Final HoursArtToVideoGames2017Linux
Final MoveTeamKwaKwa?Linux
Final StormBit Bionic2017Linux
Final Zone WolfWolf Team1986MSX
Find this!For Kids2017Linux
Finders KeepersSpacetronaut2015Linux
Finding ParadiseFreebird Games2017Linux
Finding ParadiseFreebird Games2017Linux
Finding TeddyStorybird Games2013Linux
Finding Teddy 2LookAtMyGame2015Linux
FIREEuroVideo Medien2015Linux
Fire OneArk Royal Games1987Tandy Coco
FirecopterAdventure International1982Tandy Coco
Fireman Sam - The Hero Next DoorAlternative Software1991Amstrad CPC
Fireman Sam: The Hero Next DoorBazarre Developments1991C64
Fireman Sam: The Hero Next DoorBizarre Developments1992ZX Spectrum
FirewatchCampo Santo2016Linux
First ParadiseGnovahex Computing?Linux
First WonderRogue Rocket Games?Linux
Fish??Tandy Coco
FishMagnetic Scrolls1989Amstrad PCW
Fish vs. CrabsSwift Creek Games2013Linux
Fisher-Price: Alpha BuildChildWare1986Apple II E
Fisher-Price: Alpha BuildChildWare1984C64
Fishing PlanetFishing Planet2017Linux
Fist of JesusMutant Games2016Linux
Fist PuncherTeam2Bit2014Linux
Fistful of FragsFistful of Frags Team2014Linux
Fistful of FragsFistful of Frags Team2014Windows
Fitzwilliam Darcy's Dance ChallengeSquinky2015Linux
Fix ItRandom House1985Apple II E
Fix ItRandom House1985C64
FjallBestow;Dimecoin Games2015Linux
FL337KWL Productions2015Linux
Flabieber SkyU?Linux
FlackDoppler Indie Games2012Linux
FlagshipUrban Logic Games2014Linux
FlagsplosionSmokey Moose Games 2017Linux
FlakU.S. Gold1984ZX Spectrum
FlakFunsoft;U.S. Gold1984C64
FlakFunsoft1984Apple II E
FlakFunsoft1984Atari 400/800
FlamebreakNimbly Games2015Linux
Flap Flap 3D??Linux
Flap For LifePhime?Linux
flap of the dark nightChacripin?Linux
FlapBird -TI 83+ editionPalibird?Linux
Flappy Batauthor2014Linux
Flappy BaxNae2014Linux
Flappy Beardauthor?Linux
Flappy Blueauthor?Linux
Flappy Boyauthor?Linux
Flappy BoyYakiiz2016Linux
Flappy Frog??Linux
Flappy GorillasBlubberquark Software?Linux
Flappy GTA 5YungFly?Linux
Flappy MeatHambone?Linux
Flappy MemesDandylyon?Linux
Flappy PenisYung Fly?Linux
Flappy Poopdraclepro?Linux
Flappy Speedauthor?Linux
Flappy Squirrelauthor?Linux
Flappy Steveauthor?Linux
Flappy's Souls: Legend of the Dragonauthor?Linux
FLAREFlare Dev Team2012Linux
Flash ForwardSleepy Studios?Linux
FLASHOUT 2jujubee2014Linux
Flat HeroesParallel Circles2016Linux
Flat PathGooDCrafter2016Linux
FlatOutBugbear Entertainment2014Linux
FlatOut 2Bugbear Entertainment2014Linux
Flatty Animalsauthor2016Linux
Flawed Ones: PuppeteerBalta StudiosTBALinux
FleetCOMM: Operation VigriorMercenary Games 2013Linux
Flerpy Derpauthor?Linux
FlickEntropic Software?Linux
Flight of the Data-Thiefauthor?Linux
Flight of the PaladinGrizzly Wolf Games2015Linux
Flight Planner for Microsoft Flight SimulatorMallard Software1992MS-DOS
FlightSim ITandy1984Tandy Coco
Flip SideChildren's Computer Workshop?Tandy Coco
FLIP-ELLOResuba Digital Systems1982MS-DOS
flipperjust a pixel2013Linux
Flippy T&D Software1986Tandy Coco
Fllappy Burkauthor?Linux
Flockland Island CrisisVital Information1982Apple II E
Floors of DiscomfortThree Prong Productions2015Linux
Flow:The SlidingCubamano 2017Linux
Flowers: - le volume sur printempsJAST2016Windows
Fluf!RufusPro Software1989MS-DOS
FluffyBlaiz Entertainment2017Linux
FluffyBlaiz Entertainment2017Mac OS X
Flux8Canalside Studios2017Linux
Fly and DestroyJust1337 Studio2016Linux
Fly ByChromasette1982Tandy Coco
Fly O'ClockDigital Melody2016Linux
Flying BirdDomino Games?Linux
FlyswatterProgramma International1978Apple II E
Folk TaleGames Foundry2014Linux
Folly Farm's Chicken RunImpsoft1984Dragon32
Food EaterRoggie Gaming?Linux
Foosball - Street EditionYuisy;Exkee2014Linux
FootballTandy1980Tandy Coco
Football Manager 2012Sports Interactive2011Windows
Football Manager 2013Sports Interactive2012Windows
Football Manager 2014Sports Interactive2013Linux
Football Manager 2015Sports Interactive2014Linux
Football Manager 2015Sports Interactive2014Windows
Football Manager 2016Sports Interactive2015Linux
Football Manager 2017Sports Interactive2016Linux
Football Manager 2018Sports Interactive2017Linux
Football Manager Touch 2016Sports Interactive2016Linux
Football Manager Touch 2017Sports Interactive2016Linux
Football Manager Touch 2018Sports Interactive2016Linux
FootLOL: Epic Fail LeagueLion's Shade2016Linux
For SCIENCE!??Linux
For The GameStudio Trophis2008Linux
For The KingIronoak Games2018Linux
For Your Thighs OnlyZenobi Software1987ZX Spectrum
Force FieldT&D Software1984Tandy Coco
ForcedBetaDwarf Entertainment2013Linux
ForcelineMatriarch Entertainment2012Linux
Forest Fortress animated novelFlaming Firefly2017Linux
ForgeDark Vale Games2013Linux
Forge of GodsPanoramik2016Linux
Forge of GodsPanoramik2016Windows
Forged AdventureArtees2017Linux
Forgotten BalllittleGigantic2016Linux
Forgotten Genesisauthor?Linux
Forgotten Loreauthor2016Linux
Forgotten Myths CCGAnchora Games;Dream Harvesters2016Linux
Forgotten Tales: Day of the DeadGreen Sauce Games2016Linux
Forgotten, Not LostAfterthought Studios2016Linux
Fork Truck ChallengeMint Arcade2013Linux
Formula 1 SimulatorSyntax Soft?Memotech MTX
Formula CEuler Code2015Linux
Formula WincarsDragonJam studios2014Linux
ForsakenIguana Entertainment;Night Dive StudiosTBALinux
Forsaken CastleDuck Block GamesTBALinux
Fort TriumphFort Triumph2017Linux
FORTIFYRTK Entertainment2017Linux
Fortix 2Nemesys GamesTBALinux
Fortress of the Mutant WafflesT&D Software1983Tandy Coco
FortressCraft EvolvedProjectorGamesTBA Linux
Forward to the SkyAnimu Game2015Linux
Fossil EchoAwaceb2016Linux
FOTONICASanta Ragione2012Linux
Foul PlayDevolver Digital2013Linux
Four Gates to FreedomPhoenix Software1983VIC-20
Four HorsemenNuclear Fishin' Software2017Linux
Four Minutes to Midnight8th Day Software1985ZX Spectrum
Fourcube??Tandy Coco
Fourtex JugoSalty Dog Digital2016Linux
Fowl SpacePixelante Game Studios2012Linux
Fox & FlockFlying Interactive;Smarter Games2015Linux
FOX n FORESTSBonus Level Entertainment;Independent Arts Software2018Linux
FoxyLand BUG-Studio2017Linux
Fractal ParkourArt∩Technology2013Linux
Fractal SpaceHaze Games2016Linux
Fractured SoulEndgame Studios2013Linux
FractyrRiot Games?Linux
Frag the tanksKistler Software Studio;Benji Games2017Linux
Fragile AllegianceCajji Software2014Linux
Fragile SoulDragon Adventure Entertainment2014Linux
FRAMED CollectionLoveshack Entertainment2018Linux
Fran BowKillmonday Games2015Linux
Francy Droo and the Mystery of the Missing Mother-in-LawOh;a Rock! Studios2015Linux
Frankenstein: Master of DeathFineway Studios;Jetdogs Studios2015Linux
Frankenstein's Monsters, Inc.author2015Linux
FranknJohnbitSmith Games2016Linux
Frantic FreighterPhr00t's Software2016Linux
Freaking MeatbagsWild Factor2015Linux
Freaky AwesomeMandragora 2017Linux
Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseHumongous Entertainment2014Linux
Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseHumongous Entertainment1996Mac OS Classic
Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseHumongous Entertainment1996Windows
Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseHumongous Entertainment1996Win3.1
Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch ShellHumongous Entertainment2014Linux
Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch ShellHumongous Entertainment1998Mac OS Classic
Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch ShellHumongous Entertainment1998Windows
Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny GulchHumongous Entertainment2014Linux
Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny GulchHumongous Entertainment1999Mac OS Classic
Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny GulchHumongous Entertainment1999Windows
Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral CaveHumongous Entertainment2014Linux
Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral CaveHumongous Entertainment2001Mac OS Classic
Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral CaveHumongous Entertainment2001Windows
Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze MadnessHumongous Entertainment2014Linux
Freddi Fish and Luther’s Water WorriesHumongous Entertainment2014Linux
Freddi Fish and Luther’s Water WorriesHumongous Entertainment1999Windows
Freddi Fish and Luther’s Water WorriesHumongous Entertainment1999Mac OS Classic
Freddi Fish: The Case of The Missing Kelp SeedsHumongous2014Linux
Frederic: Evil Strikes BackForever Entertainment2014Linux
Frederic: Resurrection of MusicForever Entertainment?Linux
Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director's CutForever Entertainment2016Linux
Freecell QuestLegend Studio2015Linux
Freedom PlanetGalaxyTrail2015Linux
Freedom Planet 2GalaxyTrail2015Linux
Freedom PoopieElectroplasmatic Games2015Linux
Freeze MeRainy Night Creations?Linux
FreezeMERainy Night Creations2015Linux
Frequent FlyerColdwild Games2016Linux
Friendship ClubForce Of HabitTBALinux
FrogAdventure International1980TRS-80
Frog ClimbersTeamCrew2017Linux
Frog TrekOelrich Publications1982Tandy Coco
FroggerThe Cornsoft Group1984TS2068
FroggerTomy1982Tomy Tutor
From ShadowsRevolt and Rebel 2017Linux
From ShadowsRevolt and Rebel2017Mac OS X
From the DepthsBrilliant Skies2014Linux
From Whence it CameNovember Niner Niner?Linux
FrontierLacuna Corporation2016Linux
FRONTIERS - Explore ● Discover ● SurviveAAD Productions2014Linux
FrostStudio des Ténèbres2016Linux
FROSTEconomic Crisis Games2014Linux
Frosty Kiss2Chance Projects;IIchan Eroge Team2016Linux
Frosty Kiss2Chance Projects;IIchan Eroge Team2015Windows
Frozen 8-bit??Linux
Frozen CortexMode 7 Games2014Linux
Frozen NightmareFrozen Studios2013Linux
Frozen SynapseMode 7 Games2011Linux
Frozen Synapse 2Mode 7 Games2016Linux
Frozen Synapse: RedMode 7 Games2012Linux
FrozenStateSnow Arc Studio2015Linux
Fruit-Multibars Slot MachineWhite Cloud Software1986Tandy Coco
Fruits of a FeatherSamurai Punk2016Linux
Fruity SmoothieWooden Shoes Games2018Linux
FTL: Faster Than LightSubset Games2012Linux
FTL: Faster Than LightSubset Games2012Windows
FTL: Faster Than LightSubset Games2012Mac OS X
Fuck This Collapseakesterson?Linux
Full Metal FuriesCellar Door Games2017Xbox One
Full Metal FuriesCellar Door Games2018Linux
Full Throttle RemasteredDouble Fine;Shiny Shoe2017Linux
FumikoFumiko Game Studio 2017Linux
Fun In The SunBurning Neuron Interactive2015Linux
Fun School 2 for the Over-8sDatabase Educational Software1989C64
Fun School 3: for the over 7sDatabase Educational Software1990Amiga
Fun School 3: for the over 7sDatabase Educational Software1990Amstrad PCW
Fun School 3: for the over 7sDatabase Educational Software1990Atari ST
Fun School 3: for the over 7sSilicon Genetics1990BBC
Fun School 3: for the over 7sSilicon Genetics1990BBC
Fun School 3: for the over 7sISC1991ZX Spectrum
Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year oldsISC1992Archimedes
Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year oldsISC1991Amiga
Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year oldsISC1992Amstrad CPC
Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year oldsEuropress Software1991Atari ST
Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year oldsEuropress Software1992C64
Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year oldsISC;Astros Productions1992MS-DOS
Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year oldsISC1992ZX Spectrum
Fun School 4: for the under 5s SpecsISC1992C64
Fun School 4: for the under 5s SpecsEuropress Software1992ZX Spectrum
Fun With ReadingTandy?Tandy Coco
Funfair Ride Simulator 3ZKW Games2016Linux
FunkliftMostly Harmless Games2016Linux
Funky Smugglers11 bit studios2014Linux
FurflySMD Gaming Studio2015Linux
Further Than Everauthor?Linux
Further Than Everauthor?Linux
FuryComputer Shack1983Tandy Coco
Future UnfoldingSpaces of Play2017Linux
Futuridium EP DeluxeMixedBag2016Linux
Fyr-DracaColorQuest;Nelson Sofware Systems;Softlaw1983Tandy Coco