Commercial video games list, 'l'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
L: A Mathemagical AdventureAssociation of Teachers of Mathematics1984BBC
La Belle Lucie SolitaireEversoft Games1990Tandy Coco
La Corona MagicaOMK Software1990Amstrad CPC
La Diosa de CozumelDinamic1990Amstrad PCW
Labyrinth??Ohio Scientific
LabyrinthAardvark-801982Tandy Coco
Labyrinth of FearAlgray Software1983Colour Genie
Labyrinthine DreamsLabyrinthine Dreams2014Linux
Lambs on the RoadFlynnsArcade2017Linux
LancelotLevel 9 Computing1988Amstrad PCW
LancerSpectral Associates1983Tandy Coco
Land it RocketPetite Games2017Linux
Land of the LabyrinthHuracan StudioTBALinux
Land of the UnicornUnicorn Software Company1990Apple IIGS
Land of the UnicornUnicorn Software Company1990Amiga
LanderT&D Software1983Tandy Coco
Lander: Mission ControlBudgie Games2013Linux
Lands of HavocMicrodeal1985QL
LandTravellerWolfCoder Workshop2017Linux
Langoth Atum Software2017Linux
LangothAtum Software2017Mac OS X
Language Arts Grade 4: The Mission Masters - Network Nightmare!Morgan Interactive1999Win3.1
Language Arts Grade 4: The Mission Masters - Network Nightmare!Morgan Interactive1999Windows
Language Arts Grade 4: The Mission Masters - Network Nightmare!Morgan Interactive1999Mac OS Classic
Lansford MansionDiecom 1987Tandy Coco
Lanzarote Planet ExpeditionGame Jolt2014Linux
Lara Croft GoSquare Enix Montreal2016Linux
LaraanFlynns Arcade2017Linux
LaraanFlynns Arcade2017Mac OS X
Larry Lotter and the Test of TimeCrystal Shard2016Linux
Laser Surgeon: The Microscopic MissionSynergistic Software1987Tandy Coco
Laser TurretProgramma International1978Apple II E
LasermaniaBiuro Informatyczno-Wydawnicze1994Amiga
LASERSSwirl Fortress?Linux
Last Chance Supermarketauthor 2014Linux
Last DreamWhite Giant RPG Studios2015Linux
Last Dream: World UnknownWhite Giant RPG Studios2017Linux
Last Stitch GoodnightWell Bred Rhino2017Linux
Last WillLizard Factory2016Linux
Last WordTwelve Tiles2015Linux
LaunchmanThe Layabouts2012Linux
Lava Questauthor?Linux
LayersSalus Games2018Linux
Layers of FearBloober Team2015Windows
Layers of Fear: InheritanceBloober Team2016Linux
Lazer CopsFoolish Mortals Games2017Linux
Lazors & AsteroidsLethalHax2014Linux
Lazy GalaxyColdwild Games2017Linux
Lazy Galaxy: Rebel StoryColdwild Games2018Linux
Lazy JonesTerminal Software1985Tatung Einstein
Le Havre: The Inland PortDIGIDICED2016Linux
Le MansElectric Software1984MSX
Le MansElectric Software1985Tatung Einstein
Le MansSpectral Associates1982Tandy Coco
Le météorologue et le Vieux Monsieurauthor?Linux
LeaderboardCanvas1987Amstrad PCW
LeapDrive OnlineLeapDrive Online EntertainmentTBA Linux
Learning Fun 1: Scurve InvadersDick Smith Electronics1980TRS-80
Leashed SoulLevel One Games2017Linux
Leather Goddesses of PhobosInfocom1986Amstrad PCW
Leave Me Alone: A Trip To HellONVISION STUDIO2016Linux
Leaving LyndowEastshade Studios2017Linux
Leaving LyndowEastshade Studios2017Mac OS X
Left 4 Dead 2Valve2012Linux
Left in the Dark: No One on BoardMoonrise Interactive2016Linux
LegacyChallenger Software1984Mac OS Classic
Legacy of Dorn: Herald of OblivionTin Man Games2015Linux
Legacy of the Elder StarKickbomb Entertainment2016Linux
Legend Of BartbesRadioactive Gears?Linux
Legend of DungeonRobotLovesKitty2013Linux
Legend of Dungeon: MastersRobotLovesKitty2015Linux
Legend of GrimrockAlmost Human Games2012Linux
Legend of Grimrock IIAlmost Human Games2013Linux
Legend of NumbersYFC games2016Linux
Legend of the KnightwasherauthorTBALinux
Legendary ArcaneCote Brothers2017Linux
Legende im EisKingsoft1986C16/Plus4
Legends 2: Hidden RelicsOn Hand Software2010Windows
Legends of AethereusThreeGates Studio2013Linux
Legends of EisenwaldAterdux Entertainment2015Linux
Legends Of Iona RPGStudio Desgraff2017Linux
Legends of PixeliaSimaGames2015Linux
Legends of YoreCoke and Code2011Linux
Legion TD 2AutoAttack Games2016Linux
Legions Of AshworldJugilus2014Linux
Lego CreatorSuperscape Interactive;Rhinosoft Interactive;Ken Patterson Software,Colle & McVoy Marketing2000Windows
LEGO MinifiguresFuncom2015Linux
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga?2009Windows
Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge LizardsSierra On-Line2015Linux
Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patty in Pursuit of the Pulsating PectoralsSierra On-Line?Linux
Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti does a little Undercover WorkSierra On-Line2015Linux
Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!Sierra On-Line2015Linux
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: ReloadednFusion Interactive2013Linux
Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge LizardsSierra On-Line2015Linux
Lemans??Tandy Coco
Lemon ProjectROUTE/0TBA Linux
LemuriaData Media1984C16/Plus4
Lenna's InceptionBytten StudioTBA Linux
Les FlicsPSS1984ZX Spectrum
Les FlicsEinsoft;Electric Software1984Tatung Einstein
LestacAlmighty Suit?Linux
Let's Explore The Airport with BuzzyHumongous Entertainment;Night Dive Studios2015Linux
Let's Explore the Farm with BuzzyHumongous Entertainment;Night Dive Studios2015Linux
Let's Explore The Jungle with BuzzyHumongous Entertainment;Night Dive Studios2016Linux
Let's Go Read: An Island AdventureEdmark Corporation1998Windows
Lethal LeagueTeam ReptileTBA Linux
Letter Quest RemasteredBacon Bandit Game2015Linux
LEVEL 22, Gary's MisadventuresNoegoGames2014Linux
Leviathan: the CargoLostwood2016Linux
Leviathan: The Last Day of the DecadeLostwood2015Linux
Leviathan: The Last Day of the DecadeLostwood?Windows
Lew Pulsipher's DoomstarLarge Visible Machine2016Linux
Li'l RedDonmai2013Linux
Liar LiarTokimekiwaku2014Linux
Liar Liar 2: Pants on FireTokimekiwaku2014Linux
Liberty Ship T&D Software1986Tandy Coco
Lieve Omaauthor2016Linux
Life & Death II: The BrainThe Software Toolworks1990MS-DOS
Life BeetleGrizlikyt2017Linux
Life Goes OnInfinite Monkeys Entertainment2014Linux
Life in BunkerFlox Studios2016Linux
Life is HardPirozhok2015Linux
Life Is Strange - Episode 1Feral Interactive2016Linux
Life Is Strange - Episode 2Feral Interactive2016Linux
Life Is Strange - Episode 3Feral Interactive2016Linux
Life Is Strange - Episode 4Feral Interactive2016Linux
Life Is Strange - Episode 5Feral Interactive2016Linux
Life of a MobsterHosted Games2017Linux
Life of a WizardHosted Games2017Linux
Life of PixelSuper Icon2014Linux
Life on a tiny earth, the symbolic agesauthor2013Linux
LiftoffLuGus Studios2016Linux
LightJust a Pixel2014Linux
Light Fairytale Episode 1neko.works2017Linux
Light FlipperEnix1983NEC PC8801
Light FlipperEnix1984MICRO 7 - FM7
Light Grey Art Lab's Great Personality : GuardiansLight Grey Art Lab2014Linux
Light It ~ てらし鬼 ~Questro 2017Linux
LightFishEclipse Games2012Linux
Lightspeed FrontierCrowdwork Studios2017Linux
lignaVasily Bulygin2017Linux
LigthFishEclipse Games2012Linux
Lil TanksLead Money Games2017Linux
Lilly Looking ThroughGeeta Games2012Linux
Lilly Looking ThroughGeeta Games????Windows
Lily of the ValleyEbi-Hime2014Linux
Lily's Day OffKyuppin2017Linux
Lily's Day OffKyuppin2017Mac OS X
Limit TheoryProcedural Reality2015Linux
Linea, the GameKHB-Soft2016Linux
LinelightMy Dog Zorro2017Linux
LinelightMy Dog Zorro2017Mac OS X
Lines by Nestor Yavorskyyauthor2017Linux
LinkerCharcoal Styles2012Linux
LinkerCharcoal Styles2012Android
Links 2001Access Software2001Windows
Links: Championship Course - Troon NorthAccess Software1992MS-DOS
Links: Championship Course - Troon NorthAccess Software1992Mac OS Classic
Linux TycoonLunduke2012Linux
Linux TycoonLunduke2013MS-DOS
Lion QuestDracula's Cave2016Linux
Lionessy StoryMaltakreuz;Goodsir2017Linux
LISA the JoyfulDingaling 2015Linux
Litil DivilGremlin Interactive2014Linux
Litter Monsterauthor2015Linux
Little Briar RoseElf Games Works2017Linux
Little Briar RoseElf Games Works2017Mac OS X
Little Briar RoseElf Games Works2017Mac OS X
Little CellsFully Bugged2015Linux
Little Devil InsideNeostream Interactive2015Linux
Little InfernoTomorrow Corporation2013Linux
Little Invasion TalesThe Tiniest Shark2016Linux
Little Jack's Adventuresauthor2016Linux
Little KrakenPOLIMI Game Collective?Linux
Little Racers STREETMilkstone Studios2013Linux
Little RunnerRainbow1984Tandy Coco
Little UnicornDuria Games2015Linux
Liveempty assembly2017Linux
Liveza: Death of the EarthSometimes You2016Linux
Livingstone IIOpera Soft1989Amstrad PCW
Livingstone, I Presume?Opera Soft1987Amstrad PCW
Load Runner??Linux
Loadup HTML5 Game #1Load Up Games?Linux
Loadup RPG #1Load Up Games?Linux
Loan WolfTeam Rumblebee2016Linux
Loch Nessauthor2015Linux
Lock's QuestDigital Continue2017Linux
Lock's QuestDigital Continue2017Mac OS X
Lockdown ProtocolFractile Games2012Linux
LocoAlligata1986Atari 400/800
Loco-MotionTAKARA1983Sord M5
Loco-MotionKonami1983Tomy Tutor
Logical LabyrinthWaywardThoughts2014Linux
LogicBotsIncandescent Games 2017Linux
Lolly Joeauthor2016Linux
Lone SurvivorSuperflat Games2012Linux
Lone WolfPlay-em2013Linux
Lonely Lionessauthor?Linux
Long Gone DaysBURA2018Linux
Long Live The QueenHanako Games;Spiky Caterpillar2012Linux
Longshot Universe Longshot Studios2017Linux
Lord MayorBottlenose Bits2016Linux
Lord of DwarvesStellar Sage Games2016Linux
Lord of RigelRhombus Studios2016Linux
Lord of the Dark CastleCraze Creative Studios2015Linux
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing1984ZX Spectrum
Lords Of TimeLevel 9 Computing1984BBC
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing1986QL
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing1983Atari 400/800
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing1984C64
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing1985Enterprise
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing1986Memotech MTX
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing1983MSX
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing1984Nascom
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing1984Oric
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing?Camputers Lynx
Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing?Nascom
Lords of Time 128Level 9 Computing1988ZX Spectrum 128
Lords of Uberdarkauthor?Linux
Lords of XulimaNumantian Games2013Linux
Loren the Amazon PrincessWinterwolves2012Linux
Loren the Amazon Princess: The Castle of N'marWinterwolves2012Linux
LOS CUERVOSnihilocrat?Linux
Los InhumanosDelta Software1990Amstrad PCW
Los Templos SagradosAdventuras AD1991Amstrad PCW
Lost CitiesBlueLine Games 2017Linux
Lost Constellationauthor2014Linux
Lost EdenCryo Interactive2017Linux
Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of MysteryWorld-Loom2016Linux
Lost Grimoires: Stolen KingdomWorld-Loom2016Linux
Lost in paradiseElev8 Games2014Linux
Lost In Space DayByDay Studio2018Linux
Lost in the DungeonEggon2018Linux
Lost in the VoidPineapple Lime?Linux
Lost Labyrinthwizkoder;Flying Interactive2009Linux
Lost Marblesb1nary TAKE0VER2014Linux
Lost SeaEastasiasoft2016Linux
Lost World PinballTandy Corporation1983TRS-80
Lost World ZeroS82 Games2016Linux
Louie Cooksstarlit studios2015Linux
Love And OrderWinter Wolves2015Linux
Love at First SightCreepy Cute2015Linux
Love Hotel3 Silly Hats2013Linux
Love in the GlenSapphire Dragon Productions2016Linux
Love RibbonRazzart Visual2017Linux
Love RibbonRazzart Visual2017Mac OS X
Love Sniperauthor2013Linux
Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll Soviet Games ;aiueoKompany2018Linux
Lovely PlanetQUICKTEQUILA2014Linux
Lovely Planet ArcadeQUICKTEQUILA2016Linux
Lovers in a Dangerous SpacetimeAsteroid Base2015Linux
LOW: Depths of KnossosDirigo Games2013Linux
Lucid9: Inciting IncidentFallen Snow Studios2016Linux
LuciusShiver Games2016Linux
Lucius II: The ProphrcyShiver Games2015Linux
Luckless SevenDeckpoint Studio2016Linux
Lucky Rabbit ReflexStudio Super632011Linux
LuftflotteArk Royal Games?Tandy Coco
Lugaru: The Rabbit's FootWolfire Games;icculus2005Linux
LumeState of Play Games2012Linux
LuminosityWindmill Games2014Linux
LumoTriple Eh?2014Linux
Luna SkyVovoid Media Technologies2015Linux
LunaformChronobit Studios2017Linux
Lunar LanderAmerican Small Business Computers1981Tandy Coco
Lunar LanderRainbow1989Tandy Coco
Lunar Rover PatrolSpectral Associates1983Tandy Coco
Lunch Truck TycoonDiggidy.net2016Linux
LunchtimeNovasoft;Tom Mix Software1986Tandy Coco
Luria Onlineauthor2013Linux
Lutra City Mysteries??Linux
Lux AllianceSillysoft Games 2017Linux
Lux DeluxeSillysoft Games2002Linux
Lux DeluxeSillysoft Games2007Mac OS X
LUXISDumbfounded2016Mac OS X
Luxuria SuperbiaTale of Tales2013Linux
Lynx InvadersCamsoft1983Camputers Lynx