Commercial video games list, 'm'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
[email protected]Spritewrench?Linux
M1: A Death in the DesertFrazilpop;Dracula's Cave2017Linux
Mac PacUrsoft1983Sharp MZ
MacabreMOCBJ Software2016Linux
MaccatCut Garnet Games?Linux
Macheteq-bit Games?Linux
MachiaVillainWild Factor2017Linux
MachinariumAmanita Design2009Linux
Machinations: Fog of WarHosted Games2016Linux
Machine HuntRacing Bros2017Linux
Machine HuntRacing Bros2017Mac OS X
Machineers - Episode 1: Tivoli TownLohika Games2015Linux
Machineers - Episode 2: River CityLohika Games2015Linux
Machines at War 3Isotope 2442013Linux
Machines: Wired for WarCharybdis;Night Dive StudiosTBALinux
Mad BallFreehold Games2015Linux
Mad Dojophime studio2017Linux
Mad MaxAvalanche Studios;Feral Interactive2016Linux
Mad Nords: Probably an Epic QuestDragon's Games2016Linux
Mad Snowboardingauthor2015Linux
Madam Rosa's Massage ParlorSoftcore Software Company1982Tandy Coco
Madblox!Witchspire Games?Linux
Madcap CastleDiel Mormac Games2017Linux
Madness & the MinotaurSpectral Associates1981Tandy Coco
MadOut BIG CityMadOut Games2017Linux
MadOut Ice StormNuligine2015Linux
MadOut Open CityNuligine2015Linux
Madrobot XNetoX2017Linux
MadSpace: To Hell and BeyondAuric Vision2015Linux
Mage RageTeam Stallion2014Linux
Mage TowerRed Button Games2013Linux
Mage: The Enchanted CrystalsHomebrew2012Odyssey2
Mage's Initiation: Reign of the ElementsHimalaya studios2013Linux
MagibotStudio Baikin2017Linux
Magic Cat Academy?2016Linux
Magic MushroomsAcornsoft1985Electron
Magic MushroomsAcornsoft1985BBC
Magic School Bus in ConcertKnowWonder2000Mac OS Classic
Magic School Bus Lands on MarsKnowWonder2000Mac OS Classic
Magic School Bus Whales and DolphinsKnowWonder2001Mac OS Classic
Magic SpellsThe Learning Company?C64
Magic SpellsThe Learning Company1985MS-DOS
Magic SpellsThe Learning Company?Apple II E
Magic Ventures??Linux
Magic Wandthecatamites2017Linux
Magical BrickoutCunning Force Games2016Linux
Magical DiarySpiky Caterpillar2011Linux
Magical Girl Leaky SaraGannbare Games2015Linux
Magical MythsComputer Learning Center for Children;Unicorn Software Company1988Apple IIGS
Magical MythsComputer Learning Center for Children;Unicorn Software Company1988Apple II E
Magical Otoge Cielbatensan2015Linux
MagickaArrowhead Game Studios2014Linux
Magicka 2Arrowhead Game Studios2015Linux
Magicka 2Pieces Interactive2015Windows
Magma TsunamiStrangeLight Games2016Linux
Magnetic By NatureTripleslash Studios2014Linux
Mahjong MatcheGames2002Windows
Mahjong ZodiacArtex Studios?Linux
Mahjongg EmpireeGames;Greenstreet Software2001Windows
MahJongg Game of Four WindseGames1998Windows
MahJongg Master 3eGames;Atari;Greenstreet Software2000Windows
Mahoo Box Ride 3DMahoo Games2013Linux
MaiaMode 7 Games2018Linux
Majestic NightsEpiphany Games2016Linux
Majestic TrialsAlpha Strike Games2017Linux
Majesty Gold EditionTribsoft2003Linux
Major Istar: Under the Doomed SeaCH Robertson Consultants1986Amstrad PCW
Major Istar: Under the Doomed SeaComputerware1984Tandy Coco
Major MayhemRocket Jump2013Linux
MajorMinor - Complete EditionKlace2017Linux
MajotoriMajorariatto2017Mac OS X
Make it indie!Sometimes You2014Linux
Make it indie!Sometimes You2014Windows
Make10RightNowShock Lightening2014Linux
Makers of Eden2014Linux
Making History II: The War of the WorldFactus Games2016Linux
Making History: The Great WarMuzzy Lane Software2016Linux
Making History: The Second World WarFactus Games2017Linux
Mall Questlayman2014Linux
Man Alive GameGlobal Empire SoftTBALinux
Man O' War: CorsairEvil Twin Artworks2016Linux
Man O' War: Corsair - Warhammer Naval BattlesEvil Twin Artworks2016Linux
Man's Dutyauthor2016Linux
MandragoreInfogrames1985Apple II E
Mange CaillouxUbi Soft1987Amstrad CPC
Manic MinerBug-Byte;Software Projects1983ZX Spectrum
Manic MinerElite Systems2010iOS
Manic MinerSoftware Projects1985Oric
Manic MinerSoftware Projects1985Tatung Einstein
Manic MinerElite Systems2012WinCE
ManipulatedWolfray Entertainment2017Linux
Mansion: Adventure 1Chromasette1982Tandy Coco
Manual SamuelPerfectly Paranormal2016Linux
Many Worlds TheoryLeaping Turtle2012Linux
MarathonAfabear Software;Rainbow Magazine1983Tandy Coco
MarBall OdysseySunday Coders2011Linux
Marble Blast GoldGarageGames;Monster Studios2002Linux
Marble DuelHeroCraft2016Linux
Marble Masters: The PitPolyart2017Linux
Marble MazeDiecom1985Tandy Coco
Marble MountainLightning Rock2016Linux
Marble MuseKetos Games2015Linux
Marble VoidLeveled Games2016Linux
March of Industry: Very Capitalist Factory Simulator EntertainmentsMarch of Industry: Very Capitalist Factory Simulator Entertainments2015Linux
Mare NostrumSandstorm Productions2013Linux
Marina AttackStudio Moji2013Linux
Mark Keathley Fine Art Puzzlesauthor2017Linux
Mark Lane's Logs : Project H.U.M.A.N.Zorean2014Linux
Mark of the NinjaKlei Entertainment2013Linux
Mark of the Old OnesHit the SticksTBA Linux
Mars Landing Simulator 2014Team Mars Landing2014Linux
Martial LawDropDGamesTBALinux
Martian CryptNovasoft;Tom Mix Software1985Tandy Coco
Martians vs. RobotsTommy Twisters2008Linux
Marty's NightmareSRB Software1990Tandy Coco
Marvel HeroesGazillion EntertainmentTBA Linux
Marvin's Block AdventureCyan2003BeOS
MaskyDigital Melody2016Linux
MaskyDigital Melody2016Mac OS X
MasochisiaOldblood2015Mac OS X
Mass O' Kyztauthor2018Linux
MassiveMassive Game2016Linux
Massive ChaliceDouble Fine Productions2015Linux
Master BreakSuperior Software;Acornsoft1991Electron
Master BreakSuperior Software;Acornsoft1991Archimedes
Master BreakSuperior Software;Acornsoft1991BBC
Master of MagicSimTex2015Linux
Master of OrionNGD Studios2016Linux
Master of OrionSimTex2015Linux
Master of Orion II: Battle at AntaresSimtex2015Linux
Master of TacticsMaster of Tactics Games2013Linux
Match Day IIOcean Software1987Amstrad PCW
Math Adventures with MickeyWalt Disney Computer Software1984Tandy Coco
Math Blaster PlusDavidson & Associates1989Apple IIGS
Math Class??Tomy Tutor
Math MileageK-Byte1984Atari 400/800
Math MileageK-Byte1984C64
Math Teacher??Tomy Tutor
Maths InvadersTandy?Tandy Coco
Mausoleum of the MedusaNew Hell Studios2016Linux
Max BlackjackRufusPro Software1989MS-DOS
Max Sternauthor2016Linux
Max's Big Bust - A Captain Nekorai TaleLached Up Games2017Linux
Maxi DiceKristanix Studios?Linux
Maxi Mini GolfLuxna Games2010Linux
May the Best Man Winauthor2013Linux
Mayan Death RobotsSileni Studios2015Linux
Maybot RunBloodline Games2017Linux
Mazathron 2DrDonald2014Linux
Maze LandChromasette1984Tandy Coco
Maze SoundsAMIDEA Games2016Linux
MazemanAbersoft1982ZX 81
Mazer IIFarfetch Software1992Apple IIGS
MaziacsDKTronics1985Tatung Einstein
Mazurka - A Ghost in Italyauthor2016Linux
McGeeLawrence Productions1990Apple IIGS
McGee at the Fun FairLawrence Productions1991Apple IIGS
MD PC GameACGeero2016Linux
Me and PostApocalypse 2: ScrapingFrostweep Games2014Linux
Me and PostApocalypse ReduxFrostweep Games2015Linux
MeadowMight and Delight2016Linux
MeadowMight and Delight2016Windows
Meanwhile: An Interactive Comic BookZarfhome Software2018Linux
MeatballphobiaProtomni Multimedia2013Linux
Mech StrollerCareless Labs?Linux
Mecha AceChoice of Games2014Linux
Mechanic EscapeSlak Games2015Ouya
MechaNikaMango Protocol2015Linux
MechKnight Chronicles: KnightfallDinosaur Games2014Linux
MechoEchoResilient GamesTBA Linux
MechRunnerSpark Plug Games2015Linux
Mechs & Mercs: Black TalonsCamel 1012016Linux
Mecro the RobotDomino Games?Linux
Medieval II: Total WarThe Creative Assembly2015Linux
Medieval II: Total War KingdomsFeral Interactive2016Linux
Medieval MadnessDiecom1988Tandy Coco
Meet Meat on the StreetFound Time Games?Linux
Mega Coin SquadBig Pixel Studios2014Linux
Mega VaultImagine1984VIC-20
Mega-BugDataSoft1982Tandy Coco
Megabyte PunchReptile2013Linux
Megabyte PunchReptile2013Windows
MegapedeComputerware1983Tandy Coco
MegapolisLonely Troops2016Linux
MegaquariumTwice Circled2017Linux
MekazooThe Good Mood Creators2016Linux
MeldAxis Games2016Linux
melengPaleno Games2017Linux
Mellow Mini Golfauthor2014Linux
Melody's EscapeIcetesy SPRLTBALinux
MeltdownPhenomenon Games2014Linux
Memoir En CodeKalopsia Games2015Linux
MemorandaBit Byterz2017Linux
Memory Builder: ConcentrationProgram Design1978Apple II E
Memory Builder: ConcentrationProgram Design1980Atari 400/800
Memory Builder: ConcentrationProgram Design1979TRS-80
Memory CastleRochester School District;Sunburst Communications1983Apple II E
Memory CastleRochester School District;Sunburst Communications1984C64
Memory CastleRochester School District;Sunburst Communications1984MS-DOS
Memory CastleRochester School District;Sunburst Communications1984Tandy Coco
Memory MatchNooskewl2012Linux
Memory of the Candy Scrolls Saga: Revenge of the ApplesKuGrou?Linux
Memory OwlMagory2011Linux
Mens Erger Je NietHVB Software1990MS-DOS
MenzoberranzanDreamforge Intertainment2015Linux
Meow-JongPixel Barrage Entertainment2016Linux
Mercenary KingsTribute Games2015Linux
Mercenary KingsTribute Games2016Ouya
Mercenary KingsTribute Games2016Android
Merchants of KaidanForever Entertainment2014Linux
Meriwether: An American Epicsortasoft2013Linux
Merry XMas SantaIcon1984ZX Spectrum
Message QuestRoyal Troupe2015Linux
Message QuestRoyal Troupe2015Windows
MetacellProducts for Robots2012Linux
MetaHuman Inc.Choice of Games2015Linux
MetaHuman Inc.Choice of Games2015Windows
Metal SlugNazca Corporation2015Linux
Metal Slug 2SNK2015Linux
Metal Slug 3DotEmu2014Linux
Metal Slug XSNK2015Linux
Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar GodsNuberu Games2016Linux
Metanet Hunter??Linux
Metanet Hunter: REMIXNEO NEKUZEN2014Linux
Meteor BlasterTerminal Software1982VIC-20
MeteoroidsDragon Data?Tandy Coco
Metrico+Digital Dreams2016Linux
Metro WarpAnother Yeti2015Linux
Metro: Last Light4A Games2013Linux
MHRDFunghisoft2017Mac OS X
Miaou MoonPaifu2016Linux
MiasmataIonFX Studios2013Linux
Michael Jordan in FlightPacific Gameworks;ZCT Systems Group1993MS-DOS
Mickey's Alpine AdventureWalt Disney Computer Software?Tandy Coco
Mickey's Space AdventureSierra On-Line;Walt Disney Computer Software1986Tandy Coco
Micro CheckersTandy Corporation1983TRS-80
Micro Dating SimCherry Tusk?Linux
Micro GamesTandy Corporation1983TRS-80
Micro Games: Egg CatchTandy Corporation1983TRS-80
Micro Games: Horse RaceTandy1983TRS-80
Micro Games: Lunar LanderTandy1983TRS-80
Micro ScrabbleLeisure Genius1986Thomson
Microdot ReimaginedPotassium Frog?Linux
Microgolf??Tandy Coco
MicronApparition Games2011Linux
Microsoft Pinball ArcadeMir1998Windows
MidBossKitsune Games2017Linux
Middle KingdomJay-soft1984Tandy Coco
Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorFeral Interactive2015Linux
Middle-earth: Shadow of WarFeral Interactive2015Linux
Midgard RisingVeraxon Entertainment2013Linux
MidnightPetite Games2016Linux
Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the MississippiMumboJumbo2011Linux
Midnight TowersMidnight Software?Linux
MidoraEpic Minds2015Linux
Might & Magic Heroes OnlineBlue Byte2015Linux
Mighty Math: Number HeroesEdmark1996Win3.1
Mighty Math: Number HeroesEdmark1996Windows
Mighty No. 9Comcept;Inti Create2016Linux
Mighty No. 9 IIComcept;Inti CreateTBALinux
Mighty Retro ZoneComcept;Inti Create2015Linux
Mighty Retro ZoneComcept;Inti Create2015Linux
Mighty Retro ZoneComcept;Inti Create2015Linux
Mighty Retro ZoneComcept;Inti Create2015Linux
Mighty Retro ZoneComcept;Inti Create2015Linux
Mighty Switch Force! AcademyWayForward2015Linux
Milkmaid of the Milky WayMattis Folkestad PUBLISHER: 2017Linux
MillieForever Entertainment2014Linux
Mimic ArenaTiny Horse Games2016Linux
MimpiSilicon JellyTBALinux
Mimpi DreamsSilicon Jelly2016Linux
Mind DeadGBROSSOFT2016Linux
Mind LabyrinthThinkSlow2012Linux
Mind Rover: The Europa ProjectLinux Game Publishing2002Linux
Mind Snares: Alice's JourneyWorld-Loom2015Linux
Mind TripSleepy Studios?Linux
Mind-Machine Interface?2017Linux
MINDCUBES - Inside the Twisted Gravity PuzzleRUNKEN APES 2017Linux
MindfighterAbstract Concepts;Infinite Imaginations1988Amstrad PCW
MINDNIGHT No Moon 2017Linux
MindsetSmokey Moose Games2017Linux
Mine Base: Chess & CheckersOffworld Initiative2013Linux
Mine FieldESV Computer Service1979Sol-20
Mine JumperKingdaro?Linux
MinecraftMojang2011Mac OS X
Mined OutQuicksilva1984Electron
MinefieldA&F Software1981Atom
Miner MayhemAnarchy Enterprises2015Linux
Miner Wars 2081Keen Software House2013Linux
Minesweeper OnlinePhan Dang Viet Tung2016Linux
Mini Cubeauthor?Linux
MINI MERCHANTTomato Games?Linux
Mini MetalLuandun Games2016Linux
Mini MetroDinosaur Polo Club2014Linux
Mini Ninjasio-interactive2012Internet Only
Mini Pirates!Seppi?Linux
Mini ThiefStranga Studios;Tommah2016Linux
Mini's Magic WorldMagory.net2016Linux
MinimalShmupMkpictures Games?Linux
MinimonMinimon Team2015Linux
Minimon 3DSushi Quest Team2014Linux
Mining Industry SimulatorCrafty Studios2016Linux
Minion MasterBitFlip2014Linux
Minions Of Steel??Linux
Minisode 2Freebird Games2015Linux
MinitDevolver Digital2018Linux
MinosVictory Software?Ohio Scientific
Minos StrategosBrainGoodGames2017Linux
Minos StrategosBrainGoodGames2017Mac OS X
MinosMaze - The Minotaur's LabyrinthRuVe Game Studio2016Linux
MinotaurAtari Program Exchange1981Atari 400/800
Mirage Noir PrologueNoire2014Linux
Mirrored - Chapter 1Kelkafa Studios;Cardboard Sword Limited;Jet Stone Studios2015Linux
MirrorMoon EPauthor2013Linux
MirrorMoon EP?2015Linux
Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land. Chapter oneEmanon Studios2017Linux
Miss GobblerProcolour Group1983Tandy Coco
Missile Attack80 Micros1982Tandy Coco
Missile BaseAcornsoft1983BBC
Missile Defenceauthor2017Linux
Missile DefenseSierra On-Line1981Apple II E
MissiliumBit Outside the Box?Linux
Mission AttackTomy1982Tomy Tutor
Mission ImpossibleAdventure International1982Tandy Coco
Mission Masters Math Grade 3: Defeat Dirty D!McGraw Hill Home Interactive1997Mac OS Classic
Mission Masters Math Grade 3: Defeat Dirty D!McGraw Hill Home Interactive1997Windows
Mission Masters Math Grade 3: Defeat Dirty D!McGraw Hill Home Interactive1997Win3.1
Mission XK1author1984Dragon32
Mission: DemolitionQuantized Bit2017Linux
Mixed-Up Mother GooseSierra On-Line1988Apple IIGS
MMM: Murder Most MisfortunateFoolish Mortals Games2017Linux
Moby DickTandy1983Tandy Coco
Moby MathsComputer Hut Software1987Tandy Coco
Modern TalesOrchid Games2017Linux
MoebiusProgrammers Rebellion1985C64
Moebius: Empire RisingPinkerton Road2016Linux
MöiraOnagro Studios2016Linux
Mold on Pizza DeluxeBTNcafe2015Linux
Molemen Must Die!Mokomoto2017Linux
Momonga Pinball AdventuresPaladin Studios2013Linux
MonacoPocketwatch Games2013Linux
MoneyopolyNovasoft;Tom Mix Software1984Tandy Coco
Monkey in the WrenchThree Fat White Guys2013Linux
Monkey KongMed Systems Software1983Tandy Coco
Monkey PiratesHenchmen Studio2013Linux
MonoTim Tip Games?Linux
MonochromaNowhere Studios2016Linux
MonolithTeam D-132017Linux
MonopolyLeisure Genius1986Thomson
MonopolyLeisure Genius1989Amiga
Monster 2Nooskewl2009Linux
Monster BashApogee Software2015Linux
Monster Fightauthor2015Linux
Monster InnTomy1982Tomy Tutor
Monster Loves YouDejobaan Games2013Linux
Monster MazeImage Producers1982Tandy Coco
Monster Maze??Ohio Scientific
Monster Minis Extreme Off-RoadMindwedge2013Linux
Monster MysteryShadow Brain2015Linux
Monster MysteryShadow Brain2015Android
Monster PromBeautiful Glitch2018Linux
Monster PuzzleFlynns Arcade2017Linux
Monster PuzzleFlynns Arcade2017Mac OS X
Monster Truck DestructionODD Games2015Linux
MonstersSoftek Software1983Tandy Coco
MonstersQuadraTron Games2012Windows
MonstersQuadraTron Games2012Linux
MonstersQuadraTron Games2012Mac OS X
Monsters & MedicineClockwork Acorn2014Linux
Monsters & MonoclesRetro DreamerTBALinux
Monsters Ate My Birthday CakeSleepNinja Games2014Linux
Monsters of MurdacTopologika1989Amstrad PCW
MonstrumTeam Junkfish2015Linux
Montague's Mount - Episode 1PolyPusher Studios2013Linux
Monte CarloMei Designs1987Apple IIGS
Montezuma's DungeonsT&D Software1984Tandy Coco
Monumental FailureScary Wizard Games2017Linux
Monumental FailureScary Wizard Games2017Mac OS X
Moon Defenseauthor1987Tandy Coco
Moon FlightCload Publications1983Tandy Coco
Moon HopperComputerware1983Tandy Coco
Moon HuntersKitfox Games2016Linux
Moon LanderTom Mix Software1982Tandy Coco
Moon Lander IITom Mix Software1983Tandy Coco
Moon Landing??Tomy Tutor
Moon Risingauthor2014Linux
Moon ShuttleDataSoft1982Tandy Coco
MoonBaseCairn4 Games2016Linux
MoonfallFishcow Studio 2017Linux
MoonlighterDigitalSun Games2017Linux
MoonmistInfocom1986Atari ST
MoonmistInfocom1986Amstrad CPC
MoonmistInfocom1986Apple II E
MoonmistInfocom1986Atari 400/800
MoonmistInfocom1986Amstrad PCW
MoonriseUndead LabsTBALinux
MoonspireRGCD.DEV2016Mac OS X
Morning CoffeeAnimal Phase?Linux
Morning MenPixel Federation2016Linux
Mornings of A Seventeen Year Old-Girlauthor2015Linux
Morocco GP Computerware1983Tandy Coco
MorphiteCrescent Moon Games;We're Five Games;Blowfish Studios2017Linux
MorphopolisMicro Macro GamesTBA Linux
Mort The InternPolymath Games2013Linux
Mortadelo y Filemón II: Safari CallejeroNew Frontier1990Amstrad PCW
MORTEMNighthood Games2017Linux
Morton Subotnick's Making MusicVoyager Company1995Win3.1
Morton Subotnick's Making MusicViva Media2003Mac OS Classic
Morton Subotnick's Making MusicViva Media2003Windows
Mos SpeedrunPhysmo2012Linux
Mos Speedrun 2Physmo2016Linux
Mosaic Krillbite Studio 2017Linux
MOTOpera Soft1989Amstrad PCW
Mother Russia BleedsLe Cartel2016Linux
moto RKD dashrkd.zone2016Linux
Motor MashEutechnyx1998MS-DOS
Motor MashEutechnyx1998Windows
MotorbikebaKno Games2016Linux
Motorsport ManagerPlaysport Games2016Linux
Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic WarsTaleWorlds Entertainment?Linux
Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking ConquestTaleWorlds Entertainment?Linux
Mount & Blade: WarbandTaleWorlds Entertainment2014Linux
Mount & Blade: WarbandTaleWorlds Entertainment2016PS4
Mountainauthor2014Mac OS X
Mountain PilotInstant Software1982Tandy Coco
Mouse's Cheese-Stealing Game??Tomy Tutor
MouseCraftCrunching Koalas2014Linux
move or dieThose Awesome Guys2014Linux
Moving HazardPsyop Games;IllFonicTBALinux
Moving TargetBizzare1989C64
MR BUMPYauthor2016Linux
Mr DooImage Systems1992Archimedes
Mr MakeshifterArboreal Games2015Linux
Mr Nibbles ForeverEpic Shrimp2016Linux
Mr Red's adventure in The Missing BallsKillmonday Games2013Linux
Mr ShiftyTeam Shifty2016Linux
Mr WizSuperior Software1984Electron
Mr WizSuperior Software1984C64
Mr WizSuperior Software;Blue Ribbon Software1984BBC
Mr. DigComputerware;MicroDeal1984Tandy Coco
Mr. Do!Tomy1983Tomy Tutor
Mr. DubstepJust1337 Studio;CybeRoar2017Linux
Mr. Ee!Micro Power1984BBC
Mr. Fancy Shark0x0961h?Linux
Mr. RescueTangram Games?Linux
Mr. Robot and his Robot FactoryDatamost;Beyond1984C64
Mr. Robot and His Robot FactoryDatamost1984Apple II E
Mr. Robot and the Robot FactoryDatamost1984Atari 400/800
Mr. ShiftyTeam Shifty2017TizenOS
Mr.President!Game Developer X2016Linux
Mrs PacT&D Software1986Tandy Coco
Ms. MazeTom Mix Software1984Tandy Coco
MTB Downhill SimulatorDev4play2016Linux
Mu Complexstudiocime2015Linux
MudpiesComputer Shack;Michtron1983Tandy Coco
Multi Dominoescodewalker2015Linux
Multiwinia: Survival of the FlattestIntroversion Software2011Linux
Munch VR Mostly Harmless Games2016Linux
Munch VR?2017Linux
Munster Academyauthor2014Linux
MurderCurve Digital2015Linux
Murder MinersJForce Games2013Linux
Murder MinersJForce Games2013Windows
MurderHobo: Aggravation QuestWesMHAQ2013Linux
Musclecar OnlinePsychic Software2013Linux
Mushroom 11Untame2015Linux
MushRoom Bounce!Two Squid Games2013Linux
Mushroom Crusher ExtremeTeam Jolly Roger2016Linux
Mushroom Wars 2Zillion Whales2016Linux
Music for Decay??Linux
Mutan ZoneOpera Soft1988Amstrad PCW
Mutant Factionsauthor2013Linux
Mutant GanglandauthorTBA Linux
Mute Crimson+Iced Lizard Games2015Linux
MX NitroMiniclip2017Linux
MX Simulatorauthor?Linux
MX vs. ATV SupercrossNordic Games2012Linux
MX-151Kingformation1987Apple II E
My Candy Crush: Saga Of A Sweet Love StoryZizhou?Linux
My Coloring BookFor Kids2017Linux
My Coloring Book: Food and BeverageFor Kids2018Linux
My Coloring Book: ProfessionsFor Kids2018Linux
My Coloring Book: TransportFor Kids2017Linux
My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant!Up Multimedia2014Linux
My Kingdom for the Princess??Windows
My Ladyauthor2016Linux
My Little Worms For Kids 2017Linux
My Mom is a WitchBigosaur2016Linux
My Mom is a WitchBigosaur2016Mac OS X
My Name is Youauthor2017Linux
My Nigerian PrinceOh, a Rock! Studios2012Linux
My Night JobWebcore Games2016Linux
My Paper BoatTML-Studios2014Linux
My Super Tower 2Triple-Star Studio2017Linux
My Super Tower 2Triple-Star Studio2017Mac OS X
My Tower, My HomeShoor Games2015Linux
Myrne: The QuestBeldarak Games2017Linux
Mystery Fun HouseAdventure International1983Tandy Coco
Mystery GoldTomy1983Tomy Tutor
Mystery Maze Of Balthasar CastleMack Media;Caipirinha Games;DevQ12016Linux
Mystery MineLEVER Software2017Linux
Mystery Skullauthor2014Linux
Mystery TapesStrangethink2015Linux
Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of AeonsAeon Dream Studios2017Linux
Mystic Diary - Quest for Lost BrotherSunRay Games2016Linux
Mystic Diary - Quest for Lost BrotherSunRay Games2016Mac OS X
Mystik BelleLast Dimension2015Linux
MYTH - All Ages VersionCircletempo2016Linux
Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's StoneOrganic 2 Digital Studio2016Linux
MythosComix1990Amstrad PCW
MythraiAsylum Bound Games2013Linux